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This series brings much-deserved recognition to oddball sports like mop-jousting and blind-folded kickboxing. Wild World of Spike will be hosted by martial arts expert Kit Cope, pro skateboarder Jason Ellis, and funnyman Sam Tripoli.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wild World of Spike

S01E01 Polar Plunge 05/01/2007 See our hosts watch hilarious clips of crazy sports and then challenge each other to try them. Watch Jason, Sam, and Kit plunge themselves into freezing water, kick each other in the groin, and have a huge food fight.
S01E02 Down Hill Mud Sking 12/01/2007 Jason and Sam team up to fight Kit in blindfolded kickboxing and, later, try their hand at taking down a heavyweight sumo wrestling champ who just happens to be a woman.
S01E03 Testicle Weightlifting 19/01/2007 The guys give new meaning to the term "sack up" when they try a new kind of martial art and then challenge each other to a decathalon with sex dolls.
S01E04 Log Boxing 26/01/2007 Kit, Sam, and Jason try demolition derby with mini bikes, take on a bike polo team, and box each other while balancing themselves on a gigantic log.
S01E05 Taser 02/02/2007 Jason, Sam, and Kit try to outdo each other in the sport of competitive eating and also attempt to play football while being sprayed with a fire hose.
S01E06 Stripper Dodgeball 09/02/2007 Kit, Jason, and Sam take on Washington Nationals pitcher Chad Cordero in an unusual game of baseball, play a new version of dodgeball with some exotic dancers, and go bowling with shotguns.
S01E07 Tony Hawk Tag Team 16/02/2007 Jason shows off his skateboarding skills when the hosts team up with Tony Hawk and the guys also try out the sports of steer wrestling and dwarf curling.
S01E08 Harley Hotdog 05/04/2007 Wild World of Spike returns with more outrageous sports from around the globe. This time the guys try crab roping, mud football, and a new form of skiing in an ice rink.
S01E09 Peanut Butter Paintball 12/04/2007 Jason, Kit, and Sam attempt to arm wrestle one of the world's strongest women, shoot flying fish, and play a unique game of paintball.
S01E10 Pudding Wrestling 19/04/2007 This week the hosts play a basketball game against little people, create a new sport with beer kegs, and wrestle women in pudding.
S01E11 Hip Hop Snowmobile 03/05/2007 Sam, Kit, and Jason challenge each other to find out who can get the stupidest tattoo, play roller derby with girls, and create a new sport with snowmobiles.
S01E12 Rampage Jackson 10/05/2007 The hosts take turns smashing through a brick wall, play strip ping pong with girls, and Sam faces UFC light heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the Octagon.
S01E13 Amateur Pole Dancing 17/05/2007 Jason, Kit, and Sam create the sport of bowling porn stars, try wave surfing with Tony Hawk, and teach girls how to pole dance.
S01E14 Anti-Ninja Training 24/05/2007 The hosts spend time with a dominatrix, learn the skills to be a ninja, and play a game of strip snow tubing.