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Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia et Hay Lin, cinq ados normales, voient leurs vies bouleversées lorsqu'elles apprennent qu'elles sont élues pour protéger la muraille qui sépare Méridian, un monde obscur, de la Terre, grâce à leurs pouvoirs liés aux éléments: Terre, Eau, Air et Feu. Un sombre personnage, Phobos, et son monstrueux serviteur, Cédric, ne leur facilitent pas la vie ! Phobos veut absolument avoir les pouvoirs des gardiennes. De plus, Elyon, la meilleure amie de Cornélia, devient leur pire ennemie quand Cédric lui révèle qu'elle est la sœur de Phobos et la reine légitime de Méridian. Malheureusement, elle croit que les W.I.T.C.H. lui veulent du mal...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de W.I.T.C.H.

S01E01 Tout a commencé… 18/12/2004 There's a new girl in town, Will. The other four girls invite her to have an after-school snack at Hay Lin's house, where Hay Lin's grandma tells them about their powers. Meanwhile, Caleb is on the run. The girls must use their powers to save Caleb and the rest of the Earth from the evil Prince Phobos; a horrible tyrant who rules Meridian, and his minions.
S01E02 Tout recommence 18/12/2004 Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin must travel to the other world after Will is captured, but will they be able to free her and Caleb when they can't even transform?
S01E03 La clé 29/01/2005 When Caleb discovers that Blunk took the key he was suppose to leave behind in Meridian for Vathek, the girls return to Meridian to return the key before Cedric and Phobos discover Vathek is a spy for the rebel army.
S01E04 Joyeux anniversaire, Will 05/02/2005 It's Will's birthday party and if there's one thing she doesn't want, it's a party. The girls manage to throw one anyway and everything is going swimmingly until one of those Meridian fang-faces shows at City Hall looking for birth certificates for a certain teenage girl. Apparently, the current Prince of Meridian has a long lost sister...
S01E05 Faites votre B.A 12/02/2005 While helping out in Community Service Day, Will and Hay Lin find a strange Meridian graffiti which The Mage identifies as belonging to a Beast, living in Heatherfield in human form. Will suspects her History teacher, Professor Collins, and the girls immediately formulate a plot to force the suspected monster into revealing his true form.
S01E06 Le labyrinthe 19/02/2005 Every student in Sheffield Institute is getting his midterms back and everybody is just about happy with his grades, except Taranee. Cedric's disguise as a bookseller seems to have attracted Cornelia, Elyon, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin to the store to look for history books (and to ogle at Cedric). While in the bookstore, the W.I.T.C.H. girls inadvertently touch an inversion point and find themselves in the middle of a Labyrinth inside Phobos’ castle. Will they be able to find their way back without powers and without help from their leader Will who is at home buried in school work?
S01E07 Diviser pour mieux régner 26/02/2005 The W.I.T.C.H. girls go on a school skiing trip to show up Swiss exchange-student vamp Sondra, who seems to have mesmerized all the boys at Sheffield. Little do they know that Phobos wants to take advantage of this trip to divide them and separate the other four Guardians from Will and the Heart of Kandrakhar, the only thing that can activate their full powers.
S01E08 Le guet-apens de Torus 05/03/2005 Tired of having their supply lines constantly ambushed by the rebels, Phobos and Cedric start a rumor that the Seal of Phobos has been found in order to flush out the spy. The seal of Phobos is an artifact much like the Heart of Candracar in that it can open up places like the Infinite City or The Veil. Caleb, who is stuck on Earth after trying to use a portal without telling the Guardians where it is, hears the false rumor and falls for it, eventually getting captured by a living quicksand pit at Torus Filney. Meanwhile, the girls are faced with the prospect of having to perform a play based on a myth of their choice thanks to Hay Lin's non-consentual group sign-up. The girls choose the origin story of the Heart and subsequently their powers but before the curtain can go up, Grandma tells them about Caleb's disappearance and capture. Stuck for a plan of action, the girls are enlightened to another of the Heart's powers: the ability to clone the Guardians. While the clones put on a miserable and detention-provoking performance, the girls save Caleb and everyone else who has been captured by the quicksand monster and make sure no one falls victim to it again. The good news is that Phobos really doesn't have the seal. The bad news is the Seal is lying in a storm drain in Meridian, waiting for some poor schmuck to find. As the episode closes, Cedric demands a list of all who left the castle yesterday.
S01E09 Retour du traqueur 12/03/2005 Prince Phobos sends the Tracker after Caleb in an effort to recapture the rebel leader. Meanwhile, the girls all try to go see a movie staring there favorite actor. But will they be able to save Caleb and defeat an old foe AND get to the show on time?
S01E10 Un tableau très vivant 19/03/2005 While at the Art Museum trying to capture the feeling of the middle ages for their school carnival, Will, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin get sucked into the painting they are studying. Unbeknowst to the girls, Phobos knows they are trapped in the painting and sends Frost the Hunter after them, but the girls escape with the help of Elias Van Daal, the imprisoned artist of the painting. Meanwhile, Irma, Caleb and Blunk have to stall for time at the Medieval Carnival and figure out how to get the girls back to Heatherfield. Anachronistic hell breaks loose when Cedric and his goon platoon enter the painting to get the Heart of Candrecar and girls have to paint like mad to get away. Irma and Caleb rescue the girls from the painting and manage to salvage the school carnival thanks to the number of people they brought back with them from the painting.
S01E11 L'étoile de Thrébe 02/04/2005 Phobos has finally found an indisputable way to find his long-lost sister: The Star of Threbe. Back in our world, The Silver Dragon (Hay-Lin's family business) is threatened when Blunk stinks up the joint with his new ""home"": a garbage dumpster. While the girls try to give Blunk a much needed bath, Cedric places the Star in his window shop and Cornelia's platinum-haired friend walks in and takes it. Now when the girls try to change back, they find themselves stuck in Guardian form and powerless. Not knowing what to do, the girls race back to the Silver Dragon to enlist Mrs. Lin's and Caleb's assistance. In the meantime, Cedric sends a monster plant to Earth to tie up the Guardians while he makes contact with the Princess. The girls are forced to fight without their powers until the Princess returns the Star to Cedric, which leads the girls back to their powers. Unfortunately, Phobos and Cedric have who they're looking for, she just doesn't know it yet.
S01E12 La révélation 16/04/2005 Elyon is Phobos's sister and the true heir to the throne of Meridian, she just doesn't know it yet. Vathek overhears Phobos and Cedric's plans for capturing her and hurries to tell Caleb only to end up running for his life when Cedric comes to stop him. Vathek and Blunk escape to Earth with Cedric and a worm-looking monster hot on their heels. Vathek relates the news to Caleb who relates the news to the Guardians and they go after Elyon to keep her safe from Cedric's clutches, however, they have to hold off the Larvek from eating Vathek and Elyon slips off in a bad mood after her new beau gives her the heave-ho. She heads back to her place of comfort: Cedric's bookshop.
S01E13 Un monstre à la Une 23/04/2005 Phobos is preparing the Ritual of Amalgamation. He needs symbols of Elyon's body, mind, and spirit. Cedric takes her hairbrush, A+ math test, and is trying to take her breath. Meanwhile, Martin catches a glimpse of a Hermeneuta beast from Meridian and the only thing that will get him away long enough for the girls to send it back home is a date with Irma. Catching the little beast is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the mom shows up. In the end, Cedric finally captures Elyon's breath in a balloon and all that's left is to take her to Meridian.
S01E14 Réunion de famille 30/04/2005 It's parents' night at the school, and nobody (except Hay Lin) seems very excited, especially Elyon. She feels that Cedric is the only one who understands her, not her friends, and especially not her family. When Elyon does her family tree research, her parents do not have any pictures of her other relatives. Elyon thinks that it's because they don't care about her but it's for a whole other reason. Cedric reveals to Elyon, that her parents are beasts, and that she is the Princess of Meridian. Elyon is so confused but she goes to Meridian, her original home.
S01E15 Les limaces 07/05/2005 Elyon seems to have adjusted to her new life as the Princess of Meridian, living in Phobos' castle, although she is still under the illusion that Phobos has created. Meanwhile, Cornelia gets so upset about losing Elyon to Cedric and Phobos that she quits being the Earth Guardian. Phobos uses this to his advantage and changes the image in the sand to make it look as if Cornelia is getting along just fine with the others and not missing Elyon at all. Phobos sends Meridian Mudslugs after the remaining Guardians and without the Earth Guardian. When they realize that Cornelia is the only one who can defeat them, Will uses the Heart of Kandrakhar to tap into the broadcast frequencies to reach her. Cornelia saves the day by telekinetically levitating the huge mudslug near the portal. She is now officially back in the W.I.T.C.H. group.
S01E16 Le cor d'Hypnos 20/05/2005 Cedric uses a magic horn called the Horn of Hypnos to make everyone who hears it into obedient zombies called trancemarchers. Unfortunately, Guardians of the Veil, namely Hay Lin, are no more immune to its effects than anyone else. How are the girls going to break Cedric's hold on their friend and what is being done about Phobos' Book of Secrets that Caleb swiped from their last trip into Meridian?
S01E17 Les fantômes d'Elyon 23/05/2005 Will and the rest of the girls try to tell Elyon the truth about Phobos and Meridian, but that becomes very hard when Phobos teaches his sister to make ghostly images of herself to confuse her former friends and the rebels. The real Elyon is upset that she didn’t bring her sketchbook from Earth so Phobos sends Lurdens through a portal to her old bedroom to fetch it. But the creatures also trash a stash of chocolate, the scent from which Blunk is able to follow to Phobos’s and Elyon’s secret Meridian mountain hideout. The Guardians and Caleb search for Elyon under the mountain but are ambushed by Lurdens. Forced into the open, they battle Cedric on the mountainside before returning to Earth, no closer to warning Elyon of the terrible danger she’s in.
S01E18 Les Mogriffs 06/06/2005 Phobos sends shapeshifting monsters into Meridian to pose as and discredit the Guardians so Elyon will lose what little trust she has left in her friends. While the real Guardians do battle with the evil twins, Cornelia and Caleb try to persuade Elyon that Phobos only wants her for her power, but she won't listen. Caleb, however, does something to shake Elyon's faith in her new brother: he bows to her. Unnerved by this, Elyon is starting to suspect that Phobos is not telling her everything.
S01E19 La mine sous-marine 13/06/2005 Phobos uses the knowledge of Caleb's father's being alive to lure him and the Guardians to the Underwater Mines for an ambush. Fortunately, Hay Lin hears the guards whisperings, which allows the group's unimpeded access to the mines. However, the element of surprise is soon lost and the group is on the move. Cedric floods the mine and sends the group plus Caleb's dad on an Indiana Jones-type mine cart ride to the main shaft. Once there, they use the guardroom to float to the surface and come face-to-lizard face with Cedric and a platoon of guards. Cedric tries to go after Caleb and the miners stranded in the remains of the guardroom, but Irma and Hay Lin cool Cedric out with a flash-frozen bubble. Phobos is sitting pretty in his castle, thinking that he has taken care of the major thorns in his side until the girls show up with the last laugh in his looking-glass floor.
S01E20 Le sceau de Phobos 20/06/2005 The Guardians are stunned to learn that their math teacher Mrs. Rudolph is the Meridianite nanny who brought Elyon to Earth twelve years ago. She opened a portal with the Seal Of Phobos... but lost it during the escape. On the run from castle guards, Caleb and Blunk split up. Blunk hides in a sewer where he finds The Seal where it has lain undiscovered for twelve years. Not knowing what he has, Blunk begins waving the Seal around, opening portals all over Heatherfield, which the Guardians rush to close. But the girls don’t realize that every time they do, they’re cutting off an escape route Caleb needs to avoid capture. When the Seal of Phobos encounters the Heart of Candrakar the two amulets battle and the Heart ends up absorbing the talisman and all its powers. Thus empowered, the Guardians are able to help Caleb escape from the work-yard in Hoogong Gorge. Back in Heatherfield the group uses the Seal to open The Book of Secrets, revealing for the first time Phobos’s plan for draining his unsuspecting sister’s powers and turning her into a Whisperer, imprisoned within a Black Rose forever.
S01E21 Les évadés de Cavigor 27/06/2005 Elyon misses her parents and Phobos agrees to let them visit Elyon. However, when the guardians find out that Elyon's parents are held captive in the Cavigor prison, they go in and try to bust them out. But the task is easier said than done when Elyon's parents have been hypnotized, with the addition of hundreds of guard led by Cedric chasing them and the task of freeing hundred of prisoners. In the end, they free everybody including Elyon's parents, which makes Elyon worry about what the rebels will do to them.
S01E22 Le défi de Caleb 11/07/2005 When Caleb's best friend, Aldarn, accidently becomes hypnotized by Elyon into signing a peace treaty, Caleb has to fight him for the position of leader. Meanwhile, after leaving their baking duties for the school bake sale to Blunk, the guardians enter a trap filled with Larveks and they must defeat them before the rebels get eaten by them.
S01E23 La bataille des plaines de Méridian 25/07/2005 Cedric blocks the village’s water source, in the hopes that thirsty Meridianites will break down and reveal the location of the rebels’ secret hideout. There’s fresh water in a nearby lake but it’s inhabited by an elusive creature called the Kaithim, which the Guardians have to battle. But Cedric discovers the entrance to the Infinite City, just before Vathek is able to seal his comrades inside. Aldarn, separated from Caleb and with limited food before the City is inevitably overtaken, makes a tactical decision to charge the Castle. Caleb and the Guardians join the premature attack but the uprising fails and many rebels, including Aldarn and Caleb’s father, are thrown in Phobos’s dungeons
S01E24 Le sauvetage rebelle 01/08/2005 Caleb is making plans for the escape of the rebels captured by Phobos in the abortive battle of the Meridian Plains . With Blunk’s help, he tries to map the tunnel system to the castle’s dungeon. But the reconnaissance mission goes wrong and Blunk is left behind on Meridian. Looking for the Passling, Caleb and the Guardians find and save a Castle Guard wounded in battle and left for dead by Cedric. When the Guard, Tynar, sees Earth and the girls’ concern for his recovery, he switches loyalties and promises to guide them through the complex subterranean passageways into the dungeons where the rebels from the uprising are being held. The daring raid frees the rebels, and Tynar begins spreading the word among Phobos’s guards that the other side of the Veil is not as they’ve been told. Back in Heatherfield, Will impulsively kisses Matt, who has offered her a pet dormouse named Mr Huggles earlier in the episode.
S01E25 Le cœur volé 08/08/2005 In Meridian, the Infinite City occupied by Phobos' guards leaves a thousand rebels with nowhere to hide while Elyon, though shaken by the sight of monstrous Lurdens working in her castle, is still blissfully unaware of what’s being planned for her Coronation. Caleb and the Guardians have to get close enough to warn her, but how can they without the Heart of Kandrakhar which has been stolen by Jeek the evil Passling?
S01E26 L'ultime combat 17/08/2005 In Meridian, Elyon is at the apogee of her powers and excitedly prepares for tomorrow’s Coronation. But Phobos and Cedric talk out of her earshot: there’s something afoot that Phobos isn’t telling his sister. Meanwhile in Heatherfield, Caleb has finally figured out with the Guardians’ help a way to get his men across the Meridian Plains unseen. The final battle is about to begin.
S02E01 A comme Anonymat 05/06/2006 Aldarn, Vathek, Drake et Tynar effectuent leur ronde dans les prisons de Meridian, en compagnie de la Devineresse. Sont enfermés notamment Phobos, le prince du Mal déchu, et Miranda, petite fille ayant le pouvoir de se transformer en une araignée monstrueuse. La Devineresse quitte la salle, laissant la salle aux quatre hommes qui bientôt se font attaquer par Nérissa, qui libère Mirande. Pendant ce temps, Elyon et le peuple de Meridian font la fête pour célébrer l'emprisonnement de Phobos, en compagnie des gardiennes de la Muraille.
S02E02 B comme Bafouer 16/06/2006 Nérissa décide d'élire le maître de la Vengeance et choisit Réthor, un ancien guerrier. Ensemble, ils décident d'attaquer Méridian et réussissent à enlever Tyrar, ancien garde de Phobos qui a préféré rejoindre les gardiennes. Vathek confie aux gardiennes et à Caleb que c'est lui le prochain à être enlevé. Et ensemble ils tentent un piège à Réthor mais Miranda, la fille-araignée, parvient à enlever Vathek car Cornélia a perdu le contrôle de ses pouvoirs.
S02E03 C comme Changements 19/06/2006 Tout commence quand Alicia, une ancienne amie d'Elyon, remarque que cette dernière n'était pas venue à l'école depuis longtemps et Alicia en parle donc à la Directrice et prévient Will de sa conversation avec la Directrice. Pendant ce temps, Nérissa a envoyé Miranda sous forme humaine sur Terre afin d'espionner les Gardiennes. Quand Miranda apprend que, suite à la discussion d'Alicia avec la directrice, la police recherche Elyon et sa famille. Les Gardiennes sont au plus mal car, en plus, Miranda raconte à la Police que Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornélia et Hay-Lin sont au courant de quelque chose.
S02E04 D comme Dangereux 26/06/2006 Matt demande un service à Caleb : lui apprendre à se battre. Caleb accepte et se découvre être un bon professeur. Pendant ce temps, Nérissa invoque les Destructeurs afin de détruire Méridian. Les Gardiennes découvrent qu'elles ne peuvent pas les vaincre. Matt découvre la faille des Destructeurs, lorsqu'Elyon est sur Méridian, les Destructeurs disparaissent mais quand elle retourne sur Terre, ils réapparaissent. Les Gardiennes tentent une dernière fois de les vaincre et Will découvre son nouveau pouvoir : lancer des éclairs. Une fois vaincu, Will annonce à ses amies qu'elle va déménager…
S02E05 E comme Ennemie 14/07/2006 Les Witch se rendent compte qu'il se passe d'étranges phénomènes, en relation leurs rêves. Mais elles décident tout d'abord de s'occuper de la lettre de mutation de la mère de Will. Pour éviter le déménagement de la gardienne du cœur de Kandrakar, les Witch organisent une opération d'infiltration de la compagnie où travaille Suzanne Vandom. Elles se rendent petit à petit compte que les personnages de leurs rêves sont les chevaliers de la vengeance, et vont tout faire pour se débarrasser de la personne qui tire les ficelles dans l'ombre, et de la même manière, se débarrasser de leurs cauchemars.
S02E06 F comme Façades 17/07/2006 yon organise une fête pour les sauveurs de Méridian. Caleb et Cornélia se disputent à propos de leur relation. Peu après, Cornélia sort avec Peter Cook, frère de Taranee. Ils vont tous les deux à la patinoire et Elyon convainc Caleb de reconquérir le cœur de Cornélia en allant avec elle à la patinoire. Mais là-bas les choses se corsent puisque Cornélia s'était transformée avant en ayant le corps des gardiennes car Peter l'avait vue comme ça au terrain de basket (voir épisodes 2 ou 3) ; elle se fait passer pour Lilian donc Cornélia est deux personnes en même temps. Plus tard Dreck, Aldarn, Jonas et Caleb se font capturer pas Miranda et les autres...
S02E07 G comme Guerre aux déchets 24/07/2006 Blunk fait le vide de ses affaires avec Gick,un autre traverseur et un vieil homme échange le khor d'Hypnos à Blunk contre une vieillerie.En cours de chemin, Blunk arrive chez Irma avec son sac mais Gick lui vole le khor et il va donc le rapporter à Rethor et Rethor s'en sert sur Will Hay-Lin Cornélia et Taranee.Mais Blunk, Irma et Matt retournent à Méridian chercher les filles, mais elles sont sous l'emprise du khor et Matt et Gick le sont à leur tour.A la fin de cet épisode, Irma se transforme en géante de l'eau mais Will réussit à l'électrocuter mais Blunk réussit en fait à retrouver les notes pour pouvoir utiliser le khor et tout redevient normal
S02E08 H comme Harcèlement 31/07/2006 Will est de corvée et elle ne veut pas les faire,pour cela,elle créer une jumelle astrale pour la remplacer mais Nerissa va prendre contrôle de cette jumelle astrale...
S02E09 I comme Illusion 09/08/2006 While Blunk and Caleb search for the Knights of Vengeance, Nerissa and Sandpit make life miserable for the Guardians on their summer vacation by using the power of illusion to turn W.I.T.C.H. against each other.
S02E10 J comme Joyau 14/08/2006 Les parents d'Elyon décident de lui montrer le passé pour voir la reine et le roi ses vrais parents en se connectant avec Trill mais rien ne se passe comme prévu car elle voit que ses parents (ce qui est faux) la détestaient parce que Trill est en réalité Nérissa ! Les W.I.T.C.H sont en vacances sauf Hay lin comme elle travaille au restaurant elle tombe aussi amoureuse d'Eric. Will visite tous les musées; Irma est à la mer; Taranee à la montagne et Cornélia à Paris. Phobos réussit à s'échapper, alors Yan lin va avec l'énergie des Oramers d'Hay Lin chercher Cornélia et Taranee Blunk se charge de Irma et Will ouvre un portail. Le château est assiégé par Phobos et les autres, sauf Cédric et Miranda qui sont condamnés pas lui-même. Les W.I.T.C.H passent à l'attaque et Phobos perd le combat...
S02E11 K comme Karma 21/08/2006 Nigel invite Taranee à un concert dans un club. Les quatre autres Gardiennes vont à Kandrakar, pour combattre Nérissa. À la réunion de l'Oracle, Nérissa est présente mais se fait passer pour la Devineresse. Elle écoute la conversation et le plan instauré par les Gardiennes. Elle utilise son pouvoir qui se nomme plus fort que les 4 filles. Après, Nérissa va attaquer Taranee qui est seule au club. Les W.I.T.C.H découvrent enfin qui est cette personne mystérieuse. Nérissa faisait partie des Gardiennes avant les W.I.T.C.H avec Cassidy et Yan Lin. Nérissa a tué Cassidy pour avoir le cœur que l'Oracle avait confié à Cassidy et pas à Nérissa.
S02E12 L comme Loser 27/08/2006 Irma s'inscrit à la chaîne de radio du collège et un jour,elle dit des méchancetés sur Martin en direct,pendant ce temps,Nerissa met au point des nouveaux chevaliers,les chevaliers de la destruction.une grande bataille s'annonce entre les gardiennes et les chevaliers de la destruction...
S02E13 M comme Miséricorde 09/09/2006 Nérissa retrouve l'âme de Cassidy. Elle lui propose de retourner sur Terre en tant qu'être humain. En voyant sa mère, Cassidy va devoir faire un choix. Will va dîner avec sa mère et Collins. Matt les attaque mais Will fera tout pour sauver sa mère et elle ne se laisse pas faire.
S02E14 N comme Narcissique 16/09/2006 Le jour de récolte de fonds au collège est arrivé. Les W.I.T.C.H ont comme corvée le nettoyage des voitures. Le père de Will vient lui rendre visite mais Susanne est déjà avec Collins. À Kandrakar, Cornélia réunit tous les pouvoirs en elle pour combattre. Blunk fait diversion à Sheffield.
S02E15 O comme Obéissance 23/09/2006 W.I.T.C.H. is busy with the K-SHIP broadcast of Vance Michael Justin in concert. Irma is in charge and demanding total obedience from her minions.
S02E16 P comme Protecteurs 30/09/2006 Nerissa et ses chevaliers se transforment en Irma,Hay-Lin,Will,Taranee et Cornélia afin de faire croire à Kadma,une ancienne gardienne de la muraille,que les véritables gardiennes veulent détruire Zambala,et dès que les véritables gardiennes arrivent,Halinore dit à Kadma que les gardiennes reviennent pour une nouvelle attaque et dès que Kadma les voit,elle les emprisonne dans des bulles,seul Taranee,réussit à convaincre Kadma que les véritables gardiennes sont emprisonnées par sa faute et à la fin de cet épisode,un des arbres de Zambala réussit à revivre grâce à l'eau,la terre,l'air et le feu.
S02E17 Q comme Quête 07/10/2006 Yan Lin hides on Zamballa, but the Knights of Destruction attack and Kadma convinces Will that they should turn the tables and make Nerissa their quarry.
S02E18 R comme Résolue 14/10/2006 A frightened Hay Lin is desperate to protect her grandmother from Nerissa. But Nerissa’s pursuit to capture Yan Lin results in a relentless chase from one dimension to another.
S02E19 S comme Suprématie 21/10/2006 A K-SHIP ‘Battle of the Bands’ sets the stage for a battle between Matt and Shagon for ultimate control of Matt’s self. Meanwhile, Nerissa pursues her own agenda to complete the enthrallment and transformation of the old Guardians.
S02E20 T comme Traumatisme 04/11/2006 Nerissa invente un sortilège pour avoir tous les garçons à ses pieds,grâce à sa forme humaine,elle rend jalouses toutes les filles du lycée,et en particulier,les gardiennes,Hay-lin,ayant sa grand-mère du côté de Nerissa,refuse de se battre,mais quand Nerissa la provoque,elle décide de se battre.une énorme bataille a lieu à la fin de l'épisode dans un centre commercial.
S02E21 U comme Unies 11/11/2006 Les parents de Cornélia sortent et elle doit surveiller sa petite sœur. Pour avoir la paix elle l'envoie se coucher, avant de partir Liliane (plus ou moins énervée) souhaite que Napoléon sache parler. Une fois qu'elle a quitté la pièce, Napoléon saute sur les genoux de Cornélia et commence à lui parler. Celle-ci n'en revient pas et appelle les autres à son secours. Lorsqu'elles sont là, Napoléon leur révèle qu'il est le familier (animal de compagnie d'une sorcière) de Liliane. Cornélia n'y croit pas et elles se rendent rapidement à Kandrakar pour en avoir le cœur net, laissant Liliane avec Matt.
S02E22 V comme Victoire 18/11/2006 Nerissa essaie de conquérir un autre monde tandis que Cassidy,Yan-Lin,Kadma et Halinore vont sur la terre pour se battre contre les gardiennes.
S02E23 W comme W.I.T.C.H. 28/10/2006 C'est le jour d'Halloween à Heatherfield. Napoléon apprend à Cornélia qu'il est en danger. Elle convoque alors les WITCH, Phobos, Cédric, Miranda, Matt et Caleb chez elle. Dans sa chambre, Napoléon leur explique que le soir d'Halloween, Nérissa a le pouvoir de prendre le pouvoir du cœur de la Terre sans son accord
S02E24 X comme Xanadu 09/12/2006 While Meridian threatens to be turned into a hellish nightmare, Hay Lin struggles against artist’s block when trying to find her own paradisiacal vision of Xanadu.
S02E25 Y comme Yin et Yang 16/12/2006 Phobos détruit la forteresse de Kandrakar, à l'aide de Cédric et de Miranda. Will et Taranee attaquent une partie du château, là où se trouvaient les chevaliers de la vengeance. Durant le combat, certains d'entre eux se rejoignent aux W.I.T.C.H. Quand Phobos crée le portail pour détruire définitivement Kandrakar et le traversa, il se fait avaler par Cédric. Ce dernier devient tout puissant et il détruit la forteresse de Kandrakar. Le combat final approche.
S02E26 Z comme Zénith 23/12/2006 Cédric, après avoir avalé Phobos, se trouve muni des pouvoirs des W.I.T.C.H. Il arrive alors sur Terre afin de s'emparer de son cœur. Afin de permettre aux W.I.T.C.H de se battre et d'éviter la panique, les Régisseurs piègent les W.I.T.C.H et Cédric dans une illusion afin que personne ne se rende compte du combat...