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Waybuloo is a pre-school children's television series, first aired on CBeebies in May 2009. The 100-episode show is filmed by The Foundation in Glasgow (Scotland) and animated and directed by Gallus Entertainment for Decode Entertainment in Toronto (Canada). Line produced by Matt Porter and Simon Spencer, part of the independent company, RDF Media's subsidiary The Foundation. The program makers describe it as "...a philosophy for a happy life, and is like nothing children will have ever seen before". Waybuloo is set in the land of Nara. The main characters are the four Piplings, 3D CGI animations with large heads and eyes, placed on a filmed background, with the second half of each twenty-minute show featuring human children ("cheebies"). The Piplings practise yogo, a gentle form of exercise similar to yoga so that the viewers and their parents can participate.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Waybuloo

S01E00 Season 1 00/00/0000
S01E01 Moving Things 26/05/2009 De Li stands on a box to reach some plumatoes on a tree. Having picked the fruit, she takes the box to her pod, but when she gets back from Yogo the box has gone! It turns out that each Pipling is borrowing the box for his or her own needs. They each take it, not realising that they're depriving the others of it. When the children arrive, they help by taking it to each Pipling. De Li realises that they can all use the box as long as they work together.
S01E02 Showtime 28/05/2009 Lau Lau is planning a big show. She gathers everyone at Yo Jojo's performance area and does her dance. The others are so impressed, they join in! But their moves aren't right and worse, they're taking the limelight away from Lau Lau. When the children arrive, she shows them her dance and this time she wants them to join in. Everything is working in synch and it looks great! But the other Piplings are wistful and wish they could dance too. Eventually, the children teach them the proper moves, and they all put on the show as a group. Lau Lau is delighted... She realises that everyone dancing together really is the most fun and that perhaps she should have included them from the start!
S01E03 Trumpet 19/05/2009 Yojojo and Nok Tok find a hollowed-out trumpet-like branch and blow through it to make a loud noise. They're so delighted with the sound that they blow even harder! Every time they blow, they are overwhelmed with joy at the sound that it makes. But there's a problem: Lau Lau is trying to dance with her narabug, and the loud noise keeps scaring it away. When the children arrive, they show Nok Tok and Yojojo a way of playing the trumpet more softly. Eventually they manage to produce such a gentle tune that the narabugs actually like the sound and come back to dance with Lau Lau.
S01E04 Strawberries 11/05/2009 De Li discovers a strawberry patch but then gets called away to Yogo. After Yogo she wants to pick lots of strawberries to share with her friends but she can't find the patch again. Nok Tok shows her how to use her one strawberry to help her narabug sniff out the patch again. She fills a basket and heads back. But, as she distributes them, she forgets to leave any for herself. Now there are none left for her narabug to sniff and get the scent again. The children help by splitting up and searching out the patch. Everyone else gets to the strawberries before De Li. They pick all but one and head off to look for her. When she arrives she gets her narabug to sniff the one remaining strawberry and find another patch. Instead it leads her to Nok Tok's pod where the others are all waiting to share their strawberries with her!
S01E05 Snuggly Nest 02/06/2009 Lau Lau is sewing the last of four beautiful cushions using narabug thread. After Yogo, she presents three of them to the others but then realises that her own is missing. There's just a length of lilac thread leading off into Nara. Lau Lau and the other Piplings follow the thread but it keeps coming to an end. Each time it does, Lau Lau thinks they should give up and turn back, but the others convince her to continue and eventually find the thread again. It leads to feathers, a rustle in a bush, and the sound of birdsong. Eventually it's Lau Lau who perseveres and, along with the children, they discover a beautiful bird who has used the cushion to create a wonderful nest!
S01E06 Whistle 04/06/2009 Nok Tok sees Lau Lau whistle up to the sky and her narabug come down to land on her head. What a great trick! But when he tries, he discovers he can't whistle. All it seems he can blow are raspberries! Lau Lau tells him to blow gently and to practise. But when Yojojo realises that he is the only Pipling who can't whistle, he wants to get round the process of learning. When the children arrive, he tries to do the narabug call using a whistle stick instead, but it doesn't work like real whistling. Then he tries to use his Anything Machine to create a whistle sound, but that doesn't bring his narabug down either. The children try whistling too but one of them can't. So she encourages Nok Tok to practise with her. Now that he doesn't have to practise alone, Nok Tok applies himself and eventually they finally get the hang of it. Everyone whistles and all the narabugs flutter down and land on their heads.
S01E07 Shy Flower 09/06/2009 De Li discovers a sad looking plant that hasn't flowered. She moves it into the sun and waters it, but it just won't bloom like the others. When she unwittingly shows it affection by stroking it, it suddenly produces the most beautiful flower she has ever seen. But as soon as she leaves, the flower retreats into its bud. De Li asks the Piplings to help her make the plant happy so that it blooms again but neither Lau Lau's dancing nor Nok Tok and Yojojo's music works. Once the children arrive, De Li retraces her steps and eventually realises that it was her affectionate touch which made the flower appear. So they all stroke the plant again until it is so happy that its spores burst out and create new flowers for them all!
S01E08 Going Bananas 11/06/2009 Lau Lau has set up three bananas in a bowl for the children to paint. Bananas are Yojojo's favourite but she tells him he can't eat any until later. When Lau Lau heads off for some yellow paint, Yojojo tries several ways to stop himself eating the bananas. But his willpower isn't very good and he eats two of them! When the children arrive, they convince Yojojo to confess to Lau Lau. But he slips on the banana skins and she guesses before he has a chance to tell her. There's still one left, though, and Lau Lau forgives him, while the children help him not to eat it! Yojojo demonstrates great self-restraint, the banana is painted, and Lau Lau agrees that he can now have it. But he wants to share it, only he's worried that one banana doesn't seem enough. Luckily, De Li and Nok Tok return to the group with lots more bananas, for everyone!
S01E09 Nok Tok's Naracar 16/06/2009 All the Piplings are busy except Nok Tok. De Li needs a rock for her garden; Yojojo needs wood to mend his slide; Lau Lau needs to move a stone statue to her art house. Nok Tok offers to help, but he can't lift and carry everything at the same time. When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok tries to think of a solution to his problem. He watches the cheebies playing: they pretend to be a train and then a plane. This gives Nok Tok an idea - he asks the cheebies to help him, and together they help Nok Tok build his most useful invention ever, the Nara Car. Nok Tok loads everything into the back of his car and delivers it as he promised.
S01E10 Bubble 23/06/2009 A beautiful big bubble floats past Yojojo's home. Yojojo loves bubbles and he chases after it to stop it from bursting! He saves the bubble from branches, bushes and the other Piplings. Finally it floats away. When the cheebies arrive, the bubble reappears and together they all try keeping it the air. They follow the bubble to the waterfall, where they discover lots and lots more bubbles. There are so many that they can all enjoy popping them. Even Yojojo!
S01E11 Nok Tok's Happy Plant 18/06/2009 Nok Tok finds a special new plant. He calls it his Happy Plant. When the plant goes floppy, Yojojo's pipes, Lau Lau's bongleberries and the dancing cheebies make the plant happy and healthy again.
S01E12 Counting Seeds 23/06/2009 De Li tries to count her jumpy seeds. Nok Tok arrives to plant them. He distracts De Li and she cannot count. She goes somewhere else that is quiet but Yojojo starts practising his spinning. So she finds somewhere else. This time Lau Lau arrives with a special picture for De Li. De Li loves the picture but she still hasn't counted her jumpy seeds! When the cheebies arrive, they all help De Li count and finally Nok Tok can plant. As the jumpy seeds are planted, they bloom into jumpy plants. The jumpy plants make lots and lots more seeds... far too many for De Li to count!
S01E13 Being Brave 00/00/0000 Yojojo's Narabug makes him jump. Then he sees a big, flappy shape which makes him jump even more. He wants to show the other Piplings and the cheebies, who discover the big, flappy shape is only the shadow of Yojojo's Narabug. Now Yojojo knows it is only a shadow, he can feel brave once again.
S01E14 Catch 00/00/0000 Nok Tok finds Yojojo's ball. Yojojo is so happy that he suggests they all play catch. But Nok Tok can't catch! The other Piplings take it in turns to show Nok Tok different ways of learning how to catch. But Nok Tok still can't do it. When the cheebies arrive, they also play the game. Now Nok Tok shows them the different ways the other Piplings have learned to catch. By doing so he finally learns to catch the ball too: by not closing his eyes!
S01E15 Nok Tok Thinks Big 00/00/0000 De Li builds a sandcastle but Nok Tok accidentally falls on top of it and the castle is destroyed. Nok Tok vows to make her another. It will be the biggest sand castle ever! He enlists the help of Lau Lau and Yojojo. De Li wants to help too, but Nok Tok explains as the sand castle is for De Li, she must let the others make it for her. Even the cheebies help, but De Li is disappointed. She loves making sandcastles. So the cheebies ask Nok Tok if De Li can join in, but it is too late! The sandcastle is finished. Or so Nok Tok thinks. De Li decides it's not finished until it's decorated. So together with the cheebies she does just that! Now it is the biggest sandcastle and the most beautiful.
S01E16 Tricky Kicky 00/00/0000 Nok Tok wants everyone to play Tricky Kicky. But De Li thinks playing the game is difficult. One by one, each Pipling shows De Li the special ways they use to kick the pod through the posts. But each time De Li tries to kick, it goes wrong. Then the cheebies arrive and start to play. One cheebie gives De Li her lucky pebble to help her kick the pod. De Li holds the pebble while she kicks... and it works! De Li is so happy. However, as De Li is about to do her final kick, she waves at the cheebies and loses the pebble! The cheebies explain that De Li doesn't always need it. If she has done it once, she can do it again. Sure enough, De Li kicks the ball through the posts... all by herself.
S01E17 Green Mango 00/00/0000 Yojojo loves mangoes. He picks one to share with Nok Tok but it tastes yucky! Yojojo doesn't know why. De Li tells Yojojo it isn't soft, so Nok Tok tries throwing it into the air, but it stays hard and still tastes bad. Then Lau Lau tells Yojojo it isn't yellow... so the cheebies try rubbing it with yellow leaves. But that doesn't help either! Finally De Li tells Yojojo everyone needs to wait for the mango to become ripe. So they all wait... and wait... until finally the mango is ready to eat. Everyone eats a piece and it's Waybuloo!
S01E18 Songbird 00/00/0000 Yojojo finds a songbird. The songbird sings beautifully and Yojojo plays along on his Pipling pipes. He puts the songbird into a basket to show the other Piplings. But when they arrive, the songbird will no longer sing. Yojojo is puzzled. The other Piplings offer it different things to make it sing, but the songbird stays silent. When the cheebies arrive, they tell Yojojo that birds don't like to be kept in baskets. So Yojojo sets the bird free. The bird flies high into the trees. So everyone plays whistles to bring it back down. The songbird, the cheebies and the Piplings all make beautiful music together.
S01E19 Fruity Fun 00/00/0000 Lau Lau watches Nok Tok make seeds from fir cones as a special present for the birds. Lau Lau loves the fir cones. So Nok Tok gives the rest to her as a special present too. Now Lau Lau wants to find a special present for Nok Tok. De Li and Yojojo help Lau Lau in her hunt for special presents for everyone: lots of different fruit. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau wants everyone to be able to share and have something special. But there's not enough different fruit for everyone. The cheebies have the answer. They ask Nok Tok to use his Anything Machine to turn all the fruit into fruity juice. Now everyone can share Lau Lau's special presents.
S01E20 Hiccups 00/00/0000 Yojojo is spinning. He shows off to the other Piplings. They are impressed. Yojojo can spin more times than any of them. Next, they play Lifty Leaf. Yojojo is best at that game too! But when the cheebies arrive, Yojojo gets hiccups. Suddenly he cannot spin or play Lifty Leaf any more. So the other Piplings and cheebies help him find a cure. Once his hiccups have gone, Yojojo shows them a game that everyone can play. Now they can all be the best!
S01E21 Cheep Cheep 00/00/0000 De Li finds a baby bird in her garden. She decides to look after it. She gives it some seeds but the baby bird isn't happy. So De Li asks the other Piplings to help cheer it up. They all try but nothing seems to work. Then Lau Lau paints a picture of a Mummy Bird and for a little while the bird is happy. When the cheebies arrive, De Li asks everyone to look for the baby bird's real mother. They search high and low until they finally find the bird's nest. They return the baby bird to the nest and its mummy soon appears.
S01E22 Echo Cave 00/00/0000 Nok Tok is playing with his Narabug. It flies into a cave. Nok Tok calls into the cave and a voice answers back. Nok Tok thinks he has found a new friend in the cave. He introduces his new friend to the other Piplings. Then they discover there are more voices coming from the cave. But the friends won't come out to see them. When the cheebies arrive, they bring gifts to try and persuade the new friends to play with them. But the friends still stay inside. Finally the cheebies realise that the voices in the cave are echoes. They explain this to the Piplings. Now everyone has their own special echo friend!
S01E23 Frog 00/00/0000 De Li finds a frog in her garden. When the frog sees her, it makes a strange sound. De Li thinks the sound is very funny. She brings the other Piplings to see the frog and asks it to make the sound again. But the frog is quiet. The Piplings and then the cheebies all try lots of different things to persuade the frog to make the sound. But the frog remains silent. Finally, the cheebies ask De Li what she did when she first found the frog. De Li remembers. She fell over and made a funny noise herself. When she does the same thing again, the frog makes his noise again. They all realise that the frog is laughing and they all laugh together!
S01E24 Whizzcrackers 00/00/0000 Yoyojo wants to see the 'whizzcracker' flashes that occasionally appear in the Nara sky. But every time one goes by, Yojojo is somewhere else and he misses them. Nok Tok, Lau Lau and De Li all see the whizzcrackers, but not Yojojo! So the other Piplings and the cheebies make 'whizzybongles' by throwing bongleberries into the sky. Yojojo likes them too, but he still wants to see the whizzcrackers. His patience is finally rewarded when he eventually sees more whizzcrackers than ever before - all at once!
S01E25 Glitter Crystal 00/00/0000 Lau Lau is making twig tiaras for the Piplings. She wants to make them sparkly but has run out of glitter! Then she sees something sparkling off in the distance. The Piplings go to investigate. All they find are coloured stones with no sparkle at all. When the cheebies arrive, the sun comes out and the coloured stones suddenly glimmer and sparkle again. They realise that the stones are crystals and it is the sun that makes them sparkle. So they use the crystals to make beautiful sparkling crowns for everyone!
S01E26 Missing Seed 00/00/0000 De Li has a special 'fast grow' seed and asks Yojojo to look after it. Yojojo is very keen to do a good job, but a jumpbybug appears and Yojojo wants to play, so he leaves the seed and chases after the bug. Now Nok Tok finds the seed and goes to get a pot to cook it in, but then Lau Lau finds the seed too: she wants to paint it pink and take it home. When Yojojo has finished playing, he discovers the seed has disappeared!
S01E27 Flittery Narabug 00/00/0000 Lau Lau loves to paint and she decides to paint a picture of her Narabug, but the Narabug is very flittery and won't stay still. Nok Tok tries to help. He builds a perch but the Narabug only rests for a moment. Yojojo plays his pipes but the Narabug won't stay still. When the cheebies arrive, they collect Neepnips, the Narabug's favourite food and make a trail to Lau Lau.
S01E28 Perfect Picnic 00/00/0000 Nok Tok wants to make a perfect picnic for all the Piplings. They all arrive but so does a large cloud! It makes the picnic shady. Lau Lau likes the shade but Nok Tok wants to find another spot. When he does, a fly appears and starts to buzz nosily. Yojojo thinks the fly is funny but Nok Tok doesn't. So they all move again. This time they set their picnic near a plumato tree. A plumato splats onto the ground making De Li laugh. But Nok Tok isn't laughing. The cheebies arrive and try to help him find yet another spot for the picnic. However, the cloud reappears and so does the fly. The other Piplings tell Nok Tok they are happy and when he sees how much De Li laughs when a cheebie brings more plumatoes to splat, he agrees that they are having the perfect picnic after all!
S01E29 Clever Tree 00/00/0000 Yojojo hides behind a tree and talks to Lau Lau. Lau Lau wants to introduce all the other Piplings to her new tree friend! Yojojo is worried that Lau Lau will be upset when she discovers that the tree can't really talk, but Lau Lau is more upset when the tree won't even say hello! When the cheebies arrive, she wants them to meet the talking tree too, but it remains silent. Yojojo tries to fix things by talking to Lau Lau from behind the tree one last time, so it can tell her that it's decided it isn't going to talk anymore. But the cheebies see Yojojo behind the tree and they say he must tell Lau Lau the truth. Yojojo is worried that Lau Lau will be cross with him but she's delighted at the joke!
S01E30 Mice 00/00/0000 Lau Lau thinks that a squeak she hears is a mouse and tells the other Piplings. They are all excited about a visit from their new mice friends. They help her prepare a special welcoming party. When the cheebies arrive, they too help with the preparations, but no mice appear. It seems that they are too shy to come out and play. The cheebies pretend to be mice to make them feel at home! It's not until after that Yogo realises that the squeak is just a squeaky step and not mice guests at all. But never mind, they have all enjoyed their very special mouse party.
S01E31 Bongleberry Juice 00/00/0000 Nok Tok uses his Anything Machine to make bongleberry juice for the Piplings picnic.
S01E32 Jumping 00/00/0000 Yojojo tries to jump as high as everyone else.
S01E33 Follow the Pipling 00/00/0000 The Piplings want to play a copying game with De Li, but she is too shy to be the leader.
S01E34 Dancing Feet 00/00/0000 Lau Lau loves dancing so much that she tries to paint it.
S01E35 The Tallest Pipling in Nara 00/00/0000 When Nok Tok's measuring stick is broken, he thinks he is growing taller.
S01E36 Pipling Rhythm 00/00/0000 Lau Lau tries to make a sound by dancing on different surfaces.
S01E37 Narabug Chase 00/00/0000 The Piplings all play Narabug Chase, but then the Narabugs disappear up into the trees.
S01E38 Catch the Plumato 00/00/0000 De Li rests under a plumato tree and a plumato falls in her lap.
S01E39 Fireflies 00/00/0000 Yojojo plays his pipes to charm a firefly out of a tree hollow and into his paper lantern.
S01E40 Jumpybug 00/00/0000 Yojojo and the other Piplings play jumping games with a Jumpybug.
S01E41 Leaf 00/00/0000 The most beautiful leaf blows into Nara. Nok Tok catches it! When it blows away, he asks Yojojo to help catch it again. Nok Tok and Yojojo chase the leaf all over Nara as it gets blown higher and higher out of reach. The leaf is almost within Nok Tok's grasp but Yojojo falls over. Nok Tok decides that helping his friend is more important than catching his leaf. The leaf blows out of sight. When the cheebies arrive, they all search for Nok Tok's leaf. Finally, Yojojo sees it blowing high in the air. He makes his highest jump ever and catches it! He takes the leaf to Nok Tok, who is so grateful, he gives Yojojo the leaf as a thank you present!
S01E42 Picnic 00/00/0000 De Li tries to collect everyone's favourite fruit for a Pipling and cheebie picnic.
S01E43 Treasure Hunt 00/00/0000 Yojojo and Lau Lau play Treasure Hunt together, but a bird eats Lau Lau's clue.
S01E44 Sad Narabug 00/00/0000 De Li finds her Narabug hiding inside a bush, but it won't come out.
S01E45 Balancing 00/00/0000 Yojojo wants to show everyone his new trick of balancing a banana on the end of his tail.
S01E46 De Li's Trick 00/00/0000 It's the day of the Big Pipling Show, but De Li doesn't know what trick to perform
S01E47 Ball 00/00/0000 Yojojo wants to play a ball game with the other Piplings, but they are all too busy.
S01E48 Clouds 00/00/0000 Lau Lau wants to draw the clouds, but they keep changing shape too quickly.
S01E49 Nok Tok Goes Driving 00/00/0000 A windy day causes Nok Tok's Naracar to be blown out of control.
S01E50 Tricky Stick 00/00/0000 Lau Lau tells Yojojo her stick is a magic wand and pretends to make a pod disappear.
S01E51 Old Made New 00/00/0000 Yojojo loves eating bongleberries from his favourite bowl. But he accidentally knocks the bowl over and it breaks. Lau Lau offers Yojojo a large leaf to replace his bowl. Nok Tok offers him a brand new bowl. But Yojojo enjoys eating bongleberries best from his old bowl! When the cheebies arrive they want to help. So Nok Tok brings his Anything Machine and together with the cheebies and a lot of sticky mud they make a new bowl from the pieces of Yojojo's old bowl! Yojojo is delighted. Now his bongleberries taste wonderful again!
S01E99 String Goes Ping 00/00/0000 Yojojo is playing a tune on his banjojo for his Narabug. The other Narabugs come to hear. They all love to dance to Yojojo's tune. The Piplings love watching them dance, but suddenly a string on the banjojo breaks! The Narabugs stop dancing. Yojojo needs a new string but he doesn't know what the string is made of. The other Piplings offer him different types of string but none of them make the right sound. The Narabugs won't dance. When the cheebies arrive, they try playing lots of different music but the Narabugs still won't dance. Finally the cheebies suggest Yojojo use Narabug thread to fix his banjojo. The thread is exactly right! It makes the perfect sound. The Narabugs fly up into the sky and everyone enjoys their dance!
S02E01 Magical Music 00/00/0000
S02E02 A Surprise for Yojojo 00/00/0000
S02E03 Cheebie Tune 00/00/0000 Everyone helps Nok Tok find the right piece of wood to finish making his music box with.
S02E04 De Li gets her Shoehorns on 00/00/0000 Nok Tok wants to share his shoehorns with all the other Piplings.
S02E05 Star 00/00/0000 Lau Lau finds a pretty star! She thinks it has fallen from the sky. Nok Tok and Yojojo use the Anything Machine to try and send it back. But De Li tells them it is only a starflower. So Lau Lau keeps it. She thinks it makes wishes come true. When the cheebies arrive they make Lau Lau a beautiful star shape. Lau Lau is thrilled, but she also wishes for a star up in the sky. So everything is gathered together, put into the Anything Machine and shot high into the sky. Lau Lau finally gets her wish!
S02E06 Singball Statues 00/00/0000 Yojojo juggles his singballs to make music for the cheebies to dance to.
S02E07 Go Get Game 00/00/0000 The Piplings play a game of finding different fruits, and De Li thinks she can win.
S02E08 Pictures 00/00/0000
S02E09 Snuggly Slide 00/00/0000
S02E10 De Li's Garden 00/00/0000 De Li likes her garden to be beautiful and tidy, but a nearby plant keeps making it messy.
S02E11 Dance 00/00/0000 While trying to dance, Nok Tok trips and falls into a tanglesticky bush.
S02E12 Lost 00/00/0000 De Li gets lost when she goes off to find somewhere quiet to play her whistle stick.
S02E13 The Gift 00/00/0000 De Li wants to say thank you to Lau Lau by giving her a perfect present.
S02E14 Loving Laughing 00/00/0000 Nok Tok is too busy working on his Anything Machine to laugh with the others.
S02E15 Feather 00/00/0000 Yojojo tickles the other Piplings until they all run away.
S02E16 Enormous Neepnip 00/00/0000 De Li needs help unearthing a neepnip.
S02E17 Pipling Pegs 00/00/0000 The Nok Tok makes the Pipling pegs square when they should be round.
S02E18 No Talk Game 00/00/0000 Yojojo decides to play a new "No Talk" game.
S02E19 Dry Garden 00/00/0000
S02E20 Carrotbeet Day 00/00/0000 All the Piplings are getting ready for Carrotbeet Day. De Li is going to make a carrotbeet cake. But De Li's carrotbeets start to disappear from her garden. De Li asks the other Piplings if they have taken them but they haven't. When the cheebies arrive they see the carrobeets disappear. They track down who has been taking them - it's a naughty Narmole! They follow the trail of the Narmole and discover that it is not eating the carrotbeets, just the leaves! The Narmole gives back all the carrotbeets. Now everyone can enjoy Carrotbeet Day after all.
S02E21 Lau Lau's Story 00/00/0000 Lau Lau tells a story called Big Brave Lau Lau, but doesn't know how to finish it.
S02E22 Toot Toot 00/00/0000 Yojojo gives Nok Tok a loud whistle for his Naracar, but it frightens the Narabugs.
S02E23 Snuggly 00/00/0000 Yojojo is worried. He has lost Snuggly, his favourite toy. Lau Lau helps Yojojo look for Snuggly and Nok Tok promises to make him a new one. But Yojojo wants his old Snuggly. When the cheebies arrive, they all help Yojojo look. They find Snuggly on De L's washing line. De Li has washed Snuggly as a surprise for Yojojo. Yojojo is very happy to have old Snuggly back and even happier when Nok Tok presents him with a new Snuggly too!
S02E24 Choosy 00/00/0000 The cheebies introduce the Piplings to a choosing game to help with their decisions.
S02E25 Walking Backwards 00/00/0000
S02E27 Where Have All The Narabugs Gone? 00/00/0000
S02E28 Singing Bowl 00/00/0000
S02E29 Bop Bop Bat 00/00/0000
S02E30 Nok Tok's Narabug 00/00/0000
S02E31 Old Made New 00/00/0000
S02E32 Pipling Playday 00/00/0000 It's Pipling Playday! Lau Lau loves Pipling Playday. She starts playing games with the others but each time she plays, her ears get in the way. Her crown falls off when she tries to run and the pole falls down when she tries to dance under it. She feels very disappointed. The other Piplings tell Lau Lau her ears are wonderful. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau tries playing a game with them. But again her ears get in the way! Until finally they all play Spinning. This time Lau Lau's ears help her spin perfectly and everyone agrees that she is the best.
S02E33 Sssh! 00/00/0000 Lau Lau wants to draw a picture of a bird, so she is being very quiet. Suddenly Nok Tok arrives with his Anything Machine. He has made it into a recording machine. He plays some loud noises and Lau Lau's bird flies away.
S02E34 Enough 00/00/0000
S02E35 Pod Men 00/00/0000
S02E36 Too Slow 00/00/0000
S02E37 Chimey Leaves 00/00/0000
S02E38 Nok Tok Rock 00/00/0000 Nok Tok finds a big box hidden in the trunk of an old tree. Inside are lots of different things. The Piplings all take something. And then they swap! Nok Tok gets a big brown rock. It's very light. He wonders what the rock is for. When the cheebies arrive, they use the rock to play a game of Pipling in the Middle. Then they play another game, Hop To Rock. But when Nok Tok throws the rock to play, he throws it too hard. It hits a large boulder and breaks in two. Nok Tok tries putting it back together. He discovers it makes a clop clop sound. The cheebies think it's great fun. The cheebies and the Piplings all pretend to be horses. Nok Tok thinks his broken rock is the best rock ever!
S02E39 Swapping 00/00/0000
S02E40 Bluebell 00/00/0000
S02E41 The Search For Lau Lau's Glowstone 00/00/0000
S02E42 Yojojo's Plumpkin 00/00/0000
S02E43 Fairy Thing 00/00/0000
S02E44 Surprise 00/00/0000
S02E45 Round and Round 00/00/0000
S02E46 Swapsy Box 00/00/0000
S02E47 Den For Ten 00/00/0000
S02E48 Shaker Breaker 00/00/0000
S02E49 Lau Lau's Quiet Day 00/00/0000
S02E50 Nok Tok Goes Away 00/00/0000
S03E01 Happiness Parade 04/04/2011 Yojojo is happily playing his pipling pipes. He wants to find out what makes the other Piplings happy. De Li loves gardening, Lau lau loves dancing and Nok Tok loves driving his naracar. When the cheebies arrive they tell Yojojo all the things that make them happy too but Yojojo wants to find one thing for them all to do together. The cheebies suggest a Happiness Parade. Now they can all do one happy thing marching happily together through Nara!
S03E02 Narabug Games 05/04/2011 De Li is playing on her shoehorns. She wants to find a game she and her narabug can play together. But the shoehorns are too big for her narabug. Lau Lau tries to help. But the pebble Lau Lau uses in her Hop Hop game is too heavy for the narabug to lift and Yojojo's game of Tricky Kicky is simply too tricky! When the cheebies arrive, one cheebie notices that wherever De Li goes, her narabug follows. She suggests to De Li that they play a follow game together. It is the game perfect for everyone!
S03E03 Nok Tok's Promise 06/04/2011 Nok Tok's narabug likes listening to the songbird's song. When the bird flies away, Nok Tok's narabug is sad. Nok Tok promises he will go and find it. However, Nok Tok keeps finding reasons to stay with the other Piplings. When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok admits he is worried about being lonely on his trip. So they all agree to search with him and help keep Nok Tok's promise to his narabug.
S03E04 Bell-buloo! 07/04/2011 De Li and Yojojo are playing bell-buloo: Yojojo closes his eyes, De Li rings a small bell and carefully he tries to find where she is. Lau Lau wants to play too but when she closes her eyes, she stumbles and falls over a stone. Lau Lau loses her confidence. She finds it difficult to play the game again. When the cheebies arrive, they clear the grass of all stones and twigs. Together they help Lau Lau regain her confidence and soon she happily joins in bell-buloo once again!
S03E05 Yojojo Wants to Share 08/04/2011 Yojojo finds an orange. He wants to share it with everyone - but how? De Li tells Yojojo how she shared her water, but De Li had lots of water and Yojojo only has one orange. Nok Tok tells Yojojo how he shared things by using his Anything Machine, but it's not right for Yojojo's orange. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau tells them all how she shared her singing bowl, but Yojojo still doesn't know how to share his orange. Then the cheebies have an idea. They show Yojojo how to peel the orange. Then everyone can share the segments!
S03E06 Flower Surprise 11/04/2011 De Li has made surprise flower garlands for the other Piplings. Every time she tries to secretly deliver them, the other Piplings almost see her. So De Li's narabug delivers them for her. The other Piplings are thrilled with their garlands but they don't know who they are from. When the cheebies arrive, they help discover it was De Li who made their garlands. Now the other Piplings want to make a surprise flower garland for De Li but there are no flowers left. They come up with the idea to take a flower from each of their garlands to make an extra special garland for De Li!
S03E07 Bongleberry Bubbles 12/04/2011 Nok Tok's Anything Machine makes a big, blue, bongleberry bubble. Lau Lau tries to keep it safe but it bursts. She is very sorry. She wants to make some more. But there are no more bongleberries. When the cheebies arrive, they help Lau Lau collect other fruits. Lau Lau is worried that Nok Tok will be sad not to have a bongleberry bubble. But the Anything Machine can make bubbles from any fruit. The bubbles are now lots of different colours and Nok Tok is delighted!
S03E08 Froggy Rock 13/04/2011 Nok Tok finds a rock that's great for jumping off. He wants to share it with the other Piplings. Yojojo uses it as a drum. De Li and Lau Lau have fun with it too! Nok Tok wants to move it nearer their home. But when they try they discover the rock is too heavy. When the cheebies arrive, they help the Piplings push the rock all the way home. Then they find out the rock is home to a little frog. So everyone moves the rock back again. The frog is happy for them to come and play on his rock anytime they like!
S03E09 Follow Nok Tok 14/04/2011 The Piplings all want to have a ride in Nok Toks Follow-Box. But Nok Tok can't decide who should go first. When the cheebies arrive, they teach Nok Tok a choosing rhyme. Nok Tok decides he would prefer all the Piplings to ride together. So with the help of the cheebies, Nok Tok cleverly makes two more follow-boxes, so they have one each. Now everyone can travel together!
S03E10 De Li's Dance 15/04/2011 Lau Lau wants to put on a Dance Show for the cheebies. Each Pipling has their own special dance. But De Li is too shy to dance in front of the cheebies. She watches with the cheebies whilst the others dance. The cheebies have their own dance too: a caterpillar dance. De Li sees her narabug join in. The dance is fun and soon De Li joins the cheebies too. De Li was simply too shy to dance on her own. Now everyone is part of the Dance Show.
S03E11 Happy Yojojo 18/04/2011 Series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Lau Lau, De Li and Nok Tok are busy gathering presents for the cheebies. Yojojo is having fun and making them all laugh. He wants to find something to give the cheebies too, but he doesn't know what. When the cheebies arrive, Yojojo is sorry he hasn't got a gift for them. But he still makes the cheebies laugh. The cheebies tell him that laughter is a fantastic gift too!
S03E12 Needing Help 19/04/2011 Nok Tok wants to make bongleberry Juice for everyone, so De Li goes to pick the bongleberries. The others offer to help too but De Li wants to do it by herself. When the cheebies arrive, they also offer to help De Li, but she thinks they should play instead. Finally De Li has picked so many bongleberries that she cannot carry them all to Nok Tok. Now she needs help!
S03E13 Lau Lau's Picture 20/04/2011 Lau Lau is making a picture of Nara as a surprise present for Yojojo's home. De Li and Nok Tok help. When the cheebies arrive, they help too! Once the picture is finished, Lau Lau gives it to Yojojo. He is delighted! He wants to hang it up at once. But Lau Lau loves the picture so much; she is disappointed that she won't see it again. Yojojo has a great idea. He hangs the picture outside his home for everyone to enjoy!
S03E14 Go Yojojo 21/04/2011 Yojojo wants to drive Nok Tok's Naracar. But in his excitement, Yojojo doesn't wait to hear all the instructions. Yojojo drives too fast. He doesn't know how to stop. He accidentally drives the car into the pitcher plant! Yojojo is very sorry. When the cheebies arrive, they manage to pull the Naracar free. Together the cheebies and the Piplings try lots of things to revive the pitcher plant.
S03E15 Most Beautiful Thing 22/04/2011 Lau Lau shows De Li her beautiful crystal. De Li wants to find something that she thinks is the most beautiful thing but what? Nok Tok and Yojojo give De Li their most beautiful things too... but De Li doesn't know which is her favourite. When the cheebies arrive, they find more beautiful things. They decide to put all their beautiful things together and make a beautiful sculpture. De Li is so happy: the sculpture is her favourite most beautiful thing!
S03E16 Flowerstrings 25/04/2011 De Li makes pretty flowerstrings. All the other Piplings want one. De Li is happy to make more. Nok Tok tries to use the Anything Machine to make his flowerstring but he only manages to make giant flowers instead! When the cheebies arrive, De Li has an idea. She uses the giant flowers to make a giant flowerstrings skipping rope for them. The Piplings join their flowerstrings together too and everyone has fun skipping!
S03E17 Bye Bye Snuggly 26/04/2011 De Li and Yojojo are playing on their shoehorns. But De Li jumps too fast and falls off. Yojojo gives her his Snuggly to cheer her up. Later he realises he misses Snuggly. Lau sees Yojojo looking sad. When the cheebies arrive, she suggests they all make Yojojo a new Snuggly. Yojojo is very happy. Now De Li is happy again too. So she returns Yojojos Snuggly and Yojojo gives her the new one. Its huggles for everyone!
S03E18 De Li's Harvest 27/04/2011 De Li has grown lots of fruit, vegetables and even bamboo! She shares everything with the other Piplings. Later, she is disappointed to find out that the Piplings have swapped their gifts. She thinks they didnt like them. When the cheebies arrive, De Li gives them all some fruit. The cheebies ask Nok Tok to make fruit juice to share. De Li thinks they dont like her present either. When everyone finds out De Li is unhappy, they make a huge picnic from all her gifts as a gift for De Li. Now De Li can see how happy they all are and everyone shares a huggle!
S03E19 A Surprise For De Li 28/04/2011 Nok Tok and Lau Lau are making a surprise Flower Arch for De Li. Yojojo is very excited and wants to help, so he goes to collect more flowers. Yojojo meets De Li. He finds it almost impossible to keep from telling her about the surprise, but he manages not to. When the cheebies arrive, they help finish the Flower Arch. De Li loves her surprise. She thanks everyone, especially Yojojo!
S03E20 The Plumpkin and The Caterpillar 29/04/2011 De Li wants to pick her ripe plumpkin to make plumpkin soup for the other Piplings. But De Li sees that a caterpillar has made a home on it. When the cheebies arrive, they help the Piplings find other homes for the caterpillar. But the caterpillar only likes the plumpkin. So everyone helps to scoop out the plumpkin and turn it into a special house for the caterpillar. The caterpillar is very happy, and De Li can use the fruit inside to make plumpkin soup for everyone!
S03E21 Yojojo's Twinkler Show 03/10/2011 Yojojo loves the pretty patterns made by all the twinkling crystals inside his home. He wants to share his beautiful Twinkler Show with the other Piplings. So he takes the crystals outside for them all to see. However, the Twinkler Show won't work. Yojojo is very disappointed. When the cheebies arrives, he wants them to see the show too. But he thinks he has broken the twinklers. The Piplings take the twinklers back inside Yojojo's home. The twinklers all shine and sparkle again! Yojojos home is too high for the cheebies to see inside so they look for another place where they can all see. Finally, the cheebies find a dark cave. It's the perfect place. The crystals catch the light and make pretty colours on the walls. Yojojo plays his pipes and now everyone can enjoy the show!
S03E22 Nok Tok Builds a Follow Box 04/10/2011 Yojojo plays with his Narabug, until he sees Nok Tok driving the naracar. Yojojo really wants to drive with Nok Tok but Nok Tok doesn't know and drives away. So Yojojo tries playing on shoehorns instead. When the cheebies arrive, Yojojo tells them about wanting to play with Nok Tok and his naracar. De Li and Lau Lau persuade Yojojo to ride in De Li's wheelbarrow. Yojojo has fun but he still wants to play with Nok Tok, but the naracar isn't big enough for Nok Tok and Yojojo to play in together. So Nok Tok builds a follow box. Now Yojojo can travel along behind the naracar and play happily with Nok Tok all day.
S03E23 Home Swapsy 05/10/2011 Lau Lau loves her home but when she visits Nok Tok, she thinks his home is even nicer! So Nok Tok offers to swap homes. Lau Lau is excited. But when she moves in, she finds Nok Tok's home is too noisy. So she swaps with De Li. But De Li's home makes her sneeze. So she tries Yojojo. But Yojojo's home is too full of things and Lau Lau cannot dance. When the cheebies arrive, they suggest Lau Lau stay outside where it's quiet and there's plenty of room to dance. Suddenly Lau Lau realises that the best home is the one she already has. So the cheebies help everyone move back into their own homes!
S03E24 De Li's Flower 06/10/2011 De Li finds a pretty flower which has bloomed in a large field all on its own. De Li is worried the flower will be lonely. When the cheebies arrive they help the other Piplings try to find a friend for the flower. They find a cute Jumpy Bug, but it jumps away! Lau Lau paints a flower picture. It looks just like De Li's pretty flower. So they take it to the flower, which looks happy. Then suddenly all the other flowers in the field bloom! They are exactly the same as De Li's pretty flower. Now the pretty flower has lots of friends and it isn't lonely any more.
S03E25 Trumpet Up Top 07/10/2011 Yojojo wants to play his trumpet at the top of a hill. It is the perfect place for everyone in Nara to hear his music, but the trumpet is very heavy. Lau Lau remembers when Yojojo helped her to paint a perfect picture. So now she helps Yojojo. But the trumpet is still very heavy. De Li remembers when Nok Tok helped to make her garden perfect, so she also offers to help Yojojo. When the cheebies arrive, Yojojo is still trying to push the trumpet up the hill. Nok Tok remembers when he looked for the perfect place for a picnic, he had to try lots of different places. But Yojojo insists the top of the hill is the perfect place to play his trumpet. So all the cheebies help Yojojo. They pull and Yojojo pushes and soon the trumpet is at the top. Yojojo plays his trumpet. Everyone in Nara can hear it is the perfect place!
S03E26 Lau Lau's Special Day 10/10/2011 Lau Lau has made pretty pots for the other Piplings. De Li, Yojojo and Nok Tok all want to say a special thank you. So they decide to make it a Special Day for Lau Lau. Nok Tok brings Lau Lau a soft cushion, De Li brings her some pretty flowers and Yojojo plays special music on his Pipling Pipes. When the cheebies arrive, they want to make Lau Laus day special too. They make a surprise game of Hop Hop. Lau Lau is thrilled. But Lau Lau wants them all to play. The others tell her its her Special Day and they only want to watch. Then the other Piplings collect sparkly things for Lau Lau to decorate the Tinkly Tree. Finally one of the cheebies helps Lau Lau tell the others that she wants everyone to decorate the tree together. So they do. Now Lau Lau's Special Day really is special!
S03E27 Feely Box 11/10/2011 Nok Tok makes a new game called Feely Box for everyone to play. Nok Tok puts different things into a box and the others have to guess what they are. They cannot see inside so they have to guess by feeling. The other Piplings have great fun! When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok lets them play too! He enjoys watching everyone play the game. They all want Nok Tok to play too but there are no more things left in the box to guess. So the Piplings and cheebies find something special to put inside for Nok Tok. Now Nok Tok can enjoy the fun of playing his game too.
S03E28 Everybody Happy 12/10/2011 De Li is in her garden. De Lis garden makes her very happy. She wonders what thing would make everyone else happy. So she asks the other Piplings. Nok Tok says he is happy driving his Naracar. Yojojo is happy playing his music. And Lau Lau is happy dancing. But De Li wants to find the one thing that makes them all happy. When the cheebies arrive, some play with Nok Tok, some with Yojojo, some with Lau Lau and some with De Li. De Li asks the cheebies if there is one thing that makes them all happy? The cheebies have the answer! They are all happy when they are playing with the Piplings.
S03E29 Yojojo's Big Music Day 13/10/2011 Yojojo loves to play music. He decides he wants to create his own special Pipling Music that sounds like each of the Piplings. He bangs Nok Toks rhythm on his drum and hears De Li singing, so plays her tune on his pipes. When the cheebies arrive they help Yojojo find a musical sound for Lau Lau too. But when Yojojo plays the sounds together there is something missing. The cheebies tell Yojojo he is missing a sound for himself. Yojojo doesn't know what the sound it should be. Then a cheebie tickles him. Yojojo giggles. They all realise that Yojojo's laughter is the sound that will make his music complete. Now everyone joins in Yojojo's Pipling Music Day!
S03E30 Neither Nest 14/10/2011 Nok Tok is collecting lots of twigs. He sees a big bird and decides to make a nest for it using his twigs. However a little bird settles in the big nest. Nok Tok and the other Piplings try to tempt the little bird out of the big nest but it wont move. When the cheebies arrive, they all help Nok Tok make a little nest for the little bird but no amount of encouragement will make the little bird leave the big nest! And the big bird is too big for the little nest. Eventually the little bird makes room to share the big nest with the big bird and everyone is happy
S03E31 Puppet Show 17/10/2011 Lau Lau is practising a Little Pip Show for the cheebies. Nok Tok loves Lau Lau's Little Pip puppets. He asks if he can play too. So Lau Lau makes him a Little Pip like hers. De Li and Yojojo also want to join in. Lau Lau makes more Little Pips for them. When the cheebies arrive they ask if Lau Lau will show them all how to make Little Pip puppets. Lau Lau is very happy and soon everyone has their own Little Pip. Everyone except Lau Lau! The others decide to surprise Lau Lau. The cheebies make her a Little Cheeb. Lau Lau is delighted. Now everyone can be in her Little Pip and Little Cheeb Show!
S03E32 Thirsty Day 18/10/2011 It's a hot day in Nara and De Li finds a caterpillar. The caterpillar is thirsty so De Li races off to fetch it some water. But before the De Li can find the caterpillar again, a thirsty frog drinks all the water. So De Li fetches some more, but this water is drunk by a narabug. When the cheebies arrive, they offer to help by bringing lots of bowls of water. Now all the creatures can drink what they like, including the thirsty caterpillar.
S03E33 Wobbly Wheelbarrow 19/10/2011 Yojojo finds a Jumpy Off log. He thinks it will be a great surprise present for Nok Tok. But the log is too heavy to lift. De Li tries to help but the log is still too heavy. They look for Lau Lau to help them. But on their way they find Nok Tok's wheelbarrow. Yojojo borrows it to carry the log, but when they lift the log into the wheelbarrow, the barrow breaks. The wheel rolls away. When the cheebies arrive they help Yojojo try to find a new wheel, but nothing is quite right. Yojojo tells Nok Tok about breaking his barrow. He thinks Nok Tok will be cross, but Nok Tok is happy with his surprise Jumpy Off log. Yojojo decides to give Nok Tok his own wheelbarrow. While he is away, Nok Tok has an idea. The cheebies help him fix the Jumpy Off log to the front of his wheelbarrow. It makes a perfect new wheel. Now all the Piplings can enjoy a great wheelbarrow race together.
S03E34 Crawley Caterpillar 20/10/2011 Lau Lau finds a caterpillar in her home. She is very excited, but the caterpillar looks sad. Nok Tok suggests it might need a new home. Lau Lau and the other Piplings offer the caterpillar different places to live, but it still seems unhappy. When the cheebies arrive, they all try to cheer up the caterpillar. Then they discover another caterpillar. They bring them both together and realise what the caterpillar wanted was another caterpillar friend. The caterpillars dance happily together and everyone else joins in.
S03E35 Blossom Berry Hop 21/10/2011 Nok Tok watches Yojojo play Blossom Berry Hop. He wants to play too. But when Nok Tok jumps, he can't reach the top of the tree. He feels sad. Yojojo tells him to keep trying, as Yojojo tried and tried before he could balance his banana. Nok Tok's not sure. So Lau Lau tells him how she kept trying to draw clouds. When the cheebies arrive, De Li tells Nok Tok how hard she tried to catch plumatoes. So Nok Tok tries to jump again but he still can't jump high enough. The cheebies have an idea. They make a human ladder for Nok Tok to run and jump on to reach the top of the tree. Finally Nok Tok can play Blossom Berry Hop!
S03E36 Narmole Trouble 14/11/2011 Nok Tok finds a narmole in his workshop. He thinks the narmole has made a new home there. The other Piplings think the narmole looks unhappy. When the cheebies arrive, they try different things to cheer up the narmole. They bring it carrobeet leaves to eat and even pretend to be other narmoles. But the narmole still seems unhappy. Finally they realise it has lost its way back to its home. So everyone shows the narmole the way back to its burrow. Nok Tok says he would like the narmole to visit him again. The cheebies use some twigs to make a large arrow. Now the narmole will always be able to find its way back to the Nok Toks home.
S03E37 Can't Do It 15/11/2011 Lau Lau watches De Li playing Lifty Leaf. She wants to play too but thinks she can't do it. De Li tells Lau Lau she once thought she couldn't play Tricky Kicky but she practiced and now she can. Lau Lau still isn't sure. Nok Tok tells Lau Lau he once thought he couldn't dance but De Li showed him how and now he can. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau tells them she thinks she can't play Lifty Leaf. Yojojo tells them how he thought he couldnt juggle all his singballs but shows them that now he can. So the cheebies take Lau Lau to the top of the hill. They chant her name while the other Piplings show Lau Lau how to play. The wind blows and suddenly Lau Lau floats through the air. She can play Lifty Leaf after all!
S03E38 Hope Chase Game 16/11/2011 De Li and Lau Lau play Hop Hop. Nok Tok and Yojojo play Chase. But Nok Tok and Yojojo accidentally chase across the Hop Hop Game. De Li and Lau Lau have to mend it. Yojojo decides they won't play chase any more. So Nok Tok and Yojojo play on the shoehorns instead. But they jump too fast and spoil the Hop Hop game again! When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok and Yojojo mend the Hop Hop game. The cheebies suggest they play in different places. So some cheebies play with De Li and Lau Lau and the others follow Nok Tok and Yojojo to chase around the sandy rocks. Soon the Piplings are missing each other. So the cheebies suggest they play a brand new game altogether. They call it the Hop Chase Game and everyone has lots of fun.
S03E39 Cloud Gazing 17/11/2011 Nok Tok is happily cloud gazing, but then the other Piplings arrive one at a time and ask him to mend things for them. Nok Tok is happy to help but he wants to cloud gaze too. When the cheebies arrive, they cloud gaze with Nok Tok. But again, the other Piplings ask Nok Tok to mend more things.
S03E40 Very Special Flower 18/11/2011 De Li asks Lau Lau to look after a special white flower for her. She leaves the flower with Lau Lau. Yojojo wants Lau Lau to play Tricky Kicky. Lau Lau puts the flower somewhere safe and plays with Yojojo. The ball almost hits the flower so Lau Lau stops. When the cheebies arrive, they want to paint pictures with Lau Lau. While they are all painting, they spray orange paint onto their paper. Suddenly Lau Lau sees the white flower is now orange. She thinks the paint has sprayed onto the flower. Lau Lau tells De Li she is very sorry but now her special white flower is orange. Lau Lau thinks De Li will be upset. But De Li shows her another special white flower. De Li tells her to watch the flower. Lau Lau watches in amazement as the flower changes colour form white to orange. That's why the flower is special!
S03E41 Being Happy 21/11/2011 Lau Lau finds a caterpillar in a bush. She wants to paint its picture. So Lau Lau takes the caterpillar to her art studio. But the caterpillar looks sad. Yojojo thinks his Snuggly might cheer up the caterpillar. But it doesn't. De Li think it might like strawberries but the caterpillar is still not happy. When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok suggests they stroke the caterpillar. But the caterpillar still looks sad. Then they see the caterpillar is crawling back to the bush. They realize the bush must be the caterpillar's home. So Lau Lau carries is quickly back. The cheebies bring Lau Lau's easel and paints so Lau Lau can now paint her picture of a happy caterpillar.
S03E42 Narabug and Songbird 22/11/2011 Lau Lau is happily playing with her Narabug. A little songbird joins them. The bird sings a beautiful song. Lau Lau stops playing with her Narabug. Lau Lau listens to the bird sing. Lau Lau wants the other Piplings to hear the bird sing too. She forgets about playing with her Narabug. When the cheebies arrive, they want to play Narabug Chase with the Piplings and their Narabugs. But they notice that Lau Lau's Narabug has flown away. Lau Lau is upset. She realises the Narabug thinks she only likes the songbird. Everyone looks for Lau Lau's Narabug. When they find it, the songbird appears too. Lau Lau asks her Narabug to listen to the songbird sing. The Narabug discovers it loves hearing songbird sing too and Lau Lau tells the Narabug she loves them both.
S03E43 Glittery Narmole 23/11/2011 Lau Lau finds a glittery Narmole. She thinks it is very special. Lau Lau shows it to the other Piplings. De Li and Yojojo help Lau Lau fetch her paints and easel. Lau Lau wants to paint a picture. While they are away, Nok Tok discovers the Narmole is not a special Narmole after all. It's simply an ordinary Narmole that's covered with glitter from a glitter tree. He thinks Lau Lau will be upset. When the cheebies arrive, they help Nok Tok tell Lau Lau. Lau Lau is disappointed until she discovers a whole group of Narmoles covered in glitter. The glittery Narmoles are doing a special dance and everyone joins in.
S03E44 Nok Tok's Talent 24/11/2011 The Piplings are preparing a show for the cheebies. De Li, Yojojo and Lau Lau are all practising. Nok Tok is busy fixing decorations and mending the stage. He doesn't know what to do for the show or when to practise. He's too busy. When the cheebies arrive, the show begins. Nok Tok shows the cheebies where to sit. When Lau Lau dances, Nok Tok helps the cheebies join in without falling into the bushes. When Yojojo plays his music, Nok Tok hands out whistles for the cheebies to play along. Soon the show is over. Nok Tok feels sad that he didn't do anything special. But the cheebies and the other Piplings tell him that helping them was the most important part of the show.
S03E45 Keep Trying 25/11/2011 Nok Tok finds two pink pebbles. He wants to give the pebbles to the other Piplings as presents, but he needs to find a third pebble for De Li. Yojojo tells him about when he needed a new string for his banjojo. He had to keep looking. So he helps Nok Tok look for a third pebble, but they cannot find one. Lau Lau tells Nok Tok about when she needed to find some sparkle. She kept looking. So Nok Tok looks again. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau tells Nok Tok about when everyone helped her find her cushion. So the cheebies all help Nok Tok to look for another pink pebble. But they cannot find one anywhere. Then they have an idea. They take an ordinary pebble and paint it pink. Not Nok Tok has three pink pebbles - a present for each of the other Piplings.
S03E46 Lost Leaf 28/11/2011 Lau Lau asks De Li to look after her big yellow leaf, but then it blows away. De Li doesn't know what to do. When the cheebies arrive, they all help De Li look for the leaf, but it has disappeared. When De Li tells Lau Lau about losing her big yellow leaf, Lau Lau isn't cross at all. The cheebies see a yellow leaf flying in the breeze. They follow it and discover a large tree full of yellow leaves.
S03E47 Sneezy Nok Tok 29/11/2011 Nok Tok finds a beautiful blossom, which has fallen from the top of a very tall tree. Nok Tok wants to show it to the other Piplings, but the scent of flower makes him sneeze and he blows away all the petals! Nok Tok brings the other Piplings to the tree, but the blossom is too high for them to see. When the cheebies arrive, De Li, Yojojo, Lau Lau and Nok Tok use their Lifty Leaves to float to the top of the tree. The other Piplings see the beautiful blossom. But Nok Tok wants the cheebies to see it too. Lau Lau suggests they make a picture of the blossom from the fallen petals. Then suddenly another blossom appears. The cheebies crowd around to see it. They smell its wonderful scent. It makes them all sneeze. The tree shakes and now more and more blossoms fall down for everyone to enjoy.
S03E48 Narmole Day 30/11/2011 Yojojo finds a Narmole playing near his bandstand. He decides to make the day Narmole Day and asks the other Piplings to help. Yojojo plays his favourite music and others play his favourite games, but the Narmole doesn't seem interested. When the cheebies arrive, they try to help the Narmole have fun. They bring carrobeet leaves and watch as it rolls about. When it begins to sing, they help Nok Tok find some pitcher plants to join in. The Narmole still doesn't seem really happy. One of the cheebies thinks the Narmole wants a huggle. So Yojojo huggles the Narmole. Now the Narmole is very happy. Everyone loves huggles and the Narmole knows it really is Narmole Day.
S03E49 Everyone Play Together 01/12/2011 De Li wants to find a game everyone can play together. Yojojo suggests Bop Bop Bat, but that's only for two Piplings to play. Nok Tok suggests playing shoehorns but there aren't enough shoehorns for everyone. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau reminds De Li about all the other games there are to play in Nara. But De Li wants just one that everyone can play together. The cheebies have an idea. They collect lots of things and they make an obstacle course. Now the Piplings and the cheebies can all enjoy playing one game together.
S03E50 Lau Lau's Bird 02/12/2011 Lau Lau finds a lovely bird. She enjoys listening to its pretty chirping and sings along. Then the bird flies away. Lau Lau wants everyone to hear the little bird's song, but the little bird doesn't come back. The other Piplings try to call the bird back but it won't appear. When the cheebies arrive, they try to help Lau Lau by pretending to be birds. Yojojo plays music and they build a nest with Nok Tok. They all dance and sing! The bird still doesn't appear until suddenly they all stop. Then the little bird flies in. The bird loves the quiet. Now it sings its pretty song for everyone to hear.