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Winsor Pilates ®, developed by Mari Winsor, is a complete set of exercises using what’s known as dynamic sequencing technique, movements that are organized in an easy-to-follow cycle for maximum results. Winsor Pilates ® does not require any equipment. Winsor also differs in the fact that all exercises work with your "powerhouse," or core muscle groups (abdominal, back and buttocks regions), optimizing results, and improving posture and stamina.


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S01E01 Basics Step By Step 00/00/0000 Basics Step-by-step dvd consists of seven exercises which are the foundation of all Pilates workouts, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Mari breaks down the exercises step-by-step so you really understand where your powerhouse is, what role the frame of your body plays, the importance of body alignment, and how breathing will affect your performance.
S01E02 Ab Sculpting 00/00/0000 Mari Winsor's Ab Sulpting Pilates workout will get you the flatter defined stomach you've always dreamed of. In Pilates, the midsection is called the "Powerhouse" for a reason. Specific techniques are designed around your core or center which is the abdominal. Learn how every exercise that you do starts from the center of your body. Combined with a sensible eating plan, these exercises will help you shrink, shrink, shrink your waistline and get a great sexy midsection in no time at all!
S01E03 20 Minute Workout 00/00/0000 20 minute workout is a fast, fun, no-nonsense program designed to Sculpt Your Body Slim in just 20 minutes a day! Now, there's no more excuses. In just 20 minutes a day, you'll tighten and tone your buttock and thighs-all the while working your "powerhouse" and core muscles to get a flat, lean stomach. Plus, you'll inprove your strength, coordination and posture.
S01E04 Bun & Thigh Sculpting 00/00/0000 Mari Winsor's Bun Sculpting DVD consists of the entire Pilates side-kick series, featuring the most beneficial exercises to tone, firm, and sculpt your inner thighs, outer thighs and hips. Done consistently three times a week - or everyday, if you like - you will see a dramatic difference in your entire lower body. In just minutes a day, you'll soon lift and shape your buttocks.
S01E05 Advanced Body Sculpting 00/00/0000 A compact workout with a special emphasis on shaping your arms, back and chest. Mari Winsor blends classic Pilates matwork with Pilates-inspired standing routines (e.g. a traditional bicep curl with extra attention on keeping your core muscles engaged). 1 to 2 lb. dumbbells are suggested.
S01E06 Advanced Body Slimming 00/00/0000 A short-but-surprisingly-tough program that progressively builds in intensity. It's an unusually fast-paced workout featuring some of Joseph Pilates' most challenging movements (e.g. "jack knife," "rapid-fire scissors kicks" and "the seal"). Mari Winsor's cuing is clear and precise, but she assumes you're already familiar with basic Pilates routines.
S01E07 Maximum Burn Cardio 00/00/0000 Move your body to a healthy new beat with Mari Winsor's Maximum Burn Cardio Workout! This fun, non-stop program is specifically designed to increase your heart rate and help you burn calories. You'll learn Pilates fundamentals while you burn calories, build strength and endurance, and firm and tone your body. Designed for all fitness levels, this workout is a series of easy-to-follow choreographed moves for the upper and lower body. No mat or special equipment is needed - just put on supportive shoes and step to the calypso beat. You'll cha cha, dip and kick away the pounds and inches! In only minutes a day you can reshape your body, gain energy and vitality, and look and feel fabulous!
S01E08 Maximum Burn Basics & Fat Burning 00/00/0000 MAXIMUM BURN BASICS workout: Mari Winsor created the challenging, fast-paced Maximum Burn series to take your Winsor Pilates mat workout to the next level. Maximum Burn Basics will help you master the body toning calorie-burning Pilates moves that can help you drop pounds and inches while sculpting your body slim. With Winsor Pilates Maximum Burn Basics, you'll get a fun, no-nonsense total body workout in only 20 minutes. Master the moves that can help you burn calories and tone muscles. Achieve a long, lean sculpted body; MAXIMUM FAT BURNING workout: Add Some Burn Into Your Pilates Workout! Mari turns on the heat and pumps up the energy in her new Winsor Pilates Fat-Burning workout. This fast and fun Pilates-inspired workout was created to burn more fat and calories than ever before.

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