Affiche Wonderland (2000)
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Developed by actor and producer Peter Berg, who went on to create Friday Night Lights, this drama takes an unflinching look at the doctors of Rivervue, a fictional New York psychiatric hospital, as they try to balance their personal crises and those of the patients they treat.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wonderland (2000)

S01E01 Pilot 30/03/2000 Dr. Garrity must deal with having released a patient who went on to shoot five people in Times Square, and must decide whether or not to continue her pregnancy after the developing fetus suffers an accidental head trauma. Dr. Banger battles his ex-wife in a competency hearing for custody of his two sons. Dr. Matthews, whose own marriage is troubled, must counsel a man who has become suicidal because his wife is leaving him.
S01E02 20/20 Hindsight 06/04/2000 As Garrity is hounded by the media, a peer review panel censures her for misdiagnosing Rickle, the Times Square gunman, and Banger fights to put the man in treatment rather than in prison.
S01E03 Spell Check 28/01/2009 In the E.R., Hatcher tries to save the lives of two stockbroker brothers who were almost beaten to death. Garrity tries to help a disturbed man who jumps off a bridge every year on his birthday. Banger discovers that his ex-wife wants sole custody of their children.
S01E04 Full Moon 04/02/2009 Abe takes a patient's pills and finds himself in an altered state. A new patient is admitted after he convinces his wife to cut off his foot in order to look like a war hero. Banger and Tammy go out to dinner to discuss their impending divorce.
S01E05 The Raw and the Cooked 11/02/2009 Matthews tries to help a self-destructive stand-up comedian. Harrison fears that Garrity is in denial about the possible damage to her unborn child. Hatcher has to call for backup when treating a woman with unfulfillable sexual desires.
S01E06 Wilt Chamberlain 3.0 18/02/2009 A Kosovo family suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and are in denial about the daughter's brutal rape. Miles is in a life-threatening car accident. Banger helps an armed robber come to a decision about taking a plea bargain.
S01E07 Personality Plus 25/02/2009 A man with multiple personalities has kidnapped his diabetic son, and Banger has only hours to discern the boy's whereabouts before he'll die.
S01E08 Hello Goodbye: Finale 04/03/2009 Banger and Neil examine a murderer who wants to be deemed unfit to stand trial. Miles deals with a guy who leans. While at a "half-way house" with Abe, Lyla gives birth.