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Based on the best-selling and multi-award-winning novel by Zadie Smith, White Teeth is superbly adapted to the screen in this outstanding drama which features a compulsively watchable cast including Robert Bathurst, Phil Davis, Geraldine James, James McAvoy, Om Puri and more. Set in far from glamorous Willesden Green, London from the 1970s to the 1990s, White Teeth finds Archie Jones, interracially married to the post-Jehovah s Witness Clara, meeting up with an old colleague, Samad Iqbal who, with his family, has just arrived in England. The secrets they share from the past, and the secrets they will share in the future, are tossed and tumbled in a rich stew that bubbles with racial and sexual tension, new-found freedoms, old school politics, genetic science, animal liberation and the end of the world as we know it. It all adds up to a feast to be relished from start to finish. First broadcast on Channel 4 in 2002 and skillfully adapted by Simon Burke from the acclaimed novel by Zadie Smith, White Teeth is a colourful, decades-spanning chunk of recent history filtered through the lives of a small group of individuals. It begins with unhappy war veteran Archie Jones (Phil Davis, Bleak House, Sherlock) preparing to end his life in Willesden, London, 1974. A man whose most important decisions rest on the toss of a coin, Archie’s doleful fatalism illustrates both White Teeth’s rich seam of bleak humour and its reliance on fate and coincidence to propel the plot. The black comedy carries into the dialogue and the performances, as well as moments of absurd slapstick – watch out for Archie’s description of his first marriage, made all the funnier by Davis’ hangdog, deadpan performance. This exchange takes place during the first episode, in which he reconnects with an old army friend, Samad Iqbal (Om Puri, East is East, Charlie Wilson’s War). Samad, a blustering bon-vivant and pseudo intellectual, arrives in Willesden to fulfill an arranged marriage to a steely young br


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de White Teeth

S01E01 The Peculiar Second Marriage of Archie Jones 17/09/2002 It's 1974. Archie Jones is one of life's great losers. Even his attempt to kill himself is foiled by a passing butcher. The return of his old war comrade, Samad Iqbal, brings back a secret Archie has been trying to forget, and Samad's wedding to a feisty girl half his age makes lonely Archie feel even worse. Convinced that he 'picked up the wrong life in the cloakroom of existence', Archie is not expecting a sudden diversion to a funkier place. But on New Year's Eve, a chance encounter at a wild party changes everything.
S01E02 The Temptation of Samad Iqbal 24/09/2002 Samad Iqbal is in self-described 'chicken tikka purgatory', working as a waiter in his cousin's curry house and forced to sleep in the loft by his wife, Alsana, who is on sex-strike. Fate presents frustrated Samad with the ultimate test of his faith, in the shapely form of Poppy Burt-Jones, his twin sons' teacher. A passionate adulterous affair throws Samad into turmoil. He decides to try and make amends by saving his sons from the corruption of the West, although he can afford to send only one of them back to Bangladesh for a proper education in the old ways. Millat needs it most, but Magid saw his dad kissing Poppy.
S01E03 The Trouble with Millat 01/10/2002 It's 1992, and sexy Millat is 17, streetwise and idolised by Archie's daughter Irie, who is in turn adored by nerdy Josh Malfen. When all three get caught with a joint at school, their punishment is study classes with Josh's eccentric parents, controversial geneticists Marcus and Joyce. Millat charms Joyce, and soon moves in with them after Samad kicks him out. But before long, Joyce and Irie are heartbroken when Millat leaves to join an Islamic sect. Meanwhile, to Samad's horror, grown-up Magid is more 'British' than ever. He has a place at Oxford - and a secret benefactor who is flying him home.
S01E04 The Return of Magid Iqbal 08/10/2002 Magid arrives home in 1992 and moves in with his benefactor, Marcus Malfen. They are preparing for the launch of Malfen's breakthrough in genetic engineering - FutureMouse. However, there is trouble in store. Josh has run away to join F.A.T.E, an animal rights group with plans for mouse liberation. Millat is training with K.E.V.I.N, who think FutureMouse is an abomination. And Irie, now Malfen's secretary, is sick of his comments about her magnificent breasts. The FutureMouse launch day arrives and everyone is going. Will the twins reconcile with their parents? Will FutureMouse - and Malfen - escape the wrath of F.A.T.E and K.E.V.I.N?