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When the half-hour comedy series ''What's Happening!!'' began its domestic syndicated run in 1980, it proved even more successful than its original airing on network television from 1976-79. Thus was born ''What's Happening Now!!'', in which seven years have elapsed and the cast, headed by Ernest Thomas as Raj, Fred Berry as Rerun, Haywood Nelson Jr. as Dwayne, Shirley Hemphill as Shirley and with the addition of Anne-Marie Johnson as Nadine, are now young adults in their old neighborhood. Raj is still the aspiring writer, but he becomes half owner of Rob's Place, the favorite hangout of the old gang. Lovable, assertive waitress Shirley has saved her tips and gone in with Raj as silent partner. Slick-talking Rerun is a TV commercial pitchman, "Swami Stubbs," while his bachelor-apartment roommate, Dwayne, is studying computers. Raj now has a wife, Nadine, who is a college graduate and social worker, the very profile of a modern woman. Now if these three guys could manage to grow up¦


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de What's Happening Now!

S01E01 Raj Returns 02/09/1985 Roger returns to his old house with his new wife, reconnects with his friends and partners with Shirley to reboot Rob's Place.
S01E02 A Horse Is Not a Home 09/09/1985 A typo leads to Roger selling his house instead of a horse.
S01E03 The Houseguest 16/09/1985 The Thomases take in feuding roommates Dwayne and Rerun.
S01E04 One Enchanted Evening 23/09/1985 Raj tries to impress his mother-in-law.
S01E05 Dueling Menus 30/09/1985 Raj and Shirley bicker and compete for diner profits.
S01E06 Dwayne's Crush 07/10/1985 Dwayne falls for his dentist's wife, not knowing she is married.
S01E07 The New Kid 14/10/1985 A 10-year-old orphan is left at the diner and taken in by Raj and Nadine.
S01E08 The Bully 21/10/1985 Raj explains how he landed in jail dressed in a chicken suit.
S01E09 Dee's Dilemma 28/10/1985 Roger fumes when Dee decides to leave college to sell cosmetics.
S01E10 Aunt Shirley 04/11/1985 Carolyn feels unloved and tries to leave.
S01E11 Raj on the Run 11/11/1985 Raj disguises as a woman to evade two FBI agents.
S01E12 That Old Gang of Mine 18/11/1985 A tough gang menaces a party at the diner.
S01E13 The Challenge 25/11/1985 Raj accidentally accepts a match with a wrestler who takes the persona of an overgrown baby.
S01E14 Rags to Riches 02/12/1985 Rerun comes into money and lets it get to his head.
S01E15 Married or Not 09/12/1985 When Nadine feels neglected, she and Roger split up but find they can't stay apart.
S01E16 The Improbable Dream 16/12/1985 Carolyn is accidentally knocked unconscious and imagines the whole cast as characters from The Wizard of Oz.
S01E17 Goodbye, Mr. Ripps 06/01/1986 The guys plan a retirement party for a humorous former teacher.
S01E18 Dee and Dwayne 00/00/0000 When Dwayne takes Dee to a rock concert, a romance seems to flare up between them, much to the displeasure of protective brother Raj.
S01E19 Mr. First Nighter 00/00/0000 Raj writes a theater play, and to help him out in launching the project, his friends agree to take on the production's roles, where it appears they really begin to live out their parts with comical results.
S01E20 Shirley's Pen Pal 00/00/0000 Romance blossoms for Shirley when the Navy seaman she has been writing to for years comes to town.
S01E21 Shirley's Pen Pal 03/02/1986 Romance blossoms for Shirley when her Navy pen pal pulls into port.
S01E22 The Wedding 00/00/0000 When the legality of their first wedding is questioned, Raj and Nadine decide to get married all over again.
S02E01 Nadine's Surprise 00/00/0000 Nadine surprises Roger by bringing his estranged father to him.
S02E02 Shirley's Landlord 00/00/0000 Shirley gathers her friends and fellow tenants to confront her evil landlord.
S02E03 The Movie Deal 00/00/0000 Roger's screenplay opportunity is actually Nadine's case study on homeless women.
S02E04 Picture Perfect 00/00/0000 Roger discovers that a nude painting of Nadine is part of a prominent art exhibit.
S02E05 Raj's Nightmare 00/00/0000 Roger's mother-in-law puts a damper on his dream fishing trip with Dwayne.
S02E06 Party Animal 00/00/0000 At Dwayne's party, Roger's drinks too much and wakes up with a strange woman.
S02E07 Shirley's Little Sister 00/00/0000 Shirley volunteers to be a big sister to a teenage girl.
S02E08 Raj's Big Break 00/00/0000 Raj is misled by a psychiatric patient posing as a book publisher.
S02E09 Thy Boss's Daughter 00/00/0000 Dwayne dates the boss' daughter.
S02E10 Cabin Fever 00/00/0000 Nadine, Shirley and Dee are stranded in a secluded mountain cabin while an escaped convict prowls outside.
S02E11 Instant Family 00/00/0000 To impress an old schoolmate, Shirley pretends to be Raj's wife and the mother of two children.
S02E12 Old Army Daze 00/00/0000 A poker game with Dwayne's old army buddy almost costs Roger his car and the diner.
S02E13 The Yard Sale 00/00/0000 While planning a yard sale, Dee and Roger reminisce.
S02E14 Dwayne's Amiga 00/00/0000 Dwayne falls in love with a Salvadoran nurse who is killed when fighting erupts in her village.
S02E15 Sorority Sisters 00/00/0000 Dee's sorority sister's prank costs Roger $500 prize money in a poetry competition.
S02E16 Mad Money 00/00/0000 Roger convinces himself Nadine is having an affair.
S02E17 Dee's Suitor 00/00/0000 Dee's lovesick admirer drives the Thomases crazy with his obnoxious attempts to win her affection.
S02E18 I'll Be Homeless for Christmas 00/00/0000 Roger realizes his nightmare about being homeless during Christmas is a reality for many.
S02E19 Taking the Rap 00/00/0000 A rap group records a radio commercial for the sinking diner business.
S02E20 Opening Day 00/00/0000 Rob's Place sponsors a little league baseball team whose opponent is led by Roger's high school nemesis.
S02E21 Raj on the Double 00/00/0000 Roger's lookalike criminal cousin escapes from prison.
S02E22 The Housekeeper 00/00/0000 Nadine and Roger hire a woman from the Arctic Circle as maid and then host her bizarre ceremonial wedding in their living room.
S03E01 Ask Al 00/00/0000 After taking a job as an advice columnist, Shirley inadvertently breaks up Dwayne's relationship.
S03E02 The Boxer 00/00/0000 Roger invests in a professional boxer.
S03E03 The New Employee 00/00/0000 Shirley's new employee Maurice turns the diner into a teen nightclub to impress a girl.
S03E04 The Hat Comes Back 00/00/0000 Shirley obtains an auction item for charity from a visiting singing star.
S03E05 Dwayne's Big Step 00/00/0000 After being fired, Dwayne buys a magic shop.
S03E06 Girls' Night Out 00/00/0000 Roger and Dwayne try to rescue Dee from a police raid on a male strip club.
S03E07 The Candidate 00/00/0000 Maurice runs for class president and risks his friendship with Daryl in the process.
S03E08 Family Life 00/00/0000 With her biological clock ticking, Shirley is determined to find the right man.
S03E09 Runnin' Scared 00/00/0000 Competitive friends Roger and Dwayne enter a charity run.
S03E10 Nadine's Wood-Be Father 00/00/0000 Nadine objects to her mother's plans to wed a ventriloquist.
S03E11 The Pad 00/00/0000 Maurice and Daryl have their evening with two college sisters spoiled when the girls' father shows up.
S03E12 Teacher's Threat 00/00/0000 Maurice takes his teacher's daughter out dancing.
S03E13 Daddy's Back 00/00/0000 Shirley's father visits but is too busy to attend a banquet in her honor.
S03E14 I Gotta Be Raj 00/00/0000 A bump on the head causes Dwayne to think Nadine is his wife.
S03E15 Run, Shirley, Run 00/00/0000 Shirley makes a councilman realize why he was elected to office.
S03E16 The Older Woman 00/00/0000 Roger sees Dwayne with his girlfriend's grandmother and jumps to the wrong conclusion.
S03E17 Happy Face 00/00/0000 The diner is threatened when Shirley decides to deed her half to a con man.
S03E18 The Fabulous Fortunes 00/00/0000 Shirley teaches an awkward young boy to dance.
S03E19 Shirley's Debt 00/00/0000 Shirley moonlights as a salesperson dressed as a clown and wins a trip to Hawaii.
S03E20 Man in Motion 00/00/0000 Dee falls in love with a wheelchair-bound stand-up comic.
S03E21 Members Only 00/00/0000 Nadine makes a point by applying to Roger's exclusive club under a man's identity.
S03E22 Adventures of Kangaroo Kincaide 00/00/0000 A plan to fake a bear attack on Raj while camping backfires when a real bear appears.