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New documentary series featuring some of the world's most frightening moments.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de World's Scariest...

S02E01 World's Scariest... Flights 03/05/2012 Featuring intense moments of aviation drama captured on camera, this episode offers unprecedented views from the ground and inside the plane from some of the most terrifying plane journeys. Scenes include an amazing no-landing-gear touchdown at Warsaw airport in 2011 and an airliner exploding in a massive fireball at Okinawa, Japan. Testimony from experts, eyewitnesses and survivors provide added insight to what happened and what went wrong. We also examine the hijacking and water-landing of Ethiopian Airlines flight 961, which informed Captain Sullenberger’s emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River in 2009. And it is not just planes, a scenic balloon flight has a brush with disaster for holidaying Brits in Luxor, Egypt, and an experienced aerobatic helicopter pilot escapes death by the skin of his teeth.
S02E02 World's Scariest... Weather 10/05/2012 Documentary detailing high octane moments of the most violent and dangerous weather captured on camera, with unprecedented views from the eye of the storm.
S02E03 World's Scariest... Animal Attacks 13/05/2012 Featuring some of the most terrifying animal encounters ever captured on camera, with unprecedented access to the heart of the action and astonishing witness testimony. From the unexpected to the mishandled to the professionals who bite off more than they can chew, this is a unique view of what happens when human and animal worlds collide. Memorable sequences include an agitated mother elephant charging straight at a British couple who will certainly never forget their honeymoon on an African safari. A lion turns on its handler on the red carpet at an awards ceremony and an alligator’s patience snaps at a show in Florida. And one diver narrates his own amazing footage of the time when the mighty jaws of a shark broke open his diving cage...
S02E04 World's Scariest... Drivers 17/05/2012 The incredible stories as told by the victims, and their miraculous near misses when their paths crossed with the dangerous drivers let loose on the roads.
S03E01 World's Craziest Weddings 24/05/2013 An invitation to view incredible madcap weddings and preposterous proposals.
S03E02 World's Scariest Animal Attacks 2 27/05/2013 Journey into the jaws of the most terrifying animal encounters captured on camera.
S03E03 World's Worst Holiday Horrors 30/07/2013
S03E04 World's Scariest Animal Attacks 3 26/08/2013

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