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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wizards and Warriors

S01E01 The Unicorn of Death 26/02/1983 Debut: A sword-and-sorcery adventure series done tongue-in-cheek. It's set in a mythical kingdom where good Prince Erik Greystone (Jeff Conaway) helps the kindly king (Thomas Hill) fight the forces of evil. In the opener, dastardly Prince Blackpool (Duncan Regehr) sends a gift to Princess Ariel (Julia Duffy) that contains a device set to wipe out the kingdom unless the king surrenders.
S01E02 The Kidnap 05/03/1983 Prince Erik Greystone (Jeff Conaway) is forced to postpone his marriage to the Princess of Camarand and defend her kingdom from attack by Prince Blackpool (Duncan Regehr), who's wearing a monocle that empowers him to use black magic.
S01E03 The Rescue 12/03/1983 Battling lightning bolts, black magic and demon monsters, Prince Erik and Marko (Jeff Conaway, Walter Olkewicz) ride to the rescue of Princess Ariel (Julia Duffy) who's been kidnapped to the Land of Storms by Blackpool (Duncan Regehr).
S01E04 Night of Terror 19/03/1983 On a courtship picnic, Prince Erik and Princess Ariel (Jeff Conaway, Julia Duffy) blunder upon a haunted castle that bears a curse marking transgressors for death at the hand of friends – in this case, a crazed Marko (Walter Olkewicz).
S01E05 Skies of Death 09/04/1983 Prince Erik (Jeff Conaway) mounts a suicide mission up the dreaded Cliffs of Death, where Blackpool's wicked wizard (Clive Revill) has sited a medieval version of the neutron bomb.
S01E06 Caverns of Chaos 30/04/1983 Vector (Clive Revill) casts the curse of crimson fever on both Prince Blackpool (Duncan Regehr) and King Greystone, father of Prince Erik (Jeff Conaway).
S01E07 The Dungeon of Death 07/05/1983 Prince Erik (Jeff Conaway) employs a rag-tag carnival troupe to negotiate the treacherous path into Blackpool's castle where Marko (Walter Olkewicz) awaits torture or rescue – whichever comes first.
S01E08 Vulkar's Revenge 14/05/1983 While a guest of King Baaldorf under a flag of truce, Vector (Clive Revill) resurrects a killer zombie to murder Blackpool, but the creature goes out of control and lays seige to the castle.