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Series in which Julia Bradbury explores the Lake District landscape that inspired the great British fell walker and author Alfred Wainwright to produce his beautifully crafted guidebooks.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wainwright Walks

S01E01 Haystacks 26/02/2007 Julia Bradbury is in the Western Lakes to walk to the summit of Wainwright's favourite fell, Haystacks. With a little help and advice from local broadcaster and friend of Wainwright's, Eric Robson, Bradbury sets out to discover what makes this fell so special and why Wainwright chose it as his final resting place.
S01E02 Blencathra 05/03/2007 Julia sets off to tackle her first mountain - Blencathra. Julia's route to the summit sees her tackle Sharp Edge, the Lake District's most technical and vertigo-inducing ridge climb. In the process, she discovers why the obsessive Wainwright chose to cover this fell in more detail than any other.
S01E03 Castle Crag 12/03/2007 Julia Bradbury is in Britain's wettest vale, the Borrowdale Valley, to climb to the summit of Castle Crag. Of all 214 fells in Wainwright's pictorial guides, Castle Crag is the only one under 1,000ft to be included. Bradbury's goal is to determine what makes it worthy of such an honour.
S01E04 Scafell Pike 12/03/2007 Julia Bradbury faces the ultimate Wainwright challenge of Scafell Pike. England's highest peak marks the climax of Julia's journey to explore the work, passion and the legacy of Alfred Wainwright, a man who has inspired millions with his illustrated guides to the Lake District. Before tackling the 3,000ft ascent, Julia seeks advice from celebrated fell runner and local sheep farmer, Jos Naylor. Then it's just a case of getting herself and her film crew to the roof of England before darkness falls.
S01E05 The Man Who Loved the Lakes 00/00/0000 A short dramatisation of the life of Alfred Wainwright and his love affair with the Lake District.
S01E06 Ruling from the Tomb 00/00/0000 The Excalibur is called to Mars for a medical symposium on treating the Drakh plague. Irritated at being called away from his important job, Capt. Matthew Gideon finds himself clashing with the officer in charge of security: Capt. Elizabeth Lochley. Lochley herself is in contention with Carr, the Mars-raised officer supervising the situation by Mars.Meanwhile, as the captains clash -- and find themselves rubbing each other the wrong way -- Dr. Max Eilerson wrangles with shuttle pilot Trace over who will escort Dureena Nafeel through the clamor of Mars. Needing neither escort nor the not-quite-friendly banter of the two men, Dureena finds herself forced to defend Eilerson when he runs afoul of an incompetent thief.But Gideon's and Lochley's worst fears seem to be fulfilled when a delegate is discovered dead, murdered by a member of an extremist Doomsday cult. It seems that someone does not want a cure found for the Drakh plague -- someone who has already chosen the next victim to die.
S01E07 The Rules of the Game 00/00/0000 The Excalibur has come to Babylon 5 to negotiate a landing on Lorca 7 -- a landing that the Brakiri ambassador refuses to allow. Lorca 7 is a re-colonized planet; Capt Matthew Gideon suspects that there might be medical technology in the ruins left by Lorca 7's previous inhabitants.Gideon discusses his negotiations with station commander Capt. Elizabeth Lochley. Whether or not he receives permission, Gideon says will do what is necessary to find an answer.Meanwhile, members of the Excalibur's crew check out other business, including Max Eilerson's ex-wife Cynthia Allen. Allen needs money -- she has borrowed money from a loan shark, and he intends to collect either the money he loaned, or her life.But the purity of the Lorcans -- and the greed of the loan shark -- will not yield to reasonable requests. So both Gideon and Eilerson both are forced to consider unreasonable subterfuge.
S02E01 Helvellyn 29/07/2007 Julia Bradbury presents a series of classic walks and climbs in the Lake District. Armed with Wainwright's famous Pictorial Guides, Julia is setting out on some of the biggest and most popular fell walks in the country. Through sunshine and rain, Julia explores the stunning landscape that inspired the late Alfred Wainwright to produce his beautifully crafted guide books. Nobody can call themselves a true fell walker until England's most popular mountain has been conquered. Julia Bradbury sets off to reach the summit of Helvellyn via the Lake District's most talked-about ridge - Striding Edge. And just like legendary fell walker Alfred Wainwright, Julia discovers herself reaching the Edge for the very first time, just as the cloud and the rain descend.
S02E02 Catbells 05/08/2007 Series in which Julia Bradbury explores the work of the great British fell walker and author, Alfred Wainwright. The beautiful outline of Catbells is familiar to all who visit Derwent Water and the Lakeland town of Keswick. By boat and by foot, Julia sets out to discover the secrets of a classic fell climb for all the family. The famous views are rich in history; where visitors walk today, miners once trod, when Catbells produced minerals more valuable than gold.
S02E03 Crinkle Crags and Bowfell 12/08/2007 Julia faces a new physical challenge as she experiences the world of Wainwright - not one summit, but two. The Lake District's most famous walker loved to explore routes that link fell tops together, and Julia aims to find her way along the best ridge-mile in Lakeland, reaching the summits of Crinkle Crags and Bowfell, two of the biggest peaks in the area.
S02E04 Helm Crag 19/08/2007 Julia is in the village of Grasmere for a climb up Helm Crag, defined by the collection of rock formations at its summit - a feature that has lent it the nickname of the Lion and the Lamb. The rocks make for a summit scramble for Julia as she finds out why this was the only summit Wainwright never reached.
S02E05 High Street 26/08/2007 Julia starts her walk in the quiet, mysterious valley of Mardale, where the local village was lost forever when the valley was flooded to create the Haweswater reservoir. The history continues as she climbs 2,500ft to the summit of High Street, the most well-trodden high ground in the Lakes. This was where Roman legions crossed the fells 2,000 years ago, making, quite literally, a high street.
S02E06 Pillar 02/09/2007 Julia faces more climbing than walking as she sets out on one of the most dramatic Lakeland routes. From the remote valley of Ennerdale, she starts the ascent to one of Wainwright's favourite fells - Pillar. The route takes her past cliffs, along ledges and over the Lake District's most famous crag, Pillar Rock.
S02E07 Eric Robson Interview 07/01/2008 An interview with the man who filmed with Alfred Wainwright.