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As a follow-up to The Worst Witch serial, we follow Mildred Hubble (Georgina Sherrington) in her first year at Weirdsister College, a university for students of magic. Similar to her adventures at Cackle's, Mildred usually messes up, but saves the day in the end. The series has a darker side than The Worst Witch, with evil creatures and a possible doomsday.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Weirdsister College

S01E01 The All-Seeing Eye 05/11/2001 Mildred and Ethel end up as room-mates. Ethel is as mean as ever until she discovers that all new students must pass through the gaze of the All-Seeing Eye which looks deep within to find your regretful past and display it for all to see. Convinced Millie can use her unique tallent to cheat her way past the eye, she pretends to let bygones be bygones.
S01E02 Never on Friday 12/11/2001 Weirdsister College has a network of pipes and valves installed as a means to absorb excess magical energy to help reduce the Foster's Effect during the week. This excess energy is released on Fridays, so students and staff must refrain from practising magic on Fridays, or the Foster's effect will be exponentially worse. A new professor, Starfinder, fails to heed the warnings. Millie, Cas and Ethel also ignore these warnings to near disastrous effect.
S01E03 The Gargoyle 19/11/2001 Professor Starfinder is lecturing on animation of objects, giving those objects personality. He is also assembling a research team, for which he has already selected Miss Hallow. When he stumbles upon Millie using her ability to bring a painting to life, he makes her the focus of the research, and Nick Hobbes becomes jealous he has not been selected for the team. He sets out to impress Professor Starfinder by bringing a Gargoyle to life, which then wreaks havoc on the college.
S01E04 The End of Misery's 26/11/2001 Misery's Café comes under threat of closure when a matter of unpaid rent comes to light. Millie and Cas set out to find the actual property owner, and help save Misery's. Meanwhile, Professor Starfinder is working on time manipulation experiments which cause havoc, but also offer a possible solution to the problem at hand.
S01E05 All That Jazz 03/12/2001 Professor Thunderblast casts a spell on her students in order to boost their magical energy, so they can have more with which to practice. Through an "accident" of Ethel, Millie ends up with far too much magical energy, and begins casting spells subconsciously. Dr. Wendle warns Millie to remain in solitary meditation until the effects wear off, but Nick Hobbes has other plans. Meanwhile, Professor Thunderblast agrees to fill in at Misery's for a jazz band who have cancelled at the last minute.
S01E06 Dreamcatcher 10/12/2001 Millie is plagued with romantic dreams of Nick Hobbes. Cas cannot find her dreamcatcher anywhere. The caretaker has quit, and names Hobbes as his reason. When things start to fall apart, Professor Thunderblast threatens Hobbes with expulsion unless he can manage to convince the caretaker to return.
S01E07 Dr. Foster, I Presume! 17/12/2001 Hearing a plea for help from Dr. Foster, Professor Starfinder leads the students in a location spell and summoning potion to rescue the good doctor. Something appears to go wrong, and they seem to have summoned the wrong person - someone claiming to be a close acquaintance of Dr. Foster.
S01E08 The Seventh Sense 28/01/2002
S01E09 The Golden Cauldron 04/02/2002
S01E10 Good Friends 05/02/2002 Enid Nightshade, Millie's friend from Cackles, visits Millie from Primrose Hill (another magic college).
S01E11 Shaky Foundations 06/02/2002
S01E12 The Whisperer 07/02/2002
S01E13 The Gate of Power 08/02/2002