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WCW Saturday Night was a weekly Saturday night TV show on TBS produced by World Championship Wrestling. The program existed through various incarnations under different names before becoming WCW Saturday Night in 1992. Although initially the anchor show of the Ted Turner-backed wrestling company, the September 1995 premiere of WCW Monday Nitro airing on sister station Turner Network Television usurped the show's once preeminent position in the company, as the primary source of storyline development and Pay-Per-View buildup. The show's place in the company was further devalued by the advent of WCW Thunder in 1998, airing on TBS and providing the secondary wrestling and storyline development that WCW Saturday Night had produced in the wake of Nitro's burgeoning three-hour long format. Once the cornerstone of the WCW wrestling empire, WCW Saturday Night ended its run in 2000 as the company struggled creatively to meet the demands of producing over six hours of new broadcast material on a weekly basis. The rights to WCW Saturday Night now belong to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as a result of that company's 2001 takeover of WCW.


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S01E07 November 30, 1996 00/00/0000 Match Results:Chris Jericho defeated La ParkaWCW Television Championship - Lord Steven Regal defeated Bobby EatonKaoru pinned Sonoko KatoKonnan defeated Eddie Guerrero by disqualificationHarlem Heat defeated Mike Enos and Bunkhouse BuckThe Outsiders defeated Tommy Greco and The Back StabberChris Benoit defeated Jeventud GuerreraDiamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Norton
S01E08 December 7, 1996 00/00/0000 Match Results:Chris Jericho defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee ParkerAmazing-French Canadians defeated Steve and Scott ArmstrongRick Steiner defeated Bunkhouse BuckKevin Sullivan pinned Prince IaukeaJeff Jarrett defeated John BlitzFaces of Fear defeated High VoltageMarcus Bagwell pinned Pez WhatleyDiamond Dallas Page defeated David TaylorWCW Television Championship - Lord Steven Regal vs. Arn Anderson - Time Limit Draw
S01E09 December 14, 1996 00/00/0000 Match Results:Dean Malenko defeated Billy KidmanThe Renegade & Joe Gomez defeated High VoltageJeff Jarrett defeated Larry SantoDiamond Dallas Page pinned Rex KingIce Train defeated Luther BiggsFaces of Fear defeated Big Ron Studd & RoadblockWCW Television Championship - Lord Steven Regal defeated Hugh MorrusThe Giant pinned K.C. SunshineHacksaw Jim Duggan defeated David Taylor
S01E10 December 21, 1996 00/00/0000 Match Results:Jeff Jarrett defeated Rex KingDiamond Dallas Page defeated Bunkhouse BuckDavid Taylor pinned The GamblerDean Malenko defeated Mark StarrScott Norton pinned Sgt. Buddy Lee ParkerEddie Guerrero pinned Disco InfernoMr. Wallstreet defeated Bobby EatonThe Outsiders defeated Alan StormLex Lugers defeated Jim Powers
S01E11 December 28, 1996 00/00/0000 1996 Year in Review
S01E12 January 15, 2000 00/00/0000 Match Results:The Wall defeated Frankie LancasterElix Skipper defeated Mark JindrakSilver King defeated Barry HorowitzAllan Funk defeated Sonny Siaki3-Count defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. and PG-13WCW Cruiserweight Championship - Madusa (with Spice) defeated UnknownPerry Saturn & Dean Malenko defeated Villano V and Villano IVWCW Hardcore Championship - Norman Smiley defeated Bobby Eaton
S01E13 The King of Cable Tournament 00/00/0000