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The internet is filled with wild videos of people who have unwittingly put science to the test. They've wondered what would happen if they attached rockets to a skateboard. And if a concrete canoe can float. And how many leaf blowers it takes to power a homemade hovercraft. Many of these videos garner millions of views because their exploits have failed, often with hilarious consequences. Now, Science Channel is experimenting with some of the internet's most infamous video flubs in its newest series WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?, world premiering Saturday, February 7 at 10 PM ET/PT. In each of ten episodes, real-life friends Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds decipher what went wrong in the most outrageous internet video fails and make it their personal mission to successfully recreate each experiment with sound science and a little personal creativity.


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S01E01 Trash Can Rocketeers 07/02/2015
S01E02 In-Human Slingshot 14/02/2015 Kevin & Grant hit the streets to make the fastest Motorized Trike! They turn a childhood game into a risky test of distance and accuracy with their Uber Water Slide. The rapid-fire action of a Meatball Gatling Gun takes culinary arts to a new level.
S01E03 Lawnmower Jousting Royale 21/02/2015 While examining the principles of armor design, Grant and Kevin challenge each other to lawnmower jousting for backyard glory; the guys try a water-, shock- and bullet-resistant cell phone case.
S01E04 Homemade Hovercraft Hijinks 28/02/2015 Kevin & Grant test their skills when building a Homemade Hovercraft capable of crossing land and sea. How can a Merry-Go-Round produce Top Gun G-forces? Add motorcycle muscle. The guys attempt to defy gravity and walk on the ceiling in Magnetic Boots.
S01E05 Concrete Canoe Challenge 07/03/2015 Kevin & Grant attempt to reach 30mph riding an improvised Rocket Skateboard! A Catapult built from scraps gets dialed it in for a basketball shooting competition - Man vs Machine. Kevin is convinced the power of buoyancy will float a 400lb Concrete Canoe.
S01E06 Backyard Volcano Blowup 14/03/2015 Kevin & Grant try to survive a 30mph ride through rough terrain in their Off-Road Soap Box Racers. The classic homemade Volcano gets supersized into a 3-stage eruption. Aerodynamics and a 46-year old gridiron record are challenged by a Football Cannon.
S01E07 Jumbo Paper Plane 21/03/2015 Grant and Kevin soar to new heights with a Giant Paper Airplane that can fly over two hundred yards! They try to stop a moving car with no brakes using their James Bond Car Brake. And they use pneumatics to create the Ultimate Beer Delivery.
S01E08 Deadly Donuts of Fire 28/03/2015 The guys build a vortex cannon; send a levitating racer around a track; and make a frosty bulletproof-glass mug.
S01E09 Kingpins of Chaos 00/00/0000 Kevin and Grant modify a go-kart to beat a truck in a head-to-head drag race; they build a radio-controlled bowling ball so they can bowl strikes at will and play paintball in the dark with homemade night vision goggles.
S01E10 Raiders of the Lost Keg 00/00/0000 The guys try to build an ATV that can crash, flip and land back on its wheels. They also chill a drink in under a minute; and attempt to send a camera to the edge of space.

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