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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! tells of the adventures of Wubbzy, Walden, Wubbzy's brainy friend, and Widget, another friend of Wubbzy who can fix anything with her toolbox. This animated children's show, created by Bob Boyle, takes place in Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy gets himself into crazy predicaments and strange situations, but with the help of Walden and Widget, Wubbzy gets himself out of trouble.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

S01E01 A Tale of Tails 28/08/2006 Wubbzy can't figure out why everyone makes fun of his curzy tail. He tries to hide it but nothing work.
S01E02 Special Delivery 28/08/2006 Wubbzy opens up Walden's package that has a toy train in it. Wubbzy tries to put it back together but the train gets away.
S01E03 Widget's Wild Ride 28/08/2006 Wubbzy build a road racer for the annual Wuzzleburg Derby, but Widget wants to modify it.
S01E04 Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle 28/08/2006 Wubbzy buys a pet Fleegle but throws away the instruction manual for it.
S01E05 Wubbzy in the Woods 29/08/2006 Wubbzy gets lost while everyone goes camping. He tries to find his way back but he can't.
S01E06 A Little Help From Your Friends 29/08/2006 When Wubbzy tries to make dinner for his friends, Widget and Walden, things get messy.
S01E07 Goo-Goo Grief 30/08/2006 Walden finds a strange elephant-like creature on his lawn, who likes his Hoopty-Horn.
S01E08 Perfecto Party 30/08/2006 When Wubbzy gets things prepared to make his special lasanga, he just needs to find the marshmallows.
S01E09 A Clean Sweep 31/08/2006 A Clean Sweep: Wubbzy decides to goof off and play instead of doing his chores like he was supposed to.
S01E10 Mr. Cool 31/08/2006 Walden wants to be cool in order to go to a dance but he thinks he isn't.
S01E11 Wuzzleburg Express 05/09/2006 The gang are going on a picnic at Mount Zubba Bubba. Widget tries to make the Wuzzleburg Express work again.
S01E12 Gidget the Super-Robot 05/09/2006 Widgets decides to build a super robot that looks and acts just like she does.
S01E13 Gotta Dance 06/09/2006 Widget has always wanted to be a ballerina, but can she make it.
S01E14 The Wubb Club 06/09/2006 Wubbzy starts a new club for all of his friends. He calls it the "Wubb Club."
S01E15 Eggs Over Easy 07/09/2006 Wubbzy wants to color his easter eggs, but needs a little help, so Widget decided to step in and help her friend out.
S01E16 The Flight of the Flutterfly 07/09/2006 While playing outside, Wubbzy sees a flutterfly. He catches it and then wants to keep it as his own pet.
S01E17 Watch the Birdie 03/10/2006 Wubbzy is having his things stolen by a bird.
S01E18 Wubbzy Tells a Whopper 03/10/2006 Wubbzy lies about a Growly Gus taking Widget’s Whammer-Hammer, but in reality, he accidentally break it.
S01E19 Warp Speed Wubbzy! 03/10/2006 Walden is looking through his telescope when he spots something in the sky and thinks it's a spaceship.
S01E20 Wubbzy the Star 03/10/2006 Wubbzy wants to be the star in Walden’s play.
S01E21 Who Needs School? 19/10/2006 Wubbzy is afraid to go to school after being convinced by Buggy, Huggy, and Earl that it is scary.
S01E22 Magic Tricks 19/10/2006 Wubbzy and his friends learn magic tricks from Moo-Moo, but Wubbzy is having a hard time doing tricks and he gets frustrated and feels like giving up, but he has to keep trying.
S01E23 Monster Madness 26/10/2006 Wubbzy watches a scary movie and thinks there are monsters in the dark.
S01E24 The Last Leaf 26/10/2006 Wubbzy, Walden and Widget all gather around the old Figgidy-Fig tree and anxiously wait for the last leaf to fall.
S01E25 Wubbzy Bounces Back 15/11/2006 Wubbzy flattens his kickity kick ball and runs into difficulties when he tries to get it replaced.
S01E26 A Dash for Dolly 15/11/2006 Wubbzy wants to buy a Hammerin' Holly Dolly for Widget's birthday.
S01E27 The Snow Shoo Shoo 01/12/2006 Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget set of in search of the Snow Shoo Shoo creature. They head to Mt Zubba and find the Snow shoo shoo holding a jam session with other shoo shoo's in a cave.
S01E28 The Pirate Treasure 01/12/2006 Wubbzy finds a treasure map in a library book. They receive the best treasure, an adventure.
S01E29 Escape From Dino Island 28/12/2006 Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget take a journey to Dino Island.
S01E30 Widget Gets the Blooey Blues 28/12/2006 Widget the rabbit’s new invention fails and she gets the bad case of depression.
S01E31 The Grass Is Always Plaider 29/01/2007 Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget grow very bored with the same old things that they do in Wuzzleburg, so they travel over the mountain to the nearby city of Plaidville. They soon realize that things weren't so bad in Wuzzleburg, and head back.
S01E32 Everything’s Coming Up Wubbzy? 29/01/2007 Widget creates a special hat that makes whoever wears it act like Wubbzy.
S01E33 Wubbzy's Magical Mess-Up 01/02/2007 Wubbzy uses a magic wand from Moomoo the Magician and quickly loses control.
S01E34 Tea for Three 01/02/2007 Wubbzy wants to throw a tea party and Widget offers to help. He builds the Tea Time 3000 to make sandwiches and tea, but the invention goes haywire.
S01E35 Come Spy With Me 02/02/2007 Wubbzy and Widget think that Walden is hiding something from them, and they follow him all around town to try and figure out what the secret is.
S01E36 Puddle Muddle 02/02/2007 It's picture time for Wubbzy, but he ends up getting himself all dirty from playing in the mud puddle before the picture is taken.
S01E37 Mr. Valentine 14/02/2007 Wubbzy delivers Valentines day cards when the mailman is sick.
S01E38 Wubbzy in the Middle 14/02/2007 Widget (build) and Walden (plan) stop being friends after an accident with the books and the machine, and Wubbzy tries to get them back together.
S01E39 Mt. Fizzy Pop 11/12/2007 There's a whole lot of shaking going on in Wuzzleberg, and it's because old Mt. Fizzy Pop on Dino Island is bubbling and rumbling.
S01E40 Zoo Hullabaloo 11/12/2007 When Widget fixes the Puff-Puff Penguin tank at the zoo, Wubbzy offers to keep the penguins at his house.
S01E41 The Super Fixers 13/12/2007 Widget becomes obsessed with her favorite television show when she builds a television set,the Video-Tron 3000, that have thirty screens, so Wubbzy and Walden try to woo her away from it.
S01E42 Fly Us to the Moon 13/12/2007 The man on the moon is asleep and Widget, Wubbzy and Walden have to fly to the moon to wake him up.
S01E43 O Figgity-Fig Tree 14/12/2007 Wubbzy overdecorated the towns Figgity-Fig tree and blows the generator which knocks out the lights. Now everyone must come up with a way to decorate it so it doens't need electricity.
S01E44 Snow Day 14/12/2007 Wubbzy and Widget try to fix Walden Woly-bear snow sculpture that was ruined when Wubbzy went sledding into it.
S01E45 The Tired Tail 29/02/2008 Wubbzy loses the bounce from his tail and is told to stay a home to rest, but making a list of things to do, sets his recovery back.
S01E46 Wubbzy's Big Idea 29/02/2008 Wubbzy wants to grow bigger so Walden invents a machine to help him do so, but things go wrong and Wubbzy gets too big.
S01E47 Where's My Wiggle Wrench? 04/04/2008 Widget uses a new invention to try and find her wiggle wrench that she lost right before a contest.
S01E48 You Gotta have Art 04/04/2008 Wubbzy uses his friends for his first masterpiece after he takes up painting, but can't find the perfect subject.
S01E49 Follow the Leader 09/05/2008 A group of baby chirpees have lost their mother, until they start to follow Wubbzy who leads them home.
S01E50 The Wubbzy Shuffle 09/05/2008 Widget catches on to the fact that Wubbzy is winning all his games by cheating, so she builds an ultimate robot to teach him a lesson about cheating.
S01E51 Broken Record 20/06/2008 Everyone seems to be in need of Wubbzy's help when he is trying to break a world record.
S01E52 Walden on the Beach 20/06/2008 Nobody knows that Walden is afraid of the water, until they all head to the beach one afternoon.
S02E00 00/00/0000
S02E01 Who's That Girl? 02/09/2008 Wubbzy heads back to play kickity-kickball with his old gang when he quickly gets bored of every game turning into a dressup game when he is playing with his newest neighbor, Daizy, who moves into the flower shaped house next door.
S02E02 Wubbzy's Big Move 02/09/2008 Wubbzy soon learns that living in the Wubb Club isn't all he thought it was going to be.
S02E03 Wubbzy & the Fire Engine 03/09/2008 Wubbzy ends up in danger when he tries to become a fireman.
S02E04 Too Much of a Doodle Thing 03/09/2008 Wubbzy eats all the doodleberries in town and tries to grow his doodleberries, which soon grow out of control.
S02E05 Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone 04/09/2008 Wubbzy drops Daizy sparkly ring down a hole and must make his way to the center of the earth to find it and bring it back to her.
S02E06 Meet the Wuzzles 04/09/2008 Daizy gets frustrated when she can't play any instruments, but still wants to join the gang's new band.
S02E07 Bye Bye Birdies 05/09/2008 Wuzzelburg seems to be the place to be when a few migrating birds are having too much fun at Wubbzy's birdwatching slumber party at the Wubb Cub, to want to move on.
S02E08 Call of the Mild 05/09/2008 Wubbzy and Daizy stumble upon a rare and frightened one-horned animal.
S02E09 Tooth or Dare 14/10/2008 Tooth or Dare: Wubbzy attempts to fill in for the toothfairy, who is on vacation, after Daizy loses a tooth.
S02E10 Moo Moo's Snoozity Snooze 14/10/2008 Wubbzy tries to wake up Moo Moo the Magician and stop him from casting spells all over Wuzzleburg in his sleep.
S02E11 Bienvenu dans la maison de poupées 15/10/2008 Welcome to the Dollhouse: Daizy gets a new dollhouse in which Wubbzy and Daizy shrink themselves to play in.
S02E12 La méthode Wubbzy 15/10/2008 Daizy needs Wubbzy's help to deliver her doodleberry jelly jars.
S02E13 Wubbzy the Hero 16/10/2008 People think Wubbzy is a hero after seeing him chasing a dinosaur.
S02E14 The Nasty Nose 16/10/2008 Wubbzy is headed to a pool party, but first he has to deal with the problem with his nose.
S02E15 Daizy's Hair Salon 17/10/2008 Wubbzy advertises for Daizy's new hair salon.
S02E16 New Kid on the Block 17/10/2008 Wubbzy learns a hard lesson about being the center of attention when a new kid, Murphy, joins Wubbzy's class.
S02E17 The Ghost of Wuzzleburg 29/10/2008 Wubbzy dresses as the The Ghost of Wuzzleburg in order to take first prize in the town's Halloween costume contest.
S02E18 March of the Pumpkins 29/10/2008 In order to be crowned the Pumpkin King at the Harvest Festival, Wubbzy goes in search of the biggest pumpkin that he can find.
S02E19 Old Man Grumpus Plays Alone 05/12/2008 A Great and Grumpy Holiday: Wubbzy stops and nothing to get the perfect Christmas tree that is on old man Grumpus' land.
S02E20 The Super Special Gift 05/12/2008 Wubbzy helps Santa deliver toys, after his trip to the north pole to ask him for Daizy's rainbow for Christmas.
S02E21 Cupid's Little Helper 13/02/2009 Wubbzy finds Cupid's bubble wand.
S02E22 My Speedy Valentine 13/02/2009 Wubbzy and the gang try to find the fastest way to make their valentines.
S02E23 Daizy's Favorite Place 23/02/2009 Daizy takes her friends to the park for a picnic.
S02E24 Quiet Wubbzy 23/02/2009 Wubbzy finds a woogle bugle, but makes loud noise, so he can't play the Woogle Bugle. The Horrible Beasty Beast wants to scare everyone and eat Wuzzleburg, so Wubbzy can use the loudest bugle to scare him away.
S02E25 Il était une fois 24/02/2009 Daizy and Wubbzy accidentally ruin Widget’s pickleberry bush and then try to replace it before she finds out.
S02E26 Le mystère de l'anniversaire 24/02/2009 Wubbzy tries to solve a puzzling mystery by using his new detective kit.
S02E27 Hangin' With Mr. Gummy 25/02/2009 Wubbzy breaks Mr Gummy windows and tries to fix it by spending time with him.
S02E28 Wonder Wubbzy 25/02/2009 Superheroes Wubbzy and Daizy pretend to rescue their friends.
S02E29 Hoop Dreamz 26/02/2009 Wubbzy befriends a professional hoopity hoop player.
S02E30 Daizy's Purple Thumb 26/02/2009 Mayor Woozle commissions Daizy to tend to the Wuzzleburg garden
S02E31 Big Bunny Blues 10/04/2009 Easter is canceled.
S02E32 The Flower Day Parade 10/04/2009 Wubbzy wants to contribute to the Flower Day Parade.
S02E33 Save the Wuzzly 22/04/2009 After all the trees were cut down in the forest, Wubbzy and the gang try to help the Wuzzly bear find a new place to call home.
S02E34 All Bottled Up! 22/04/2009 In an attempt to recycle, Wubbzy and the gang come up with ways they can reuse their old juice boxes.
S02E35 Wubb Girlz Rule 27/04/2009 Daizy tries to impress Shine, of the Wubb Girlz, during a talent show called the Wuzzleburg Idol.
S02E36 Wuzzleburg Idol 27/04/2009 Wubbzy wins the Wuzzleburg Idol by being himself.
S02E37 Bye Bye Wuzzleburg 28/04/2009 Wubbzy is afraid to leave Wuzzleburg after winning the Wuzzleburg Idol.
S02E38 Wubbzy's Wacky Journey 28/04/2009 Wubbzy wants to stop at Wacky World Amusement Park, but Walden doesn't want to make any stops on their way to Wuzzlewood.
S02E39 Le Nouveau Look de Wubbzy 29/04/2009 Wubbzy realizes that it's better to be yourself, than something you are not.
S02E40 Le Grand Concert de Hollywoop 29/04/2009 Wubbzy and his friends join the The Wubb Girlz on stage, after Wubbzy gets stage fright and won't go on.
S02E41 Lights, Camera, Wubbzy! 30/04/2009 The Wubb Girlz offer Wubbzy a part in their new movie.
S02E42 A Wubbstar is Born 30/04/2009 After becoming a movie star, Wubbzy stars to miss his friend back in Wuzzleburg.
S02E43 Wubb Idol 01/05/2009 When the WubbGirlz are in town to host the 'Wuzzleburg Idol' talent show, everybody wants to win the contest! If Wubbzy can wow the judges, he'll get the chance to perform at the big concert in Wuzzlewood and maybe even become a movie star! Join 'Wubb-Z' and the gang on the coolest road trip ever, filled with singing, dancing and more!
S02E44 Ty Ty the Tool Guy 14/12/2009 Ty Ty the Tool Guy helps the gang coordinate a house-rebuilding project for the Quacker family, but soon Wubbzy, Daizy, Widget and Walden were bickering over building leading to messy results, Plan, Build, Flowers, and Toys.
S02E45 What a Card 15/12/2009 Wubbzy and Daizy befriend Earl, who want a rare footy-football card.
S02E46 Happily Ever After 14/12/2009 Chaos erupts when a weird hopping Dipple-Dop runs loose all havoc in Wuzzleburg.
S02E47 Too Many Wubbys 15/12/2009 Widget builds a machine where Wubbzy makes clones of himself.
S02E48 Mr. Unlucky 16/12/2009 Wubbzy thinks a newfound penny will bring him good luck, but then he walks under a ladder, and bad luck follows.
S02E49 Focus Wubbzy 16/12/2009 Wubbzy tries to focus on doing a favor for the postman, but then he sees that his friends are in trouble and need his help.
S02E50 Rush Hour 17/12/2009 Wubbzy enters a floating-boat contest, but he builds his boat too quickly and it falls apart.
S02E51 Wubbzy's Rainy Day 17/12/2009 Rainy weather ruins the gang’s plans, so they devise some indoor games.
S02E52 Un Poulet Nommé Walter 21/02/2010 Wubbzy and Daizy try to take care of Walden when he gets sick.
S02E255 Great and Grumpy Holiday 00/00/0000
S00E01 Wubbzy's Big Movie! 28/08/2008 Wubbzy, Widget and Walden are going to get some doodleberry pie, but Wubbzy ends up tripping over a rock, smashes his head, down a hill and ends up getting Knockity-Noggin and being unable to remember who he is. Widget and Walden try help Wubbzy recover his memory, but fail miserably.
S00E02 Wubbzy Goes to School 00/00/0000 Wubbzy faces his fear of going to school, Widget trains to be a ballerina and everybody tries to learn tricks from Moo Moo The Magician.
S00E03 A Little Help From My Friends 00/00/0000 Friendship takes center stage as Wubbzy and his pals search for a lost Wiggle Wrench, escape a runaway Doodleberry Cake, build a Super Robot, teach Walden to boogie and work hard for Wuzzleburg trophies. Together they discover the importance of positive values like confidence, cooperation, team work and above all , the meaning of friendship.
S00E04 Go for Gold! 00/00/0000 Wubbzy and his Friends learn all about teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship. What happens when Wubbzy joins a hoopty-hoops team? Why is Wubbzy so upset about being small? How do Wubbzy's friends prove that cheating at games is wrong?
S00E05 Wubbzy Be Mine 00/00/0000 Wow! Wow! Love is in the air! Watch Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy in these Valentine-themed episodes full of friendship and appreciation! What happens when Wubbzy uses Cupid’s bubble-blower to bring together Wuzzleburg’s oddest couples? Can Wubbzy and friends find the fastest way ever to make their own valentines?
S00E06 Wubbzy Goes Boo! 00/00/0000 Wubbzy and his pals Widgit, Walden, and Daisy welcome fall in Wuzzleburg as a time for celebrations, dressing up, and a healthy dose of spookiness.
S00E07 Wubbzy Goes Green 00/00/0000 Everyone in Wuzzleburg is getting involved in saving the planet! In these earth-friendly episodes, Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy must find a new place for the Wuzzle Bears to live, think up creative ways to reuse juice bottles and learn to grow their own doodleberries.
S00E08 Escape From Dino Island 00/00/0000 Wubbzy and his friends are heading out on a mysterious adventure! Join the Wuzzleburg gang as they voyage to Dino Island in Widget's Wavy Wheeler 3000, explore Wazumboo Jungle and try to control a Doodleberry patch that has gone Wow! Wow! WILD
S00E09 Wubbzy and the Fire Engine 00/00/0000 Wubbzy has a fire engine adventure with Widget, delivers Daizy's doodleberry treats, re-builds a house with Ty Ty The Tool Guy.
S00E10 Best of Daizy 09/07/2013 Daizy moves in next door to Wubbzy, grows her own flower-shaped house from a seed, opens a pet salon, battles leaf-blower windstorms, and becomes Wubbzy's sidekick Flower Power.
S00E11 Best of Walden 09/04/2013 He knows all about science, books and art.and he's Wubbzy's good friend, too! In his first-ever DVD collection, Walden bakes a marshmallow lasagna, gets sick with Chickenitis, plays his hoopty horn for a giant Goo Goo, collects figgety-fig leaves, and keeps a mysterious secret. There are silly dances, a day at the beach, wiggle worms, noodle stroodle and a trip to the peak of Mount Zubba Bubba, all with good friends. Come share in Walden's contagious curiosity as he explores Wuzzleburg for non-stop fun, fun, fun!
S00E12 Wubb Idol 01/05/2009 When the WubbGirlz are in town to host the 'Wuzzleburg Idol' talent show, everybody wants to win the contest! If Wubbzy can wow the judges, he'll get the chance to perform at the big concert in Wuzzlewood and maybe even become a movie star! Join 'Wubb-Z' and the gang on the coolest road trip ever, filled with singing, dancing and more!