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Wagon Train followed the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from the East to carve out a new life in the West soon after the American Civil War. For some of the travelers it was a happy ending, but not for all, which only heightened the drama along the way.


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S01E01 The Willy Moran Story 18/09/1957 Major Adams is keen to get the Wagon Train under way, but one of the wagons is missing a driver. Adams is arguing with the owner to pull his wagon out of line when Willy Moran is thrown out of the nearby saloon and lands practically at Adams feet. Moran is known to Adams from his army days. Then, Moran was a boxer. Now he is an alchohlic. Robinson, the owner of the wagon, sees Moran as his passport to staying on the train. Against his better judgement, Adams agrees to let Moran drive for Robinson. It is an opportunity for Moran to redeem himself, especially when a young widow takes a shine to him. For Robinson's purposes, though, Moran is more use as a drunkard.
S01E02 The Jean LeBec Story 25/09/1957 Before the Civil War Jean Le Bec was a young musician with a special talent for the violin. His family were too poor to pay for his musical studies so he was sponsored by a rich southern family. The daughter was called Mary. When her family lost everthing in the war, Mary's father entrusted her well-being to Jean. Mary had relatives in San Francisco so they decided to go there and they were going to get there via the wagon train. Jean didn't tell Mary that he was having trouble raising the cash for the journey. While the train was forming at St. Joseph, Missouri, as a last resort to raise the money, Jean used his precious violin as a stake in a card game, which he won but was accused of cheating. The allegation was false but it cost him his violin to get out alive. When Mary realised what he had done she went to the saloon to try to buy the fiddle back, but things went badly wrong and Jean ended up by killing the son of the man who practically owned the town. Flint McCullough witnessed
S01E03 The John Cameron Story 02/10/1957 The wagon train is moving west at last. Among the travellers are John Cameron and his wife, Julie. Cameron is a quiet, reserved man; an ex-banker from Philadelphia. Julie is younger and vivacious. Their marriage is not happy. She feels trapped and stifled by his love for her. John hopes that a new start in the west will save their union. From the start Julie sets out to get herself noticed, particularly by men and one man in particular. Flint McCullough. She makes her move on him one night while the train is camped when she goes to bathe in a nearby river where Flint is already washing. She soon realises that she has picked on the wrong man when Flint refuses to play along. When her husband comes to find her and sees her alone with Flint, Cameron jumps to the wrong conclusion. Julie leaves them to argue it out. Their argument is interrupted by a small party of Indians raiding the stock. Cameron helps Flint to deal with them and at one point saves his life. When the men return to camp t
S01E04 The Ruth Owens Story 09/10/1957 Ruth Owens, her little girl and her second husband are journeying west with the train. Her husband is a teacher and they seem like any other average couple on the train.The weather has turned hot and the train has hit a dry patch. Water is rationed. Tempers are on a knife edge. One particularly hot night a young stranger rides into camp. He has had word that his older sister is on the train and he has come looking for her to tell her that their father is dead. The first family he comes across asks him about her. He explains that she was a waitress in a smart hotel. When one of the men hears the name of the ""hotel"" he laughs in the boy's face; the place is infamous for one type of woman in particular. Upset by the insinuation about his sister the boy lashes out and the man ends up dead. The men on the train form a lynching party but Major Adams intervenes. When Ruth Owens sees the boy she recognises him as her brother, but to step forward and defend him would mean losing her new found r
S01E05 The Les Rand Story 16/10/1957 Charlie Wooster, cook to Major Adams, is badly injured when he becomes trapped under a wagon. The train doesn't have a doctor but Flint thinks there is a town a couple of days ride away which does. The Major duly sends him on his way. Riding hard Flint soon reaches Little Fork, a one horse town in the middle of nowhere where the few inhabitants live uneasily with neighbouring Indians who occasionally try to trade with them. When Flint arrives he finds all the townsfolk in the saloon. To begin with they are not too friendly to the scout, although he does learn that the doctor is out of town and no-one knows when he will be back. Flint decides to wait it out. Then there is a sudden change for no apparent reason. The folk become friendly; offer Flint a bed for the night and food. Although he is puzzled by the change, he doesn't question it straight away, deciding to bide his time. Almost the moment Flint's head touches the pillow he is asleep. Next morning he awakes to a silent town. Ever
S01E06 The Nels Stack Story 23/10/1957 Like the Major, Nelson Stack is an ex-army office from the Confederate army. Since the war, though, he has become a pacifist. That, together with the fact that he has more wagons and stock than most on the train, hasn't endeared him to many of his fellow travellers, especially a southerner named Jeff Claymore. When the wagon train runs into Indian trouble, Claymore believes Stack's pacifism is just another word for cowardice. Things really come to a head when it is discovered that Indians have raided the stock and taken some steers. They find one of the Indians, an old man left to die, but Stack won't leave him behind. So he takes him with them. It is the last straw for Claymore.
S01E07 The Emily Rossiter Story 30/10/1957 It is still early days on the wagon train trail. So when one morning the body of one of the men is discovered and money and a land deed stolen, and the evidence points to Indians, Flint won't believe it. He can't convince the travellers, though, that they are unlikely to run into Indian trouble this soon into their journey and that Indians would have no need of the items stolen. The travellers point to a tomahawk left behind by the raiders. Given the conflicting evidence, Major Adams asks Flint to stay behind and see what he can find out. As the train moves out, Flint follows the clues which lead him back to a small settlement the wagon train passed through a few days earlier. A chance encounter with a teenage girl and her overbearing stepfather make him suspect that there is more to this little outpost than first appears.
S01E08 The John Darro Story 06/11/1957 There is a little boy on the wagon train named Bobby who worships his father, John Darro. Darro was badly injured during the civil war and now walks with a limp. To his son, this is as good as a medal as regards a testament to his father's bravery, and young Bobby makes sure everyone on the train knows how proud he is of his Pa. Then Major Adams sees an old man sitting out alone on the prairie. He seems the worse for drink but the Major won't leave him there to rot and takes him along. He too can tell a tale- of an Indian massacre of a wagon train and a coward who ran. He knew John Darro, but by another name. Suddenly Darro finds he must prove himself all over again. To the stranger, the Major, the people on the train, but most of all to his son.
S01E09 The Charles Avery Story 13/11/1957 The wagon train is making it's way steadily westward when the peace is disturbed by the sound of shooting. Seth Adams delegates scout Flint McCullough to find out what is wrong. When Seth catches up with the scout he finds him with a small company of troops and an Indian Chief's daughter, Mokai. She is on her way back from Washington with a peace treaty. The treaty will not come into force until she has delivered it to her father and she too is safe. The company came under attack from a renegade band of Indians. What worries Flint is that the arrow he finds is from Mokai's own tribe, but the braves were not. Added to that, the Lieutenant supposedly in charge is having trouble keeping his own men under control and is openly hostile to the Chief's daughter. Seth realises that the only way to get the treaty safely to the Chief is to send Flint along to keep an eye on them. Flint soon finds that he has his work cut out.
S01E10 The Mary Halstead Story 20/11/1957 Mary Halstead is an elderly woman stricken with a terminal illness and a guilty conscience. She cannot do anything about the illness but she believes she can salve her conscience if she can find the son she abandoned as a child. She has journeyed west with the train because she has received word from a lawyer in a town on the trail purporting to know the whereabouts of her son. When Major Adams finds a young man left for dead in the brush, he takes him in despite the rope burns around the boy's neck which causes alarm amongst the travellers. They think someone has tried to hang him and jump to the conclusion that he is a criminal. The young man so reminds her of her son that Mrs. Halstead begs to look after him until he is well. He seems nice enough, but he still has to explain those rope burns and why it appears someone tried to hang him. In his story lies the truth about Mrs. Halstead's son.
S01E11 The Zeke Thomas Story 27/11/1957 Flint is out scouting with another member of the train, Zeke Thomas. They are looking for a watering place that the train used the previous year. What they find is that where a bare watering hole once was, now stood a town. They ride on in. Outside the saloon, they are met with an unwelcoming committee of townsfolk intent on making the wagon train pay for the use of the water. Flint goes on in to the saloon to try to reason with the town's Mayor, leaving Zeke to mind the horses. While Flint is talking to the Mayor, the Mayor's mistress is looking out of the saloon's window. She sees Zeke Thomas and leaves the saloon to talk to him. Flint tries hard but can't change the Mayor's mind so eventually he and Zeke return to the train. It looks as if there will be a confrontation - between the travellers and the townsfolk; between Zeke, his wife and the mistress. In coming across the town both the wagon train and Zeke Thomas find more trouble than they bargained for.
S01E12 The Riley Gratton Story 04/12/1957 The train is halted. Flint McCullough is away, scouting. Then in rides a rangy young man with the gift of the gab who fought alongside the Major during the war. The Major takes a shine to him and invites him to stay, which suits this young man with the name of Riley Gratton just fine. It takes the wiley old Wooster to remind the Major that, when they were in the army, Gratton went missing shortly after the Major's prized golden spurs did. It seems Gratton has done the same again, only this time he disappears after selling some worthless land to the settlers. The Major decides to go after him to get it all back by hook or by crook.
S01E13 The Clara Beauchamp Story 11/12/1957 A small group of cavalry men are on their way to their new post at a remote fort. At a small distance from the fort they tangle with two Indian Braves out hunting, unaware that their new commanding officer has worked out an agreement with the Chief of the local tribe about hunting rights around the fort and reservation. Not knowing that the Braves were not breaking any rules the troops give chase and shoot one brave dead. The Wagon Train becomes the target for the Chief's anger and he threatens to attack it. Helped by Flint, the Colonel tries to broker an agreement with the Chief and the deal is nearly closed when the Colonel's alchoholic wife appears on the scene. Conflict seems inevitable when she insults the Chief and the deal is off.
S01E14 The Julia Gage Story 18/12/1957 Julia Gage is travelling west with her father. Early on in the trip it is obvious that she is an independent woman, who, although single, won't become any man's doormat. Along the way her father dies of fever and she is left to continue the journey alone. The Major is worried about her being able to cope and sends along a succession of likely men to help her but she proves stronger than any of them, in spirit if not physically. When one of them, Tobe Cannon, takes ill with a fever, Julia, alone of all the women on the train who fear for their own safety, offers to nurse him. As it wouldn't be right and proper for a single woman to be alone with a single man, she persuades the Major to ""half"" marry them, as her patient is in no fit state to object to the union. Luckily, when he recovers, he doesn't object at all!
S01E15 The Cliff Grundy Story 25/12/1957 When a rifle shot sounds ahead of the train Flint McCullough rides out to investigate. He expects to find trouble - and so he does, of a sort. He finds an old friend from his civil war days, Cliff Grundy. Now there isn't a lot that Cliff Grundy hasn't done in his lifetime and for everything he has done he has a story or several to tell about it. Over the campfire that night he weaves his tales of derring doos and don'ts and many of the travellers believe him. Especially about the goldmine he is on his way to lay claim to. The next day Major Adams sends out Flint and a party of men to hunt buffalo to bolster their meat rations. Cliff goes along and by his side rides a teenager who hangs on his every word. Flint splits the party up and the boy and Cliff go off together. When they spot the buffalo, Cliff lets the boy take first shot but the shot goes wide and the now frightened buffalo stampede towards them. Cliff saves the boy but is trampled himself. When the men get him back to camp h
S01E16 The Luke O'Malley Story 01/01/1958 Flint is in town at a saloon. He is standing by the bar when a man seated at a nearby table with a deck of cards in his hand, asks Flint if he wants to play a hand. Flint declines. The bartender remarks that he thought the gambler would be at the hanging. The man, O'Malley, doesn't wish to see his old friend hang, especially as Ramero blames him for his capture. Flint is told that Ramero, a notorious Mexican bandit leader, is to be hanged there that day. Later that day, a parson with his two small children, a girl and a boy, turn up at the wagon train. He claims to have been robbed by Ramero, who even took his bible. The Major allows them to join the train, although Flint thinks the man is too similar in looks to the gambler he met. The Major's suspicions are only aroused when the ""parson"" gives an unlikely off the cuff sermon, and his daughter gives Wooster a lesson in cardplay. When word is received that Ramero has escaped the noose and is on the run again Flint goes off to see if h
S01E17 The Jesse Cowan Story 08/01/1958 Two brothers return to their home after the civil war to find their home and family wiped out. Their family, the Cowans, had long been feuding with a neighbouring family, the Beals, and so the Beal family are the prime suspects. The elder Beal son, Ruf, especially so. The Beals are nowhere to be found. The Cowan brothers discover that the Beals have joined up with a wagon train, heading west to start a new life. The Beals have joined Seth Adams train and when the Cowans catch up with it, Major Adams finds the wagon train becomes their new feuding ground.
S01E18 The Gabe Carswell Story 15/01/1958 Gabe Carswell is a legendary scout who chooses to live with the Arapaho indians for over twenty years. During that time he marries an Arapaho squaw. They have one son. Sadly, Carswell's wife dies when her son is still a baby and Carswell is left to bring up his son alone within the tribe. As the years go by Carswell realises that the Indian way of life is waning as the white settlers progress westard and force the buffalo from the indian lands. So, just before his son comes of age, Carswell takes him away from the tribe. Flint comes across their camp just in front of the wagon train. While Carswell's son, Little Elk, is examing Flint's new repeating rifle, Carswell explains to Flint his fears for his son. What neither of them realise is the lengths Little Elk will go to not to give up his indian way of life and to prove he is more indian than any indian.
S01E19 The Honorable Don Charlie Story 22/01/1958 Major Adams is intrusted with getting socialite Julie Wharton safely to San Francisco. His plans nearly come to naught, however, when ageing Lothario the Honourable Don Charlie (at least that is one of the names he uses) tries to sweet talk her into staying with him. Hot on his heels, though, is his girlfriend and a soldier. The girlfriend wants to win him; the soldier wants to win back the money he and his colleagues believe Don Charlie cheated them out of.
S01E20 The Dora Gray Story 29/01/1958 Flint is riding ahead of the train with Bill Hawkes when they hear gunshots. Heading in the direction the shots have come from they soon find the evidence of an Indian raid on a small camp site. While Flint is looking around the site, trying to get a clue as to who the victims and assailants were, Bill finds a spent bullet casing. It looks to the two men as if the Indians who attacked the camp have got hold of the newest type of army rifle. Flint sets out to find out if he can track down the gunrunner. He doesn't have to go far before he can see the smoke from a campfire. When he finds the camp his suspicions are aroused by the amount of smoke the campfire is stoked up to make, and during daylight at that; one man, one woman, one wagon, but with a team of horses strong enough to pull a heavier load than the blankets the man claims to be carrying to trade with Indians.In spite of hostility from the man (known as Doc) Flint invites himeself into the camp. When he thinks Doc and the wom
S01E21 The Annie MacGregor Story 05/02/1958 The Clan MacGregor are moving west, complete with bagpipes, kilts and a stubborn streak not to give up their old way of life. The friction this causes with the rest of the train results in the the MacGregors going their separate way, which is hard on Annie, who has fallen in love with a young American man on the train, Jason. The main train forges on ahead, leaving the MacGregors to their fate. However, marauding Indians attack the wagon train and things are looking grim. Then the MacGregors arrive over the horizon, blowing their pipes for all they are worth. The Indians fear the Devil is in the sound and break off the attack. The MacGregors have saved the day!
S01E22 The Bill Tawnee Story 12/02/1958 The Major finds a lone wagon on the trail. Inside is a man he recognises as Bill Tawnee, once Indian Scout to General Sherman during the Civil War and much decorated for bravery. With him is his wife and baby. Bill is suffering from a beating he took at a trading post back on the trail. The Major takes them back to the wagons to resume their journey with them. On the train is another civil war hero, Mr. Barry. That is his version of events at least. It is not long before a few comments from Bill Tawnee show that Barry did not win the civil war single handed and the two men come to blows. Later, Bill Tawnee finds Barry's missing rifle. When Barry accuses Bill of stealing it, Bill decides to leave the train, leaving his wife and child behind. It seems there is no hope of him returning. Then events take a turn for the worse and Bill Tawney comes into his own.
S01E23 The Mark Hanford Story 26/02/1958 Flint finds himself in the middle of a family feud that threatens to spill over into a full scale Indian blood war. The trouble starts when Mark Hanford returns home to his father's ranch after receiving a priviledged education in the East. He finds his real mother dead and his father about to take a younger bride who is coming out on Seth Adams' wagon train. When Mark discovers this, he realises exactly what has happened to his mother, sister of the local Indian Chief. It is his father who pushed his mother back to her tribe in favour of the younger woman. Mark Hanford believes the shame his mother felt at having to return to the tribe broke her spirit and led to her death. Mark decides to take on his Indian heritage and disown his father and all he stands for and in so doing take revenge on his father for the death of his mother.
S01E24 The Bernal Sierra Story 12/03/1958 There is trouble in store when the Major accepts Bernal Sierra onto the train fresh from the wars in Mexico. He is on a mission to find a cache of stolen gold and it isn't long before he has some suspects on the train well within his sights.
S01E25 The Marie Dupree Story 19/03/1958 Marie Dupree finds there is a high price to pay when she plays one man off against the other to win her affections.
S01E26 A Man Called Horse 26/03/1958 A White man dressed as an Indian, caring for an elderly, sick Indian woman are unusual additions to the Wagon Train. Quietly the man tells Flint and the Major his story as Wooster tends to the woman.
S01E27 The Sarah Drummond Story 02/04/1958 When Flint takes shelter from a storm, he finds a husband and wife being torn apart by hatred and intolerance. To repay their kindnes to him, he takes it upon himself to bring them back together again.
S01E28 The Sally Potter Story 09/04/1958 Sally Potter is young, pretty and single. She doesn't want to cause trouble, but trouble seems to follow her around. Man trouble.
S01E29 The Daniel Barrister Story 16/04/1958 Daniel Barrister is a God fearing man whose wife is badly injured in an accident on the trail. Daniel puts his faith in the Lord as the one great healer to heal his wife, but her condition gradually worsens. When infection sets in, the Major uses his authority as Wagonmaster to over-ride Daniel Barrister's wishes. He sends Flint McCullough to the nearest town to find a doctor. When Flint gets there he finds the town quarantined because of a smallpox outbreak.
S01E30 The Major Adams Story (1) 23/04/1958 The first part of Major Adams own story begins just before the outbreak of the American Civil War and finishes at the war's end. By then the Major has met Charlie Wooster and Bill Hawkes, but there is some unfinished business with the girl he left behind him.
S01E31 The Major Adams Story (2) 30/04/1958 The second episode of Major Adams life story takes place after the Civil War when he has decided to earn his living taking wagon trains across America. On one trip, one of his passengers turns out to be his old girlfriend Raine. Love is no easier the second time around for him. He agian asks her her to marry him and again she turns him down.
S01E32 The Charles Maury Story 07/05/1958 A young southern belle with romantic notions about a guerrilla band of Rebel soldiers led by Charles Maury, gets a hard lesson in reality when she leaves the wagon train to join up with them.
S01E33 The Dan Hogan Story 14/05/1958 The wagon train is stopping off at a small town called ""Sweet Sabbath"". Sweet by name, but not by nature, the name belies it's true, tough, character. Here the Major comes across an old friend, ex- New York cop and sometime prize fighter, Dan Hogan. Unwillingly, Dan finds himself up against the local villain who is fast with his gun. Dan has never carried or used a gun in his life, not even when he was a cop. He has a choice. He can run, or he can stand and fight - with his fists.
S01E34 The Ruttledge Munroe Story 21/05/1958 Ruttledge Munroe joins the wagon train on the trail. It's noticed right off his odd sense of humor but when he saves the major's life, it is forgotten until he kills someone else and the real reason he joined up is revealed.
S01E35 The Rex Montana Story 28/05/1958 On one final push to the west, a wild west showman runs into some old friends. Some that were part of a massacre that almost cost them their lives and one man his sanity.
S01E36 The Cassie Tanner Story 04/06/1958 Trail hardened Cassie Tanner joins the train, and sets her eye on Major Adams. But the train desperately needs horses, and she may be the only one who can make the dangerous journey to buy them.
S01E37 The John Wilbot Story 11/06/1958 Tensions are running high in the train between northerners and southerners traveling west. As trouble escalates one passenger with a noticeable limp, John Wilbot, is accused of being John Wilkes Booth, who many believe is still alive.
S01E38 The Monty Britton Story 18/06/1958 Low on water, Flint scouts for more. When three water holes are dry or poisoned, Fort Paiute seems their only hope but he has to make it back to the wagon train on foot and the only other man who knows the way is believed to be a deserter.
S01E39 The Sacramento Story 25/06/1958 At the end of a long journey, lives were lost. Some made it with their dreams intact. Flint tries to help one of the passengers with theirs and almost bites off too much. Politics are involved as well as unsolicited trips to the Far East.
S02E01 Around the Horn 01/10/1958 Planning to sail to Boston, the Major, Hawks and Charlie are instead shanghaied to New Orleans where they meet a Captain who has different ideas on raising his child and running a ship.
S02E02 The Juan Ortega Story 08/10/1958 Juan awakens to the sound of three men hanging his beloved father. Joining the wagon train, he comes across one of the three, tortured by Indians. He nurses him back to health but only under the guise of looking for the other two killers.
S02E03 The Jennifer Churchill Story 15/10/1958 Jennifer Churchill, pampered all her life, runs away from a smothering lifestyle and pending marriage, and joins the wagon train. With bounty hunters on her heels, she finds Flint, a man who she wants but doesn't want her.
S02E04 The Tobias Jones Story 22/10/1958 Major Adams allows two stowaways, Tobias Jones and his young friend Midge, to stay with the train. But Tobias is in trouble due to his drinking, and things get worse when he's accused of murder.
S02E05 The Liam Fitzmorgan Story 28/10/1958 Liam Fitzmorgan has come from Ireland on a mission to kill an informer he believes is traveling with the train. However, his mission is complicated when he falls in love with his target's daughter.
S02E06 The Doctor Willoughby Story 15/11/1958 Concerned by one of the passengers on the wagon train, a woman doctor tries to help even though she's hampered further by everyone else who shuns her. Meantime an Indian chief needs doctoring and they don't believe in female medicine men.
S02E07 The Bije Wilcox Story 19/11/1958 After advertising to look for his brother Charles and offering a $5,000 reward, a member of the wagon train gets a response from someone who walks through an Indian party that's pinning them all down. What he finds is not what he expected.
S02E08 The Millie Davis Story 26/11/1958 Millie Davis reluctantly takes in an orphaned baby girl. Eight years later the girl's grandmother arrives to retrieve her. But Millie doesn't want to give up the child, so she claims that she and Flint are the parents.
S02E09 The Sakae Ito Story 03/12/1958 The major comes upon two Japanese men, attacked by Indians and heading towards California. He learns one of the men plans on committing hara kiri while others on the train have designs on a black box they suspect may contain precious gems.
S02E10 The Tent City Story 10/12/1958 When a member of the train is placed in chains after breaking Indian law by killing a buffalo, Major Adams quarrels with Flint who quits and takes a job at nearby Tent City. But White Eagle discovers the dead buffalo and demands justice.
S02E11 The Beauty Jamison Story 17/12/1958 Flint, at a grave, sees a man stabbed in the back with a note saying Deliver to Beauty Jamison. As that is the daughter of the man interred he pays a visit and sees a woman trying to continue a legacy with the locals trying to break her.
S02E12 The Mary Ellen Thomas Story 24/12/1958 Mary Ellen is an orphan traveling west to join family, but members of the train reject her due to her surly disposition. Her only friend is Sally Mayhew, another girl traveling west with her family dying of consumption.
S02E13 The Dick Richardson Story 31/12/1958 When the wagon horses start to die of a disease, Adams is forced to send two men who are feuding to buy new horses with his emergency money. One of the men's horse returns without him making Adams wonder if he made a mistake.
S02E14 The Kitty Angel Story 07/01/1959 Kitty Angel finds herself not welcome on the wagon train due to her past. When Flint returns to the train toting a sick Indian baby, she has everyone's prejudices to deal with as well as this life threatening illness.
S02E15 The Flint McCullough Story 14/01/1959 Flint, in love with a Mormon girl he can't marry, joins the confederate army. When he finds out that he won't be joining any battles and what their real purpose is, it may be too late for him and the girl he loves.
S02E16 The Hunter Malloy Story 21/01/1959 Hunter Malloy and partner get jobs as drivers on the wagon train to rob their boss. Striking gold instead while stopping to repair their wagons, the fever is high as some stop to strike it rich and uncover more than just a few nuggets.
S02E17 The Ben Courtney Story 28/01/1959 The sheriff of Bitter Springs feels he has lots of reasons to hate. When settlers from the south want to live there, he tries to take a black child he says they are just using for free labor but his reasons go much deeper than that.
S02E18 The Ella Linstrom Story 04/02/1959 Ella Lindstrom loses her husband on the wagon train ride west from Boston. With her seven children she decides to stay the course against the wishes of Major Adams. It gets more complicated when she thinks she is expecting number eight.
S02E19 The Last Man 11/02/1959 Scouting for a better pass, Flint finds a mountain man, hungry and half out of his mind. With no memory, his strange behavior may endanger the entire wagon train especially when everyone feels they know who he is.
S02E20 The Old Man Charvanaugh Story 18/02/1959 Flint escorts a wagon, leaving the train, to their new home. When they meet an old man with a wagon load of uncured buffalo skins he's trying to sell, they invite him along as he appears friendly enough. But Flint feels he's too friendly.
S02E21 The Annie Griffith Story 25/02/1959 Flint, seeking safe passage through the mountains, is shot and losing consciousness is dragged to a cabin. Nursed back to health, his savior finds the man who shot him was her husband and Flint had to kill him or be killed.
S02E22 The Jasper Cato Story 04/03/1959 Wanting a safe escort through Indian country, a stranger rides upon the wagon train. Telling the major his reasons for being there, the truth is soon uncovered and it causes two men to come to change their lifelong habits.
S02E23 The Vivian Carter Story 11/03/1959 Getting set to leave the wagon train, Vivian Carter finds out a friend she knows from the train hoped for more than that. Heading to a new life and her first marriage, she's given some options and even at her age has its surprises.
S02E24 The Conchita Vasquez Story 18/03/1959 Suspecting a hurt girl he finds on the trail is part of a group of bandits, Flint cautiously helps her but soon learns she is all he suspects until her guardian is killed and Flint becomes her only protection.
S02E25 The Sister Rita Story 25/03/1959 Leaving the safety of their village, a group of nuns set out to help those Indians in need at a mission. Now Flint must try to help them fight some Ute Indians who don't seem to know the nuns are just there to help them.
S02E26 The Matthew Lowry Story 01/04/1959 Matthew Lowry seems timid to everyone especially a bully on the wagon train. Riding upon some cholera sick wagons in a pass, they find out who he really is and why he has been acting this way.
S02E27 The Swift Cloud Story 08/04/1959 During an Indian attack on the wagon train, Major Adams spares the life of Swift Cloud, crippled son of the Indian Chief. Adams is shocked to learn that Swift Cloud's condition is the result of a vicious attack by a half-breed. The chief sends his son with the wagon train to go see a city doctor who might be able to cure him.
S02E28 The Vincent Eaglewood Story 15/04/1959 An educated man from the East tags alongside the wagon train. When he offers to teach school to pay his passage, all goes well until he is kicked off the train and the kids go looking for him - and they are near an Indian camp.
S02E29 The Clara Duncan Story 22/04/1959 Clara Duncan joins the train in a search for her artist fiance. But finding him could lead to trouble, as one of his missing paintings depicting a heinous crime may implicate some of the locals.
S02E30 The Duke LeMay Story 29/04/1959 Duke Le May, an escaped convict, joins the wagon train under an assumed name. When a deputy shows up to arrest him and is killed, Flint is asked to escort him to the nearest fort for trial but he does all he can to prolong that journey.
S02E31 The Kate Parker Story 06/05/1959 The wagon train pushes ahead when one of the passengers has an accident. With only a wagon between two couples, one person decides to leave with money including some gold coins. They have an accident and the storm's only getting worse.
S02E32 The Steve Campden Story 13/05/1959 Flint must find a way to get the wagon train around a snow covered pass. On a scouting trek, he meets a father and son who are willing to help him but they want to hike up the mountain. The adventure ahead has surprises for them all.
S02E33 Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster 20/05/1959 When a big snow halts the train, several of the men disappear mysteriously with no trace of them to be found. After Flint, Major Adams, and Hawks go missing, it's up to Chuck Wooster to lead the train to safety.
S02E34 The Jose Maria Moran Story 27/05/1959 The Major and party find a Pawnee Indian strung up and left to die. Back at the wagon train they find he is not who he appears to be. The mystery deepens as the Shoshonees, who hung him there, are still after him and getting closer.
S02E35 The Andrew Hale Story 03/06/1959 The Major finds an old man in the desert and takes him to the wagon train. He doesn't remember his name but when he's recognized by one of the other passengers, he remembers not just his name but the faith he thought he lost as well.
S02E36 The Rodney Lawrence Story 10/06/1959 After his parents are killed by whites, a boy is raised by a lone Indian. Years later when the wagon train stops nearby, the Indian tells the young man to join his people. But his previous experience and with the train make him hesitate.
S02E37 The Steele Family 17/06/1959 Nearing the end of their trip, a mother with four beautiful daughters, all of marrying age and a wagon train full of men who are either the same or wanting to be and the Major is not off limits either.
S02E38 The Jenny Tannen Story 24/06/1959 A young girl is injured while on the way to San Fransico to find her famous mother who abandoned her as a baby. The crew helps her with her pending blindness and find her mother who has her own problem unknown to her daughter.
S03E01 The Stagecoach Story 30/09/1959 The men are returning to St. Louis by stagecoach except for Flint - until he becomes the driver to help a friend. They are forced to take a detour to Mexico by other passengers - one of whom denies knowing Flint who is in love with her.
S03E02 The Greenhorn Story 07/10/1959 At the beginning of any wagon train trip, the challenges faced by everyone turns a greenhorn into a seasoned veteran, even if those may mean death of those they love or some other loss.
S03E03 The C.L. Harding Story 14/10/1959 A reporter has joined the wagon train. When the Major finds out he is a she, he finds his hands full especially when her looks and curiosity jeopardize everyone's safety and their right to vote.
S03E04 The Estaban Zamora Story 21/10/1959 Flint find a young man bleeding to death and a knife nearby. He takes the body to sheriff who identifies the man as the youngest Zamora brother. His father is on the train from Spain. He feels duty bound to kill the murderer.
S03E05 The Elizabeth McQueeny Story 28/10/1959 Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the West. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth to all shows itself before that can happen.
S03E06 The Martha Barnham Story 04/11/1959 Flint and a longtime Sioux Indian friend reunite but trouble is brewing as the Cheyenne are on the warpath and in their way is Fort Hastings, an old flame of his and her new Army Captain fiancé.
S03E07 The Cappy Darrin Story 11/11/1959 Old salt Cappy Darrin is on the train with his orphaned grandson Tuck. But Cappy's daughter granted custody of Tuck to his uncle, and as their parting nears Cappy finds he is reluctant to let Tuck go.
S03E08 The Felizia Kingdom Story 08/11/1959 Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.
S03E09 The Jess MacAbbee Story 25/11/1959 Flint, scouting ahead of the wagon train, is in search of fresh meat. With prospects none too good he comes upon a hidden paradise, green and lush and offering far more than he expected especially for a single man.
S03E10 The Danny Benedict Story 02/12/1959 He says his name is Tom Smith but a young man Major Adams meets on the trail refuses to join the wagon train and won't say why. When he does find out he meets an old friend and why the boy is so tortured.
S03E11 The Vittorio Bottecelli Story 16/12/1959 The King orders his womanizing nephew to San Francisco. He joins the wagon train but causes the Major problems as the husbands are complaining but he may have lost his heart to someone who understands.
S03E12 The St. Nicholas Story 23/12/1959 Almost Christmas eve, the wagon train deals with a happy time, the perils that go with hostile Indians and a little lost boy who may have already been captured by those same hostiles.
S03E13 The Ruth Marshall Story 30/12/1959 As the wagon train moves through Sioux territory, a man named Marshall asks for help in finding his daughter, Ruth, who apparently was taken by Indians following a raid eleven years ago. The girl would now be 19 years old. Flint McCullough goes in search of the girl, is injured in an ambush by a lone Indian, and is treated by a blue-eyed white woman living with four wolves. The woman communicates only through sign-language and is held in reverence by the local Sioux. Meanwhile the Indian who ambushed Flint and was wounded in the process reports back to his father, Red Cloud. Red Cloud learns that the ""Woman Who Lives with Wolves"" is treating a white man and orders Flint to be brought to his camp for possible punishment. The Wolf Woman intervenes and has Flint returned to the wagon train along with a book which bears the name ""Ruth Marshall"" on its flyleaf.
S03E14 The Lita Foladaire Story 06/01/1960 Never having met Lita Foladaire, Major Adams learned a lot about her past, the town she grew up in, the people who loved her and most importantly what happened to her surrounded by those same people.
S03E15 The Colonel Harris Story 13/01/1960 Flint goes to Fort Young to see the Harris family and Bowman Lewis who were friends from his youth. He finds Mrs. Harris dead and her husband swearing to wipe out all Indians including Lewis who leads the Comanche and his mother, Princess.
S03E16 The Marie Brandt Story 20/01/1960 Trying to give her son a chance, Maidie Brant is found by the wagon train. Needing fresh horses after a cougar attack, she is reluctant to say why she won't go back to town and buy some but would rather pay top dollar for the Major's.
S03E17 The Larry Hanify Story 27/01/1960 On his deathbed, Joe asks Flint to look after his 17-year old son Larry Hanify and get him to California. There was one catch. His latest escapade put him in jail awaiting trial for armed robbery.
S03E18 The Clayton Tucker Story 10/02/1960 Taking a dangerous route through the desert to join up with the wagon train, a small band of settlers take a turn for the worse when they lose the one man leading them, their scout, and now differ on where they need to go now.
S03E19 The Benjamin Burns Story 17/02/1960 One dry water hole is normal but when the wagon train has two, Flint and Ben Burns lead a party to find a legend that only the Indians speak of, Shining Water. Troubles await them but the worst may be a too green city boy.
S03E20 The Ricky and Laurie Bell Story 24/02/1960 Laurie and Ricky Bell uproot and go West, leaving their comforts in Baltimore. When she announces she is pregnant, he is less than happy as he feels she has just made their lives more complicated especially where it concerns his needs.
S03E21 The Tom Tuckett Story 02/03/1960 Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train he feels he's about to find out who that is but it isn't who he imagined.
S03E22 The Tracy Sadler Story 09/03/1960 David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his past.
S03E23 The Alexander Portlass Story 16/03/1960 Kidnapped, Flint is forced to scout and find a lost Aztec treasure. As some of the men were previously thrown off the wagon train, their unfriendliness is certain unless he can help them find the lost treasure of Montezuma.
S03E24 The Christine Elliott Story 23/03/1960 Her father on his deathbed, Christine Elliot decides to fulfill his dream of a boys school and joins the wagon train. A good start: the eleven boys he already has. One man is determined to stop her unless he collects his pound of flesh.
S03E25 The Joshua Gilliam Story 30/03/1960 Bill and the Major find a man lying hurt, a meal for the buzzards. When he meets an innocent woman on the wagon train who has an inheritance waiting for her, he shows other skills besides being just a schoolteacher and her mother is wary.
S03E26 The Maggie Hamilton Story 06/04/1960 When their daughter runs away from the wagon train, the Hamiltons hire Flint to bring her back. With renegades in the area, he soon discovers how spoiled Maggie really is and they still manage to make it back in one piece.
S03E27 The Jonas Murdock Story 13/04/1960 Out of meat and low on food, the wagon train must not kill any wildlife or all will face the wrath of the local Indians. The one holdout is Jonas Murdoch who has always lived outside the rules and doesn't consider a rabbit an issue.
S03E28 The Amos Gibbon Story 20/04/1960 After an argument with Major Adams, Flint leaves the wagon train and cozies up to a bar at a nearby town. What he doesn't know is the locals are shanghaiing strangers for slave labor in the mine and no one on the train knows where he went.
S03E29 Trial for Murder (1) 27/04/1960 When a well thought of member of the wagon train is found dead, Adams needs to prevent mob rule and make sure a lawful trial takes place. The accused who was not well liked is found passed out with the rifle used in the murder.
S03E30 Trial for Murder (2) 04/05/1960 When the deceased's wife arrives, the people on the wagon train learn that the murdered man has a dark past, and this could be a case of Cain & Abel - or perhaps something or someone in the dead-man's past came home-to-roost.
S03E31 The Countess Baranof Story 11/05/1960 Countess Baranof is desperate to get to Alaska to claim her family fortune, and with no horses she applies her considerable charms on Flint. But she's not the one Flint should worry about, as her bodyguard has a more sinister agenda.
S03E32 The Dick Jarvis Story 18/05/1960 A boy hurt in a crippling accident and a domineering mother meet a runaway boy who she feels is making him do things outside his capabilities. Another accident reveals something unexpected since it may pit two friends against each other.
S03E33 Dr. Swift Cloud 25/05/1960 Thinking he is not welcome by the white man or his people, an educated Chiracua Indian returns to find prejudices among both of them and must find a way to overcome all of them before it is too late.
S03E34 The Luke Grant Story 01/06/1960 Luke Grant is found wandering the desert with one wish on his mind - kill me! Turned over to the wagon train by some friendly Chiracawa Indians, they slowly discover his identity and that there are Apaches on the war path and nearby.
S03E35 The Charlene Brenton Story 08/06/1960 A baby girl sure has a rough start when she arrives on the stage with her dead mother. Plague is what people think killed her and then Charlie Wooster steps in to try to help - and well, you can imagine where it went from there.
S03E36 The Sam Livingston Story 15/06/1960 Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride West reveals another side of him that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.
S03E37 The Shadrack Bennington Story 22/06/1960 Shadrack Bennington has been a cavalier of the open road, not wanting to be tied down until he joins the wagon train, heading for San Francisco and a future even he couldn't anticipate.
S04E01 Wagons Ho! 28/09/1960 While preparing to return to St. Joseph, the men read the story "Wagon Ho" written and printed by Samuel T. Evans about his trip as a naive young Irishman headed west and his experiences and adventure on the trail.
S04E02 The Horace Best Story 05/10/1960 Adams' "distant" cousin Horace arrives hoping to be a wagon master. His trading skills allow him to steal the crew and vendors from Adams but when Adams confronts him with the decisions he must make on the trail, there are second thoughts.
S04E03 The Albert Farnsworth Story 12/10/1960 Arrogant British Colonel Albert Farnsworth causes an uproar in camp and puts the wagon train in danger of Indian attack, resulting in the capture of a young girl by the Cheyenne and the mortal wounding of his long time aide.
S04E04 The Allison Justis Story 19/10/1960 When someone yells horse thief, Flint shoots a man only to find he is the husband of a childhood friend. Flint learns the man is mayor and highly respected. The question of whether he killed an innocent man bothers him and the man's son.
S04E05 The Jose Morales Story 26/10/1960 Bill Hawkes is leading 3 wagons through Indian territory. They run into trouble with Mexician bandits lead by Lee Marvin. When the 2 groups must band together to fight off an Indian attack, certain biases & assumptions are thrown away.
S04E06 The Princess of a Lost Tribe 02/11/1960 Ordered by Major Adams to guide three passengers to a campsite up a haunted mountain, Flint does so but with caution: rumors that an escaped group of Aztecs now live there, almost 400 years after Cortez wiped them all out.
S04E07 The Cathy Eckhart Story 09/11/1960 One murder begets a second murder while a treacherous journey awaits the wagon train. An unknown scout and Kiowa Indians threaten the pass. Now there may be a renegade and murderer in their midst which Adams must resolve before continuing.
S04E08 The Bleymier Story 16/11/1960 Heed the signs! Or so says Samuel Bleymier. When the rains won't stop a splintered group of the wagon train has to travel through a Sioux Indian burial ground. That may have consequences all its own but what of the signs?
S04E09 The Colter Craven Story 23/11/1960 Dr. Craven feels he can't perform surgery any longer. When he joins the wagon train and his services are desperately needed, he realizes he may be wrong after Major Adams gives him a history lesson.
S04E10 The Jane Hawkins Story 30/11/1960 Flint discovers a badly wounded waitress on the range and takes her to a doctor, where he finds the evil town's owner wants to hang her without trial, because he suspects she murdered his son.
S04E11 The Candy O'Hara Story 07/12/1960 Gabe Henry and his son have been sorely missing the female touch over five years now. Finding a wife during a stopover is his top priority but his choice is known to Major Adams and he does not approve.
S04E12 The River Crossing 14/12/1960 A green Army Colonel wipes out a village of Comanche women and children thinking he is getting revenge. The wagon train must face on the one side a swollen river they must cross or a Comanche chief on the other who seeks justice.
S04E13 The Roger Bigelow Story 21/12/1960 Roger Bigelow turns to the ministry with his father's help when he realizes what he might become without it. He gets the chance to help someone else on the wrong path but Major Adams is not sure the reverend is helping the right person.
S04E14 The Jeremy Dow Story 28/12/1960 When the wagon train passes through town, habitually drunk Jeremy Dow finds that his past has caught up with him. His choices: continue running, or face the demons from his past when he is confronted with this wife and son on the train.
S04E15 The Earl Packer Story 04/01/1961 Wounded Bill Strode arrives in camp looking for Flint. Strode, who saved Flint's life in Abilene, asks Flint to help him get to Fort Kearny. Flint learns the itchy Strode is being hunted by bounty hunter Earl Packer and Strode has changed.
S04E16 The Patience Miller Story 11/01/1961 A Quaker schoolteacher heads to the Arapaho nation on the wagon train when her husband is killed. She meets the Chief and his willingness to fight another Indian nation puts her right in the middle of each tribe's pride and customs.Guest Stars: Rhonda Fleming
S04E17 The Sam Elder Story 00/00/0000
S04E18 The Weight of Command 00/00/0000
S04E19 The Prarie Story 00/00/0000
S04E20 The Path of the Serpent 08/02/1961 At a Rocky Mountains fort , a wounded soldier asks his old friend Ruddy Blaine to bring his daughter to him before he dies. With the Ute Indians on the warpath, Blaine will have to take a dangerous route known only to him and the Shoshone.
S04E21 The Odyssey of Flint McCullough 15/02/1961 Looking forward to some time off, Flint heads towards the town of Monument but runs into an old man and some kids whose parents were just massacred by some Mescaleros and they're running low on supplies especially milk for the baby.
S04E22 The Beth Pearson Story 22/02/1961 The leaders of the wagon train are taken aback when they see a woman asking to join the wagon train who is the twin of Major Adams one and only love who died in his arms.
S04E23 The Jed Polke Story 01/03/1961 When Flint brings a stranded woman and boy to the train, her husband who went off to find help is also found but his return to the train sets off tempers when four men recognize him and their only thought is murder.
S04E24 The Nancy Palmer Story 07/03/1961 A married couple use the wife's innocent face and winning way with children to gain the trust of their companions on the wagon train so that they won't be suspected when the husband pulls off a bank robbery nearby.
S04E25 The Christopher Hale Story 15/03/1961 Flint meets Chris Hale alone on the prairie. Hale has just found his entire family massacred by Indians, and Flint asks him to join the wagon train. However, the company that owns the wagon train has hired a new wagonmaster, Jud Benedict. Benedict is a ruthless and brutal tyrant who puts time above all other considerations, and does not care how many people are left behind or even die in the process of heading to the final destination as soon as possible. He has also hired unscrupulous gunmen to enforce this goal by brutalizing slower people, or anyone who stands up to him. It is revealed that Hale has also been a wagonmaster, but has retired from the job and does not ever want such a responsibility again. Still, people on the train are looking to Hale to stand up to Benedict.
S04E26 The Tiburcio Mendez Story 22/03/1961 Bill Hawks is leading four wagons through to California when they are stopped by Tiburcio Mendez and his band of renegades, who demand they turn back. Mendez and his group claim that California is their land and that it was stolen by the later settlers. A judge traveling with Hawks' group believes that Mendez has a legitimate grievance which could be addressed by the legislature in Sacramento, and against Hawks' warning goes in to Mendez' camp to talk with him. When Hawks follows, both he and the judge are taken prisoner.
S04E27 The Nellie Jefferson Story 05/04/1961 When actress Nellie Jefferson joins the wagon train, her incessant demands for special treatment come to grate on Hale and Hawks, but Wooster is totally smitten with her. Meanwhile a fanatical man from her past is following her, talking about how she will meet her fate like the biblical Jezebel.
S04E28 The Saul Bevins Story 12/04/1961 Saul Bevins, a blind doctor traveling with his son, his sister, and his dog, asks to join the wagon train. Many others on the train object that he will slow them down, but Hale agrees to let him ride at least until the next settlement, at which time the entire wagon train will vote on whether he should continue. On the way Bevins is forced to overcome many obstacles.
S04E29 The Joe Muharich Story 19/04/1961 Polish immigrant Joe Muharich tries to befriend and hopefully straighten out Johnny Kamen, a brash young man who doesn't take well to anyone giving orders to him. Joe has lost his wife and son to thugs, and now he reacts violently to any attempt to harass or intimidate him. When Johnny accidentally shoots a woman while reacting against drunken thugs, Joe tries to defend him. But the thugs who harassed Johnny then harass Joe and start fire to his wagon, causing Joe to react by shooting the men and killing one of them.
S04E30 The Duke Shannon Story 26/04/1961 With his clever tall tales, old prospector Henry Shannon talks Charlie Wooster into coming with him to search for a gold mine. When Hawks finds out about this, he rides out after the two men, along with Shannon's grandson Duke. Also following the old men are three men who hope to grab the gold for themselves.
S04E31 The Will Santee Story 03/05/1961 The Santee family---Will, his mother, and his younger sister---join the wagon train under a false surname. They have been forced out of town after town because of a terrible thing a family member did. They confide in Hale, Hawks, and Charlie, who agree to keep their secret from the others on the train. But it soon comes out anyway, and things get complicated when Will falls for a young woman from the wagon train.
S04E32 The Jim Bridger Story 10/05/1961 An Army general announces he is taking over the wagon train and requiring all members to act as soldiers in helping him rescue a trapped cavalry garrison of 120 men who are otherwise likely to be slaughtered by hostile Utes. Flint, temporarily in charge of the wagon train, has little choice but to agree to the general's demand, as much as he hates it and his passengers want him to fight back. Particularly upsetting to Flint is learning that the man who recommended this takeover was Jim Bridger, a legendary frontiersman and scout who mostly raised Flint and whom he idolized.
S04E33 The Eleanor Culhane Story 17/05/1961 Flint goes to visit Eleanor Culhane, an old flame of his who had been married to a notorious gunman. He finds everyone in the town she lives in shunning her, and unwilling to discuss her, because they blame her for her husband's misdeeds and the shame he caused the town. When Flint finds her they begin to rekindle their romance. But then her husband, thought dead for the last five years, shows up in town. And Flint realizes there is another side to Eleanor that he was unaware of as well.
S04E34 The Chalice 24/05/1961 An Italian immigrant couple needs help in transporting water for their grapevines to California. Unfortunately, the two men who offer the use of their wagon plan to steal the treasure they've heard the immigrants are carrying in return for their services.
S04E35 The Janet Hale Story 31/05/1961 A flashback episode - Chris Hale's duties as wagonmaster require him to leave his family in their prairie home.
S04E36 Wagon to Fort Anderson 07/06/1961 Flint comes across four survivors of an Indian massacre, the two Ellison sisters and two Carder brothers. One of the sisters is deaf and mute. The brothers are the only survivors of their Army unit. The older brother, Joe, wants to desert and take advantage of the situation in order to break away and look for gold. The younger brother, George, is simple-minded and good-hearted but loyal to the older one who raised him. Flint tries to lead the four to safety, but Joe Carder tries to mislead the Ellison sisters into believing that Flint is leading them into danger.
S04E37 The Ah Chong Story 14/06/1961 Dissatisfied with Charley Wooster, Hale and Hawks push for a new cook - a Chinese cook named Ah Chong.
S04E38 The Don Alvarado Story 21/06/1961 A dying Spanish nobleman asks Flint to impersonate Don Alvarado to claim the inheritance for the rest of his family. This brings Flint into contact with the men who murdered the nobleman.
S05E01 The Captain Dan Brady Story 00/00/0000
S05E02 The Kitty Albright Story 00/00/0000
S05E03 The Maud Frazer Story 00/00/0000
S05E04 The Selena Hartnell Story 00/00/0000
S05E05 The Clementine Jones Story 00/00/0000
S05E06 The Jenna Douglas Story 00/00/0000
S05E07 The Artie Matthewson Story 08/11/1961 Duke finds Flint's dying foster mother who asks Flint to check on her real son Artie who she hasn't seen in five years and has a reputation for getting into trouble with the law. Flint finds him on the right side of the law - or is he.
S05E08 The Mark Miner Story 15/11/1961 Mark Miner and his younger brother Matthew join the wagon train after making it appear their own wagon has broken down. The passengers of the train enjoy Mark's guitar and singing, but soon items and money begin disappearing. What they don't realize is that the two brothers want to frame Duke Shannon for the thievery, because they blame him for the imprisonment of their father and want revenge for it.
S05E09 The Bruce Saybrook Story 22/11/1961 Lord Bruce Saybrook, London millionaire, takes his brother, wife and employee out west on a hunting trip hoping to repair his relationships. They run into hostile Indians. During the ensuing battle, everyone's the true character comes out.
S05E10 The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story 06/12/1961 Lizabeth Ann Calhoun meets the wagon train staff as they stop for supplies. She asks permission to join the train so she can avoid the advances of a young man she claims is in love with her, however his real motives may be very different.
S05E11 The Traitor 13/12/1961 Flint McCullough's involvement in a horse-stealing operation proves that he's ""gone bad."" Reluctantly, Chris Hale sentences him to 20 lashes and permanent banishment from the wagon train. Bill Hawks refuses to flog his friend so the punishment's administered by Sgt. Oakes from nearby Fort Henderson. Hawks soon learns that Flint's uncharacteristic behavior is part of a plan to infiltrate the gang of notorious outlaw, Angel de Muerte. Flint now travels to the ranch of Sam Upton and his sister Madge, a place rumored to have ties with Muerte. The fresh welts on Flint's back persuade Sam to take Flint to meet Muerte, but Flint soon realizes this bearded man is a stand-in for the real Muerte -- none other than Sam Upton himself. While taking Upton to Major Hansen at Fort Henderson, the outlaw dies in an escape attempt. Flint decides to split the $10,000 reward money with Madge Upton who was unaware of her brother's dual identity.
S05E12 The Bettina May Story 20/12/1961 Bettina May leads three generations of her family across the plains. Other members of the wagon train as well as some family members become concerned with her over bearing nature and the level of control she exerts on the family.
S05E13 Clyde 27/12/1961 Charlie's life undergoes an epiphany when he finds an injured buffalo and the animal befriends him. He takes the buffalo, who he calls Clyde, into the wagon train as a pet. Others, however, don't appreciate the trouble the creature causes.
S05E14 The Martin Onyx Story 03/01/1962 A man finds a corpse that looks remarkably like himself. On an impulse he takes on the persona of the dead man only to find he was a living legend of west and had made a lot of enemies along the way.
S05E15 The Dick Pederson Story 10/01/1962 Overwhelmed girl takes on her father's responsibility as man of the house after he passes. She cares for her pregnant mother and 5 sisters and is suspicious of a young drifter who joins the train and pays too much attention to the girls.
S05E16 The Hobie Redman Story 17/01/1962 When three wagons are late in the desert, Chris sends Duke to find them and bring them to the wagon train as the train cannot wait for them. It may be a suicide mission due to water holes drying up and the missing people's personal issues.
S05E17 The Malachi Hobart Story 24/01/1962 An old con man trys to fleece the wagon train members of money by pretending to be a preacher trying to raise funds to build a church. He is outfoxed by Duke but redeems himself by aiding a dying woman.
S05E18 The Dr. Denker Story 31/01/1962 Bill spots a young boy alone on the trail. He passes out but they later learn he can't talk but that he saw his dad killed by strangers for no apparent reason. Later, they run into Dr. Denker taking musical instruments to California.
S05E19 The Lonnie Fallon Story 07/02/1962 Cowboy Lonnie Fallon is in love with Kathy Jennings---but her strict father forbids the relationship.
S05E20 The Jeff Hartfield Story 14/02/1962 Jeff Hartfield becomes concerned when his sister Jenny begins dating Dallas who threatens him with an orphanage at journey's end. Jeff takes off but Dallas follows with deadly intent, believing Jeff knows the location of $30,000.
S05E21 The Daniel Clay Story 21/02/1962 Judge Clay and his family join the wagon train. He has a reputation for cleaning up frontier towns, but his fanatical attention to the law sees him ostracized as often as he is praised. He must face this when his son must be tried by him.
S05E22 The Lieutenant Burton Story 28/02/1962 A young lieutenant on his first assignment must face an overbearing, murderous sergeant who is determined to kill two deserters in cold blood. The sergeant wounds Chris thinking he is one of them and into a feud with Flint at the train.
S05E23 The Charley Shutup Story 07/03/1962 The wagon master encounters opposition when he calls a halt to the train due to weather. One group needs to push on due to an inheritance in California. Chris and Duke take them but Duke injures his foot forcing him to stay in a cabin.
S05E24 The Amos Gibbons Story 14/03/1962 The wagon train encounters Amos Billings who tells of a new road that might shorten their trip and avoid Indian trouble. Chris and Flint are very suspicious of the situation since the location has been a dead end.
S05E25 The Baylor Crowfoot Story 21/03/1962 A teacher traveling with the wagon train encounters conflict when he become attracted to the daughter of a medicine man who has just joined the train. The man despises cowards and sees the teacher as one.
S05E26 The George B. Hanrahan Story 28/03/1962 Ousted medicine man predicts future of wagon train passenger. Is it a hoax or real?
S05E27 The Swamp Devil 04/04/1962 A section of the wagon train splits to attempt a crossing of a dangerous swamp. On the way they hear stories from the local Indians of a strange creatures living in the swamp. Flint has a secret worry as he leads them.
S05E28 The Cole Crawford Story 11/04/1962 The young Crawford couple is trying to leave their past behind but having difficulty doing it. The wagon train is crossing a massive ranch and the owner's son refuses to let Mrs. Crawford leave nor will the train members help them.
S05E29 The Levi Hale Story 18/04/1962 Chris Hale is traveling to the Wyoming prison to pick up his brother Levi---who's about to be released from prison. Chris assumed Levi was pardoned but he was paroled to Chris. He must keep Levi out of Wyoming or he will be hanged.
S05E30 The Terry Morrell Story 25/04/1962 After the Sheriff escorts Ben Morrell and his son Terry to the wagon train, the members find Ben Morrell and his son very antisocial: the two can't even tolerate each other. One woman wants to adopt Terry believing he is being mistreated.
S05E31 The Jud Steele Story 02/05/1962 Bill Hawks returns the horse and belongings of a horse thief he shot to the local town sheriff. These identify the thief as a long dead war hero with a monument in the middle of town who was declared dead after a payroll robbery.
S05E32 The Mary Beckett Story 09/05/1962 A Frenchman arouses strong---and polarized---emotions among the wagon train members: men distrust him, women adore him. He owes a substantial gambling debt and plans to pay it off by convincing a woman to pay it until he is killed.
S05E33 The Nancy Davis Story 16/05/1962 Flint stops in a saloon with Bill and Charlie where he learns the whereabouts of a man he's been hunting for years---to kill. Bill has to restrain Flint who lapses into recalling his fiancé Nancy Lee Davis and his search for her
S05E34 The Frank Carter Story 23/05/1962 Duke's resemblance to gambler Jason Carter makes him the target for a murderer's bullet when he visits Jason Carter's hometown looking for supplies. Jason has been missing for five years and only one man knows the truth about him.
S05E35 The John Turnbull Story 30/05/1962 Bill and Charlie looking for horses help out an old friend John Turnbull (an Ute lawyer) defend his reservation against local land sharks who look to initiate a range war so the army will push the local residents off their land.
S05E36 The Hiram Winthrop Story 06/06/1962 Duke quits the wagon train to take up a steady position as Deputy Indian Agent at San Marcos on an Apache reservation under Hiram Winthrope. Hiram is an Easterner with ideas of teaching the nomadic Apache to become farmers.
S05E37 The Heather Mahoney Story 13/06/1962 Chris Hale has dinner with a society matron whose carriage team he had stopped after being spooked. A rival for the woman's attention is Chris' first problem while the crew's attempt to sabotage their relationship is the second one.
S06E01 Wagon Train Mutiny 19/09/1962 The wagon train comes across a devastated wagon party where they find Renaldo, a wounded member of the attacking comancheros who was left to die by his comrades.
S06E02 The Caroline Casteel Story 26/09/1962 Indian captive Caroline Casteel is traded to a man who brings her to the wagon train. She encounters prejudice and hostility from many of the train members. But her biggest hurdle comes when her family, who had long given up hope, arrives.
S06E03 The Madame Sagittarius Story 03/10/1962 Madam Sagittarius has a reputation as a con woman. The rest of the passengers on the train snub her because of this. Charley Wooster, often left out on a limb himself, feels sorry for her and takes her under his wing. It is the beginning of a close relationship.
S06E04 The Martin Gatsby Story 10/10/1962 Wealthy merchant Martin Gatsby, a man with little room for compassion for others, wants the wagon train to keep rolling and demands that Hale leave Caleb Lefton and his family behind, because the inexperienced Lefton is causing delays.
S06E05 The John Augustus Story 17/10/1962 John Augustus in a game of cards with a Chinese merchant wins a beautiful Chinese girl. But when he takes her on the wagon train, other passengers ask Hale to have him and the girl kicked off the train for their "indecent" relationship.
S06E06 The Mavis Grant Story 24/10/1962 In the midst of a dry spell and desperately in need of water, the wagons stop at Mavis Grant's station, the only source of water for miles. But Miss Grant is a bitter and cold hearted woman who demands an outrageous price for the water.
S06E07 The Lisa Raincloud Story 31/10/1962 Bill Hawks is caught with three Indian grave robbers being chased by the Indians. He is the only one captured and is to be killed until he and the Chief's daughter fall in love. However, the leading brave has other ideas for her and Bill.
S06E08 The Shiloh Degnan Story 07/11/1962 An officer Chris knows is found near the wagon train near death. He tells Chris that a passage in the bible describes him and his commander - Shioh Degnan. Chris returns him to Fort Bannerman to the Army where the truth is revealed.
S06E09 The Levy-McGowan Story 14/11/1962 When the Levy family joins the wagon train, the tranquility becomes less so as the fathers compete in checkers, young sons fight, and son and daughter fall in love. Lastly, a settler who tries to shake down the train to cross his property.
S06E10 The John Bernard Story 21/11/1962 Indians kidnap an elderly lady on the train. They will return her when the train takes the Chief's son to the doctor and cure him. However, some on the train don't want to help. The task becomes harder when they learn what the illness is.
S06E11 The Kurt Davos Story 28/11/1962 Kurt Davos, a highly respected man, is badly injured while trying to save Florence Hastings trapped in a runaway wagon. Florence, scared of dogs had once tried to kill Kurt's dog, volunteers to live with and care for Kurt, now paralyzed.
S06E12 The Eve Newhope Story 05/12/1962 Patrick O'Shaughnessy has come to visit his daughter Eve, believing her to be a respectable married woman. Knowing that Eve actually is the popular owner of a saloon, Hawks, Wooster, Duke, and Eve's favorite patrons decide to change Eve.
S06E13 The Orly French Story 12/12/1962 A Bible-quoting marshal joins the wagon train with his prisoner, a young bank robber whom he claims to be trying to reform. He wants the prisoner to atone for his sins by telling the location of the money he hid from his last holdup.
S06E14 The Donna Fuller Story 19/12/1962 A woman and three companions in a runaway wagon are rescued by a winemaker and Charlie. They are against the consumption of alcohol and join the wagon train. However, she begins to fall for the winemaker until she learns his trade.
S06E15 The Sam Darland Story 26/12/1962 The wagon train finds Sam Darland with orphan boys in an old ghost town. Hale tries to convince Darland that it is not safe to stay in the town, as it in the midst of Indian territory and the leader of the tribe has been on the warpath.
S06E16 The Abel Weatherly Story 02/01/1963 A sea captain traveling west haunted by nightmares from his past is found stranded, injured and drunk by Bill and Charlie. After hearing his story, they help him reach his destination to locate a ghost: a dead sailor that may be alive.
S06E17 The Davey Baxter Story 09/01/1963 When his wagon falls down a cliff, Davey Baxter's mother is killed, and his arm is crushed. The doctor is unavailable, so Chris is forced to make the decision to amputate. This changes everything for Davey and the girl he plans to marry.
S06E18 The Johnny Masters Story 16/01/1963 On his way to Fort David, wagon scout Duke Shannon rescues Sgt. Johnny Masters being sent to prison for twenty years; a man caught between two worlds. The world of his ancestors the Cherokee, and the world of his loyalty, the U.S. Army.
S06E19 The Naomi Kaylor Story 30/01/1963 Hawks rides to the John Kaylor ranch to buy horses for the train but John just died. His widow Naomi refuses to sell the horses at the price John had promised. Naomi shows no sorrow over her husband's death, only wanting to sell the ranch.
S06E20 The Hollister John Garrison Story 00/00/0000
S06E21 The Lily Legend Story 00/00/0000
S06E22 Charlie Wooster - Outlaw 00/00/0000
S06E23 The Sara Proctor Story 00/00/0000
S06E24 The Emmett Lawton Story 00/00/0000
S06E25 The Annie Duggan Story 00/00/0000
S06E26 The Michael McGoo Story 00/00/0000
S06E27 The Adam MacKenzie Story 00/00/0000
S06E28 The Tom Tuesday Story 00/00/0000
S06E29 Heather and Hamish 00/00/0000
S06E30 The Blane Wessels Story 00/00/0000
S06E31 The Tom O'Neal Story 00/00/0000
S06E32 The Clarence Mullins Story 00/00/0000
S06E33 The David Garner Story 00/00/0000
S06E34 Alias Bill Hawks 00/00/0000
S06E35 The Antone Rose Story 00/00/0000
S06E36 The Jim Whitlow Story 00/00/0000
S06E37 The Barnaby West Story 00/00/0000
S07E01 The Molly Kincaid Story 16/09/1963 Having just left St. Joseph Hale tells everyone there are no Indians when in fact two escaped Comanche captives steal two horses and show up at the wagon trains first stop. The female wants to kill a man there - her cowardly husband.
S07E02 The Fort Pierce Story 23/09/1963 As the wagon train reaches Fort Pierce it is in dangerous Indian country. Chris is hoping the Army will provide an escort when they leave, but the Colonel refuses due to Army orders. In fact, he wants the lone woman there to leave with the train.
S07E03 The Gus Morgan Story 30/09/1963 A tough railroad executive and his younger college educated brother are guided by Chris up a mountain to scout a route. When is accidentally shot by the younger brother, the older brother is forced to make a tough decision he may regret.
S07E04 The Widow O'Rourke Story 07/10/1963 When Duke and Charlie do not return from a scouting assignment, Chris sends Cooper who has a pretty good idea what lays ahead. The Chinese widow of an Irish Ship Captain wants Coop to carry on her husband's empire.
S07E05 The Robert Harrison Clarke Story 14/10/1963 Chris and Cooper along with a British journalist accompany civilians surveying for the Army when they come across an Army troop that has been massacred except for two survivors. This opens the journalist's eyes to the real America.
S07E06 The Myra Marshall Story 21/10/1963 Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames husband Vern.
S07E07 The Sam Spicer Story 28/10/1963 After witnessing a bank holdup, Barnaby is taken hostage by outlaws Sam Spicer and Reno Sutton. Sam takes a liking to the boy as he reminds him of himself when Reno first made him a partner but Reno doesn't trust Barnaby.
S07E08 The Sam Pulaski Story 04/11/1963 On the train Coop is falling for the sister of the man running a gang who beat and robbed Coop in Hell's Kitchen in Brooklyn. Coop believes the man who says he is going west to change but his goons are still plying their scam on the train.
S07E09 The Eli Bancroft Story 11/11/1963 Eli Bancroft became an outlaw looking for revenge raising his three sons as such after a town's citizens banded together and forced his entire family to uproot, fearing they would catch their illness. Coop and others become his victims.
S07E10 The Kitty Pryer Story 18/11/1963 Kitty Pryer finds herself in a bigamous marriage to Victor Harp who asks her to join him on the wagon train posing as the wife of a friend until he can divorce his wife. However, Victor's change of plans puts Kitty in unique peril.
S07E11 The Sandra Cummings Story 02/12/1963 After escaping from a Confederate prison for being a spy, Sandra Cummings, becomes the lead in a musical troupe in the west. When she joins the wagon train, Cooper Smith takes an interest in her daughter Paula against Sandra's wishes.
S07E12 The Bleeker Story 09/12/1963 The Bleecker gang disguised as farmers with several wagons seek Hale's wagon train to join but they actually carry a wagon of weapons and plan to hijack the train and use it and the weapons to rob a nearby fort of gold.
S07E13 The Story of Cain 16/12/1963 While scouting Coop nearly dies after finding a man near death from lack of water who has found a major gold strike. The man decides to let the wagon train share in his windfall but later reneges resulting in disaster for him and Coop.
S07E14 The Cassie Vance Story 23/12/1963 Cassie Vance is accused of theft when money and items belonging to a woman on the train that she nursed turn up missing, and especially after another woman recognizes Cassie as having served time in prison for theft when young.
S07E15 The Fenton Canaby Story 30/12/1963 Canaby, who is unjustly reputed to have led a wagon train to disaster in the desert, becomes unexpectedly part of Hale's train as Hale has some of the same problems Canaby had and the train carries a widow wanting revenge against Canaby.
S07E16 The Michael Malone Story 06/01/1964 Julie Holland is falling for Michael Malone, a man haunted by the death of his sister. Meanwhile, the marriage of Ben and Beth Mitchell is strained because of Beth's increasing bitterness toward her husband and her feeling of unworthiness.
S07E17 The Jed Whitmore Story 13/01/1964 Jed Whitmore, one of three brothers that committed an infamous train robbery, is now town sheriff Frank Lewis but his brother released from prison comes to town with a fellow inmate and a reporter to get paid for the Jed Whitmore story.
S07E18 The Geneva Balfour Story 20/01/1964 Hale's train must take a dangerous desert route due to hostilities which danger grows when spoiled Geneva Balfour starts a fire destroying supplies to get her husband to return east and Hale lies to train members about the danger's extent.
S07E19 The Kate Crawley Story 27/01/1964 When Hale begins to romance tough, independent freight line operator Kate Crawley, the others begin to fear she will wind up dominating Chris, and try to encourage her adoring assistant to better himself so that she'll notice him instead.
S07E20 The Grover Allen Story 03/02/1964 After being fired and setting a bomb which kills his tyrannical boss, Grover Allen joins the wagon train and heads west with his widowed daughter-in-law Della and grandson Jeff. A detective searching for Allen joins the wagon train.
S07E21 The Andrew Elliott Story 10/02/1964 Duke Shannon, arrested by the Cavalry, is charged with criminal negligence as leader of an expedition into the badlands, from which he alone has returned. He must retrace his steps with the Army and one of the victim's father.
S07E22 The Melanie Craig Story 17/02/1964 Everyone wants to help pretty Melanie Craig after her husband is killed in an accident so four men fight over who will be the one to court and marry her. Also, Rudd Basham, father of three boys, uses the wrong ideas about women to win her.
S07E23 The Pearlie Garnet Story 24/02/1964 Beautiful but shrewd Pearlie Garnet was forced to leave the wagon train after she was found to be a liar, manipulator, and thief who stole from everyone on the train.
S07E24 The Trace McCloud Story 02/03/1964 A strangler is loose in the town of Bedrock so when the wagon train comes through it is joined by a good percentage of the town's population which it becomes apparent includes the strangler.
S07E25 The Duncan McIvor Story 09/03/1964 Duke and Bill are rescued from Indians by a stranger. He joins the train which is headed to Fort Chacon. Unknown to them he is an Army officer. Members of the train are offered stolen Army supplies creating a problem for the officer.
S07E26 The Ben Engel Story 16/03/1964 Wealthy Engel has used psychopathic Harry Diel as a proxy during the Civil War to save Diel from jail but Diel plots on the train as Engel's employee to usurp Engel's business by making himself appear a cuckold to Engel among other wiles.
S07E27 The Whipping 23/03/1964 With Chris gone Bill is in charge of the train when Barnaby goes overboard in his pranks. After messing with a wagon wheel, Bill orders him to fix it by himself causing Barnaby to break his leg causing a major rift between them.
S07E28 The Santiago Quesada Story 30/03/1964 Kim Case is returning home during Indian wars after schooling in the east although her parents have died. She is anxious to return to the man she loves, Lance Starbuck, who is an Indian raised by an Army Major from a young age.
S07E29 The Stark Bluff Story 06/04/1964 Duke stops by the town of Stark Bluff looking for a friend and his wife who had formerly been on the wagon train. He finds out that the friend is dead, and his wife has been forced to work for ruthless saloon owner Zeb Stark, who bosses the town, including the judge and sheriff. When Duke tries to help her he is framed for killing a deputy, and Stark uses Duke's life as leverage to force the woman to marry him.
S07E30 The Link Cheney Story 13/04/1964 Coop brings Link Cheney to the wagon train after the professional gambler is wounded by sore losers in a game. Link is nursed back to health by Dorthea Gillford, and the two fall in love, but Dorthea hopes Link will quit gambling.
S07E31 The Zebedee Titus Story 20/04/1964 Barnaby and Charlie talk Chris Hale into hiring legendary mountain man Zebedee Titus as a scout. The nearly 80 year old Zeb's failing eyesight leads to problems including Coop's being captured by the Comanche Zeb couldn't see.
S07E32 Last Circle Up 27/04/1964 As the wagon train approaches the end of the trail, Hale's crew and passengers deal with birth, death, romance, a clash of different faiths, anger, gambling, a medical emergency, and a cooking contest as they prepare to separate.
S08E01 The Bob Stuart Story 20/09/1964 Coop has to escort an ex-marshal and his wife who once shot Coop in the back to the wagon train. In addition he hires three men temporarily who hate the marshal but have more extreme plans for the man without Coop's knowledge.
S08E02 The Hide Hunters 27/09/1964 Hide hunters, hunters who kill buffalo for their hides only, have temporarily joined up with the wagon train. One of their number, Gib Ryker, is a sociopath who enjoys antagonizing young Barnaby West. With the train desperately needing fresh meat, Cooper Smith, along with Barnaby, sets off with the hide hunters to look for buffalo. Along the way Gib continues to bait Barnaby, much to Coop's dismay until Barnaby is forced to defend himself, with disastrous results. Now Barnaby has to face Gib's brother Zach, who's out for revenge.
S08E03 The John Gillman Story 04/10/1964 John Gillman being chased and shot in the leg by a posse escapes via a river. He is found downriver nearly passes out by a young orphan girl Abigail. She takes a liking to him but he tries to rebuff her. Wowever, events cause a change.
S08E04 The Race Town Story 11/10/1964 Bill accompanies Barnaby to Sam Race's tent city of "entertainers", where a girl from the train that Barnaby likes has taken a job, not as a singer, as she had thought, but as a saloon girl. Bill hopes to keep Barnaby out of trouble with the gambling and con games Race runs, but trouble and humiliation is just what they both find.
S08E05 The Barbara Lindquist Story 18/10/1964 Cooper Smith is on his way to the town of Washburn to pick up long awaited mail for the wagon train when he stumbles upon a stagecoach robbery in progress. The very proper Miss Barbara Lindquist is on her way to meet her fiancé, mistakes Coop for one of the robbers and ends up forcing him to help her. Further misadventures see Coop wounded and both he and Barbara struggling to get to back to the wagon train for help. Believing his wound will end his days as a scout, Coop finds himself falling in love with Barbara and she with him. But will their love stand the test ...
S08E06 The Brian Conlin Story 25/10/1964 Brian Conlin walks into Hale's camp, delirious and dehydrated. After he recovers, he leads Coop to his group of Irish immigrants, whose wagons have broken down, and Hale invites them to join the wagon train. However, having been repeatedly turned away from place after place, most members of Conlin's group are slow to trust anyone or accept help.
S08E07 The Alice Whitetree Story 01/11/1964 Coop falls for a young half-Indian woman wandering alone in the wilderness. He brings her to the wagon train, where Hale discovers she is a survivor of a tribe totally massacred ten years earlier. A sheriff says she has killed two people.
S08E08 Those Who Stay Behind 08/11/1964 Hale is unable to take everybody on the next phase and has to turn down some of those applying. One is Ben Campbell, an ex-convict who is being hunted by his escaped former partner, who believes Ben turned him in to the law among others.
S08E09 The Nancy Styles Story 22/11/1964 Spoiled Nancy Styles, claiming to be the daughter of the owner of the company that owns the wagon train, is determined to get to Denver by forcing her way onto it and then Hale makes it clear he plans to bypass the city due to early snow.
S08E10 The Richard Bloodgood Story 29/11/1964 A blind man called Sangre has joined the wagon train along with his guide. He is actually Coop's boyhood blood brother Richard Bloodgood, and he openly states his plan to kill Coop. Coop gets very hostile and refuses to discuss it whenever Charlie or Barnaby ask the reason Richard wants to kill him, but they know it has to do with the death of a beautiful woman long ago.
S08E11 The Clay Shelby Story 06/12/1964 With Hawks ill and Comanches threatening to attack, an Army troop meets up with the wagon train. The Indians appear to greatly outnumber the soldiers, so to give the train hope the troop's lieutenant falsely tells Hale and Coop that there is also a relief column headed their way. Complicating matters even more, a sergeant from the troop recognizes Clay Shelby, a young man on the wagon train traveling with his pregnant wife, as a deserter from back in the Civil War whom he blames for the death of his brother.
S08E12 Little Girl Lost 13/12/1964 A little girl, crying each night, appears to be a ghost from The Donner Party. Many people hear her, but she appears each night to Charlie, who questions his own sanity.
S08E13 The Hector Heatherton Story 20/12/1964 Charlie has finally found someone else who shares his dream of man being able to fly, henpecked inventor Hector Heatherton, who has been working on an idea for building a flying machine so Charlie volunteers to build a machine for Hector.
S08E14 The Echo Pass Story 03/01/1965 While out looking for water Coop and Charlie are stopped by a gang of five, including two women, who are on the run after robbing a bank and killing three lawmen. The leader of the gang shoots Charlie after tying him up, and they take Coop to lead them through a mountain pass to get to California.
S08E15 The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story 10/01/1965 Hale finds his old flame Chottsie Gubenheimer (played by John McIntire's real-life wife Jeanette Nolan) working in a gambling house and in an argument with the owner, so he asks her to come with him and join the wagon train. He comes to realize that he's getting more problems than he bargained for.
S08E16 The Wanda Snow Story 17/01/1965 Wanda Snow has several times seen events before they have happened, causing several people on the wagon train to accuse her of being a witch. A medicine show peddler/magician gets the idea to use her in his act, but this creates friction between him and his devious partner.
S08E17 The Isaiah Quickfox Story 31/01/1965 Coop and Charlie ride into a small village for supplies finding it deserted. There is an Indian who stays hidden and later three men and a woman ride into town. They have been looking for the woman's father in a cave filled with bats.
S08E18 Herman 14/02/1965 The wagon train comes across old Jamison Hershey and Herman, his 3000 pound Belgian horse. The old man has made it safely through hostile Indian territory because the tribes are so in awe of his horse. Hershey and Herman are invited to ride with the train, though it becomes apparent that Herman is not able to travel very fast and may hold back the entire group.
S08E19 The Bonnie Brooke Story 21/02/1965 Don Brooke is desperate for money for his pregnant wife Bonnie, who's condition is too delicate for the long trip without more medical care so he seeks a bank loan. When he sees an opportunity at the bank, it leads to tragedy.
S08E20 The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story 28/02/1965 Teacher Mary Lee McIntosh refuses to pay what she feels is an excessive fee to join the wagon train, so she decides instead to follow behind it in her wagon alone, and refuses help from Hale. But after her wagon overturns, things change.
S08E21 The Captain Sam Story 21/03/1965 Tough and headstrong female ferryboat captain Samantha Stewart is asked by her son Johnny and his bride to accompany them on the wagon train to California, where they will board a ship for a Pacific voyage. But actually, Johnny is not telling his proud mother that her doctor has told him that she must stay with a dry climate on land or she will die.
S08E22 The Betsy Blee Smith Story 28/03/1965 Despite the advice of some Coop decides to visit former girlfriend Eloise Blee, but finds Eloise gone, and instead winds up being talked into posing as her twin sister Betsy's missing husband and father of her baby daughter.
S08E23 The Katy Piper Story 11/04/1965 Barnaby is forced to shot and kill a boy his own age who took a woman and her daughters hostage. He is cleared of any wrongdoing but cannot shake the blood he feels is on his hands plus the judge wants him to inform the boy's mother.
S08E24 The Indian Girl Story 18/04/1965 A white renegade rides into the wagon train camp with an Indian girl tied to a rope and forced to walk without food or water. He says that he is bringing her back to the tribe where she will be tortured and killed for killing the chief's son. Hawks, in charge of a smaller group until Hale and Coop meet them with the rest of the train, decides to forcibly take the girl from her sadistic captor and keep her with his group, even knowing that this may lead to an attack from the chief's tribe.
S08E25 The Silver Lady 25/04/1965 Coop tells Bill the story of the Earp brothers and the Silver Lady, a woman who was encased in a coffin of sliver coins that melted around her after the stagecoach she was riding on and guarded by Morgan Earp had an accident and burned.
S08E26 The Jarbo Pierce Story 02/05/1965 The series' final episode begins and ends with the two characters who stayed with it from beginning to end, as Charlie tells Hawks about his earlier days working for trading post operator Jarbo Pierce. Jarbo, once a wild, hard-drinking man, had become a minister, though he could still take on any man who tried to fight him. When his younger brother Adam arrived at the post Jarbo found himself at odds with him as Adam preferred the wilder ways of life and didn't understand Jarbo's concerns for the Indians he traded with, and began working with a man who wanted to use ...