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Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris star as themselves in this hilarious, self-deprecating depiction of their everyday personal and professional lives.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de We Need Help

S01E01 The Merkin 00/00/0000 Cheryl is told she has to wear a merkin for a new role, but she only feels comfortable with her shared assistant’s, Max’s, help. When she calls Max, he is with his other boss, Rachael, attempting to rid her sink of silver fish, revealing to Rachael that Cheryl has a job on Iron Thrones, a show Rachael is auditioning for. Later, Rachael confronts Cheryl about the job and audition process.
S01E02 Therapy Gossip 00/00/0000
S01E03 The Sex Tape 00/00/0000 Rachael is cast as a lesbian again, and Max jokingly suggests leaking a sex tape for the industry to view her as sexier, however Rachael actually thinks it's a good idea. EJ, Max’s roommate backs out of the sex tape, so Cheryl suggests Max just does it. Max uploads the video, however the feedback is not what Rachael hoped it would be.
S01E04 Tanning and Dating 00/00/0000 Max is star-struck when he meets Chris Parnell and Maya Rudolph of SNL fame and embarrasses Cheryl. Rachael meets a man at the hardware store, Joe, who offers to help around her house, and asks Max to screen him for “red flags”. Max tells Rachael to ask him out, and when Rachael goes in for the kiss, Joe tells her he’s a priest.
S01E06 The Nanny Firing 00/00/0000 Cheryl does not think her nanny, Carrie, is doing a very good job. When Carrie calls Max with a crisis, and he solves her problem, Max soon discovers that he has to fire Carrie. After Carrie admits to Max that she likes him, he tells her that Cheryl is firing her. Rachael rehearses for commercials, and Max tells the ladies “he’s done”.
S01E07 Plastic Surgery 00/00/0000 Rachael reveals to Cheryl that she has inverted nipples and Max confirms. Max is an extra on a job Cheryl is filming. Rachael confirms her corrective surgery on and asks Cheryl to film it but Cheryl has other obligations. Max films the surgery instead. Max’s onscreen debut is ruined.
S01E08 Max on Drugs 00/00/0000 Max is late to work, arriving covered in sweat and acting strangely, making Rachael think he’s on drugs. Max is excited about a film being shot outside his house. The women ask Max to take a drug test in front of them. Max missed the filming, and to his dismay, his roommate EJ, was in the film.
S01E09 The Ex 00/00/0000
S01E10 The Car Threesome 00/00/0000