Affiche Wings Test Flights Beyond the Limits

Go behind-the-scenes at Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA's remote outpost where the world's top experimental flight researchers and pilots develop cutting-edge technology and flight test the world's most advanced aircraft. Here you’ll get the very rare opportunity to experience the power of top aircraft like the X-1, the X-15, the X-33, the X-43 and many more. This is the story of high risk and engineering genius, pushing the envelope to fly higher and faster. Like early explorers, these aeronautical adventurers travel where no one has gone before and share a passion to push the limits of speed, sometimes even risking death to improve and expand our horizons. This extraordinary production combines unprecedented camera access with never-before-seen test flight footage, and state of the art computer graphics.

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Retrouvez toutes les informations sur Wings Test Flights Beyond the Limits lancée en 1998 : casting complet, acteurs, scénariste, réalisateur. Découvrez des séries similaires à regarder également. Faites vous une idée de la série grâce à la note des membres et aux critiques des internautes.

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