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Johnny and Rita are a pair of Thieves who are caught by the FBI. To gain their freedom they agree to work for the government to recover "missing" goods. The show aired on ABC and was simulcast in HDTV.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Voleurs de charme

S01E01 Pilot 28/09/2001 The diamond heist that brings them together is a trap set by the Feds, who want to take advantage of their special ""skills."" In exchange for having the charges dropped, the thieves reluctantly agree to work for the Government. Their first mission: to steal, of course. An important videotape is missing, and the bantering pair will have to work together---hurdle No. 1---and use all their resources (legal or not) to recover it.
S01E02 Dey Got de Degas 05/10/2001 Johnny and Rita dabble in forgery when they are asked to retrieve a stolen Degas painting. -from ABC site
S01E03 Liver Let Die 12/10/2001 Johnny and Rita play doctor when they have to retrieve a stolen liver.
S01E04 Bad Moon Rising 19/10/2001 Johnny and Rita are assigned to steal a cursed Colombian artifact. Meanwhile, Rita finds herself attracted to a police officer.
S01E05 The General 02/11/2001 Johnny and Rita are dispatched to a Mexican resort to bring back a general who is scheduled to testify at a hearing.
S01E06 Jack's Back 09/11/2001 Johnny and Rita test a museum's security system by stealing gold coins. Also, Rita's new date comes as a surprise to Johnny.
S01E07 Casino 16/11/2001 Johnny and Rita are assigned to steal a list of undercover agents from a man who committed murder to obtain the document.
S01E08 The Long Con 23/11/2001 Johnny and Rita have 24 hours to retrieve stolen evidence that is necessary to a racketeering case involving a champion horse breeder.
S01E09 The Green and the Black 23/01/2002 Johnny and Rita go after his old partner, who was able to steal a plate that prints U.S. currency by using a plan that Johnny had devised 10 years earlier.
S01E10 Home is Where the Heist is 30/01/2002 When Johnny and Rita get an assignment to co-habitate in suburbia to recover a stolen virus, they discover just how comfortable life together could actually be. (ABC)