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The classic BBC dramatisation of Tolstoy's epic story of love and loss set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Anthony Hopkins heads the cast as Pierre Bezuhov (a role for which he won the 1972 Best Actor BAFTA); Morag Hood is the impulsive and beautiful Natasha Rostova; Alan Dobie is the dour but heroic Andrei Bolkonsky; and David Swift is Napoleon, whose decision to invade Russia in 1812 has far-reaching consequences for Pierre and the Rostov and Bolkonsky families. The twenty-part serial was the vision of producer David Conroy whose principle aim was to transfer the rich characterisation and incident from Tolstoy's greatest novel to a television drama. Scripted by Jack Pulman and directed by John Davies, Conroy's War And Peace boasts superb acting, award-winning design (1972 Best Design BAFTA) and breathtaking battle sequences which were filmed in former Yugoslavia.


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S01E14 Escape 00/00/0000 The battle of Borodino is over, neither side having the energy to fight on. The loss of life has been as considerable as Kutuzov predicted. Pierre makes his way back to Moscow where he hears a proclamation stating that Moscow will be defended after all. Summoned to see Rostopchin, he learns that the speech was made in order to stem civilian panic and that the Governor is getting ready to leave. Rostopchin advises Pierre to leave the city, but he decides to remain in order to confront Napoleon, believing that their destinies are somehow inextricably linked - a view which he had derived from an interpretation of Revelation. Meanwhile, at the Rostov household, everyone is packing, when Natasha observes a seemingly endless line of Russian soldiers streaming out of the city....
S01E15 Moscow! 00/00/0000 Napoleon arrives in a deserted Moscow and is angered that there is no deputation of noblemen to meet him there. Pierre is still at his home, a fact which surprises his servant Gerasim, who warns his master that the streets are no longer safe. Pierre still believes that he is fated to murder Napoleon, but his musings over this ambition are interrupted by the arrival of a French officer called Ramballe. Pierre intercedes in an altercation between his drunk porter and Ramballe and the officer invites him to dine with him. They spend the evening getting drunk and exchanging confidences. Meanwhile, Napoleon learns from his generals of the presence of incendiaries in the city - who were instructed by Rostopchin before he left - and is concerned that if the city burns there will be no quarters for his troops....
S01E16 Two Meetings 00/00/0000 Andrei wakes and remembers his time in a field hospital immediately after the battle of Borodino and the fate of Anatole Kuragin. He wishes that he could see Natasha again as he realizes how much she must have suffered. The Countess is still certain that Natasha should not be told that Andrei is with them before they move on. Nikolai is enjoying himself in Voronezh and is paying a great deal of attention to a married woman called Katerina Petrovna. Nadia Galenkova, an old friend of the Countess, advises Nikolai to be careful over Katerina and, when she learns of his interest in Princess Maria Bolkonskya, ask him if he would like her to arrange a meeting. Nikolai is hesitant due to his pledge to Sonya but feels that fate is drawing him towards Maria. Nadia is convinced that Sonya will release Nikolai....
S01E17 Of Life and Death 00/00/0000 At Yaroslvl, Natasha is nursing Andrei. She has received a letter from Maria and tells Andrei that she and Nikolenka are well. In Moscow, Pierre is questioned by marshal Davout, who believes him to be an incendiary. He and a group of other Russian prisoners are taken outside to be shot. Several men are killed, but Pierre is spared and taken to a building being used as a prison. There he meets a man called Platon Karatayev, whose simple philosophy of life impresses him very much. Natasha fears for Andrei when he asks for a New Testament and the Countess fears that if Andre should die in her arms that it would be too much for her. Sonya finally gives in to the Countess and sends a letter to Nikolai releasing him from his pledge....
S01E18 The Retreat 00/00/0000 Marshal Berthier tries to persuade a reluctant Napoleon that they should leave Moscow and return to France, while Marshal Davout believes that they should sit out the winter there. Napoleon himself wishes to march on Kutuzov and his army in Kalouga but is forced to order a retreat. The Russian prisoners, who include Pierre and Karatayev, are forced to march with the retreating French army, pushing their carts along through the snow. Any prisoners who are unable to walk any further or are too sick to carry on are shot dead. Karatayev becomes unwell and Pierre feats that he will not survive. The retreat is observed by Denisov and Dolohov who intend to attack the French once they have learned how many there are and how they are defended. Petya arrives and begs Denisov that he be allowed to join the attacking party....
S01E19 The Road to Life 00/00/0000 At Yaroslavl, Natasha and Maria are still mourning the death of Andrei. Maria suggests that Natasha should come with her to Moscow, but she declines. When news reaches the Rostovs that Petya is dead, the Countess is inconsolable. Pierre returns to his house in Moscow and both Gerasim and Katishe are surprised to see him having thought he was dead Katishe tells him that Helene has died. Pierre attends a soiree given by the Drubetskoys and amazes everyone with his presence. Vasili Kuragin, who has now lost both of his children, is particularly moved by seeing him again. Pierre visits Maria Bolkonskya and is surprised to find Natasha there too. Natasha talks of Andrei for the first time since his death....
S01E20 An Epilogue 00/00/0000 Russia, 1820. Natasha and her children are staying with Nikolai and Maria at Bald Hills while Pierre is away. Nikolai falls asleep and thinks back to the year after the burning of Moscow, when the Rostovs were living in reduced circumstances in the city. Maria Bolkonskya came to visit them and Nikolai's pride prevented him from being polite to her. Countess Rostova insisted he return the courtesy by calling on her. When he did so, he reluctantly revealed to Maria that he had nothing to offer her and that was the reason why he felt he couldn't marry her. Nikolai wakes to find Maria, who is now his wife, and their son at his side. The pair discuss buying back the Rostov home at Otradnoe....
S00E01 Name Day 00/00/0000

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