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Amidst the majestic mountains of Idaho, three boisterous, fun-loving families of outfitters have been living, laughing and competing with each other for three generations. Now they're at the center of truTV's brand new series WAY OUT WEST. The Youren, Bullock and Korell families all run rival outfitting businesses, taking clients deep inside the country's last great wilderness for tracking, fishing, rafting, horse riding and camping trips. Follow these three families as they compete to lead the best excursions, survive their various family shenanigans and participate in local festivals and time-honored traditions.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Way Out West

S01E01 Welcome to the Backcountry 21/07/2014 The Korrels, The Bullocks, and The Yourens try to settle once and for all which family is the best at outfitting. But rather than challenge each other to real hunting and camping events, they come up with a crazy collection of challenges...including a madcap horse drawn chariot race! And later, when more clients than expected show up, The Korells have to take drastic measures to keep their guests happy.
S01E02 Bringing Home the Bacon 28/07/2014 For some women it's shoes and for others it's purses, but for Brenda Bullock, pigs are the biggest temptation. Can Brenda control herself at the local pig auction or will husband Travis have to face even more additions to her rapidly expanding collection of tiny squealers? Meanwhile, out in the wilderness, The Korrel brothers are forced to question their decision to team up with the unpredictable Yourens as an outfitting trip with paying clients is in danger of getting out of hand.
S01E03 Trouble on the Lonesome Trail 04/08/2014 The three families are forced to work together when an important trail is blocked by trees and debris. But which set of brothers has the best solution to the problem: the slow but steady Bullocks, the modern-minded Korells or the highly unpredictable Yourens? And back at the Youren Ranch, Kelsey faces her own challenge; taming one of Harry's wild horses.
S01E04 Horsing Around 11/08/2014
S01E05 The Don Juan of Idaho 18/08/2014 Kelsey sets up her brother-in-law, Harry, on a blind date; the Korells and Bullocks herd and brand cattle in exchange for hunting rights on a ranch.
S01E06 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Wood Floors 25/08/2014
S01E07 A Brand New Man 01/09/2014
S01E08 The Payette Plunge 08/09/2014
S01E13 The Muzzleloader Hunt 03/04/2015 Chris and Cody take a client on an elk hunt using a weapon that's hit or miss - if the client doesn't bag an elk, they don't get paid! Plus, Trent helps the Yourens bring down a silo that might be filled with explosive gases.
S01E14 Duke Days 03/04/2015 The Bullocks wonder if they made a dangerous mistake agreeing to participate in the Yourens' "rodeo with no rules." Meanwhile, the Korell brothers race the clock to build a tree fort in time for Cody's son's birthday.
S01E15 Dynamite Disaster 03/04/2015 The Korell, Bullock and Youren men team up to build a bridge, but Matt has an idea that could ruin the plans completely. Meanwhile, the women meet for an intense shooting competition - with an unusual choice of weapons.
S01E16 Rodeo Days 03/04/2015 Matt steps back into the rodeo ring after a 20-year hiatus. His kids are thrilled, but his wife, Amanda, is terrified! Meanwhile, the Korell and Bullock kids learn vital survival skills during a family wilderness trip.
S01E17 Fast Draw 10/04/2015
S01E18 Broncs & Bulls 10/04/2015 Sibling rivalry rules as Kidd and Harry face off at the rodeo to see who's the better bronc buster. Meanwhile, Chris Korell puts his life on the line when he joins his daughter Sydnee on an overnight kayaking adventure.
S01E19 Back Country Cooks 17/04/2015 The Bullocks are forced to bring their wives on an outfitting trip to cook for a picky client.
S01E20 Anniversary Antics 17/04/2015 Chris Korell gets caught off guard when confronted with the real cost of his anniversary, and Matt continues the tradition of teaching his boys to hunt in a highly unorthodox way - with their uncles as prey!
S01E21 Wild Wild Fest 17/04/2015 The annual town festival takes a turn for the worse when the Korell brothers deliver a low blow to the Yourens. Plus, Harry Youren serves as a beauty pageant judge and creates a stir when he poses some unexpected questions.