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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de WWII’s Greatest Raids

S01E01 Rangers Lead The Way 03/08/2014 US Army Rangers spearhead the biggest amphibious landing in history - the allied Invasion of France. They must conquer vertical cliffs before taking on the determined enemy. Then destroy the guns that threaten to blow the Allied fleet out of the water.
S01E02 Mountain Massacre 10/08/2014 The Black Devils, a joint US-Canadian elite mountain warfare unit, are about to go into action. They must mount a do-or-die night-time assault up a treacherous mountain, in extreme weather, to take on heavily-entrenched battle hardened German defenses.
S01E03 Hitler's Last Bridge 17/08/2014 A brave band of regular GI’s are tasked with saving the last bridge and final gateway to the Third Reich at Remagen, Germany on the Rhine. They arrive just as the Germans attempt to blow it up.
S01E04 Strike From The Sky 24/08/2014 This episode looks at the British Light Infantry's role ahead of the D-Day landings. They were charged with crash-landing gliders into Northern France and taking hold of two key bridges that were in the hands of the enemy. Failure would have resulted in the largest amphibious assault in history being thrown into jeopardy.
S01E05 SAS vs. Rommel 31/08/2014 The SAS launches a daring raid behind enemy lines on a German airfield in the Sahara Desert. If they succeed in destroying Rommel’s supply planes, their action could turn the tide of war and allow the British to drive the Germans out of North Africa.
S01E06 Commando Do Or Die 07/09/2014 British commandos attempt a head-on amphibious assault against a heavily-defended enemy port. Their mission: to take out the dock facilities of St.Nazaire, before they become a base for Germany's biggest battleship.