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On February 5, 1994, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? debuted on the Fox Network. The series was on Fox until the fall of 1996. There was a limited three episode run in the spring of 1997 until the series was put on hiatus until it was picked up by the Fox Family Channel. From 1998-1999, Fox Family aired all but one episode of the final season, "Cupid Sandiego." The series was given a very short run on the PAX televison network, but once they scrapped their morning cartoon programing, Carmen disappeared. Carmen can currently be seen on local networks in syndication.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

S01E01 The Stolen Smile 05/02/1994 Carmen steals parts of famous artwork to try to create her own personal masterpiece.
S01E02 A Higher Calling 12/02/1994 Zack and Ivy puruse Carmen to Ayer's Rock where she has brought items of mysterious origins together in an attempt to contact aliens.
S01E03 Dinosaur Delirium 19/02/1994 Carmen steals top secret genetic research and attempts to create her own dinosaur
S01E04 Moondreams 05/03/1994 Carmen's dream of landing on the moon inspires her to try and make it come true. She also decides to leave a little reminder of her feat- a painted silhouette of herself on the lunar surface.
S01E05 By a Whisker 12/03/1994 Carmen kidnapps two white lion cubs and sets up her own game preserve for them.
S01E06 The Good Old, Bad Old Days 19/03/1994 The Player challenges Carmen to a low-tech crime. Carmen accepts the Player's challenge and attempts to steal the Orient Express. Zack and Ivy need some help to solve Carmen's clues and are partnered with a gaucho detective named Armando.
S01E07 Rules of the Game 09/04/1994 Zack and Ivy are partnered with a Russian detective as they follow Carmen's game-like clues to Hawaii for a ""winner-take-all"" chess game.
S01E08 Music to My Ears 23/04/1994 Carmen figures out a way to steal musical talent and transfers it to her two talentless henchwomen. She decides to showcase her accomplishment in a concert inside the stolen Sydney Opera House
S01E09 Chapter & Verse 30/04/1994 Carmen steals objects that have to do with literature such as Mark Twain's writing desk, Charles Dickens's inkwell, and a jungle ruin like the one that appears in the Jungle Book. They follow Carmen's clues to a remote hideaway in the Swiss Alps where they think Carmen was writing her memoirs. However, she was actually sending the detectives on a wild goose chase while Sara Bellum had tapped into Acme's files and stolen them all.
S01E10 The Play's the Thing 07/05/1994 Carmen goes on a ""Wizard of Oz""-related heist.
S02E01 A Date with Carmen (1) 06/09/1994 Carmen goes back in time to steal obhgects that can change history. (i.e., the shoe on Paul Revere's horse, and the tea from the Boston Tea Party)
S02E02 A Date with Carmen (2) 13/09/1994 After recovering Ben's key, Zack and Ivy travel back to Boston and discover Carmen stole Paul Revere's horseshoe. They fail to recover it then and chase Carmen to England and prevent her from stealing the uncracked Liberty Bell. They manage to recover the horseshoe, but Carmen reminds them she can simply travel back through time and steal it again. Zack and Ivy follow her to Paul Revere's barn, but she gets away. Then the detectives return the horseshoe and history returns to normal. In the present day, Zack sets the Chronskimmer down for a moment and it disappears...
S02E03 Split Up 03/10/1994 Zack creates a computer, the Zack Attack 20,000, which he believes will capture Carmen. However, when Carmen escapes with one of the treasures Zack had the computer protect, Ivy decides that she doesn't want to put her faith in it. The siblings go their own separate ways on this case, until Ivy is captured by Carmen.
S02E04 Skull and Double-Crossbones 10/10/1994 Carmen and her band of pirates attempt to tske over a submarine.
S02E05 Scavenger Hunt 17/10/1994 When Carmen steals famous gifts from around the world, Zack and Ivy are puzzled- especially since her clues are in the form of a scavenger hunt. Suddenly, the detectives realize why Carmen is doing this. It's her birthday and she is stealing these famous gifts to give them to herself.
S02E06 Hot Ice 24/10/1994 Carmen warns the Player that her next crime ""promises to be a real gem."" Soon he and the detectives discover what Carmen meant. She created a large diamond and uses it to cause an information traffic jam across Acme's frequencies.
S02E07 All for One 31/10/1994 Two of Carmen's henchmen try to melt down a golden shrine. They foul up and Carmen has to rescue them from the police. After stealing objects that encourage teamwork, Carmen and her henchmen return to the shrine to attempt the theft again- except this time, Carmen supervises the operation.
S02E08 When It Rains 28/03/1995 After the detectives get word of that Carmen stole the Spruce Goose and trashed the airport to do so, they are quite puzzled by this un-Carmenlike action. They follow clues to Chile where they meet up with Carmen- only she's being held prisoner by Sara Bellum. Sara imprisons the detectives as well and reveals to them and Carmen her ""grand scheme."" She plans to pull off a grand theft disguised as Carmen and if the theft is successful, she will reveal herself and turn Carmen over to the police.
S02E09 Deja Vu 08/04/1995 Carmen begins to steal items that she once saved from other criminals to lure her ex-partner, Suhara, out of retirement. Suhara joins Zack and Ivy to pursue Carmen- much to Zack's dismay. Zack feels Suhara is too old to be of any assistance. He soon learns to respect Suhara and even though they ultimately lose Carmen, Zack learns a valuable lesson that he'll never forget.
S02E10 Boyhood's End (1) 15/04/1995 Famous ACME detective Lee Jordon comes to town. But there's about him.
S02E11 Boyhood's End (2) 22/04/1995 As it turns out, Lee Jordan works for Carmen, and is attempting ""the biggest heist ever"".
S03E01 The Tigress 16/09/1995 When Carmen attempts to steal several items having to do with military strategies, she is foiled several times by ""The Tigress,"" a thief with a lot of high-tech weaponery of her own. Meanwhile, Zack and Ivy rush into tell Chief something, but he doesn't listen until Carmen starts to listen in on their frequency, so now they can't tell Chief their secret. Every time from that point forward, when Carmen tries to steal something, the Tigress takes it first. The Tigress lures Carmen to Antarctica, where she reveals herself to be Ivy in disguise. Carmen was ambushed by Acme detectives and taken away, but escapes when she steals Ivy's CO2 boots Zack invented, and rockets away.
S03E02 The Remnants 23/09/1995 Carmen's thefts all seem to follow a Wizard of Oz theme. While chasing after Carmen, Zack and Ivy discover that Carmen was an orphan. They trail her to the Golden Gate Girls' School which is about to be torn down. The detectives recover all the stolen objects except for the orphanage. Zack and Ivy see this theft as being almost justified though because it was about to be torn down and was the only home Carmen ever knew.
S03E03 Curses, Foiled Again 30/09/1995 Zack and Ivy manage to capture Carmen in Hawaii. However, Zack loses his lucky rabbit's foot and begins to believe he's cursed with bad luck. Meanwhile, Carmen escapes and tries to teach her superstitious henchwoman, Hannah Lulu that there's no such thing as curses or ghosts. Hannah has a panic attack though when Zack and Ivy scare her at a supposedly haunted site. They manage to capture her but Carmen escapes. She leaves behind something Zack was glad to see again- his lucky rabbit's foot. He then gives it to Hannah and wonders if carrying around a special Hawaiian plant will give him better luck.
S03E04 Birds of a Feather 07/10/1995 Somehow, the world's largest diamond, the Star of Africa, was stolen. The police are baffled and it's up to Zack and Ivy to figure this mystery out. They soon discover that one of Carmen's henchmen tried to double-cross her and keep the diamond for himself. With a little trickery of their own, the detectives recover the diamond.
S03E05 Shaman Spirits 14/10/1995 Carmen's reoccurring nightmare sends to her to seek the help of three Native American shamans to interpret it. Meanwhile, Zack, Ivy and a Native American detective named Billy ""Running Bird,"" track Carmen to Devil's Tower where the meaning of her dream is revealed. Though Carmen is captured, the shamans let her go. They do not want to go back on their promise- they would interpret her dream in exchange for the return of the items she stole from them and a promise to not detain her in any way.
S03E06 Follow My Footprints 21/10/1995 It is reported that Carmen dies in a plane crash. The grief-stricken Chief is unable to help Zack and Ivy solve a series of clues that Carmen left behind to a final caper. The henchman who solves the most of them will be the new leader of V.I.L.E. Zack and Ivy manage to stop all of the thefts. They then travel to the site of Carmen's reported death to pay their last respects. Suddenly, a little bird delivers a message to ""look up."" When they do, they see Carmen was alive all that time. She had planned to fake her death to see who was worthy enough to take her place- and it turns out Zack and Ivy are the only ones who can!
S03E07 Labyrinth (1) 28/10/1995 Zack and Ivy discover Carmen's underground training facility and go undercover as henchmen in training to try and nab Carmen. However, Carmen discovers them and leads them to a chamber that seems to have no way out. There is one way- an escape into time. Carmen created another time machine and uses it to escape. The detectives use a new Chronoskimmer that the Chief gives them and they trace where Carmen is heading- the future.
S03E08 Labyrinth (2): Woman of the Year...2101 04/11/1995 Carmen arrives in the year 2101 where she stops a heist of a powerful electro-magnet. Meanwhile, Zack and Ivy arrive at the future Acme Detective Agency where the wacky Future Chief doesn't recognize them. They try to prove who they are, but run into a few scrapes with the law. Eventually they meet up with Carmen in Africa. Although the detectives expose that she is a criminal, she escapes with the magnet and Zack and Ivy end up captured.
S03E09 Labyrinth (3): When in Rome 11/11/1995 Zack and Ivy escape from the future and follow Carmen to Rome. There, the detectives are captured and are sentenced to fight each other in the Coliseum games. Luckily, they are spared from having to fight each other to the death. They escape, and discover Carmen's plan- she's going to steal the Coliseum! The detectives realize this is part of her plan to become ""the greatest thief of all time"" by stealing objects from the past, present, and future.
S03E10 Just Like Old Times 18/11/1995 Carmen gives herself a Christmas present by downloading The Chief. Only he's got a virus, and is losing his memory. He thinks that Carmen is still good, and that Zach and Ivy are thiefs.
S04E01 The Trial of Carmen Sandiego 09/09/1996 When Carmen is captured by a judge bent on sentencing her to life in prison, Zack and Ivy are appointed her defense team. Carmen was accused of recently stealing the Magna Carta, which she did not steal. Zack and Ivy try to gather evidence to prove Carmen did not commit this particular crime. But is she really involved after all?
S04E02 Trick or Treat 31/10/1996 When Carmen is tricked at a heist in China, she decides to get even with a Halloween surprise. She decides to set up a haunted house with items she's recently stolen. Zack is a bit frightened by all the spooky stuff in the house, and has to convince himself it's all fake.
S04E03 Retribution (1): The Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego 30/03/1998 Maelstrom, a thief who was caught by Carmen during her time as ACME-detective, escapes from prison, swearing revenge on her. At first, it is reported to the detectives that he died during his escape. The detectives are curious about him and The Chief tells them about his adventure with detective Carmen. During that adventure, Carmen and a robot version of the Chief stop Maelstrom from stealing the wreck of the Titanic. At the conclusion of the story, Ivy and Zack find out that Maelstrom is alive and see the opportunity to catch both Carmen and Maelstrom. However, when the detectives sneak aboard Maelstrom's ship, he captures them.
S04E04 Retribution (2): In Memoriam 31/03/1998 Zack and Ivy escape Maelstrom's ship and find out that Carmen still believes that Maelstrom died in his try to escape from the prison. Carmen wants to give him a worthy Viking-like funeral in Norway. Zack and Ivy find her beginning to give him such a funeral and are about to tell her that Maelstrom is alive when Maelstrom appears in a ship beside Carmen. He challenges her to come after him or die, and then speeds off. Carmen manages to get Zack and Ivy aboard her ship and they make an agreement to join forces to capture Maelstrom. Carmen remembered a clue he left, so she and the detectives follow it to Williamsburg Virginia where Maelstrom captures them and publicly humilates them in the stocks of the town square. Zack and Ivy escape and help Carmen do so as well. They get separated and the local police arrest the detectives for freeing Carmen!
S04E05 Retribution (3): Maelstrom's Revenge 01/04/1998 The Chief manages to convince the local sheriff to free Zack and Ivy. They meet up with Carmen again and persue Maelstrom. Malestrom begins to steal items and frames Carmen for their thefts! He wants to ruin her reputation as thief with a conscience.
S04E06 Timing is Everything 05/12/1998 Carmen's henchman Mason Dixon steals her time machine. Suddenly, he is the leader of V.I.L.E. and Carmen is only his henchwoman. Zack and and Ivy have to restore Mason's damage, and also stop him from trying to change the outcome of the Civil War
S04E07 Cupid Sandiego 12/12/1998 All ACME detectives are making holidays on the Seychelles. Josha, the genius of the detectives, is in love with Ivy but she doesn't notice. When Carmen tries to steal Josha's latest invention, she tries to distract the detectives by stealing highly romantic items.
S04E08 Can You Ever Go Home Again? (1) 26/12/1998 When Carmen tries to steal some treasures from industrialist Malcolm Avalon she discovers a painting representing her mother. At the same time Lee Jordan takes the decision to become the new leader of V.I.L.E. Avalon tells Carmen, that the medaillon she has with her, representing the same woman as on the painting, was a gift for his daughter, but he says, that Carmen can't be his daughter because she died in a fire and she would never have become a thief. To convince him she turns herself in to the police. When Lee abducts Avalon, she breaks out again. Lee says, that she will only see her father again if she works for him...
S04E09 Can You Ever Go Home Again? (2) 02/01/1999 This was the last episode made, leaving us with the question of if Carmen really found her father, and will she stop her life of crime.
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