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Everyone knows Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano is a champion on the ice, but he also gives a gold-medal performance in the kitchen! In the new daytime series What Would Brian Boitano Make?, Brian demonstrates his culinary skills and passion for one-of-a-kind entertaining. In every unpredictable episode, Brian hosts get-togethers at his San Francisco home. With a humorous and knowledgeable approach to cooking, Brian puts his unique spin on irresistible dishes like Chicken Paella Burgers, Pear and Almond Crostata, Crab and Avocado Crostini, and Bourbon Bacon Apple Tarts.


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S02E01 Parents' Night Out 00/00/0000 Brian decides to offer all of his friends with kids a kid-free dinner. No kids, no screaming babies, no dirty diapers - only 5 star food and a charming host. But can our super chef deliver a delicious dinner and play Super Nanny? Find out.
S02E02 Manuela Eats Chinese 00/00/0000 When Brian discovers his beloved buddy Manuela has never once tasted Chinese food, he decides to whip up a personalized Chinese feast. Brian fingers are crossed that Manuela's first foray into the far east food is far and away her best dining experience.
S02E03 Kristi Comes To Dinner 00/00/0000 In a jam, Brian's good pal Kristi Yamaguchi asks Brian if she can move her family gathering over to his place. Brian politely obliges, but can he really feed 15 Yamaguchis?
S02E04 Hawaiian Honeymoon 00/00/0000 Brian surprises his newlywed niece and her husband with a Hawaiian Honeymoon - in San Francisco! You'll go coconuts for Brian's island menu served at their own private Luau!
S02E05 Secret Society Scooter Club 00/00/0000 Brian throws a Sausage shindig for The Secret Society Scooter Club. They take him in as one of their own, but will his tasty recipes make them divulge the secret? Find Out.
S02E06 3 Amigos 00/00/0000 Brian's good friends and fellow skaters Michael Weiss and Steven Cousins are in town. A wager on mini-golf leaves Brian owing his buds a home cooked meal of their choosing. Can his menu of Missed Putt Pizza, Wellzones (Beef Wellington Calzones), Tartufo and Dark & Stormy cocktails even the score?
S02E07 Street Tweets 00/00/0000 After sampling some of San Francisco's finest food carts, Brian creates a cart of his own. Twittering his menu of Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Red Onion Jam, Cheese Cart Mac & Cheese, Halloumi Skewers, and Marscapone Cheesecake, Brian hopes if he tweets it, they will come.
S02E08 Cuban Salsa Party 00/00/0000 Brian's throwing his friend Renee Roca a Salsa Party. To get things groovin', Brian makes an authentic Cuban feast of Roasted Pork with Citrus Mojo Marinade, Arroz Con Pollo Bites, Coconut Flan and Blood Orange Mojitos.
S02E09 Band Aid 00/00/0000 With his nephew's band crashing at his place, Brian rocks an impromptu party, and his menu is music to your mouth: Southwestern Sopapillas, Italian Chicken Sliders with Tomato Jam, Chicken Fried Steak on a Stick, and Fudgey, Gooey Brownies.
S02E10 Guy's Ride 00/00/0000 Brian makes over his handyman's car, and makes a meal worth driving for. His West Coast Burger, What Up, Dog? (Hot Dog with Sweet Pickled Relish & Spicy Onion Sauce), Pimp My Fries, and Coffee & Donuts Shake will make you brake for flavor.

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