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La psychothérapeute Fiona Wallice mène des sessions de trois minutes via Internet pour venir en aide à ses clients.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Web Therapy

S01E01 Click To Start 19/07/2011 Fiona Wallice est une psychothérapeute sans aucune patience. Lassée d'entendre ses patients parler pendant des heures de rêves et de sentiments, elle a développé une nouvelle forme de consultation révolutionnaire sous forme de chat vidéo en 3 minutes. Sa méthode est quelque peu douteuse. Mais son premier patient pourrait l'aider à promouvoir son nouveau service auprès de son entourage et ainsi lancer son activité inédite...
S01E02 Desperate Measures 26/07/2011 Frustrée dans son couple, Fiona multiplie les relations virtuelles. En parallèle, elle tente d'impressionner un investisseur en exploitant les problèmes sexuels d'un de ses patients...
S01E03 Shrink Rap 02/08/2011 Fiona propose à sa mère de faire des affaires ensemble. Celle-ci refuse catégoriquement. Fiona est déçue, mais elle doit affronter un nouvel obstacle en la personne de Ted Mitchell. Celui-ci a été engagé par Lachman Brothers pour évaluer les techniques mises en place par Fiona avec Web Therapy, ainsi que les compétences de la jeune femme. Sur place, la psychothérapeute s'interroge sur Mitchell, qui semble vouloir négocier un accord...
S01E04 Public Relations 09/08/2011 Profitant d'une cliente sous injonction thérapeutique, Fiona n'hésite pas à recourir au chantage pour faire la promotion de sa thérapie 2.0...
S01E05 Shrinking & Growing 16/08/2011 Fiona se réjouit du succès de sa Web Therapy, même si elle ne comprend pas cet engouement soudain. Elle se rend bien compte que ce ne sont pas ses méthodes qui déclenchent cette réussite. Il y a une autre raison. Alors que Justin et Bryn poursuivent les sessions avec la psychothérapeute, celle-ci découvre que le jeune couple n'est pas étranger à son succès...
S01E06 We've Got a Secret 23/08/2011 Le monde de Fiona s'écroule quand elle découvre que son mari mène une double vie. La psychothérapeute doit également faire face au passé peu orthodoxe de sa mère...
S01E07 Exposed! 30/08/2011 Fiona décide d'embaucher une nouvelle employée. En parallèle, la psychothérapeute s'allie à son mari pour démasquer l'imposteur qui s'est immiscé dans leur famille...
S01E08 Psychic Analysis 06/09/2011 Fiona entame une thérapie avec un nouveau patient. Il s'agit d'un medium qui travaille sur Internet. Celui-ci a perdu ses dons de voyance. Le medium souhaite que la psychothérapeute l'aide à les retrouver. Mais Fiona s'interroge sur ses propres capacités. La jeune femme est-elle capable d'aider ce professionnel de la voyance ?...
S01E09 Whistle While You Work 13/09/2011 Fiona's principal investor, Robert Lachman, is out of business -- yet Fiona still manages to make him pay...
S01E10 Strange Bedfellows 20/09/2011 Fiona hits it off professionally and personally with a new client -- media mogul Austen Clarke -- until her marriage to Kip suddenly becomes much more attractive.
S02E01 Getting it Straight 02/07/2012 Fiona and Austen send Kip off to sexual reorientation camp while she flies to New York to work on her book. There, she hears from Kip s counselor, Camilla Bowner, who suggests a drastic change to jump-start Kip s recovery.
S02E02 Blindsides and Backslides 09/07/2012 Fiona faces her husband's ex-girlfriend, who has a business proposition for them.
S02E03 Campaign Reform 16/07/2012 Kip's ex-girlfriend has a business proposition for him and Fiona, but the details must be ironed out by their overworked campaign manager.
S02E04 Sister Act 23/07/2012 Fiona must undergo real 50-minute therapy with a psychiatrist in Boston whose longtime history with Fiona throws up some disturbing roadblocks for both of them. Meanwhile, former co-worker Gina is trying to find work.
S02E05 National Exposure 30/07/2012 Fiona is interviewed by freelance journalist and part-time blogger Kirsten Noble, and the resulting publicity gets a lot of attention.
S02E06 Adaptation 06/08/2012 Frustrated with Kip, his campaign, and with reality TV star Allegra, Fiona turns to her publishing magnate Austen for help, but finds she must handle her creative differences on her own
S02E07 Infanticipation 13/08/2012 Fiona meets the surrogate who is carrying Jerome's triplets and discovers that this is going to be an expensive proposition. She also learns that Kip has a more-special relationship with his campaign manager than she imagined.
S02E08 Man-Cave Man 20/08/2012 An old college friend rings up Fiona with a peculiar problem, while a phone call from Conan O'Brien comes with some unsolicited advice.
S02E09 The Insanity Offense 27/08/2012 Fiona's old friend Newell tries to spark a romance with her; and she and Conan O'Brien square off against each other. Meanwhile, Fiona's mother looks to have lost her grip on reality again.
S02E10 Stalk Therapy 03/09/2012 Newell is still bent out of shape over an experience he and Fiona shared in college 20 years ago; and Putsy gets caught up in a legal entanglement. Later, a disappointed Fiona learns that an old flame may finally be over her.
S02E11 Electile Dysfunction 10/09/2012 Fiona cures Newell of his obsession, but her handling of Robin has disastrous consequences for Kip's campaign; Fiona is surprised to find that Austen isn't flying solo anymore.
S02E12 Royally F’d 00/00/0000 Fiona gets her first international client when Gemma Pankhurst-Jones calls from Buckingham Palace, where she works as a proxy for the royal family. When she says her recent marriage remains unconsummated, Fiona concludes this is therapy by proxy and the new royal marriage is in trouble!
S03E01 Relax, Reboot, Revenge 23/07/2013 Fiona indulges in some R&R at a Laguna Beach resort, following her closeted husband's disastrous campaign "outing." Her shipboard romance with another guest is going well - perhaps a little too well - but the real world intrudes when her former assistant Jerome calls with news about rival "Net Therapy," former paramour Austen begs for Fiona's forgiveness while sitting alongside his very pregnant, very hormonal fiancée, and she fields a call from Whistlin' composer Franny Marshall, who suffers from crippling writer's block and needs inspiration from the show's source ...
S03E02 Who Doesn't Love Musicals 30/07/2013 Fiona tries her hand at songwriting, then attempts to use Franny's blackouts against her; Fiona's husband Kip calls from New Mexico with a request of his new boyfriend Ben, who reveals that Fiona's under investigation for campaign finance improprieties. Having killed "Net Therapy," Fiona welcomes Jerome back to her practice, but discovers neither he nor campaign accountant Richard has any knowledge of the bank login info that would exonerate her.
S03E03 Believe It or Not 06/08/2013 S3, Ep3 Aug. 6, 2013 Believe It or Not Fiona's musical compositions backfire when Franny signs a huge recording contract and quits the show. Thinking the musical is dead, Fiona is shocked to discover her Laguna lover Jackson is the head of the self-help cult Quorum, and is now investing in Whistlin' to further his brand. And Fiona reaches out to her old nemesis, documentarian Robin, to see if her footage exonerates Fiona from campaign shenanigans.
S03E04 Case Files 13/08/2013 Gina demands that Fiona be her matron-of-honor at the combined bachelorette-party-and-wedding in Las Vegas, but Fiona's priority is finding the campaign banking info that will exonerate her. She asks Kip for help, which leads her to an encounter with the very happy hoarder, Karen Sharpe, who may be in possession of important campaign documents, amongst other things...
S03E05 Stage Struck 20/08/2013 In pursuit of the evidence that might clear her, Fiona travels to Karen's hoarding den and performs therapy directly. Robin reveals she's recorded incriminating video of media-mogul Austen Clarke at the Met Gala she attended. So Fiona, suspicious that Robin's husband, Richard, may be working for the Russian Mafia, hatches a plan to silence Robin for good.
S03E06 Love Stories 27/08/2013 When Fiona reaches out to Kip, she finds out that the campaign investigation has targeted a new suspect, and Fiona may be off the hook! But faced with her impending divorce and the loss of Kip's support, Fiona takes on a batch of new clients, including a long-distance couple who are planning their first in-person meeting.
S03E07 Games People Play 03/09/2013 Against Fiona's wishes, the long-distance lovers take a significant, cross-country step to resolve their issues. Fiona continues to expand her practice to some new clients, including compulsive gambler Nick Jericho and brand manager Sylvie Frank. She also receives a puzzling video voice-mail from a woman who seems to know her.
S03E08 Husband Hunting 10/09/2013 Fiona's mother Putsy, made wealthier from her "Net Therapy" sale, calls Fiona to check in on Kip. Meanwhile, compulsive gambler Nick discovers his therapist is also his online gambling nemesis, and Fiona's plans for Sylvie completely backfire. Austen announces his baby is on the way, and the mystery woman from the voice-mail calls again, revealing intimate knowledge of all things Fiona.
S03E09 Affairs to Remember 17/09/2013 Austen sadly informs Fiona that Gina refuses to divorce him, leaving his relationship with Fiona in limbo. The motivation for Chris's reunion with Fiona is finally revealed, and Putsy tells Fiona about her soon-to-be-published memoir.
S03E10 No Place Like Home 24/09/2013 Austen's experience with Gina has set him on a new life path - and not to Fiona's liking. Jerome and Gina have some very big news to share with Fiona. Putsy's book has become a surprise New York Times bestseller, but publicist Garreth Pink wants Fiona to take a backseat to her mother in the publicity campaign. Kip makes a decision about their divorce, and Putsy reveals she'll be more involved in Fiona's life than she's ever been before...
S04E01 Call in the Light 22/10/2014 Everything begins with Fiona hearing from her stepfather, Garreth Pink, who has some interesting complaints about his new wife. Meanwhile, Jerome reports on his travels; and Fiona takes on a new client (Gwyneth Paltrow), a not-so-calm spiritual guru.
S04E02 Arguing in Agreement 29/10/2014 Fiona and Kip rekindle their marriage, albeit solitary and separate from one another. Meanwhile, Maya recaps Fiona's weekend at Gentle Circles; and Jerome confirms Austen's penthouse "gift" is more burdensome than ever imagined
S04E03 Trust Exercise 05/11/2014 Fiona takes on a suspicious lottery winner as a client; Gina complains of boredom.
S04E04 Smile Through the Pain 12/11/2014 Jeb Masters complains about Fiona's behavior; Gina has examples of her new business venture.
S04E05 In Angus We Trust 19/11/2014 Fiona learns that Grace is not as connected as she thought; Jerome is not using the penthouse.
S04E06 Charity Galore 26/11/2014 A past patient calls from witness protection; Ewan tries to get Fiona to declare his brother insane.
S04E07 Drink to Forget 03/12/2014
S04E08 Lost on the Young 10/12/2014 Fiona finds some some things from Judith whilst the Pink Eye Ball’s MC calls to rescind Fiona’s makeover with Nina Garcia and offer her anything different instead.
S04E09 Judicial Oversight 17/12/2014 Caspar Lee propositions Fiona about a strategic partnership.
S04E10 Lies and Alibis 14/01/2015 Abel accuses Fiona of psychological terrorism. Putsy makes a plan for Kip.
S04E11 No Stranger to Scandal 21/01/2015 Fiona's sessions have been leaked online - and Abel's going into hiding.
S04E12 Fiona Fulfilled 28/01/2015