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Historical footage and documentary of the aircraft of the Soviet Union. Narrated by Peter Ustinov.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wings of the Red Star

S01E01 Supersonic Transport 10/06/1993 The supersonic transport Tupolev TU-144 crashes at its Paris Air Show debut.
S01E02 Duel Over Korea 10/06/1993 The West underestimates the Soviet MIG-15 in Korea.
S01E03 The Great Patriotic War 10/06/1993 The YAK-3, or Russian Hurricane, is developed to fight the Luftwaffe.
S01E04 The Flying Tank 10/06/1993 The Ilyushin Il-2 is produced to counter German tanks, a legacy continued by the Sukhoi Su-25.
S01E05 The Phantom's Foe 11/03/1993 The MIG-21 design concentrates on speed more than range.
S01E06 The Swing Wing Solution 11/03/1993 The swing wing, pioneered by the Su-17/-20/-22 Fitter fighter-bomber series, was also used on the MiG-23/-27 Flogger series, and Su-24 Fencer fighter-bomber.
S01E07 The Foxbat Deception 11/03/1993 The MIG-25 travels 2.5 times the speed of sound.
S01E08 The Last Generation 11/10/1993 Soviets counter Western fighters with the Fulcrum and the SU-27.
S01E09 The Nuclear Bear 12/01/1993 The Tupolev Tu-20, later known as the Tu-95, gives Russia intercontinental bombing capability.
S01E10 The Backfire Bomber 12/01/1993 Myasischev Bison; the Bounder; supersonic Backfire bomber.
S01E11 Russian Giants 12/08/1993 The Antonov AN-2 biplane is a postwar transport.
S01E12 Straight Up 04/06/1994 The World War II Badger forward bomber influences Soviet aviation for years.
S01E13 Soviet Rotors 04/06/1994 An in-depth look at the history of Russian Helicopter design and implementation including modern helicopter technology.
S01E14 The Nuclear Bear 00/00/0000 the Tu-95 Bear
S01E15 Su-27 Flanker: The Sukhoi Story 00/00/0000 Su-27 Flanker, the Sukhoi story: Jewels in the Russian Crown.

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