Affiche WAGS: Miami
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    60 minutes
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The wives and girlfriends of sports starts have a new city and all new drama. WAGS Miami


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de WAGS: Miami

S01E01 Welcome to Miami 02/10/2016 Darnell invites Hencha and Metisha to her brunch; Claudia gossips to Ashley, the girls confront her; Metisha learns Larry English and Nicole are engaged.
S01E02 Ratchet by Association 09/10/2016 Tensions between Hencha and Claudia reach a boiling point; Darnell is thrown for a loop when Reshad makes an announcement; Astrid asks for help on her runway show but regrets her decision.
S01E03 Girl Code 16/10/2016 The girls go to the Bahamas; Ashley confronts Claudia about her past; Hencha breaks girl code when she flirts with Astrid's crush.
S01E04 Birthday Brawl 23/10/2016 Hencha confronts Vanessa when she hears a rumor; Darnell tries to patch things up with Claudia; Claudia heads up to Green Bay to support Julius
S01E05 What Would Vesus Do? 30/10/2016 Darnell decides she can't be financially dependent and takes steps to start a business, causing Reshad to question their relationship; Ashley's father questions Phil about his intentions.
S01E06 Put a Ring on It 06/11/2016 Phil pops the question before he leaves for the season; Hencha's new love interest is in town; Darnell confides in Claudia about her relationship.
S01E07 Ring Toss 13/11/2016 Ashley starts to prep for her wedding; Darnell struggles with some news; Metisha goes on a date; the girls take a trip to Croatia.
S01E08 Girls Be Trippin' 20/11/2016 All hell breaks during the trip to Croatia; Darnell is tired of Ashley's lack of consideration.
S01E09 Reunion Special! 27/11/2016 The cast gathers to discuss the first season.