Affiche Whodunnit? (UK)
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British game show in which celebrity panelists were shown a dramatised murder and had to guess the identity of the killer or killers from the clues presented.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Whodunnit? (UK)

S03E01 A Piece of Cake (Christmas Special) 26/12/1974 A man who recently inherited a fortune drops dead in the middle of his speech after the annual family dinner on Christmas Eve. There are six suspects - but which has the strongest motive? The sleuths are Wendy Craig, Leslie Crowther, Patrick Mower and Derek Nimmo.
S03E02 Portrait in Black 14/07/1975 Actor Norman Bowler and novelist Jackie Collins join regulars Anouska Hempel and Patrick Mower to follow another sprinkling of clues. As always, there are more than a few red herrings.
S03E03 Final Drive 21/07/1975 Many crimes are solved by pure deduction - or a process of elimination. Aimi MacDonald and Alfred Marks are the guest stars pitting their wits against the audience to solve another murder mystery.
S03E04 Pop Goes the Weasel 28/07/1975 A row is brewing within a famous pop group the Weasels. But before the showdown ensues, one of the group is murdered on stage. Guest stars are Paula Wilcox and Richard O'Sullivan.
S03E05 Evidence of Death 04/08/1975 A murder is committed in a research lab and the only clues are a ring and a matchbox. Scientist Magnus Pyke and actress Polly James put their heads together to try and solve another mystery in which nothing is quite as it might at first seem.
S03E06 Nothing to Declare 11/08/1975 How did a suitcase of clothes become a suitcase of rubies?
S03E07 Death at the Top 18/08/1975 The chairman of the board has been murdered. Whodunnit? And how?
S03E08 Too Many Cooks 25/08/1975 The chilling tale of the frozen chef. Who froze him and why? The CIA, MI5 and French security services are the principal ingredients in this mixture of freshly cooked spies. Getting their teeth into the clues are Rodney Bewes and Julie Edge.
S03E09 Worth Dying For 01/09/1975 Terry Scott and Dilys Laye join the panel to puzzle out a cleverly planned shooting. The gun is found but all is not as it appears - and the main red herring could be a dead rat.
S03E10 Fly Me, I'm Dead 08/09/1975 Another mystery to test the sleuthing talents of viewers and panelists including guests Honor Blackman and Leslie Crowther. This time it's a murder at 30,000 feet over France.
S03E11 Beware Wet Paint 15/09/1975 The managing director is dead but how did his body get across a freshly painted floor? Guests include Rosemary Leech and Jimmy Jewel.