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Take an unprecedented visual journey into Planet Water. Water Life captures extraordinary locations and intimate animal behavior never before seen on film. Two years in the making, this groundbreaking series takes viewers on an unprecedented visual journey to aquatic ecosystems on five continents to reveal how water shapes and sculpts the landscape and provides food and refuge for an astonishing array of species. This epic series tells water's story as never before to engage viewers in vital discussions about how water must be conserved and preserved. Learn the impact of climate change, pollution and other factors that are changing the environment and affecting each and every one of us. Water Life is the first Spanish series about water filmed fully in HD with 26 chapters of 26 minutes each and produced by CinTV.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Water Life

S01E01 A World of Water 10/11/2010 This episode primarily focuses on the composition of animals and plants, establishing the use and necessity of water for all living beings to exist.
S01E02 Where Water is Born 17/11/2010 We're taken on a journey from the origin of water at glaciers or snowcapped mountain runoff, to the hillside lakes and streams below.
S01E03 Water's Pulse 24/11/2010 'Water's Pulse' is a cautionary lesson on the influence the human pollution is having on underwater species.
S01E04 Uncertain Water 01/12/2010 This episode discusses the environmental impact carbon dioxide is having on the dwindling atmosphere that encapsulates Earth, and how the changing temperatures impact glaciers, water temperatures and the climate of several ecosystems across the globe.
S01E05 The Big Blue 08/12/2010 'The Big Blue# provides a general overview of oceanic life, which includes the migratory patterns of whales and turtles and creatures from the deep.
S01E06 Under the Sea 15/12/2010 This episode moves one step closer to land, presenting viewers with a glimpse of the ecosystem in various smaller bodies of water.
S01E07 The Underwater City 22/12/2010 We're provided with an analysis of the symbiotic link between algae and coral: the complex formation of coral reefs help nurture, protect and shelter the various creatures that hide in the crevices of the beautiful reefs.
S01E08 The Frontier of the Sea 29/12/2010 Plants have adapted over the years to live within sandy dunes (storing water for use during low tide), elephant seals and penguins use the beach for mating (not with each other of course), and turtles emerge from their ocean home to lay eggs in the soft sand of the beach.
S01E09 On the Seaside 16/04/2011 'On the Seaside' focuses on the cliffs and rocky habitats that exist along the ocean coast. Animals living within this ecosystem are separated into zones according to how close they stay to the level of the water.
S01E10 The Wandering Water 23/04/2011 We're introduced to an educational analysis of various shapes generated by water. From gas in the atmosphere to the expansive oceans that cover the planet, water molecules are constantly changing, yet always there.
S01E11 The Quiet Flow 30/04/2011 This episode delves into an analysis of the animals that populate pools and banks of slow moving rivers.
S01E12 Protective Water 07/05/2011 Snowfall and ice build-up are the subject of this episode, which analyzes the formation of glaciers and the effect seasonal snow has on the wildlife in mountainous regions.
S01E13 Fleeting Water 14/05/2011 As the title implies, this episode focuses on the arid climates of the world and the effect the scarce resource has on the landscape.
S01E14 Jungle Water 21/05/2011 Continuing with the theme of analyzing different forms of life that populate varying climates across the world, the animals and plants of the rainforests are the subject of this episode.
S01E15 Liquids Roads 28/05/2011
S01E16 Soup of Life 04/06/2011
S01E17 Dark Water 11/06/2011
S01E18 Useful Water 25/06/2011
S01E19 Water's Skin 03/10/2011
S01E20 Borrowed Water 04/10/2011
S01E21 Salt Forests 05/10/2011
S01E22 Extreme Water 06/10/2011
S01E23 Kingdom of Tides 07/10/2011
S01E24 In Sight of the Coast 10/10/2011
S01E25 Water's Voices 11/10/2011
S01E26 Making Of 01/11/2011
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