Affiche Wellber no Monogatari - Sisters of Wellber
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La voleuse et la princesse... Une nuit, Tina Lawter vole une statuette d'or au palais royal, tandis que Rita, princesse de Wellber, poignarde l'homme qu'elle devait épouser sous les yeux de la voleuse. Alors que vol, vengeance et meurtres s'entremêlent pour deux jeunes femmes aux destinées liées, deux royaumes sont au bord de la guerre... Le compte à rebours de 14 jours commence pour Rita et Tina, devenue son garde du corps...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wellber no Monogatari - Sisters of Wellber

S01E01 Chapitre du commencement 03/04/2007 La vie de Tina s'emmêle avec celle de la princesse Rita lorsque Tina fait irruption dans le palais et devient le témoin involontaire du crime de Rita. Embauchée en tant que garde du corps, Tina quitte la ville avec Rita.
S01E02 Chapitre du voyage 10/04/2007 The girls arrive at the port town of Zazan in order to prepare for their trip to Greedom, but Tina has to deal with Princess Rita's ignorance about living as a civilian, as well as outside of the castle.
S01E03 Chapitre de la vengeance 17/04/2007 The girls encounter an hooded crossbow sniper who's been terrorizing a local town. Tina also get interested at meeting this sniper, who sports a strange tattoo.
S01E04 Chapitre de la détermination 24/04/2007 Tina decides to hide Rita in the city of Dust Lust while she and Cyrano try to distract the pursuing bounty hunters. Rita is very grateful to the people who hide her and, in order to pay her debt, decides to work for them.
S01E05 Chapitre de l'évasion 01/05/2007 While acting as a decoy to let Rita escape from bounty hunters, Tina is injured and thrown off the carriage. She is saved by one of the Transporters, but misses the appointed time to meet Rita. The Transporters are asking Tina to stay with them and Cyrano is pressuring Rita to leave for Greedom.
S01E06 Chapitre de la vérité 08/05/2007 As the tension between Wellber and Sangatras increases, Tina and Rita enter the kingdom of Ron but are soon separated by a snowstorm. Galahad soon catches up with them and Rita must face him without Tina, but he is bitten by a poisonous spider and Rita decides to help him. The truth behind the night of the murder attempt comes to light.
S01E07 Chapitre de la recherche 15/05/2007 On their way to the town of Roam, Tina and Rita get intercepted by a sentry guard who inspect them before entering. However, they soon realize that not only their gold is gone, but so is the petition.
S01E08 Chapitre de la confession 22/05/2007 Galahad is questioning himself about his role in the war, as well as what happened that night with prince Gernia, which seems strikingly linked to a series of murders involving young women. Galahad asks to visit the prince, who has recovered from his fight with princess Rita, and learns something that could endanger both countries.
S01E09 Chapitre de l'adieu 29/05/2007 Rita orders Tina to stop her stealing streak but she's tired of this. Although Tina promised to keep her hands clean, rumors of a female masked thief stir up some casualties between the girls.
S01E10 Chapitre du lien 05/06/2007 Tina is fired by princess Rita from her bodyguard services after witnessing her with a stolen vase. However, with the help of Jin, Rita soon realizes that Tina has been framed, and she starts to look for her to apologize.
S01E11 Chapitre de la lamentation 12/06/2007 Galahad tries to forget the latest events by helping a local town. Meanwhile Jamille confronts prince Gernia, with dire consequences.
S01E12 Chapitre des sentiments 19/06/2007 In order to save a group of passengers aboard a ship, Rita agree to be taken to Gernia. Tina and Jin then prepare themselves to save the princess, who just made a frightening discovery.
S01E13 Chapitre de la guerre sanglante 26/06/2007 Tina, Jin and Galahad storm Gernia's castle in order to save Rita. Meanwhile, Rita is told the prince's story as well as his gruesome hobbies.
S02E01 Le chapitre des retrouvailles 01/01/2008 The gang finally arrives in Greedom in one last hope to prevent a war between Wellber and Sangatras. While Rita discusses diplomatic matters with the King of Greedom, Tina and Jin investigate the local guild to get information about the wasp tattoo murderer. Though even both girls are getting what they want, something is still missing between each other.
S02E02 Le chapitre des cicatrices 08/01/2008 The gang arrives at Regalu, a once-small town turned into ruins, which brings back painful memories to Tina.
S02E03 Le chapitre des secrets 15/01/2008 After arriving in a local metropolis, Tina leaves shortly the group to gather more inforamtion on the wasp-tattooed man. After searching the whole town, she stumbles on a small house inhabited by a blind elderly woman. While doesn't suspect a thing from Tina, her grandson Reggie is quite relucant to even speak to her.
S02E04 Le chapitre des coeurs brisés 22/01/2008 Jin had enough of Galahad staying too close of Tina. In a carnival in a local town, Jin tries to admit his feelings to Tina.
S02E05 Le chapitre des vicissitudes 29/01/2008 Sherry gets struck by a fever. While she recovers, Tina and Rita try to get their minds straight about Galahad. Meanwhile, Galahad is dealing with the loss of Jamille.
S02E06 Chapitre de la résistance 05/02/2008 Tina investigates a guild lead by one of the wasp-tattooed man's subordinate while Rita and Gahalad infiltrate the local thief guild to back up Tina's operation
S02E07 Chapitre de la séparation 12/02/2008 A quarrel erupts between Tina and Rita when Tina learns about Rita's feelings for Galahad, cause him to leave the team.
S02E08 Chapitre du souvenir 19/02/2008 The gang finally arrive to Wellber, but Bergerac occurs malfunctionning problems. While they look for an engineer in order to repair him, Bergerac tells them about his origins.
S02E09 Chapitre du tueur à la guêpe 26/02/2008 Rita introduces Tina and Galahad to her father and makes an announcement about her marriage with Galahad, much to Weiss's dismay. Tina also learns the shocking truth about her bounty.
S02E10 Chapitre de l'assassinat 04/03/2008 Tina investigates the Death Wasp murderer within the castle wall and discovers that her target is none other than Rita's brother, Rodin. Meanwhile, the king of Greedom is making his moves against Sangatras.
S02E11 Chapitre de la déclaration 11/03/2008 Greedom launch a full-scaled assault against Wellber, using a massive warship stolen from the Sangatras Kingdom
S02E12 Chapitre du destin 18/03/2008 The Rodin team which is composed of Rodin, Rita, Tina and the King of Wellber boards Greedom's warship using small aircraft, but it's not long before the King of Wellber and Princess Rita are captured.
S02E13 Chapitre de la réalisation 25/03/2008 Rodin and Tina manage to destroy the warship's engine room, while Rita arrives in time to save her father. However, this victory over Greedom has its share of losses.