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From frescoes to fast food, bridges to bikinis, the Romans brought us a variety of innovations that changed the landscape of Britain and the lifestyles of its inhabitants for ever. The Romans were mass-producers, capitalists and bureaucrats who during their 400-year stay in Britain built dozens of towns and miles of roads, leaving a fascinating and complex legacy that forms the basis of much of our technology today. Based on the BBC series of the same name, What The Romans Did For Us investigates the innovations the Romans brought to our shores and assesses their considerable impact on our lives. Presented by Adam Hart-Davies, the series features demonstrations and reconstructions of extraordinary Roman devices, and provides a fascinating insight into the Roman occupation of the land they named Britannia. Beginning with AD 43, when Emperor Claudius' massive invasion force landed in Kent, What The Romans Did For Us assesses the Romans' expertise and the impact of their large and well-disciplined armies, the like of which had never before been seen in Britain. It looks at their vast constructions of roads, bridges and towns, and investigates the day-to-day lives of the Romans - from their many forms of entertainment and decorative arts to food and wine and personal hygiene. It also features behind-the-scenes photography of some of the reconstructions from the series, including the long-distance signalling of messages on Hadrian's Wall, the reconstruction of a Roman catapult siege weapon, and the testing of an inflatable bridge. From fire engines, aqueducts and Roman banquets to bagpipes, ballistas and high-rise apartments, What The Romans Did For Us unravels the mysteries of Roman innovations and provides an alternative and dynamic history of the people that transformed Britain.


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S01E01 Life of Luxury 31/12/2000 Hart-Davis investigates the lavish lifestyles of the Romans, visiting the sumptuous villa at Fishbourne, West Sussex, the famous bath complex in Bath and enjoying Roman cuisine.
S01E02 Invasion 31/12/2000 When the Roman army invaded Britain in force in the spring of AD 43, they brought with them technology that must have astonished the native Celts. To begin with the Roman weapons were far better - they had good swords, spears, and several machines to throw missiles.
S01E03 Building Britain 31/12/2000 Hart-Davis analyses the Romans' ingenious farming methods and looks at the creation of early towns. He visits York and discovers the remains of the Roman city and a Roman sewer that is still working.
S01E04 Arteries of the Empire 31/12/2000 Hart-Davis analyses the Romans' ingenious surveying methods that enabled them to build their arrow-straight roads. He also commisions a replica of an ingenious giant water wheel used to remove water from flooded Welsh gold mines.
S01E05 Edge of Empire 31/12/2000 Hart-Davis visits Hadrian's Wall and demonstrates how communications were the key to the success of the Roman military machine.
S01E06 Ahead of their Time 31/12/2000 Adam Hart-Davis rediscovers the innovations and inventions brought by the Romans to Britain. In this edition, he examines the forms of entertainment laid on during the 176 days per year that were public holidays in Roman times. Featuring the hydraulis, the first ever keyboard instrument. Plus a look at how the Romans introduced concrete.

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