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Route 66 was decommissioned as an official American Highway some time ago but try telling that to Henry Cole. Six years after his previous pilgrimage, Henry fires up the beast and feels the pull of a fresh adventure on 'The Mother Road'. The 90 degree heat, 100% humidity and torrential rain turn out to be the least of his problems. The real ones come in the shape of the UFO Hunters, real gun slingers, eccentric millionaires and other frightening bikers Henry meets as he traverses the 2500 mile route. Is the myth growing more magical or is it fading into folklore? You can trust Henry to tell you straight as he gets his kicks on Route 66.


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S02E01 Riding US Route 1: Boston to Washington DC 00/00/0000 Henry Cole embarks on one of America's most grueling rides on America's East coast riding some 2100 miles from Boston in the North East to Key West Florida, the most southern point in America following the legendary US 1.For this trip Henry has perhaps foolishly chosen one of the most radical custom choppers in production, a Saxon Crown, with no front mudguard, little suspension and a poor excuse for a seat - the world famous potholes of New York and the tropical rain of Florida will really test him to the limit! In this the first leg of his ride Henry reflects on the culture and history of Boston before heading off down US 1 into New York, a ride not for the faint hearted. After enjoying the frentism and vibe of New York Henry heads south through Philadelphia and Washington DC, before heading into the sublime riding offered up by North and South Carolina.
S02E02 Riding US Route 1: Washington DC to Key West 00/00/0000 In the second part of Henry Cole's epic motorcycle ride down the length of America's east coast riding US Highway 1 from Boston to Key West saddle sore and emotional Henry leaves South Carolina and crosses the state line into Georgia revelling in a little light relief offered up by the Laurel and Hardy convention in Harlem, but the satire is short lived as the weather closes in heading into Florida with torrential tropical storms, not the best thing on a custom chop and a lot of night riding ahead. Battered but not bruised Henry arrives in Jacksonville Florida for a spot of line dancing and to briefly dry out! Then its southwards through Ft Lauderdale to Miami and finally on down some two hundred miles to journey's end in Key West. Will this prove to be one of the world's greatest motorcycle rides or one huge adventure not to be repeated?
S02E03 America's Deep South: The Real Easy Rider 00/00/0000 Having navigated the West Coast and the East Coast of the US on two wheels, Henry Cole now takes a trip through the Deep South. Travelling through places whose names alone evoke the feeling of southern hospitality, Tallahassee, Jackson, New Orleans, Henry takes time out to meet the locals who are proud of their southern heritage. The big question is, how will Henry do when he swaps his iron horse for a rodeo horse? Be sure to join Henry in his quest to find the real spirit of the mystical Mississippi Delta.
S07E01 New Zealand Part 1 00/00/0000 It is well known that New Zealand is home to some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. A place that holds almost mythical status with any bikers that has ridden its roads, experienced its culture and revelled in its landscapes. Henry Cole climbs aboard his Harley Davidson 48 to tour this fabled land from himself. Henry sets out from Auckland to ride around one thousand miles of The North Island to Wellington where his ferry to the South Island departs. Along the way he catches up with bikers like the Legendary Kiwi Racer Graeme Crosby. When out of the saddle, Henry also finds time to fly to an active Volcano, release a Kiwi bird, experience the Maori's ancient culture, join an Art Deco festival in Napier and explore Wellington. But, most importantly, will the roads delight and will the quite incredible landscape actually deliver one of the greatest rides on the planet?
S07E02 New Zealand Part 2 00/00/0000 Henry Cole continues to ride his Harley Davidson through New Zealand, specifically The South Island on this leg of his journey. The South Island of New Zealand is well known for the thousands of miles of empty roads that wind their way through huge vistas, sub tropical rain forests and breathtaking landscapes. Henry arrives in Picton to be welcomed by over sixty bikers who accompany him to Nelson. Then it's onto the delights of rural small town New Zealand in Murchison before heading west to Cape Foul Wind. From Greymouth to Fox Glacier the rain and the scenery gets bigger and bolder. This is a taste of what's to come as Henry heads to Queenstown and beyond to explore the Southern Scenic Route and Fjordland. Henry then loops through an area called The Catlins up to Alexandra and back to Queenstown. In total, Henry will have covered over 2,500 miles of some of the best roads New Zealand has to offer. So will New Zealand deliver the quintessential biking experience?
S08E01 Australia Part 1 00/00/0000 Henry Cole climbs aboard his Harley Davidson Street Glide to brave the Friday night Sydney rush hour traffic and head 520 miles south west to Melbourne. Along the way he gets the low down on riding in Australia, visits the coolest chopper shop in Oz, flies upside down in a world war two Chinese war plane, comes into contact with the indigenous wildlife and meets the first of many real life Australian characters. As for the riding, almost immediately the roads are sublime especially the famous Black Spur Road that leads down to the start of The Great Ocean Road in Apollo Bay.
S08E02 Australia Part 2 00/00/0000 Henry Cole heads out from Apollo Bay on the South Eastern tip of Oz to ride up towards Adelaide on one of the greatest roads in the world, The Great Ocean Road. Along the way a host of attractions and characters await like a helicopter ride over The Twelve Apostles, an ancient village dating back to the Victorian era in Warmambool and a day deep underground in the caves at Naracoorte. The characters proliferate including the world champion speedway sidecar racers in Talem Bend. This part of the journey concludes in the one horse town of Quorn and an evening ride in a classic car that is built to drive on a railway track!
S08E03 Australia Part 3 00/00/0000 Henry Cole faces his biggest challenge yet - crossing the infamous Nullabor Plain. Some 2000kms of nothing, with the only civilization being roadhouses every 200 miles. The Nullabor is also home to the longest straight road in the world, 120 miles of tarmac without even one bend, and to thousands of 7ft high Kangaroos and 500,000 wild Camels that all have a habit of running out onto the road with potentially dire consequences. After the Nullabor the Gold Fields of Kalgoorie beckon and then on to journey's end in the vibrant city of Perth.
S12E01 South Africa: Preparing for the Adventure 00/00/0000 Henry Cole is back, riding one of the most exciting routes in the world, a 3000 mile ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Travelling off the tourist map, Henry rides across the Kalahari desert and down the middle of South Africa; taking in what he believes to be some of the best tarmac and dirt roads this incredible country has to offer. Before departing, Henry oversees the building of his iconic bike, a replica 1960s Steve McQueen Desert Racer.
S12E02 South Africa: Johannesburg West to the Kalahari Deserts 00/00/0000 After what seems an eternity waiting, Henry Cole embarks on his 3000 mile ride to Cape Town. First stop Soweto, where Henry cruises with some Harley riding girls who epitomise the modernity of this now thriving community. At Kloofzicht lodge, treats are in store a plenty from a dawn hot air balloon ride, to experiencing the South African wildlife for the first time, to abseiling, caving and visiting where it all began - the Cradle of Humankind - the place where the first human remains were discovered.
S12E03 South Africa: Kuruman to Loerisfontein 00/00/0000 The town of Kuruman on the fringes of the Kalahari desert could well be Henry Cole's final resting place – only 750 miles into this 3,000-mile adventure to Cape Town.
S12E04 South Africa: Loerinsfontein to Matjiesfontein 00/00/0000 Henry Cole has so far blown up two motorbikes on his way to Loerisfontein from Johannesburg!
S12E05 South Africa: Matjiesfontein to Cape Town 00/00/0000 The end is nearly in sight for Henry Cole's South African adventure. He has been on the road for three weeks, blown up two bikes and faced considerable adversity.
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