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Matt Peyser (Fred Savage) is a young, idealistic college graduate who is about to embark on his first job. He goes to work for Upton-Webber and believes that his hard work and ideas will make a difference. He has to contend with his boss Tim (Maurice Godin, "Life With Roger") , who doesn't seem to have any real business sense at all; Hal (Sarah Knowlton), a Yale grad who is underutilized within the company; Abby (Arden Myrin), who just wants to please everyone; and Evelyn (Yvette Freeman, "ER"), the operarions manager who doesn't have time for idle chit-chat. He has to learn to get through his daily job routine and make some sense of it all. (Show Description courtesy of Pazsaz) (Many Episode Synopsises courtesy of TV Guide)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Working

S01E01 Pilot 08/10/1997 Matthew Peyser starts his new job, only to learn that the office is filled with people that do nothing – and he gets promoted because his portfolio is switched with another workers'.
S01E02 Close Quarters 15/10/1997 Matt catches the ""close-quarters syndrome"" and starts dating a daffy co-worker who's really not his type.
S01E03 Rumoring 29/10/1997 To up his value to the company, Matt starts a rumor that he's been offered a better job with another company, but his plan backfires.
S01E04 Quick Out Of The Gate 05/11/1997 Matt's drive to become a valuable employee earns him a reprimand for making everyone else look bad. Meanwhile, Abby and Hal fight over the gorgeous latin copy guy.
S01E05 Sexual Harassment 12/11/1997 A sexual harassment seminar transforms the staff into sexless zombies, putting a crimp into Matt's plans to date a new colleague.
S01E06 Lost Weekend 19/11/1997 When Matt's father comes to spend a weekend with him, Tim makes them go all the weekend making Matt decide between working and spending the weekend with his father.
S01E07 Creative Matt 03/12/1997 The office is invited to a party at Tim's house, and the bored staff convince a drunken Tim that Matt and the guy that he came to the party with are a gay couple. Tim uses this information to his own advantage by setting up Matt with his boss's son.
S01E08 Top O' The World Ma 10/12/1997 When one of Matt's decisions costs the company big bucks, all of his decisions tends to disaster. Meanwhile, Delaney tries to pick up a girl at work.
S01E09 Medieval Christmas 17/12/1997 Hal's chauvinistic boss submits a sexy photo of her for the company's pinup calendar.
S01E10 The Breakfast 07/01/1998 A member of Senior Management invites Matt to breakfast – and then uses everything Matt says to form a case against Tim. Meanwhile, Evelyn replaces Jimmy with an ape and convinces Abbey that her job is in jeopardy.
S01E11 Enemies: A Love Story 14/01/1998 When Tim's wife leaves him, Matt becomes the victim – Tim wants a buddy to talk to and Matt is the only one who can't come up with an airtight excuse not to hang out with him.
S01E12 Sam I Am 21/01/1998 Matt goes out on a limb to help an old college buddy land a job, and soon comes to regret it when he won't show up.
S01E13 Boys Club 28/01/1998 Deale casts for the new worker, with the Help of Matt. But he soons decides for one particular, chauvinist man. Until this new ""guy"" transforms into a woman. Tim fires her and then hires Matt dressed as a woman, so she stays with them, at least until the end of the season.
S01E14 Hatchet Man 04/02/1998 Matt is challenged to prove he has the right stuff by firing an inept temp.
S01E15 Mum's The Word 25/02/1998 Matt ends up babysitting a coworker's little terrors to protect her from Deale's vindictiveness.
S01E16 As Bad As It Gets 18/03/1998 Matt puts a little danger in his life when he picks up an edgy beauty in a bar, only to learn that she is Tim's daughter, and that she's too much for him.
S01E17 Labor Pains 25/03/1998 Tired of being taken advantage of, the staff, with Matt as their leader, goes on strike.
S01E18 The Gold Digger 01/04/1998 A co-worker shows interest in Matt after he's enrolled in a management-trainee program.
S01E19 Equality 15/04/1998 Matt helps a career woman shatter the company's glass ceiling, but the ""Old Boy Network"" of execs triples her workload in hopes that she'll crack under the pressure.
S01E20 The Lying Game 29/04/1998 Perfectly honest Matt has to ""massage the truth"" when Abby asks why he won't date her.
S01E21 Due Process 06/05/1998 Matt tries to push a proposal that the company initiate a four-day work week, but runs into some serious bureaucratic stonewalling.
S01E22 The Brown Noser 13/05/1998 Tim tires of being a ""money-grubbing, care-only-for-myself phony"" and quits his job.
S02E01 Home-O-Apathy 22/09/1998 On a trip to his old home town, Matt tries to make like a big man by making a big promise he can't possibly keep.
S02E02 The Closer 29/09/1998 Matt is shocked to learn that Tim set him up to sleep with a client in order to land an account.
S02E03 Armageddon Outta Here 27/10/1998 Matt forgoes research and follows his instincts for his latest project. But his plan brings a company satellite hurtling toward the building.
S02E04 Performance Review 03/11/1998 Matt's honest self-evaluation inspires Tim to have Matt write them for fellow staffers as well.
S02E05 Good Val Hunting 10/11/1998 Val gets promoted after solving a complex math equation that's baffled company accountants.
S02E06 Networking 17/11/1998 Matt literally pushes corporate climber Liz over the edge at an executives' mountain retreat.
S02E07 A Boy, A Girl, And His Bird 01/12/1998 No Synopsis Available. Please Contribute One If You Have Seen The Episode. Thank You.
S02E08 The Consultant 08/12/1998 Management brings in a consultant who's going to turn the team into ""a lean, mean white-collar machine.""
S02E09 Greenery 18/12/1998 Corporate golden boy Matt literally turns green with envy when his college rival becomes the youngest vice president in the company's history. Also, Abby tries to shake her lily-white image by stealing something big from Upton/Webber.
S02E10 The Christmas Party 22/12/1998 Matt defies the edict about ""no secretaries"" at the company Christmas party by inviting Val as his guest.
S02E11 Romeo and Julie 11/01/1999 In a spoof of Romeo and Juliet, Matt falls for a woman who works for Tim's archenemy in the company.
S02E12 The Retreat 18/01/1999 Matt plans a retreat to a resort where employees can bare their souls, but when they arrive, they find patrons baring something else: their bodies. So to get his group focused, Matt decides to get naked.
S02E13 The Prodigy 25/01/1999 Matt is feeling mighty old after the firm hires a younger gun to provide the firm with Gen X insights; Delaney, in a shallow attempt to brown-nose, agrees to help the boss's daughter win a Sunflower Girl Cookie contest.
S02E14 Manifesto Destiny 00/00/0000 Matt writes a position paper and realizes that it's very similar to Marx's ""Das Kapital"" after it has been distributed to the entire company. This paper makes him get fired.
S02E15 The Other Executive 00/00/0000 Tim gets jealous when Matt befriends another executive.
S02E16 She Loves Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 00/00/0000 Tim's daughter returns to Upton/Webber and becomes the ""Yoko Ono"" of the gang by clouding Matt's ability to make good decisions.
S02E17 Sliding Doors 00/00/0000 What if Matt would have talked to the girl of his dreams?, maybe he could have gotten married... maybe the series would have had a happy ending, anyway... this episode was the last, and it ends with marriage... or not?