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Tatsuya Shima possède la merveilleuse Porsche 911 Turbo "Blackbird". Autant dire qu'il est imbattable. Mais Akio Asakura, a trouvé une Datsun S30 Fairlady Z lourdement modifiée qui lui permettra de se mesure à lui. Malheureusement, il découvre que cette voiture est maudite : tous ses précédents conducteurs, dont son premier pilote qui s'appelait également Akio Asakura, ont eu d'horribles accidents...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wangan Midnight

S01E01 Devil Z 15/06/2007 Après une défaite face à l'empereur du Wangan, BlackBird, Akio Asakura tombe par hasard sur une S30Z bleu chez un ferrailleur et prend conscience de l'histoire infâme de la voiture.
S01E02 Black Bird 15/06/2007 Comme la Devil Z fait un retour spectaculaire sur le Wangan, l'histoire de l'ancien propriétaire de la Z se révèle comme sa sœur cadette tente de convaincre Akio d'abandonner le Z.
S01E03 The Girl of the GT-R 07/07/2007 Une mystérieuse R32 GT-R apparait sur le Wangan, et Akio découvre finalement qu'elle est pilotée par une femme sans peur.
S01E04 The Man of No. 3 07/07/2007 A white Testarossa appears and is driven by an asthmatic photographer. Akio cruises around Hakone due to heavy traffic in Wangan.
S01E05 Tuner from Hell 17/08/2007 Akio rencontre les préparateurs de la Devil Z et de la Porsche de BlackBird.
S01E06 New Machine 17/08/2007 Ishida récupère sa Ferrari modifiée par Kitami; Akio révise le moteur de la Devil Z.
S01E07 Enchanted People 19/10/2007 Eriko Asakura tries to dump the Devil Z into the harbor but is stopped by Shima in the Blackbird. Shortly, Tatsuya drops off Eriko in the airport so she would go to London to study college. Afterwards, Kitami is unable to fix the Devil Z due to its crash being hit by a truck on the highway while battling the Blackbird causing Reina to cry when she sees it while Kouichi Hiramoto sneaks up the garage and sees it.
S01E08 Wangan's Ghost 19/10/2007 Kouichi Hiramoto buys a silver R32 GT-R leaving his wife Megumi crying back to her hometown of Miyazaki. Hiramoto also vows to make his R32 GT-R "The Authentic Dragon".
S01E09 Reviving the Demon 16/11/2007 Harada's Z31 runs into Hiramoto's R32 GT-R and Shima's Blackbird while Akio's scrapped Devil Z is being repaired. Eriko shares a moment with Shima while studying in London.
S01E10 Spirit of Dogfight 16/11/2007 The Devil Z has completed its repairs and races against Shima's Blackbird and the two R32 GT-Rs driven by Reina and Hiramoto respectively. Hiramoto gives up racing and finally reunites with his wife and family in Miyazaki as their child is born safely.
S01E11 Illusive Top Speed Racer 12/12/2007 Reina discovers a Supra while driving around in C1. Kei drives the Supra and encounters Akio in Shima's Blackbird.
S01E12 Professional 12/12/2007 Reina borrows and drives a demo R33 GT-R from RGO while Yamamoto drives Reina's R32 GT-R while racing against the Supra. Akio drives Devil Z and races against the same R33 GT-R that Reina drove.
S01E13 Monster Machine 14/02/2008 After the race against Reina's borrowed R33 and Akio's Devil Z, Kei's Supra is being tuned by Takagi and RGO.
S01E14 Stall 14/02/2008 Kitami tells Kei that "the Supra's life is over", but Kei resists and continues racing until his car's rear tires start heating up. Meanwhile, a group of tuners discuss about their plans in a diner and one of them, Kuroki, races Reina's R32.
S01E15 R-200 CLUB 20/03/2008 A ragtag alliance of tuners who can break the 200 mph speed limit discuss about outrunning the Devil Z, Blackbird, and Reina's GT-R.
S01E16 Shot Down 20/03/2008 The R200 Club (Motoki, Teizuka, and Sonoda) raced against Akio's Devil Z (with Kuroki as a passenger), Shima's Blackbird, and Reina's GT-R, but failed. Kuroki defects from the R-200 Club and vows to defeat Motoki once again.
S01E17 Reunion 18/04/2008 Kuroki's GT-R races against Shima's Blackbird but was defeated due to the engine mount being at overweight, he then reunites with Mika to share their past memories driving in C1.
S01E18 Now, This Place... 18/04/2008 The Devil Z, Reina's R32 GT-R, and Kuroki's R33 GT-R meet up and start battling.
S01E19 Stand by Me 20/06/2008 Kuroki tries to beat Akio's Devil Z but his engine blows due to too much driving causing Akio to buffer his R33 to a stop ending the race. Meanwhile, Kuroki repairs his R33 engine into a new one. Afterwards, Shima and Kitami travel to Osaka and meet the two Lancer Evolution half-brothers.
S01E20 Osaka Midnight 20/06/2008 Eiji goes to Tokyo with a promise of returning home to Osaka after 3 months. Shortly, Eiji and Maki race a tuned R34 GT-R similar to that of Gen Goto's in the Hanshin Expressway.
S01E21 In the Evening Heat 18/07/2008 Eiji finally arrives in Tokyo and meets up with the RGO staff. Shima's Blackbird now has Shige's muffler.
S01E22 Metropolitan Expressway at Midnight 18/07/2008 Rikako tunes the engine of Eiji's Evo V and the RGO cars. Maki visits Tokyo and compliments about it being "worse than Osaka" before returning home to Osaka.
S01E23 Dead End 15/08/2008 Eiji, with Rikako as a passenger, challenges the Devil Z and the Blackbird while in Tokyo before finally returning home to Osaka but loses.
S01E24 Distant Passion 15/08/2008 After a long time away from the world of racing, Kouichi Kijima longs for his FC. He finally meets up with his FC's tuner, Machida, and asks Akio to accompany his search for the FC.
S01E25 Thoughts That Won't Stop 13/09/2008 Rikako tunes the engine of Akio's Devil Z. Meanwhile, Shima's Blackbird crashes while dodging a truck, forcing Takagi to rebuild it with a carbon fiber body based on the Porsche 993.
S01E26 The Chosen One 13/09/2008 Kijima's FC, Shima's Blackbird, and's Devil Z split up in formation for the final battle of who would be the fastest. It ends with the Devil Z zooming out of Wangan and into Yokohama.

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