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Trois amis, Blake, Anders et Adam, quittent le monde des études pour celui du travail. Leur adaptation au secteur du télémarketing ne va pas se faire sans mal.


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S01E01 Lundi De Merde 06/04/2011 Adam, Blake et Anders apprennent qu'ils doivent passer un test antidrogue et se rappelent avoir fumé un joint le matin même dans la voiture. Ils cherchent un moyen de contourner ce problème...
S01E02 N'est pas chef qui veut 13/04/2011 The guys will stop at nothing to get tickets to a sold-out basketball game, even if it means being dunked in a horchata tank and seeing a grown man's penis.
S01E03 La loi de la quenelle 20/04/2011 The guys camp out at the office while their house is fumigated, but the giddiness of their drug-fueled slumber party turns into paranoia when they think the company is being burglarized.
S01E04 Camping sauvage 27/04/2011 The guys' loyalties to each other are put to the test when they compete for a rumored promotion at work.
S01E05 Juggalo, mon ami 04/05/2011 Les trois compères entraînent le frère de leur patron lors d'une virée en ville. Mais un incident survient...
S01E06 Le conte de la mi-Noël 11/05/2011 The guys go on strike for better benefits when Alice doesn't buy their observance of a phony holiday called Half-Christmas.
S01E07 Brad le Crack 18/05/2011 Les garçons se mettent en grève lorsqu'Alice refuse de leur octroyer des congés pour Noël...
S01E08 Mission : sauver les enfants 25/05/2011 Un individu qui maltraite les enfants attire l'attention des garçons. Ils finissent par le trouver sympathique...
S01E09 Amis pour la vie, ou pas 01/06/2011 Il y a de l'eau dans le gaz entre les trois colocataires. En effet, Adam décide de quitter ses amis lorsqu'il rencontre une femme extrêmement riche. Il se présente par ailleurs à un concours de bodybuilding amateur...
S01E10 Comment ne pas tuer son boss 08/06/2011 Bruce Benson, le grand patron de l'entreprise qui emploie Adam, Blake et Anders, est en visite pour procéder à la liquidation de TelAmericaCorp. Les trois amis tentent de le faire changer d'avis...
S03E01 The Business Trip 29/05/2012 The guys drop acid while on a business trip and soon find themselves dealing with bizarre situations while trying to remain in control.
S03E02 True Dromance 05/06/2012 The guys go behind Karl's back when they find a new drug dealer.
S03E03 Fat Cuz 12/06/2012 The guys enlist Adam's obese cousin to get a handicapped parking pass.
S03E04 To Kill a Chupacabraj 19/06/2012 The guys battle Montez in Small Claims Court.
S03E05 Good Mourning 26/06/2012 The guys face the death of a beloved co-worker.
S03E06 The Meat Jerking Beef Boys 03/07/2012 The guys' friendship is tested when Ders's dad comes to visit.
S03E07 The Lord's Force 10/07/2012 The guys welcome two members of their favorite faith-based strong man group into their home.
S03E08 Real Time 17/07/2012 The guys have to beat Alice to work or risk being fired.
S03E09 Ders Comes In Handy 24/07/2012 Montez thinks his wife is being unfaithful, so the guys help with the search for her paramour.
S03E10 Flashback in the Day 31/07/2012 A look back in time to explain how Adam, Blake and Ders met for the first time.
S03E11 Booger Nights 16/01/2013 The guys set out to prove they're the funniest people in the office at an employee's roast.
S03E12 A TelAmerican Horror Story 23/01/2013 Things get spooky when the guys discover a former employee may be haunting the office
S03E13 Alice Quits 30/01/2013 The guys meet their new boss when Alice quits being their old boss.
S03E14 Fourth and Inches 06/02/2013 The guys get hooked on betting on high-school sports.
S03E15 Webcam Girl 13/02/2013 The guys look for romance on the Web when they're alone on Valentine's Day.
S03E16 High Art 20/02/2013 Adam and Ders try to get rich by becoming inventors; Blake joins an artist collective for teens.
S03E17 The Worst Generation 27/02/2013 The guys meet Adam's grandfather during a visit to a rest home.
S03E18 Hungry Like the Wolf Dog 06/03/2013 The guys take a road trip late at night in search of a legendary breakfast burrito.
S03E19 In Line 13/03/2013 The guys are anxious to acquire a new video game, but each wants his own copy.
S03E20 The Future is Gnar 20/03/2013 In the Season 3 finale, Blake worries about the future and the supremacy of machines when Alice unveils an automated phone system at the office.
S00E01 Catherine Zeta-Jones: The Remix 20/04/2011 The star of "Entrapment" gets her very own extended techno remix, courtesy of the guys.
S00E02 Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Seasons 19/12/2016 Adam, Blake and Ders have got the seven deadly sins covered - and probably some new ones.
S00E03 5th Year: The Promotion 06/11/2008
S00E04 5th Year: Bad Business Ideas 06/11/2008
S00E05 5th Year: Power Tripping 06/11/2008
S00E06 5th Year: Mushroom Tea 06/11/2008
S00E07 5th Year: House Rules 06/11/2008
S00E08 The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate (feat. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron) 16/04/2014 Adam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle.
S00E09 A Special Half-Christmas Message from Alice Murphy 24/06/2013 For all of you out there celebrating Half Christmas, Alice has something to say to you.

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