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This Disney sitcom replaced the cancelled The Torkelsons on Saturday evenings during the 1991-92 season. Walter and Emily were a constantly bickering couple who moves in with their widower son Matt and grandson Zack.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Walter and Emily

S01E01 Big Trouble 16/11/1991 After Zack complains of being bullied at school, Walter teaches him how to box—and Zack is immediately suspended from school for fighting.
S01E02 Take This Job... 23/11/1991 Zack wants to go to London with his soccer team, but Matt stipulates he'll have to earn the fare himself. Walter gets Zack a job at the coffee shop, but the owner soon demands that Walter fire him.
S01E03 Risks 30/11/1991 Emily refuses to let Zack go jet skiing with Hartley and sends him on a ""safe"" trip to watch a tennis match with Matt—where Zack gets hit in the face by a racket.
S01E04 Bedtime Story 07/12/1991 Emily is upset when Walter buys twin beds so he can sleep better; in the ensuing fight, Matt throws them out of the house and they wind up in a motel.
S01E05 Ducky 14/12/1991 Walter passes on to Zack the prized 1932 Ducky Medwich baseball card he inherited from his father, now worth $1,200.
S01E06 The Perfect Woman 21/12/1991 After Emily successfully sets up a blind date for Matt, Walter points out that if Matt gets married they will have to move out.
S01E07 Aunt Julia 04/01/1992 Chaos ensures when Emily's sister visits the Collins house.
S01E08 Exposed 11/01/1992 Emily is not pleased to discover that Walter and his friends have gone to see an old-time stripper; Zack is depressed because Hartley is moving away.
S01E09 Remember Me? 25/01/1992 Zack's mother Ginny visits with Zack's destructive half-brother Andrew, but Zack keeps quiet about the damage in hopes his parents will reconcile.
S01E10 Labor Pain 01/02/1992 Emily is understandably upset to discover that her wedding ring stone is glass, but Walter is even more upset: he paid for a diamond.
S01E11 Date Night 08/02/1992 After an unpleasant evening with the Nelson, a new couple in town, Walter and Emily flee the next evening, leaving Zack home alone.
S01E12 The Falcon and the Leg Man 15/02/1992 Walter becomes jealous when the professor for whom Emily is doing volunteer works asks her to accompany him on a trip.
S01E13 Sis 22/02/1992 Walter and Emily's daughter Megan arrives for a visit after being dumped by her latest boyfriend. She spends the day with Zack and Hartley—and Zack comes home with a tattoo.