Affiche Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubbzy & The Fire Engine
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In this all-new collection, Wubbzy has a fire engine adventure with Widget, delivers Daizy's doodleberry treats, re-builds a house with Ty Ty The Tool Guy (voiced by Ty Pennington of ''Extreme Home Makeover'') and much more! There's plenty of singing, dancing and friendly firemen too! Climb aboard for tons of fun that pre-schoolers and parents will love again and again in Wubbzy & The Fire Engine!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubbzy & The Fire Engine

S01E01 Wubbzy and the Fire Engine 03/09/2008 Wubbzy wishes he can have his own fire engine, and Widget makes his dream come true! However, Wubbzy must promise not to use it in a real emergency. Will Wubbzy keep his promise?
S01E02 What Would Wubbzy Do? 15/10/2008 Wubbzy is going to deliver doodleberry jelly jars for Daizy. Wubbzy tries to do it Widget's way, but it doesn't work. Then he tries Walden's way, but it also doesn't work. Then he follows Daizy's advice and does it the Wubbzy way.
S01E03 Ty Ty the Tool Guy 14/12/2009 Ty Ty the Tool Guy (voice of Ty Pennington) arrives and shows Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy some cool tools. They hear a loud crash, and find that the Quacker family's pet elephant, Packy, has the flu and just sneezed and blew their house down. So, they decide to build the Quacker family a new house, but Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy have difficulties cooperating.
S01E04 Mr. Unlucky 16/12/2009 Wubbzy finds a new penny and thinks he will have good luck. However, Wubbzy then walks under a ladder and bad things start to happen, such as losing his new penny, so he thinks he has bad luck. His friends keep trying to tell him there's no such thing as bad luck.
S01E05 The Wuzzleburg Express 05/09/2006 There is an annual picnic being held at the top of Mount Zubba Bubba, so Wubzy and Walden take the train to get there. However, the train (which is moving slow anyways) breaks down and the engineer leaves to get the mechanic. Widget, who was finishing some things at her workshop, drives up and, seeing the train, decides to fix it herself. She is able to make it go super fast, but is unable to make it stop. Wubbzy, Widget and Walden must find a way to get the passengers to the picnic and stop the train!
S01E06 Hangin' with Mr. Gummy 25/02/2009 Wubbzy accidentally breaks Mr. Gummy's window, so in return, Wubbzy must spend a day with Mr. Gummy and try to enjoy it.
S01E07 Music Videos (DVD Bonus) 13/09/2011 BONUS Music Videos included on the "Wubbzy and the Fire Engine" DVD.