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On foot, by car or off-road vehicle, by plane or by boat, the California Game Wardens -- 159 in all -- patrol the state's 159,000 square miles around the clock, pursuing poachers, polluters and drug runners while making sure hunters and anglers follow the rules. No two days are alike, and each is adventure-filled as the officers, working alone or with a canine companion, often patrol sparsely populated areas where help can be hours away.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wild Justice

S01E01 Thrill Killer 28/11/2010
S01E02 Marijuana Mountains 28/11/2010
S01E03 Outgunned 01/12/2010 A team of wardens take to the skies to coordinate an air-to-ground assault on nocturnal poachers, while another team tracks down a serial poacher who kills fawns. A special operations unit spends Halloween capturing a deer poacher theyve been surveilling for weeks, and wardens Boyd and Karnow meticulously track down a meth addict who uses a bow and arrow to endanger more than one species.
S01E04 Deer Meat for Meth 08/12/2010 After getting a tip-off, John Nores and the Marijuana Eradication Team scout a grow site. A few hundred miles north, Mike Beals patrols the Oroville Wildlife Area, a county park known for rampant drug activities. He encounters drugs, trespassers and a stolen vehicle. Meanwhile, two squads race to capture dangerous hunters feeding their methamphetamine addictions by poaching deer.
S01E05 Felony Friday 15/12/2010 With hundreds of square miles to patrol in one of the largest states in the country, wardens take to Monterey Bay for the opening of sport rockfish season and track down a poacher deep in Feather Falls. A squad investigates a sea lion thats been shot in the face, while other wardens patrol a river in the Oroville Wildlife Area and investigate suspected poaching in the Mendocino National Forest.
S01E06 Piranha Crackdown 22/12/2010 To help protect native species, wardens man an abalone checkpoint on the northern coast of California. With the black market value at roughly one hundred dollars each, wardens have their hands full stemming the tide of poachers. While wardens face off against a shark being illegally kept in a pet shop, a rookie assigned to the Los Angeles beat snares lobster poachers in Redondo. And later, wardens work together to bust a black market piranha operation.
S01E07 Pig Stalkers 05/01/2011
S01E08 Night Patrol 12/01/2011
S01E09 Outlaw Hunters 19/01/2011
S01E10 Born to Kill 26/01/2011
S01E11 Gold Diggers 02/02/2011
S02E01 Caught Red-Handed 11/03/2012
S02E02 Bitten by Justice 11/03/2012
S02E03 Killing for Cash 18/03/2012
S02E04 Mile High Marijuana 25/03/2012
S02E05 Gold Fever 01/04/2012
S02E06 Quicksand! 15/04/2012
S02E07 Poacher Compound 23/04/2012
S02E08 Gator Invader 07/05/2012
S02E09 Snake Shakedown 14/05/2012
S02E10 California 911 21/05/2012
S02E11 Operation Impostor 04/06/2012
S02E12 Boozin' & Snoozin' 18/06/2012
S02E13 Bear-ly Legal 25/06/2012
S02E14 Meth Madness 02/07/2012
S02E15 Undercover Cat 09/07/2012
S02E16 Hooked on Poaching 16/07/2012
S02E17 Fish & Meth 23/07/2012
S02E18 Bear Scare 13/08/2012
S02E19 Later, Baiter 20/08/2012
S02E20 Shooting Spree 27/08/2012
S02E21 Hike From Hell 27/08/2012
S03E01 Lion Stalker 01/03/2013
S03E02 Bear Bait 01/03/2013
S03E03 Stuck in the Mud 08/03/2013
S03E04 Robo-Deer 08/03/2013
S03E05 Poached Pig 15/03/2013
S03E06 Ill-Eagle 15/03/2013
S03E07 Snakebit 22/03/2013 A hunter finds himself on a dangerous military field; another hunter's dog is bitten by a rattlesnake; a warden catches a fish poacher.
S03E08 Hard Drive 22/03/2013 A group of wardens go after a suspected deer poacher; an illegal marijuana crop is shut down.
S03E09 Bobcat Bandit 29/03/2013 Warden Nick Buckler scouts a trapper to make sure he's following code. Warden Conely comes to the aid of some abandoned bobcat kittens.
S03E10 Got Crabs! 29/03/2013 A warden goes undercover to bust an online genet sale; early crabbers are chased down; and illegal woodcutting is stopped.
S03E11 Catch Me If You Can 05/04/2013 Warden Brian Boyd gets the inside scoop and tracks down a suspected, younger deer poacher. Elsewhere, Warden Stoots confronts minors shooting cotton-tails out of season, and Warden Ulrich finds a wordy wood-cutter with a troubled past.
S03E12 Later Gator 05/04/2013 Wardens Stoots and Gomes use technology to catch a trapper while Warden Farrell and his team try to take down an illegal abalone sales ring. Elsewhere, undercover operatives put the squeeze on illegal commercial sales of aquatic wildlife.
S03E13 Duck, Duck, Busted! 12/04/2013 The Coast Guard tracks down boats that are causing damage to the environment; a warden discovers some unsettling information about a poacher; another warden is recognized for his work.
S03E14 Four Feet Under 12/04/2013 An assistant chief and his team work to push a dolphin back out to sea; Los Angeles wardens try to remove a family of bears from a residential area; and a warden hopes to catch fishermen operating without licenses.
S03E15 Dolphin Down 19/04/2013 Warden Boyd uses his patience and a disguise to try and get his man. Warden Kroll covers all his bases when looking into a duck poacher, and Warden Little comes across a special someone on a routine stop in the woods.
S03E16 Down the Rabbit Hole 19/04/2013
S03E17 Totally Shucked 20/04/2013 Warden Change heads into the line of fire to keep trespassers from hurting themselves. Lt. Nores sets up an undercover sting to track down felony sales of wildlife. Wardens Hendricks and Hrbacek track down abalone poachers on multiple fronts.
S03E18 Click, Click, Boom! 26/04/2013 A warden makes an effort to protect salmon; snake poachers are followed; a warden takes out a search warrant on a local poacher.
S03E19 The Snake Wrangler 03/05/2013
S03E20 Lobster Mobster 03/05/2013
S05E01 Family Feud 17/10/2014
S05E02 Chasing Tail 17/10/2014
S05E03 Trap & Release 24/10/2014
S05E04 Gold Rush 24/10/2014
S05E05 Tracks of A Killer 31/10/2014
S05E06 Hog Wild 31/10/2014