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Wallykazam! follows the adventures of a troll named Wally and his pet dragon, Norville, who live in a forest with giants, goblins, ogres, sprites and other mythical creatures. Wally uses his magic stick to make words come to life on screen that start with a specific letter, sound or rhyme. Each episode features a new set of magic words that Wally uses to playfully transform the world around him.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wallykazam!

S01E01 Naptime for Borgelorp 03/02/2014 Wally agrees to babysit Ogre Doug's rambunctious pet Borgelorp, and make sure it takes a nap. But when Bobgoblin feeds the Borgelorp purple flowers, the creature starts to behave in surprising ways.
S01E02 Castle Caper 05/02/2014 Wally uses the magic stick to make Norville his very own castle; Bobgoblin takes over Norville's castle.
S01E03 The Rock Can Talk 07/02/2014 Wally uses a magic word to bring a rock to life; Rockelle leads Wally and Norville on a treasure hunt.
S01E04 How to Bathe Your Dragon 10/02/2014 After Norville falls in the mud, Wally turns bath time into a party to get him to take a bath.
S01E05 Dragon Hiccups 12/02/2014 Wally must find the ingredients for a magical potion to cure Norville's dragon hiccups.
S01E06 Picnic: Impossible 19/02/2014 When the rain ruins Gina Giant's picnic, Wally and his friends prepare a surprise picnic for her inside her giant house.
S01E07 Totally Swamped 21/02/2014 When Wally's glider lands in Stan's swamp, Stan challenges Wally to make him laugh in order to get his glider back.
S01E08 Day in the Dark 19/03/2014 Darkness falls on the forest in the daytime, but Wally must enter it in order to retrieve a toy for Norville.
S01E09 The Great Wishing Potato 21/03/2014 Libby Light Sprite's voice disappears prior to her concert, but there is a way to get it back: She and her pals must enter the forest and locate a special potato.
S01E10 Running Rita 22/04/2014 When a magic word makes Gina Giant's new doll run away, Wally and Gina set out to retrieve it.
S01E11 The Cake Monster 24/04/2014 Wally and his friends try to keep the Cake Monster from eating Ogre Doug's birthday cake.
S01E12 Great Galloping Goblins 13/05/2014 When a magic word makes Wally's house gallop away, Bobgoblin pretends to be a bandit and rides the house like a horse.
S01E13 Victor the Villain 15/05/2014 Wally uses a magic word to conjure a villain while playing superheroes.
S01E14 Snow Place Like Home 10/06/2014 Wally and Norville help a lost baby dragon find his home.
S01E15 The Switching Stone 12/06/2014 Wally and Gina Giant find a magic rock that allows those who touch it to swap sizes.
S01E16 Play It Again Stan 26/08/2014 Stan of the Swamp must learn how to play before his young niece visits.
S01E17 A Tiny Problem 28/08/2014 Wally and Norville get shrunk by a magic flower, and then they meet a tiny new pal who helps them return to their normal sizes.
S01E18 Castle Cafe 30/09/2014
S01E19 The Dragon Games 01/10/2014
S01E20 Mustache Day 28/10/2014
S01E21 Wally Saves the Trollidays 05/12/2014
S01E22 The Big Goblin Problem Part 1 06/02/2015 Bobgoblin doubles himself over and over when Wally's uncle visits with magic bubbles that double whatever they pop on.
S01E23 The Big Goblin Problem Part 2 06/02/2015 Bobgoblin doubles himself over and over when Wally's uncle visits with magic bubbles that double whatever they pop on.
S01E24 Hopgoblin 03/04/2015 When Bobgoblin rides Hattie the Witch's broom without asking, she turns him into a bunny and flies away.
S01E25 The Explorers Club 14/04/2015 Wally and Ogre Doug start a club for explorers and set out to find the rare chickenphant; Bobgoblin starts a rival club with Hattie the Witch.
S01E26 Mission for Mom 08/05/2015 Wally seeks help when he wants to give his mother her favorite flower for Mother's Day, but the flower will not bloom.
S01E27 00/00/0000
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S01E29 00/00/0000
S02E01 The Nice Ninjas 16/04/2015 Wally and Norville's skills are put to the test after they conjure a naughty noodle.
S02E02 Home Swamp Home 18/05/2015 Wally and Libby Light Sprite lead Stan on a journey to find a humbug.
S02E03 The Goblin Cold 20/05/2015 When Bobgoblin comes down with a goblin cold, Wally and Betty Yeti head out in search of a cure.
S02E04 Rock and Troll 12/06/2015 Wally's dad gets excited to see a rock performance by his favorite band, but the concert is canceled, so Wally sets out to form a band and perform for his father.
S02E05 Going Coconuts 26/06/2015 Wizard Jeff asks Wally to house-sit for him while he's on vacation. Wally happily accepts, but he quickly discovers that nothing in a wizard's house is how it seems - it's a pretty wacky place!
S02E06 Critter Campers 15/09/2015 Wally and Norville belong to Critter Campers - a scouting group for kids and their pet critters. Bobgoblin wants to join too, so he borrows his uncle's misbehaving dragon Hortis.
S02E07 The Big Cake Mistake 17/09/2015 Wally and Norville are surprised to discover that Cake Monster now works at the bakery! But when Barbara Baker gets called away for a baking emergency, Wally has to help the mistake-prone monster run the bakery alone.
S02E08 Dawn of the Zucchini 23/10/2015 Wally cheers up a garden gnome named Zach who doesn't like the letter "z," and Bobgoblin persuades Wally to conjure up a zillion zombie zucchinis.
S02E09 Ricky Robot 03/11/2015
S02E10 A Flouse in the House 05/11/2015 Gina Giant's stuff vanishes, so Wally investigates and suspects a flouse is the culprit.
S02E11 Young Norville 13/11/2015 Norville turns into a puppy by mistake, just as he was about to go on a grown-up night flight.
S02E12 Snowgoblin 18/01/2016
S02E13 Buddy Pal Friend Day 12/02/2016
S02E15 Keeping Cappie Happy 19/02/2016 Wally and Norville go to the playground where they find Hattie, Bobgoblin, and Hattie's toddler sister, Cappie.
S02E16 Captain Animal 15/04/2016
S02E17 The Bathmobile 09/10/2016
S02E21 A Very Villainous Vacation 05/04/2017 When Victor The Villain escapes from one of Wally's comic books, he makes threats that he wil ruin the Trollman family vacation and take away from their fun.
S02E22 Ted the Bed 01/05/2017 Wally and his friends have a sleepover in the clubhouse, but when they forget their sleeping bags, Wally must create a bed for them to sleep on.
S02E23 Power Tie 03/05/2017
S02E24 Sticky Picnic 00/00/0000

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