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Welcome to the What a Dummy guide at TV Tome.There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. The premise of the show was the discovery of a wisecracking ventriloquist dummy named Buzz, who had been locked away in a trunk for 50 years.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de What a Dummy

S01E01 What a Dummy 30/09/1990
S01E02 My Hero 07/10/1990
S01E03 The Contractor From Hell 14/10/1990
S01E04 Whose Life Is It Anyway? 21/10/1990
S01E05 The Champ 28/10/1990
S01E06 Good Neighbor Branigan 04/11/1990
S01E07 Car Wars 11/11/1990
S01E08 Grandpa Lou 18/11/1990
S01E09 What I Did for Love 25/11/1990
S01E10 The Substitute 02/12/1990
S01E11 Unmarried... with Children 09/12/1990
S01E12 Bringing Up Baby 27/01/1991
S01E13 Buzz Is Loaded 03/02/1991
S01E14 Fear Itself 10/02/1991
S01E15 The Babysitter 17/02/1991
S01E16 Tucker Is on the Air 24/02/1991
S01E17 Mr. Grumbacher's Talent Show 03/03/1991
S01E18 My Imaginary Friend 10/03/1991
S01E19 The Vacation That Never Was 17/03/1991
S01E20 Buzz for Sale 28/04/1991
S01E21 The Nudge Who Came to Dinner 05/05/1991
S01E22 Treasure of the Sierra Secaucus 12/05/1991
S01E23 Knock on Wood 19/05/1991
S01E24 Toys Aren't Us 26/05/1991