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Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa revolves around animals turned anthropomorphic after Moo Mesa is hit by a comet. Since Cowtown is run by the evil Mayor Bulloney, Moo Mesa is just crawling with criminals. Its only hope is the C.O.W. Boys, Marshal Moo Montana and his deputies Dakota and Cowlorado. These three along with the help of a few others fight the evil of Moo Mesa and uphold the Code of the West.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa

S01E01 Another Fine Mesa 13/09/1992 No one cares that it is Moo's 10th anniversary as marshal. Then, Moo recieves a telegram from his hometown of Miller Glen, where the sheriff wants Moo to take over. Now Moo must decide between Miller Glen and Cowtown.
S01E02 A Sheepful of Dollars 20/09/1992 Cowlorado volunteers for Miss Lily's cattle drive, only to find out his cattle are bad tempered sheep.
S01E03 A Snake in Cow's Clothing 27/09/1992 A mysterious bull arrives in town who has all the women drawn to him and Moo and Dakota are suspicious of him, especially after Miss Lily is robbed.
S01E04 Bang'em High 04/10/1992 Mayor Bulloney and The Masked Bull make a plan to get rid of Moo.
S01E05 Bulls of a Feather 11/10/1992 During an attack on the stagecoach Puma sees that The Masked Bull is actually Sheriff Terrorbull. In order to save his identity the sheriff must break his brother Horribull out of jail.
S01E06 Dances with Bulls 18/10/1992 Moo and Terrorbull get in a mess when they both try to capture the Gila Gang.
S01E07 Legend of Skull Duggery 25/10/1992 When Cody, Carly and Jake find a treasure map in Cowlamity Kate's attic, they decide to follow it to find Tom Duggery's lost silver.
S01E08 School Days 01/11/1992 A new teacher has the children help The Masked Bull commit crime through her strange assignments.
S01E09 Stolen on the River 08/11/1992 In an attempt to get his own deputy star, Cowlorado decides to catch Five Card Cud all by himself.
S01E10 The Big Cow Wow 15/11/1992 Cody and Taywa learn about responsibility.
S01E11 Wedding Bull Blues 22/11/1992 When Cowlamity Kate's doesn't recieve a letter from her father who has been exploring the Mesa for 7 years, Mayor Bulloney claims he will be taking all her property since her father had no will. But when a page of one of her father's old letters shows up, stating Kate and her husband will inherit the ranch and his gold, Kate plans to marry Dakota.
S01E12 Westward, Whoa 29/11/1992 Cowtown dries up and only Mayor Bulloney has water. When Cody finds the real reason for this it is up to him to bring water back everyone.
S02E01 Billy the Kidder 18/09/1993
S02E02 Boom Town or Bust 25/09/1993
S02E03 Circus Days 02/10/1993
S02E04 Cow Pirates of Swampy Cove 09/10/1993
S02E05 How the West was Shrunk 16/10/1993
S02E06 Night of the Cowgoyle 23/10/1993
S02E07 No Face to Hide 30/10/1993
S02E08 No Way to Treat a Lady 06/11/1993
S02E09 Skull Duggery Rides Again 13/11/1993
S02E10 The Cracklin Kid 20/11/1993
S02E11 The Down Under Gang 27/11/1993
S02E12 The Fastest Filly in the West 04/12/1993
S02E13 The Wild Wild Pest 11/12/1993
S02E14 Thoroughly Modern Lily 00/00/0000

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