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A classic 1980's BBC comedy animation series, featuring a group of characters who all live in the excellent and picturesque Doyley Wood. It was narrated by Kenneth Williams (the main story teller even looks like Williams!), who, in his unique style brought this 2D animation to life.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Willo the Wisp

S01E01 The Bride-Groom 14/09/1981 The Wisp tells the story of how the Beast came to live in Doyley Woods. One day Prince Humbert 'the Handsome' is riding through Doyley Woods on his bicycle when he accidently rides into evil Edna, angry with the Prince, Edna casts an evil spell on him and changes his appearance.
S01E02 Edna's Secret 17/09/1981 Evil Edna's behaviour changes from being horrible, to being pleasant. This leaves the wood folk to suspect that Edna has fallen in love.
S01E03 Food For Thought 23/09/1981 Arthur the caterpillar meets a book-worm who teaches him the secret of being intellectual.
S01E04 Holidays 28/09/1981 Whilst all of the inhabitants are going to exotic places for their annual holiday, Arthur plans to climb a tree in Doyley Woods.
S01E05 The Dragon 21/09/1981 A tiny dragon appears in Doyley Woods and argues with Arthur about whether he is a dragon, or just a lizard.
S01E06 The Wish-Bone 30/09/1981 The Moog finds a magic wishbone that grants him unlimited wishes. However because the Moog isn't an intelligent animal things go wrong.
S01E07 The Chrysalis 24/09/1981 Arthur the caterpillar builds his own chrysalis so he that can change into a moth.
S01E08 The Magnet 00/00/0000 Evil Edna puts a spell on Mavis the fairy, which results in her having two faces. Arthur the caterpillar enlists the aid of a mole to try and reverse the spell and help his fairy friend.
S01E09 Wugged Wocks 00/00/0000 The Beast thinks that by training an army of ants and reciting some magic words he can get Edna to turn him back into Prince Humbert the Handsome.
S01E10 The Flight of Mavis 15/09/1981 Mavis is upset to hear that other fairies can fly, whilst she cannot. Her friend Arthur the caterpillar gives her some advice on how she can fly.
S01E11 The Thoughts of Moog 11/10/1981 The Moog is known for having a heart of gold, but not alot of intelligence. When he starts having thoughts for the very first time he ends up in trouble with Evil Edna.
S01E12 The Joys of Spring 02/10/1981 Spring arrives in Doyley Woods and Twit the bird is acting out of character. All of the creatures decide enough is enough when he takes things too far.
S01E13 Games with Edna 22/09/1981 Evil Edna turns Mavis the fairy into a tree. With the help of a traveling salesman Arthur and the other inhabitants of Doyley woods decide to revenge on Edna.
S01E14 The Hot, Hot Day 18/09/1981 Evil Edna turns the Beast into a ice lolly, leaving Mavis and Arthur trying to think of ways to save him.
S01E15 Halloween 00/00/0000 It's Halloween and Edna's birthday, so with the help of Mavis the fairy the creatures of Doyley Woods create Edna a present.
S01E16 The Gnome 16/09/1981 Evil Edna asks a gnome who is passing through Doyley Woods to pose for her with a fishing rod. The gnome obliges and Edna turns him into a garden ornament. Later Mavis and Arthur see the ornament and wonder how they can get him turned back to normal.
S01E17 Boring Old Edna 09/10/1981 Arthur seizes an opportunity to get revenge on Edna after she casts an evil spell on Mavis.
S01E18 The 'You Know What' 01/10/1981 The Moog suffers with a flea, but when Mavis trys to get rid of it things get out of control.
S01E19 The Bean-Stalk 25/09/1981 Arthur once again believes he is about to turn into a moth, however, problems arise when he goes to his chrysalis and finds a gnome has moved in.
S01E20 Cats and Dogs 00/00/0000 The creatures of Doyley Woods are enjoying a hot summer, until Edna casts a spell to make it rain cats and dogs.
S01E21 The Midas Touch 10/10/1981 Evil Edna plans on turning all of the trees in Doyley Woods into gold by tricking Arthur into wishing he had the Midas touch.
S01E22 The Viqueen 29/09/1981 Mavis finds some sea shells in Doyley Woods and listens to them to hear the sea. Evil Edna casts a spell and attaches them to her ears permanently, making her look like a female viking.
S01E23 The Potion 08/10/1981 Evil Edna makes a potion to turn herself into a werewolf but the Moog drinks it by accident instead.
S01E24 The Beauty Contest 00/00/0000 Doyley Woods has been selected to hold a beauty contest with entrants coming from all over the Universe. Mavis decides to enter on behalf of Doyley Woods, but Edna thinks she is more beautiful than Mavis.
S01E25 Magic Golf 00/00/0000 Mavis the fairy invents a new game called magic golf. But, playing the game causes her magic wand to break.
S01E26 Christmas Box 00/00/0000 Christmas time arrives in Doyley Woods and everyone is in a festive mood, even Evil Edna. But when Santa doesn't appear Arthur and Mavis think Edna has done something to him.
S02E00 Trailer 00/00/0000 Trailer for Season 2 which was to have aired in the UK sometime around 2005.
S02E01 Moon on a Stick 00/00/0000
S02E02 The Toothache 00/00/0000
S02E03 The Nature Walk 00/00/0000
S02E04 Feed the Birds 00/00/0000

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