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Chuck Martin and Pete "P.T." Moore, are the owners of Whirlybirds, Incorporated, a chopper for hire company based in California. Each week, Chuck and P.T. would find themselves called to help the local authorities in search and rescue, or fly a rich bigwig around. And of course, let's not forget the coolest of helicopters, the Bell 47, tail number N975B.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Whirlybirds

S01E01 Big U 03/01/1957
S01E02 Rampage 10/01/1957
S01E03 Boy On The Roof 17/01/1957
S01E04 Fire Fight 24/01/1957
S01E05 Hot Wire 31/01/1957
S01E06 Mountain Flight 07/02/1957
S01E07 Ghost Town Flight 14/02/1957 Three boys on a camping trip in the mountains explore a ghost town left after the minning ended in the California mountains. Two of the boys accidentally fall into an old mine shaft. The youngest boy goes out to find help even though he is far from civilization in the mountins. Chuck and P.T. see the boy from above in their helicopter and fly him to a hospital, then go back to try and find the other two boys and help them get back home.
S01E08 Hostage 21/02/1957
S01E09 Diamond Smugglers 28/02/1957
S01E10 Lynch Mob 07/03/1957
S01E11 Sky Net 14/03/1957
S01E12 Prison Break 21/03/1957
S01E13 Top of the Mountain 28/03/1957
S01E14 Operation Blue Hen 04/04/1957
S01E15 The Human Bomb 11/04/1957
S01E16 Missing Witness 18/04/1957
S01E17 The Egg Code 25/04/1957
S01E18 Superstition Mountain 02/05/1957
S01E19 Homicide Haven 09/05/1957
S01E20 Riptide 14/05/1957
S01E21 Black Pearl 23/05/1957
S01E22 Illegal Entry 30/05/1957
S01E23 Lady Luck 06/06/1957
S01E24 Hide and Seek 13/06/1957
S01E25 Hobson's Choice 20/06/1957
S01E26 Crisis 27/06/1957
S01E27 Journey to the Past 04/07/1957
S01E28 Aerial Circus 11/07/1957
S01E29 Cycle of Terror 18/07/1957 Sniper shootings have been happening around the area and it is being done by two kids on motorcyles who are doing it just for kicks. They spook Helen and her boyfriend when he takes her out for a ride on his motorcycle. Heading back to the airport the two boys confront them and pick a fight until Chuck and P.T. step in and chase the boys away. To get even the boys shoot at the helicopter as it flies overhead, damaging one of the fuel tanks. The boys then take a shot at Chuck and his friend while they are outside and accidently his friend, Bill, get shot in the arm. Chuck and P.T. give chase and catch one of the boys who can't start his cycle. The other gets away. P.T. manages to get the motorcyle started and heads out after the other boy. Chuck goes for the helicopter and together they corner the boy down in the canyons and bring him back to justice.
S01E30 Fury Canyon 25/07/1957
S01E31 The Rustlers 01/08/1957
S01E32 I'll Get Even 08/08/1957
S01E33 Incident in Del Rio 15/08/1957
S01E34 Sky Hook 22/08/1957
S01E35 The Secret Cove 29/08/1957
S01E36 Take a Little, Leave a Little 05/09/1957
S01E37 Airborne Gold 12/09/1957
S01E38 The Iron Mountain 17/09/1957
S01E39 Panic at Green Ridge 24/09/1957
S02E01 Seven Were Trapped 03/02/1958
S02E02 The Ashley Case 10/02/1958
S02E03 Hit and Run 17/02/1958
S02E04 The Runaway 24/02/1958
S02E05 The Brothers 03/03/1958
S02E06 Search for an Unknown Man 10/03/1958
S02E07 The Killer 17/03/1958
S02E08 Unwanted 24/03/1958
S02E09 Mister Q 31/03/1958
S02E10 Seven Orchids 07/04/1958
S02E11 Father and Son 14/04/1958
S02E12 Time Out of Mind 21/04/1958
S02E13 Buy Me a Miracle 28/04/1958
S02E14 Infra-Red 05/05/1958
S02E15 An Apple for the Teacher 12/05/1958
S02E16 Blind Date 19/05/1958
S02E17 Blind Victory 26/05/1958
S02E18 Copters and Robbers 02/06/1958
S02E19 If I Were King 09/06/1958
S02E20 Dog Gone 17/06/1958
S02E21 Fear 23/06/1958
S02E22 Time to Kill 30/06/1958
S02E23 Two Came Back 07/07/1958
S02E24 Summit Meeting 14/07/1958
S02E25 Robert Dixon, M.D. 20/10/1958
S02E26 Uncle Pete 27/10/1958
S02E27 Hideout 04/11/1958
S02E28 Baby Face 11/11/1958
S02E29 Glamour Girl 18/11/1958
S02E30 Address Unknown 25/11/1958
S02E31 The Story of Sister Bridgit 01/12/1958
S02E32 The Midnight Show 08/12/1958
S02E33 27 Pieces of Gold 15/12/1958
S02E34 Dead On Arrival 22/12/1958
S02E35 Act of Fate 29/12/1958
S02E36 Always a Gentleman 05/01/1959
S02E37 Road Block 12/01/1959
S02E38 C.O.D. 19/01/1959
S02E39 Rest in Peace 26/01/1959
S03E01 A Matter of Trust 06/04/1959
S03E02 Guilty of Old Age 13/04/1959
S03E03 Christmas in June 20/04/1959
S03E04 Till Death Do Us Part 27/04/1959
S03E05 Time Limit 04/05/1959
S03E06 Experiment X-74 11/05/1959
S03E07 His Brother's Keeper 18/05/1959
S03E08 Obsession 25/05/1959
S03E09 The Challenge 01/06/1959
S03E10 The Big Lie 08/06/1959
S03E11 Without a Net 15/06/1959
S03E12 The Fugitive 22/06/1959
S03E13 The Perfect Crime 29/06/1959
S03E14 The Unknown Soldier 06/07/1959
S03E15 Two of a Kind 13/07/1959
S03E16 In Ways Mysterious 20/07/1959
S03E17 The Deadly Game 27/07/1959
S03E18 Bankrupt Alibi 03/08/1959
S03E19 The Black Maria 10/08/1959
S03E20 Sitting Duck 17/08/1959
S03E21 Wanted: Alive 24/08/1959 When a plane flown by a veteran pilot disappears on a routine flight, the Whirlybirds are called in to assist in the search over the objections of the plane's co-owner. After discovering the crash site, Chuck and P.T. are disturbed to learn that the plane's controls were tampered with after the crash in an effort to fool the Civil Air Patrol investigators and are baffled when the police report that the pilot was dead before the plane even took off. Lt. Hurst asks the helicopter pilots to assist him to trap the man who actually flew the wrecked aircraft.
S03E22 The Deacon 31/08/1959
S03E23 Rita Ames Is Missing 07/09/1959
S03E24 Story of Mary Scott 14/09/1959
S03E25 Pink Is for Death 21/09/1959
S03E26 Star Witness 28/09/1959
S03E27 Mr. Jinx 05/10/1959
S03E28 File 777 12/10/1959
S03E29 Hot Cargo 19/10/1959
S03E30 Shoot Out 26/10/1959
S03E31 Man, You Kill Me 02/11/1959
S03E32 Dead Wrong 19/11/1959
S03E33 Four Little Indians 18/01/1960
S03E34 File 777 00/00/0000
S03E35 Hot Cargo 00/00/0000
S03E36 Shoot Out 00/00/0000
S03E37 Dead Wrong 00/00/0000
S03E38 Dead Wrong 00/00/0000
S03E39 Four Little Indians 00/00/0000