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Whack-O! was a British sitcom TV series starring Jimmy Edwards, written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, and broadcast from 1956 to 1960 and 1971 to 1972. The series (in black and white) ran on the BBC from 1956 to 1960 and (in colour) from 1971 to 1972. Edwards took the part of Professor James Edwards, M.A., the drunken, gambling, devious, cane-swishing headmaster who tyrannised staff and children at Chiselbury public school (described in the opening titles as "for the sons of Gentlefolk").


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Whack-O!

S02E01 The TV Set 01/10/1957 Brigadier Taplow wants to see the new TV he has donated to the school, unaware that it is no longer in a working condi­tion. The staff and students are forced to create their own broadcast, projected into the empty TV case via a giant pen-scope.
S02E02 The Girl 08/10/1957 Professor Edwards awaits the arrival of Harry Littlewood, son of the British Consul-General to Fernando Po. But when young Harry turns out to be a ‘Harriet’, a deception must be staged, with Pettigrew playing the Consul-General’s wife.
S02E03 Jim’s Attempt To Win Respect 15/10/1957 Following a spate of schoolboy pranks, the school governor warns the Head that he must earn the boys’ admiration. Jim decides to be seen saving the school trophies from a dangerous, armed burglar (Pettigrew).
S02E04 The Marchioness 22/10/1957 When Jim hears Dr. Sopwith of Melchester is to meet a new prospective parent, the Marchioness of Retford, he ensures that Chiselbury will take on her 13 year old son instead. However the Marchioness insists on a married Headmaster, and a suitable woman cannot be found.
S02E05 The £25 Outing Money 29/10/1957 The Headmaster finds himself needing to replace the Lower Third’s outing money, which he has borrowed to purchase a Ph.D. gown and degree. Suddenly hope is offered in the guise of an old schoolboy burglar and a falsified insurance claim.
S02E06 Pettigrew Takes Over 05/11/1957 The school governor is aghast when Wordsworth’s Daffodils is judged the winner of the original poetry competition, and Edwards is sacked. Pettigrew is duly promoted, introducing new ‘progressive education’ policies.
S02E07 12/11/1957
S02E08 19/11/1957
S02E09 26/11/1957
S02E10 The End-Of-Term Report 03/12/1957 On the last day of term, Jim has written a vindictive damning report. As a result, he falls victim to a campaign of psychological warfare, aimed at persuading him to produce a more favourable assessment.
S03E01 Exposure! 23/09/1958 A wealthy American, Mrs. Van Stuyvesant, enrolling her son Marvin for the new term, turns out to be a Sunday newspaper reporter, investigating corruption in phony private schools. Jim endeavours to prevent the story from being published.
S03E02 This Is Your Life 30/09/1958 Unable to produce Pettigrew’s back-pay enabling him to visit his elderly aunt in Australia, Edwards offers to bring her to England instead. The plan is to encourage the BBC to feature his assistant as the subject on This Is Your Life. A fictitious Pettigrew story is concocted, highlighting daring sea rescues and heroic action with the Indian army.
S03E03 The New Matron 07/10/1958 The masters have to take on all the domestic duties following matron’s departure. When Mr. Lumley sees the appalling condition of his son, he insists that a replacement be found. His choice is a dictatorial battleaxe, so Jim dreams up a bogus illness to force her resignation.
S03E04 The Burglary 14/10/1958 When the cash box from a £500 laundry robbery is found in the school grounds, Prof. Edwards suspects Lumley and Taplow, and the boys suspect their Headmaster. Then the real burglars return…
S03E05 The Boxing Championship 21/10/1958 Mr. Lumley wants to see his son achieving something, so Jim decides A. J. Lumley should win a boxing championship. The boy is initially reluctant, until he falls in love with Deirdre at mixed ballroom dancing classes.
S03E06 The Whacking Machine 28/10/1958 With his flogging arm in a sling after a football ‘accident’, the Headmaster is at the mercy of schoolboy pranks. That is, until he introduces a caning machine, dubbed the ‘TERRA’. Is Chiselbury about to enter a ‘golden age of obedience’?
S03E07 The Popularity Ballot 04/11/1958 An old boy has left £100 to be awarded to the most popular school personality, as decided by ballot. Jim is determined to win, so he organises a publicity stunt. Our hero will overpower a maniacal Pettigrew, who is threatening to blow up the school.
S04E01 The Russian Visitor 12/05/1959 In preparation for a visit by the Russian Under-minister of Culture, the Headmaster orders in various exhibits from the Victoria & Albert museum, hoping to pass them off as the pupils’ handiwork. Meanwhile, a booby-trapped bottle of whisky almost starts World War III!
S04E02 The Factory 19/05/1959 The Head is told he is eight years in arrears with the rent for the school playing fields, and that consequently the land has been sold for industrial development. With his protests falling on deaf ears, Jim impersonates the proposed factory owner in a bid to enlist support from the villagers
S04E03 The Upjohn Statue 26/05/1959 In need of money to settle outstanding bills, Jim decides to make use of an unwanted Greek statue. He sends out letters requesting donations for the purchase of a memorial to spurious old boy, Samuel Upjohn.
S04E04 The Fête 02/06/1959 Keen to once again host the annual village fête, Prof. Edwards promises a performance of the Chiselbury floral dance, con-ducted by Mr. Halliforth. When the boys discover they will be dressing up as flowers, a sit-down strike is called.
S04E05 Mr. Phipps’ Bet 09/06/1959 Charles Phipps’ father wagers £50that the Headmaster cannot outwit his son within a month. Jim arranges a public flogging for Phipps, until he finds something worth more to him than money — the perfect wife.
S04E06 The Cross-Country Cup 16/06/1959 Jim pays his staff using the money given to him for the purchase of a sports day trophy. A cup is ordered on approval from the jewellers, with the Head relying on his champion to win the race. But hopes are not high as Mr. Pettignew dons his running togs.
S05E01 The New Post 10/11/1959 When Jim learns that the Americans have taken oven a local airfield and a Headmaster is needed to teach their children, he offers his services. Unfortunately, his Chiselbury contract can’t be broken unless he is dismissed for gross moral turpitude.
S05E02 Task Master 17/11/1959 Crombie overhears a conversation about a schoolboy taking his teacher to court for excessive cruelty. After receiving six of the best, he too brings his case before a magistrate, alleging that Prof. Edwards administered 347 whacks!
S05E03 The Inspector’s Visit 24/11/1959 Jim allows his boys to become guinea pigs for St. Tallulah’s girls’ cookery class, believing it will become useful as a threat. When the meal turns into a success, the threat becomes an incentive for hand work before the inspector’s visit.
S05E04 The Empty Cash Box 01/12/1959 The governor’s chartered accountant nephew, examining the accounts, finds a cash box with £30 missing. To replace the money, Prof. Edwards takes over Crombie and Potter’s insur­ance scheme against whacking.
S05E05 Madison Avenue 08/12/1959 Jim attempts to fund an advertising campaign for new pupils. A commercial is filmed, but must be scrapped when the son of a BBC governor is sent to Chiselbury.
S05E06 The Recording 15/12/1959 Pettigrew has promised Mr. Dinwiddie a cottage for his long service present, and the Headmaster decides a hit tune for the school will bring in the loot. Vera Lynn is persuaded to come and sing The Chiselbury Boating Song at Dinwiddie’s bedside, unaware that her performance is being recorded!
S07E01 Pools Win 22/11/1960 Seeing no benefit in his £38,000 pools win, Pettigrew plans to give it all to the Four-Footed Friends Fund. Disgusted, Jim urges him to first sample the fleshpots, so they head off for a night of wine, women and song at the flashy Ritz-Canton.
S07E02 Mildred’s Little Bit 29/11/1960 The lovesick geography master, Mr. Halliforth, announces his engagement to Mildred, daughter of the village tea shop proprietor. The Headmaster convinces him of the folly of such a union until he learns of a £8000 inheritance.
S07E03 The New Master 06/12/1960 Mr. Halliforth departs and his Welsh replacement, Mr. Mor­gan, demands that the teachers’ salaries are raised to regulation levels. To find the money, Jim plans to run adult evening classes, until he discovers a demand for English lessons for foreign domestics.
S07E04 Chiselbury Experiment 13/12/1960 Jim decides to give a poor urchin free education at Chiselbury and ensures maximum publicity by appearing on the Tonight TV show. Suddenly he has two weeks to make a gen­tleman out of a young tough from the Dockland slums.
S07E05 Jim’s Better Self 20/12/1960 The Head is preparing for a winter holiday in St. Moritz when the doctor diagnoses an infectious case of measles in the school. Jim upsets Pettigrew by refusing to authorise extra food for the quarantined boys, and so suffers a troubled sleep during which he is visited by his conscience.
S07E06 Jim Ahoy 27/12/1960 Visiting disciplinarian Admiral Sir Archibald Ballard is concerned about Chiselbury’s 95% school leaver unemployment figures. He insists that before his next visit, Prof. Edwards appoint a vocational guidance master and find a position for the unemployable R. A. Hunter.
S08E01 Exposure! 27/11/1971
S08E02 The New Uniform 04/12/1971
S08E03 The Inspector’s Visit 11/12/1971
S08E04 The Quiz Game 18/12/1971
S08E05 The New Post 01/01/1972
S08E06 The School Council 08/01/1972
S08E07 The Whacking Machine 15/01/1972
S08E08 The Upjohn Statue 22/01/1972
S08E09 Pettigrew Takes Over 29/01/1972
S08E10 The Old Lag 05/02/1972
S08E11 Top School 12/02/1972
S08E12 The Recording 19/02/1972
S08E13 The Popularity Ballot 26/02/1972