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Television's first series dedicated exclusively to showing how to fabricate hardcore trail rigs, sand buggies, lifted pickups and off-road vehicles. Xtreme 4x4 features high energy 4WD truck projects from start-to-finish plus extreme action off road events. Serious off road enthusiasts watch this TV show.


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S01E01 Poison Spyder Rock Rod & SubUrban Gorilla Tow Master Projects Return! 07/01/2006 Ian and Jessi and the crew travel to West Sacramento, California to a trade school where top students in chassis fabrication get the opportunity of a life time: build a competition rock crawler on TV from scratch! See how 21 apprentices band together with the Xtreme 4x4 to build a Formula Toy competition rig they can be really proud of!
S01E02 Building a Ford F-150 Baja Pre-Runner style truck and the Diesel Nationals 14/01/2006 Have shop, will travel. What better way to spend an invite to the Four Wheel Parts Truck Fest in Denver, CO. than fabbing up a Baja Pre-runner style Ford F-150 for the assembled multitudes? New suspension, seats, tires, rotors and engine programmer get installed and then thrashed on a test run just to make sure it's all together right. It's a long walk back. Plus, we bring you crazy diesel power -- 1800 lb-ft of torque -- at the Diesel Nationals. Xtreme 4x4 hits the road, tools in hand.
S01E03 SubUrban Gorilla's Part IV 21/01/2006 Every part of the Suburban Gorilla is oversized and heavy duty, and its frame is no exception. But it needs more beef and Ian & Jessi add to its overall tonnage and off-roadability by showing you how to box in its frame. You too can make your Suburban as strong as a bridge. Ian wakes up from his childhood dream to find himself behind the wheel of a monster truck -- and the crowd went wild!
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S03E04 Ranger Resurrection Part V 28/01/2006 Ranger Resurrection returns! Crazy CORR Trophy Truck “bar-to-bar” action! If this episode doesn’t make you want to go off-road, you don’t have a pulse! Ian and Jesse are taking a Ford Ranger they rescued from a junkyard and transforming it into an all-purpose tool of a truck. On-road, off-road, rock crawling, grocery-getting up any hill you dare – this truck will be able to do it. Today they tackle the axles and suspension – by basically custom rebuilding and bulletproofing the entire front and rear suspensions with supersized parts. They fab up enough tubing underneath to build a jungle-jim, and Ian explains how to determine spring rates without making you fear the math! All on Xtreme!
S03E05 Formula Toy Part One! 04/02/2006 Ian and Jessi and the crew travel to West Sacramento, California to a trade school where top students in chassis fabrication get the opportunity of a life time: build a competition rock crawler on TV from scratch! See how 21 apprentices band together with the Xtreme 4x4 to build a Formula Toy competition rig they can be really proud of!
S03E06 Cheap Jeep Part III Tranny Tech 11/02/2006 W.E.ROCK Nationals! One of our more popular builds makes a return, this time for a junkyard transmission build and beefier transfer case. Our budget CJ7 will be a better performer on the rocks after this show. Jessi has honors on the Dana 300, while Professor Johnson debunks the myth of the automatic transmission, by tearing it down and rebuilding it right before your eyes! Our event of the week: high drama at the W.E.ROCK East vs. West shootout from Columbus. The man-made track proves to be too much for even the favorites. The surprise ending to this piece still has both the spectators and competitors shaking their heads!
S03E07 Toyota FJ60: 'Saggin' Wagon' 18/02/2006 Off Road Expo Give-a-way! An old worn out Land Cruiser gets new life as Ian and Jessi begin project Saggin' Wagon. The project starts with new suspension. And in our event of the week, Ian and Jessi travel to Pomona, California and the Off-Road Expo "a Shangri-La" for off-road enthusiasts. Ian and Jessi pick two unsuspecting guys out of the crowd who drive very different rigs. Both think they're going window shopping, getting ideas and suggestions with the help of our hosts. When in reality, we are helping them build their rigs - in the end, they find out all the parts are FREE!
S03E08 Formula Toy Part II 25/02/2006 Toy Payoff! Ian and Jessi head back to West Sacramento where their Formula Toy rock crawler has been sitting in the lobby of the trade school since their last visit. This time 10 more students join them to plumb, wire, and fire this trick buggy. In the end, there's a special bonus for this team of student-builders, when they get to participate in the Xtreme challenge. On a course set up by W.E.ROCK, they team up to see who is champion of the rocks!
S03E09 SubUrban Gorilla: 1000 lbs of torque 04/03/2006 Louisiana Mud Race! The Ultimate Tow Rig makes a return after Ian and Jessi travel to Southern California to help build the ultimate power plant - the first ever custom twin turbo Duramax diesel engine designed by Gale Banks. We build the motor from the inside out... with high tech components, to the awesome dual blowers that will eventually command over 700 horsepower, and 1000 ft lbs of torque! Later in this episode, Ian and Jessi bring the motor back to Xtreme and drop it between the frame rails of the Gorilla. Also in this episode, they are considered a different "breed" of off roaders - mud boggers! We travel to Monroe, Louisiana for some mud in your eye, ears, nose, throat, grill, cab etc! You get the point.
S03E10 Cheap Jeep IV 11/03/2006 Extreme Rock Racing! To manual shift, or not to manual shift? That has been the question on the legitimacy of pulling the manual transmission out of the Cheap Jeep in favor of a rebuild junk yard automatic and transfer case. Well the swap has been done. And with a few more bucks to put into this '82 CJ7 in the form of some bumpers, leaf springs - this becomes an excellent trail truck. Also Extreme Rock Racing Association action from Colorado Springs. No crawling... just racing! This is the most intense form of off-roading you will ever experience!
S04E01 SubUrban Gorilla Gets Winched! 18/03/2006 No, our customized monster didn't get towed away. Jessi and Ian show you how to install not one, but two winches using the SubUrban Gorilla. One of them is a Warn 16.5ti - as in it can pull 16,500 Ibs. with 7/16th-inch aircraft cable, so it has to be mounted right. Then they fab up the front and rear of the SubUrban Gorilla for its fiberglass bodywork, and a to-be-installed 40 gallon steel gas tank. Plus, they fire up the welders and cutters and show you how to design and build a custom heavy duty skid plate to protect your driveline. And see, not one, but two race truck versions of the General Lee battle for supremacy in the Four Wheel Jamboree Tough Truck Series wild action!
S04E02 Project Saggin' Wagon Part II 10/06/2006 W.E.ROCK Judges Ian and Jessi grab the reciprocating saw and plasma cutter and back half their beat up Toyota FJ60. This trail runner project will get new lockers, axles, and a four link suspension. Plus we'll travel to Columbus, Ohio for the W.E.ROCK Nationals and a look at professional rock crawling through the eyes of the judges!
S04E03 SubUrban Gorilla Part VII 17/06/2006 Wiring With the body and frame back from coating, Ian and Jessi wire their SubUrban Gorilla project, including hooking up accessories like all the lights, roof rack. Plus we're off to Indianapolis Raceway Park for a look at some Xtreme drag racing and guys who eat, sleep and breathe diesel! Performance diesel builder Dan Scheid is profiled!
S04E04 Shannon Campbell Crawler/Bottom Drawer Buggy pt I 24/06/2006 UROC Pro National Champion Shannon Campbell dominates rock crawling competitions and now Ian & Jessi get to build Shannon's next rig. Plus, we'll travel to Las Vegas for the latest and greatest in aftermarket parts and supplies for the offroader at the Off Road Impact Show. Plus Ian & Jesse launch their Bottom Drawer Buggy build.
S04E05 Project Saggin' Wagon Part III 01/07/2006 The Toyota FJ60 returns to have the front roll cage constructed as well as adding fuel injection to the motor, plus exhaust, lights, and all the wiring. Then co-host Jessi Combs takes us to the South Dakota Territory Challenge outside Rapid City, where 200 rigs from all over the country come to run the "xtremely" challenging Black Hills.
S04E06 Ranger Resurrection Part VI 08/07/2006 The desert bandit makes a return to the shop for interior finishing, dash, gauges, wiring and the suspension... all will come together today. Plus, a trip down to South Florida for their legendary swamp buggy races!
S04E07 Ranger Resurrection Part VIII 15/07/2006 It's been a year and a half in the making and today, their ultimate 4x4 Ranger will hit the dirt, after Ian and Jessi plumb and fire the motor. Plus... we head to the Southern California race shop of legendary Off Road Champion Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, where we get a tour and learn the secrets to his 84 career victories!
S04E08 Skyjacker F250 Project 22/07/2006 We're going to recreate a special order vehicle only available to oil companies based in the Middle East. These rigs come from Ford in limited quantities and are the toughest "stock" pick-ups in the world - running the oil fields in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. And since you can't buy one, we build one. Plus, back in the early 90's, Jeremy McGrath was a rookie in the motocross circles. These days, he's traded his two wheels for four as a fill-in driver for Baldwin Racing. We hit the CORR San Diego track with this Supercross legend, and he gets strapped into a trophy truck for the first time.
S04E09 Xtreme Ultimate Trailer 29/07/2006 You've seen Ian and Jessi build some wide off road buggies... an ultimate tow rig... what's missing? A trailer! 28 foot flatbed goose neck that gets delivered to your door in a box! With living quarters hey will build this monster hauler from scratch... right before your eyes! Plus... see how pro driver Bruce Zeller has sacrificed his way to the top of the rock crawling circuit.
S04E10 Poison Spyder Finale 05/08/2006 Call it your ultimate off road play toy the Poison Spyder rock rod hits the trail after it gets buttoned up. See Ian and Jessi take it through it's paces as we payoff the Poison Spyder.
S04E11 Jeep Speed Build 12/08/2006 Ian and Jessi take a '95 Jeep Cherokee XJ and tear it down, then turn it into a spec class Baja racer. These buggies run Best in the Desert, and SCORE Competitions. This is a great way to get introduced to desert racing! Plus... back down to Naples and Florida Sports Park for the wildest looking "Water Jeeps" you'll ever see!
S04E12 SubUrban Gorilla Part VIII 02/09/2006 It started as an '87 Suburban farm truck and has slowly turned into an ultimate off road tow rig. Today the Gorilla hits the road and the trail. Plus, we'll profile Mud Mom Sherie Richardson who is more at home in her mud bogger than she is in her mini van!
S04E13 Best of Trails/Bloopers 18/11/2006 CJ, AJ, Wyo-Crawler, Ranger Resurrection Highlights of our best and worst trail experiences, plus unseen footage behind the scenes, along with over two years worth of bloopers and outtakes from moments our hosts would just as soon forget!
S05E01 Bottom Drawer Buggy Part II 07/01/2007 Ian Johnson Mud Racing / Smoke Run, PA Custom tube chassis building and 350 small block mods with propane injection are featured in part two of Ian and Jessi's trail rig that's built almost entirely from used parts lying around the Tech Center. Plus... fire and water don't mix when Ian burns up someone else's mud racer during a trip to the Mud Bash in Smoke Run, PA!
S05E02 Bottom Drawer Buggy Finale 14/01/2007 CORR Carl Renezeder Profile - Chula Vista, CA The Bottom Drawer Buggy is finished up in this episode and taken out on the trail. Tech includes custom 4 link design along with rear wheel steering. And on the CORR track, no one has made more trips to the podium in the last 10 years than Carl Renezeder. This champion Pro 4 driver with his rig and team are profiled.
S05E03 Kelderman 2008 F250 Superduty 21/01/2007 W.E.ROCK World Championship - Las Vegas The first ever airbag kit for the '08 Super Duty is installed, along with a trick custom audio/video system to give you street guys your "fix". Plus... Henderson, Nevada was on the global stage with the W.E.ROCK World Championships, and Xtreme 4x4 was there!
S05E04 FJ Cruiser I / Saggin' Wagon III 28/01/2007 Casey Illinois Endurance Race What is old is new again, when Ian and Jessi make a true trail truck out of the new Toyota FJ with 6 coil overs, beadlocks, lockers and more. Then their back-halved Saggin' Wagon Land Cruiser is finished off. Plus, 3 hours non-stop through the woods, rivers, jumps are what Casey Illinois endurance racing is all about! Even the eventual winner breaks down before the finish line!
S05E05 FJ Cruiser II Payoff / Saggin' Wagon IV 04/02/2007 Tucson, AZ trails Two decades apart, and vastly different our '85 Landcruiser and '07 FJ Cruiser are readied for the trail. See how full air lockers and an off road lift improves Toyota's new FJ in the field in this hardcore payoff. And in our event of the week - they don't call it Axle Alley for nothing. We're off to the Arizona desert and one of the West's most bone crushing trails.
S05E06 JK Wrangler Dual Build 11/02/2007 Camp Jeep This is a first, when our team builds the same truck twice - the new popular 4-door Jeep Wrangler! In stage 1, we turn an already capable JK to an even better on & off road trail rig. Stage 2 - we go hardcore, bigger lift, axles, and more - to make this hot new Jeep a dedicated trail monster! Plus in our event of the week, we're off to Camp Jeep in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin where Jeepers from all over come to gush over their beloved vehicles!
S05E07 Cheap Jeep Returns / Ultimate Axle Show! 18/02/2007 Top Shop Challenge Xtreme's most popular build to date - the Cheap Jeep (1982 Jeep CJ) returns. And the last remaining weak link is upgraded in the form of beefier and stronger off-road axles. Plus, axle tech - everything you wanted to know about axles will be discussed in this show. And in our event of the week, some top off-road shop teams compete in a Midwest challenge to determine the best of the best in this two part "Top Shop Challenge"!
S05E08 CORR Pro II Trophy Truck Part I 25/02/2007 Track Tech, Chula Vista, CA Xtreme teams with the CORR series to build their own Pro II trophy truck! Tony Vanillo, America's premier builder provides the chassis, and we do the rest! This will be part one of a step by step building adventure, utilizing the world's top off-road technology in a series that cannot be missed! Plus in an Xtreme exclusive, highlights of the Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup winner take all race. Also featured... how track conditions affect CORR teams choice of tires before a race.
S05E09 Jeep Speed II 04/03/2007 Pro Truck Series: Staats Family Ian and Jessi continue in part II to take their '95 Jeep Cherokee XJ and transform it into a spec class Baja racer. These buggies run Best in the Desert, and SCORE competitions. New rear end... GPS gauges, off road lights, everything you need to head into the desert. Also, a look into the Pro Truck class and the Steve Staats family of racing siblings.
S05E10 JK Stage II Payoff 11/03/2007 Mud Racing: Young Guns vs. Old Timers Jeep's new 4 door Wrangler gets part II of our makeover, followed by an Xtreme trail test at a local off road park. Plus, Pennsylvania is known for two things... cheese steaks and mud running! See how the young guns take on their gray-haired counterparts at Muddy Run Raceway.
S06E01 SubUrban Gorilla Part IX 11/03/2007 Pro Truck Series Legend Rod Hall The true finale of this ultimate trail/tow vehicle when our team buttons up the little things, then takes this beast and its gooseneck trailer out for its inaugural run. Plus, in off road circles, Rod Hall is a legend. See how this father and grandfather is passing his passion and legacy along to his family.
S06E02 CORR Pro II Trophy Truck Part II 10/06/2007 The Pro 2 race truck build begins, as safety measures are discussed along with detailed roll cage design, gussets, and most importantly brakes. Plus.. short course endurance off road racing from Central Illinois.
S06E03 Rockwell Rebuild 17/06/2007 Bottom Drawer Buggy Payoff 2 The Bottom Drawer Buggy gets new axles when dual Rockwells are shaved, reduction housings modified, and pinion brakes are installed. Then this budget tube buggy is taken out for one of our most hardcore payoffs ever!
S06E04 CORR Pro II Trophy Truck Part III 24/06/2007 The Pro 2 trophy truck gets its high-end suspension today, along with a full hydraulic steering setup. Plus we go through the absolute shop necessities you'll need to start your own fabrication shop.
S06E05 SubUrban Gorilla Part X 01/07/2007 Tow/Trail/Recovery Payoff - Aussie W.E.ROCK With the ultimate tow rig and trailer built, there's only one thing to do... test it on the highway, and on the trail! Plus, Australia's best crawlers come to Las Vegas to show W.E.ROCK how it's done.
S06E06 Hybrid 609 Axle Build 08/07/2007 MOAB I It's the latest idea in off road axles: combining the benefits of the Ford 9 inch and the strong Dana 60. Ian takes us through step by step, on how to plan, measure and build this bulletproof axle combination. And in our event of the week, we're off to Moab's Jeep Safari, and some of it's hardest most legendary trails.
S06E07 Twin Toyota Part I 15/07/2007 TUCSON II TRAIL DUST DAYS In this unique build, our team will design and build a '91 Toyota mini truck for Xtreme off road capability. Solid axle swap, bob and dove tail the rear end are just a few how-to elements to this episode. Plus, it's off to Arizona for the Tucson Trail Dust Days trail run, and Jessi returns from her long absence.
S06E08 Twin Toyota Part II 22/07/2007 Trail Payoff Final installment of the '91 Toyota mini truck transformation into a off-road mini beast! SAS, new suspension, small block V8, gearing set up tips, and an awesome trail payoff are all showcased!
S06E09 CORR Part IV 29/07/2007 Extreme Rhino Racing In part four of our CORR Pro II race truck project, we'll build up of our killer 700+ horsepower 434 small block. Plus, Rhinos aren't just for deer hunting anymore. We're off to SOCAL for the latest craze - UTV Cross, where stock utility vehicles are pumped up and taken the the motocross track to race!
S06E10 Samurai Part I 05/08/2007 W.E.ROCK III Part one of our Suzuki Samurai tin top build, where a daily driver is transformed into a pint-sized hardcore 4x4. First Toyota axles are installed front and rear, along with a custom four link suspension. A build like this can be done on a budget, and our team keeps the costs low. Plus in our event of the week, we head to Las Vegas to see how competition drivers cut their teeth in the stock mod class before they hit rock crawling's elite.
S06E11 Samurai Part II 12/08/2007 MOAB II Part two of our Samurai build up includes tearing into the body big time! Now you can back-half a Suzuki and tube the rear, or you can try and keep the structure intact. That's what we're going to do along with an exoskeleton. Check out our welding tips in this episode also. In our travels, we check out the famous Moab Rim Trail in Utah.
S06E12 Cheap Jeep Returns 19/08/2007 One of our favorite budget projects returns for beefier axles. See how a Ford 9" and a Dana 44 turn a competent crawler into a trail monster! Plus, there's more to a Truck Fest than just monster trucks and bikini contests! Watch our crew give away almost $10,000 of free stuff at the inaugural 4 Wheel Parts - 4 Wheel Drive Hardware Truck and Jeep Fest in Canfield, OH!
S06E13 Dirt Sports Baja Charity Run Special! 10/11/2007 In this special edition of Xtreme 4x4, Ian and Jessi take you to Baja California for the running of the 39 th annual Baja 1000. We follow three build teams who, along with Dirt Sports Magazine decided to put charity above competition. Three Stories from the Heart documents the experiences of the Full House race team from LA County Fire Station 116 and their class 11 bug, Herzog Racing's Pro Truck, and the Dirt Sports Project Elf class 11.
S07E01 Project S10 Truggy Part I 05/01/2008 Ian and Jessi tear into their latest creation - a 1994 Chevy S10 turned hardcore 'truggy'. This $750 dollar junker will be the ultimate off road play toy! Custom tube frame, extended fenders, and a monster 502 horse powerplant. Plus a set of 46" shoes will help transform this machine into a crossbreed of a truck and a buggy.
S07E02 CORR Pro II Part V 12/01/2008 W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals The CORR Pro II Race Truck is back in the Xtreme Shop to get fitted for the body panels, plumbing, wiring, and all key ingredients to get this off road truck running. Plus... we travel to Houston for the W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals and a battle between the veteran crawlers and the up and coming new breed of professional drivers.
S07E03 Green Samurai Part III 19/01/2008 Finale With the world going "green" the Xtreme Team is doing their part in the off road community by giving the Suzuki Samurai a veggie oil fuel conversion. That's right, waste vegetable oil will fuel this killer off road mini-monster with a VW turbo diesel powerplant. Final touches are made including details on converting a diesel burner to run on French fry grease!
S07E04 Transfer Case 101 26/01/2008 Mayhem Off-Road Rock Racing The heart of an off road 4x4 might be the engine but it's the transfer case that gets power to the axles! And with all the transfer cases out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? Jessi and Ian review the benefits of the most commonly used t-cases, their most popular upgrades, including some "doublers" and aftermarket cases too. Plus who will be crowned king of Mayhem Hill? Ian heads to Viola, Tennessee to find out in this one off rock race!
S07E05 S10 Truggy Part II 02/02/2008 Ultimate this?... Ultimate that! No baloney here! When Xtreme's Ian and Jessi say they are building an off road hybrid truck/buggy combo they mean it! Part 2 of their S10 Truggy project is all underneath: transmission, transfer case, wheels brakes, exhaust - everything leading up to the four link suspension on front and rear Rockwell axles.
S07E06 Nissan Crew Truck Part I 09/02/2008 Monster Truck Freestyle from Indy In their first Nissan build ever, Ian and Jessi take a burned out Pathfinder, and turn it into a daily driver trail truck for their TV crew. Seems the guys are tired of walking past the trail head, and are due for a minivan replacement! Engine diagnostics, long block rebuild are detailed. And in our event of the week, we travel to the 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Indianapolis to meet two monster truck competitors who love crushing things!
S07E07 Dual Purpose TJ Part I 16/02/2008 Scott Taylor CORR Profile When Jeep discontinued their popular TJ, it didn't discourage off roaders from gobbling up this multi use vehicle from used car lots and junk yards. Today, Jessi and Ian find their own for the ultimate transformation. Body stretch kit, 4 speed transfer case, rolling on 38's, are just a few of the mods. Plus in our event of the week, CORR racing from Primm, Nevada and a look into the 30 year career of Skyjacker race team driver, Scott Taylor.
S07E08 Dual Purpose TJ Part II 23/02/2008 The Jeep TJ is out of production, but that doesn't mean its out of the minds of 4 wheel enthusiasts! In part two of our dual purpose TJ project, the transformation of Ian and Jessi's 2003 junk yard find continues with a whole host of aftermarket Jeep upgrades including Dana 44 axles, coil over shocks, and a host of goodies from Quadratec. Plus, Jessi provides a useful tech tip to make transmission service a lot easier.
S07E09 Dual Purpose TJ Part III 01/03/2008 In Part III of our ultimate on road/off road TJ our build team continues their transformation of this wrecking yard Jeep by installing axles, suspension and mounting the wheels and tires, plus adding a bunch of goodies like tube doors, soft top and more cool stuff from Quadratec. And in our event of the week, we go behind the scenes at World Extreme Rock Crawling where the father son team of Jim and Cody Waggoner mix it up on the course in more ways than one! Having your dad be your spotter can make for some interesting moments!
S07E10 Toyota Mini Truck Revisit 08/03/2008 Trail Tips Our 1991 Toyota mini truck makes a return to the shop to beef up the gearing, improve the drive angles, upgrade the shafts making this a true hardcore trail rig. And at the end of this show, we'll hit the trail for two segments with a "mild to wild". Plus it's also a chance for our builders to eat a little crow on their winching techniques. This time showing us how it's done right, with the environment in mind! Plus some recovery tech, trail tips and more!
S07E11 Mud Truck Part I 15/03/2008 Our '87 3/4 ton Chevy pick up gets torn down from the motor to the body panels, axles and transmission. This truck is entirely stripped as our build team begins the transformation from a weekend hauler into a hardcore mud bog truck! How-to will include a trans rebuild, Ford 9" axle set up, body panel hanging, plus the motor will be wheeled down to our HorsePower TV brothers who will tear it down and stroke the small block. Plus in our event of the week, our crew does a little high altitude crawling in the Rocky Mountains - where at 9000 feet, an off road trail ride like this is the ultimate 4 wheel high?
S07E12 Ultimate 1 Ton Work Truck 07/06/2008 Rebuilding Together Charity In conjunction with WD-40 Company, Xtreme 4x4 takes an '08 GMC 1 ton dually, and transforms it into the ultimate work truck, which you can bid on! Bumpers, lift kit, power enhancers, bigger fuel cell are just the beginning of this installation which is capped off with 22 inch big rig wheels. After this truck goes on the road promoting WD-40's "Last Straw Tour", it will be auctioned off for charity with the proceeds going to Rebuilding Together and their Housing Program. Ian and Jessi pitch in - not only by building this big rig, but by volunteering at a "rebuild" event at a local veteran's home.
S08E01 Make Your Own Bio Diesel 14/06/2008 King of the Hammers The thought of paying over $4.00 for diesel fuel has Ian and Jessi seeking a "green"? alternative! The solution? We brew our own Biodiesel right in the Xtreme shop, showing viewers how they can save money, and do their part to help the environment at the same time. We'll take you through the entire process step by step. And in our event of the week, we go to one of the most xtreme events ever in Johnson Valley, California and their 50 mile rock / desert race known as "King of the Hammers".
S08E02 CORR Pro 2 Race Truck Part VI 21/06/2008 Finale. Off Road Expo Winners from Pomona The time has come for our Championship Off Road Race truck to be plumbed, button-downed and readied for the track! We'll recap the key components then prepare all the oil, trans and cooler lines and fire up the 434 monster Ford. Ever wonder how to build an indestructible coolant line out of inch and a half .090 inch wall tubing? You'll learn in this show. Plus... we head to the Pomona Fairplex for the Off Road Expo and we'll meet our big aftermarket winners Tim and Jesse and see their finished customized trucks.
S08E03 Nissan Crew Truck Part II 28/06/2008 Full Size Trail Ride from Colorado In part two of this build, our Nissan Pathfinder is transformed into our TV Crew Viewfinder with new portal axles, leafs, and springs to bring it higher than stock. The goal? Create one awesome 4x4 that remains street legal! Great how to on suspension, and accoutrement installation that you can use on your 4x4. And in our event of the week, we're heading back to Vail, Colorado with the Colorado K5 Blazer club and their love of running the Rockies in full-size 4x4s!
S08E04 Dual Purpose TJ Part IV 05/07/2008 Mickey Thompson Tuff Truck Series In part four of our 2003 TJ build, our scrap yard Jeep gets treated to a 5.7 liter 50 state legal Hemi engine swap! All the questions about this popular build will be answered including wiring, exhaust, emissions, and exactly how to get this dual purpose Jeep tagged and licensed for the street, including California! Plus, we'll head to the Indianapolis 4 Wheel Jamboree and the Mickey Thompson Tuff Truck series and follow one bare bones competitor - Sonny Dohrmund - vying for the championship, without big money sponsorship.
S08E05 Dual Purpose TJ Part V 12/07/2008 Female Rock Crawler - Nicole Johnson In part five, the rest of the drive line in our dual purpose 2003 junkyard TJ is tended to, including transfer case, U joints, brakelines, cooling, shifter and more. All custom aftermarket applications that you can tailor to your Jeep build up. And after this episode, this Jeep will be ready for the highway and for the trail.
S08E06 Mud Truck Part II 19/07/2008 Best in the Desert / Terribles 250 from Primm, NV The term "go big or don't go" applies here when our Xtreme team shows off the monster motor for our 1st ever Mud Bogger! We took a 1987 three-quarter ton GMC pickup, gutted it, and made room for one awesome race motor built buy our buddies down in the HorsePower shop. Plus... many asked how to turn a 2 wheel drive truck into a 4 wheel drive truck? It starts with the transmission. Watch, learn do! Plus in our event of the week, we're off to the Nevada desert for an inside the pits look at desert racing close up as we profile the "Best in the Desert" racing series!
S08E07 S-10 Truggy Part III 26/07/2008 One of our most over-the-top and most popular builds returns to the fabrication shop when our Xtreme team jumps back on our truck-buggy combo we're calling our Truggy. All the fabrication will be completed on the chassis including welding, radiator mounts and more. Plus our bulletproof Rockwell axles become "bomb-proof" with 45 spline 2 inch axle shafts, 8 lug conversion with disc brakes. Then it all gets torn down at the end of the show so the chassis can be powdercoated.
S08E08 Fabrication Beginner to Advanced! 02/08/2008 In this episode, host Ian Johnson takes his 18 years experience as a GM Technician, shop instructor, and custom truck builder, and shares his knowledge of fabrication. Everything from welding to cutting, tube bending to grinding will be discussed in detail. Drilling, working with metal - everything you wanted to know about fabrication we'll touch on in this episode. Plus tips and hints from viewers will be included as well!
S08E09 Dual Purpose TJ Part VI 09/08/2008 Payoff! The final installment of our junkyard TJ will recap this popular Jeep build up. From when it rolled into our shop as an insurance write off and began its transformation into the ultimate street legal, trail ready off road truck. From the solid axles to the 5.7 Hemi conversion, we'll see this machine get emissions tested, hit the highway, then tackle the trails. And while on the trial, smart wheeling will be discussed, since this rig needs to get us home at the end of the day.
S08E10 Jeep Scrambler Part I 16/08/2008 This Jeep Scrambler is a bit longer, a bit different, but still a popular truck build for the Xtreme off-road crowd! This will be the start of a very inexpensive project truck that most enthusiasts can do in their own garage. And to prove it, we're putting away our fancy cold saws and tube benders, and will create our own two car garage inside our Xtreme shop with minimal tools but with all the drive and desire you guys have at home for your projects!
S08E11 Xtreme 4x4 on the Trail 08/11/2008 This episode recaps our memorable trail rides and the off road trucks built on Xtreme 4x4 in 2008. Unique 4x4's like our Green "veggie oil" Samurai, our Ultimate Hemi TJ, Toyota Mini come around again for hardcore payoffs. Plus back by popular demand, SubUrban Gorilla, FJ Cruiser, Bottom Drawer Buggy make a lots lots more!
S09E01 S10 Truggy Part IV 03/01/2009 All Stock Rock Crawl Nationals from Hannibal, MO S10 Truggy gets assembled with attention to every detail making this a hardcore performer and show stopper. Back from paint and powder coat this over-the-top 4x4 gets custom suspension, drivetrain installed, rock lights, light bar, floods and more. Plus action from Hannibal, Missouri and the All Stock Rock Crawl Nationals!
S09E02 CJ8 Scrambler Part II 10/01/2009 Jeep Scrambler gets its tub, drivetrain, beadlocks and more all in a 2 car garage with simple tools. We’ll install a doubler kit for more gearing options, diy beadlocks, then keeping with our budget theme, we’ll head to a local custom shop where the cage will be professionally welded cheaper than having to buy an expensive 220 volt machine.
S09E03 Mud Truck Part III 17/01/2009 Mud Racing from Louisiana 800 horse mud dragster gets suspension, steering, full floating axles, then gets fired up! Our bogger also gets closer to the starting line with heavy duty gearsets, brake boosters and upgraded leaf springs. Plus Ian goes one stop shopping for all the fuel cell plumbing to make building a race truck easier. Then our cameras travel to Monroe, Louisiana for sticky gumbo mud racing action in high definition!
S09E04 Buying a Used Buggy 24/01/2009 Repairs and Upgrades How to inspect a used truck/buggy and fix what needs repairing including cage redesign. We dust off our Poison Spyder buggy for some basic maintenance tips, with pointers on what to look for before and what to upgrade after you purchase your used trail truck. And after a day of upgrades the guys take the Spyder out to see how their repairs hold up to some hard core Southern style wheelin’.
S09E05 CJ8 Scrambler Part III 31/01/2009 Brad Lovell Rock Crawl Champion. "2 car garage" theme continues with Scrambler Part III, axles, lockers, exhaust, gauges, wiring and more! Our 100% custom trail jeep is torn down for chassis paint, plus tips on custom fuel cells, and how to build your own axle hub socket. Then we'll travel to Perris, CA to meet the Lovell brothers, western champions in W.E.ROCK.
S09E06 '69 International Scout Part 1 07/02/2009 This classic truck is turned into a modern dual-purpose rig with V-8 swap, lift, rear 4 link and more. International Harvester is said to have created America's first SUV when the Scout 80 was introduced in 1961. Now these vintage 4x4's are highly sought after as collectibles. We build our own with spring over axle, heavy duty axles, and with the help of a donor truck's V8 we'll keep it mostly IH to satisfy the purists!
S09E07 Suspension 101 14/02/2009 Rock Racing How to choose a custom suspension, building a double triangulated 4 link, plus rock racing from Jellico, TN. Choosing the right shocks, coilovers or air, reservoir of mono tube all details will be discussed, plus Ian builds a mock up chassis and gives step-by-step instructions on how to calculate and build his favorite set up. And our cameras roll to Jellico, TN for the XRRA nationals in rock racing!
S09E08 CJ8 Scrambler Part IV 21/02/2009 Dual Fuel The small block V8 roars with a dual fuel gas/propane set up in our custom hybrid Jeep Scrambler. This kit is perfect for any carbureted off-road set up. We'll do simple step by step how to on this inexpensive upgrade on our 100% custom trail Jeep.
S09E09 '69 International Scout Part II 28/02/2009 Classic truck returns with step-by-step gear install, teardown of stock V8, plus introduce flex fuel conv. They were said to be the first true SUV, now Scout’s are highly collectible and great trail trucks. Also in this episode, transmission and transfer case will be planned out, as well as plan the conversion of the the gasoline motor to run on Flex Fuel!
S09E10 Mud Truck Part IV 07/03/2009 The Science of a Mud Track! Last day in the shop for our ’87 ¾ ton Chevy with 588 big block super stock Mud Bogger! So much power was made by the Ford stroker, we had to swap the Dana 44 front in favor of a heavy duty aftermarket 9” axle. Plus also in this episode, drive shafts, wiring gauges and the odds and ends that go into launching a full size truck in the mud! Then we’ll cook our own gumbo mud soup by learning what it takes to design and build a world class mud course.
S09E11 S10 Truggy Part V 14/03/2009 Green Envy is what we're calling our truck/buggy combo, in this episode custom dash, audio and more. Full custom, way over the top in every area, our truggy gets near buttoned up with a full fiberglass dash and stereo system from our buddies at MTX, plus seats, harnesses, plumbing and wiring will round out this episode.
S09E12 '69 International Scout Part III 06/06/2009 W.E.Rock Geo Tracker America's 1st SUV the IH Scout continues its modern transformation, keeping a "cornbinder" at heart. The 345 V8 we snagged out of a Scout II gets rebuilt and mated to more reliable transmission and ultimate transfer case. Plus a Geo Tracker rock crawler!
S10E01 Budget Buggy Part I 13/06/2009 How to create your own ultimate fab shop by spending money on tools instead of parts. We'll re-outfit our budget garage with dual purpose tools, then save money with our first single seat budget buggy by shopping for junkyard motor & drive train.
S10E02 Budget Buggy Part II 21/06/2009 King of Hammers Preview It's Part 2 of our first ever single-seat buggy build. 3 link suspension front/rear, coilover shocks, junkyard Toyota axles, and beadlocks turn our under $10K rig into a rolling chassis. Plus under the hood, an Acura 4 banger that doesn't need a t-case!
S10E03 King of the Hammers Special! 27/06/2009 93 drivers, 7 hardcore trails, and 80 miles of unforgiving desert make for an unbelievable rock race. Ian takes us to Johnson Valley, CA and the 2009 King of the Hammers Race. This 5-hour epic battle is whittled down to 30 min of hardcore racing action!
S10E04 S10 Truggy Finale 04/07/2009 Payoff After 18 months, our $750 S10 cab has been morphed into a one-of-a-kind Toxic Truggy. Steering Rockwell axles front & rear, 502 Ram Jet and much more. Now see if all the sweat and busted knuckles were worth it in a full-throttle hardcore trail payoff!
S10E05 '69 International Scout Part IV 11/07/2009 The Scout 800A gets a roll cage today. Everything from design, which material to choose along with bending, cutting, notching techniques. We'll hit the XRRA trail and meet 16 yr old rock racer Levi Shirley's on his way to being the next Shannon Campbell.
S10E06 Towing 101 18/07/2009 Built your trail rig, but are now tired of borrowing your buddy’s trailer every weekend? Everything you need to know about towing, how to build a rig specific trailer, plus hitch selection, wiring, brake controllers, power adders, wheels tires & more!
S10E07 Budget Buggy Part III 25/07/2009 Steering Front/Rear Axles Our Budget Buggy returns to our small fabrication shop for Part 3, when the single seater gets two Toyota steering axles. Detailed how-to in preparing axles to handle larger tires. Plus ?"King of the Stock Mods" Rock Crawl Champion Kurt Shramovich!
S10E08 CJ8 Scrambler Part V 01/08/2009 Payoff! Our hybrid Scrambler project began in '08, and today the hard work pays off. We'll travel to the Scrambler Owners Association National Scramble in Hot Springs, AR to learn and see why they're cool, plus find out just how capable our project Scrambler is on the trail."
S10E09 '69 International Scout Part V 15/08/2009 Transmission & Winch Rebuild Our popular Scout returns to the shop for two popular rebuilds. Why throw away a used transmission and pulling winch when you can rebuild them yourself! We’ll gut a 700R4 automatic trans and a popular winch in order to make both good as new.
S10E10 Budget TJ Part 1 26/09/2009 What can you do with a wrecking yard TJ and a bunch of new & used parts? Find out when our "Tricked out TJ" begins with body protection, suspension, wheels & tires. This show will have tips and tricks for the hardcore builder, and weekend wrencher.
S10E11 Remote Control Rock Crawler Build! 14/11/2009 The hottest thing in off-roading is a mini version of itself! We'll build three different radio controlled rock buggies. From a 1:18 scale to play with around the house, to a big 1:10 full competition tube buggy with custom suspension, links, & beadlocks. Plus we'll meet a fan who built an RC "S10 Truggy."
S11E01 '69 International Scout Part VI 16/01/2010 Springs, Brake, Fuel System Our IH Scout build continues with exhaust, fuel system, & new suspension. Smaller coil springs are in order to lower the truck’s center of gravity. A brake kit provides stopping power. Plus, we’ll show you some cool extras to be the envy on the trail.
S11E02 Budget Buggy Part IV 23/01/2010 Custom Paint with Aerosol Cans & Re-Assembly Our Budget Buggy returns for reassembly. How to get a custom paint job with rattle cans. Plus a winch, fuel cell and a skin. And in Part 1 of "America's Top Trails" we'll travel to New Mexico's Choke Cherry Canyon & KY's - Land Between the Lakes.
S11E03 '69 International Scout Part VII 07/02/2010 Wiring Basics, Gauges, Schematics, Troubleshooting Wiring a truck can be a daunting task. Ian breaks it down from layout, schematic diagrams, to actual wiring of our IH Scout. Ignition, gauges, lights, plus simple circuits explained, plus how to turn a conventional alternator into a single wire setup.
S11E04 MIG Welding 101 13/02/2010 Different Machines, Set Up's and Techniques / America's Top Trails Part 2 MIG welding basics: What machine to buy? How to set one up properly, gas & wire choice? And what is the best technique for solid welds? All of this demonstrated. Plus America's Top Trails Part 2: The Rocky Mountains, and Central Arkansas.
S11E05 Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part I 13/03/2010 33 years ago, it was a 2 ton US Military workhorse. We rescued this M530C fire truck from the scrap yard and found it could not only crush cars, but actually still pump water! Ian and Chris tear it down, and prepare to build a 4x4 deuce with a bed.
S11E06 Mud Truck Part V 20/03/2010 Recap and Dirty Payoff Our 800 horse mud monster finally sees its first mud hole. We'll recap this project from early beginnings as a '87 3/4 ton Chevy, to it's transformation into a open-header floor masher. Plus we'll look at the importance of the spotter in mud racing.
S11E07 Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part II 03/04/2010 Our Military 6x6 is now a huge 4x4 and gets airbags and link suspension. We flip the rear hubs to match the front wheelbase, relocate the battery box, and finish up our 100% fabricated pick up bed. Plus, we'll put our fuel saving street truck on a diet!
S11E08 Budget TJ Jeep Part II 10/04/2010 How to build custom width axles for a multipurpose TJ, allowing for bigger brakes, wheels, and tires. Goodbye Dana 30's, hello Dana 60's! This is step by step from measuring width, to cutting the housings, and installing heavy duty knuckles and shafts.
S11E09 Loctite 'Nominate a Hero' UTV Giveaway 01/05/2010 We upgrade an '07 Yamaha 660 Rhino from top to bottom with aftermarket upgrades, including long travel suspension, performance exhaust, wheels, tires, off-road lights, seats, and winch. Then we'll give it away to a "Hero" in our Loctite Job Done giveaway.
S11E10 Diesel Buggy Part 1 15/05/2010 Step by Step Design. We'll take raw tube, an idea, and a 6.6 liter turbo diesel Duramax and build one cool off road buggy, and take you thru the process of how to design from scratch. We'll turn a rough sketch into mechanical drawings and start bending and notching.
S11E11 '69 International Scout Part VIII 05/06/2010 E85 Tune - Plus Street and Trail Payoff! Our Scout is buttoned up in this final episode. Fuel injection pros show us how to tune the EFI on our 345 small block, then afterwards, we take to the street in a performance test. Find out how our cornbinder performs off road also in a hardcore test.
S11E12 Budget TJ Jeep Part III 26/06/2010 Our daily driver weekend wheeler Jeep gets more goodies with great how-to tips. 231 transfer case upgrades, custom exhaust, hydraulic assist steering, custom pre-cut roll cage kit install, suspension seats, tire carrier, with a full size 40 inch spare!
S12E01 Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part III 31/07/2010 Finale! The transformation of our military fire truck to a real daily driver weekend wheeler is complete. Full DIY low buck paint job, custom exhaust stacks, battery conversion, and a trip to the trail. Plus... Fuel Saving Street Truck returns for a vacuum gauge.
S12E02 Aluminum Welding 14/08/2010 One way to craft your own custom radiators, shrouds, dash panels is by welding aluminum. Alloy welding explained including material prep, set up and technique. Plus how to add a spool gun to your machine, and save money by converting your garage welder.
S12E03 Toyota Mini Part 4 21/08/2010 Custom Axles & Suspension Improving the drive angles and shafts wasn't enough to make our '91 Yota "Xtreme worthy!" We ditched the solid Toyota axles for custom Ford 9 inch units with heavy duty components front and rear to make our Toy bullet proof, plus custom link suspension.
S12E04 Toyota Mini Part 5 11/09/2010 Questions and Answers Whether you build a full custom crawler, or a Jeep on the cheap, details can make or break your fun rig on the trail. Basic questions answered like when to finish weld, buy new or rebuild, lockers vs. spools, high pinion gearsets, steering rams, and more.
S12E05 Budget TJ Part IV 18/09/2010 Finale Our tricked out TJ gets axles, air lockers, cold air kit, and tuner, then gets trailered to the off road park for an inaugural trail run. And along for the ride is Tony from GenRight who brought along an '07 Jeep Wrangler JK with all new aluminum body protection
S12E06 Diesel Buggy part 2 25/09/2010 Dixie Trail Run Our rolled tube diesel buggy is back for 20 beads for our 54's. Plus step-by-step how-to create a custom width Rockwell including reverse rotation centers for the rear engine. Plus all the action from the Southern 4 Wheel Drive Assoc. annual Dixie Run.
S12E07 Supercharged JK Part 1 23/10/2010 Jeep never could have imagined how inventive the aftermarket would be regarding the popular 4-door Jeep Wrangler JK. And judging by our email, you want to see one get the Xtreme treatment! Ours gets a supercharger, new gearing and heavy duty axles.
S12E08 Supercharged JK Part 2 30/10/2010 Our 2010 Wrangler JK is back for 4-link suspension, cage, bumpers, wheels and tires. Plus we'll travel to Rainbow City, Alabama for an inside look at how aftermarket parts are designed and fabricated at the state-of-the-art facility at Rusty's Off Road.
S12E09 Diesel Buggy Pt 3 20/11/2010 The Curvy buggy returns for more fabrication before powder coating. Great how-to mounting tips for engine, seats, fuel cell, and battery box. Plus how to keep everything removable after it is finish welded. And details on 5 point harness seat belts.
S12E10 The LS Series Engines for Off Road 27/11/2010 The GM small block was transformed in 1997 with the introduction of the LS1. Since then hundreds of thousands of these high output, high mpg electronic fuel injected motors have rested in the scrap yard. We show what to look for and how to hook ?em up.
S12E11 Fuel Saving Street Truck Start to Finish 04/12/2010 The 1500 series Dodge goes from an 8 mpg guzzler, to a respectable 16 mpg daily driver, weekend wheeler. And along the way, upgrades are done to make this a more than capable trail truck, including Dana 60's, 37's, and a posi-lock cable for front axle.
S13E01 Diesel Buggy Part IV 15/01/2011 Ian and Chris adapt an IFS cantilevered racing style suspension to our curvy buggy with custom fabrication on the Rockwell axles front and rear. Plus, the buggy gets full hydraulic steering front to back with joystick control, then strip it for paint.
S13E02 Nissan Crew Truck Part III 22/01/2011 Sitting almost 3 years, the portal axles are out, Dana 44 and Chryslers are in! Our Pathfinder is transformed from shop eyesore, to a capable street/trail rig to carry our TV crew beyond the trailhead, and up the rocks. Massive power inverter included!
S13E03 Full Size Blazer Part One 05/02/2011 In 1988, when GM redesigned their pickups and SUV's to a more rounded-style, and for a more comfortable ride, a lot was lost in the wheeling department! We take a full-size Blazer, and rip out the independent front suspension for a D60 solid axle swap.
S13E04 Supercharged JK Part 3 26/02/2011 Our stock JK is Xtreme worthy after we add body protection, speed sensor mod, snorkel and more. Then we'll see just how close a supercharger can come to the performance numbers of a 5.7 ltr Hemi mod, when we put both on the dyno!
S13E05 Diesel Buggy Pt. 5 19/03/2011 With an "over the top" project like our Curvy Buggy, why settle for stock diesel performance? We tear apart our 6.6L Duramax and borrow pulling truck technology for a complete bottom to top end rebuild of the diesel, then get numbers off the dyno.
S13E06 Full Size Blazer Part II 09/04/2011 From "maller" to "crawler!" Our '94 full size Chevy Blazer is transformed into a hardcore trail truck with beefy bumpers, winch, rear tire carrier and more. Plus how-to install radius arm front with coil over shocks and rear leaf spring suspension.
S13E07 Full Size Blazer Part III 23/04/2011 Low Dollar Wheeler II Our Low Dollar Wheeler Cherokee is back for tips on an easy no-cost locker. Plus our Blazer gets an engine rebuild, plus a roll cage and more.
S13E08 Green Samurai Returns! 30/04/2011 The Green Samurai fun buggy returns for a list of drivetrain upgrades, including new gears, lockers, axle housings and more.
S13E09 14-Bolt Axle 101 / Low Dollar Wheeler Part III 21/05/2011 Everything you need to know about the tough, reliable (and affordable!) 14-bolt axle. We modify ours to increase ground clearance and reduce weight. We upgrade the internals, too. Front-steering and rear-engine applications are also covered.
S13E10 Full-Size Blazer Part IV / Low Dollar Wheeler Part IV 04/06/2011 The belly of this beast is anything but soft! We upgrade the undercarriage of our dual-purpose Blazer with a stronger transfer case and stainless steel exhaust. And underneath the shiny, new cowl-induction hood: enhanced air intake and ignition systems!
S13E11 Tig Welding 101 30/07/2011 Although it's strong, precise, and versatile, TIG welding remains a mystery to many off-roaders. We take the guesswork out of TIG work, with detailed information for steel and aluminum welding. Plus, we look at setups for all budgets and backgrounds!
S13E12 Blog Buggy Pt. 1 06/08/2011 Viewer designed, Xtreme built! Thousands of viewers took the online poll to help us build our new buggy. Starting with a pre-made chassis, we use the poll results and begin a one of a kind Crawler! Plus, our Cherokee gets an upgraded transfer case.
S14E01 Blog Buggy Part 2 / Low Dollar Wheeler IV 13/08/2011 Your wish is our command! The Blog Buggy continues, based on the results of our viewer poll. We add a custom-fabricated engine guard, winh, gas tank, radiator and more! Plus, we paint our Low Dollar Cherokee ona truly tight budget: 25!
S14E02 Toyota Mini Truck on the Rocks 03/09/2011 The last time we wheeled the 1991 Toyota Xtra Cab at Mayhem Off-Road Park, mechanical failure cut our day short. Today we seek our revenge, with the help of tough 1-ton axles, 44" tires, and a custom link suspension. Boulders, beware!
S14E03 Full Size Blazer Trail Ride 01/10/2011 After a solid axle swap, upgraded engine, and many other improvements, our dual-purpose Blazer is ready to roll! We'll test our rig's performance on the road... and in the woods. From highways to hills, we're ready for any terrain that comes our way!
S14E04 Low Dollar Wheeler Off-Road 22/10/2011 The goal: turn a worn-out Jeep Cherokee into a capable trail rig. The budget: $5,000! With one eye on the pocketbook, and one eye on performance, we upgraded our suspension, drivetrain, tires and more. Today, we take our XJ out for a test run!
S14E05 Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part I 03/12/2011 Expedition trucks travel to some truly remote and scenic places, carrying all the provisions for food, water, and shelter. We begin our Jeep WJ Expedition project with updated suspension and axles. Plus, we take an expedition trailer on the trail.
S14E06 Shock Tuning 101 10/12/2011 Fresh out of the box, your shocks may perform at 80% of their potential. But finding that last 20% can make a huge difference! Using a Blazer and a tube buggy as examples, the shock experts at Bilstein show us how to get the most out of
S14E07 Blog Buggy Part III 17/12/2011 We are rounding the corner on the Blog Buggy! The viewer’s choice crawler gets hydraulic steering, seats, lights, and more. Our rig is almost ready to wheel! Plus, we examine which type of fluid line works best for your specific
S14E08 Aluminum Samurai Part 1 14/01/2012 After its second rebuild, our Suzuki Samurai was almost perfect! But why stop at “almost”? The Sammy begins a new phase, with increased suspension travel and a lower center-of-gravity... thanks to a handmade double-rail frame.
S14E09 Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part II 28/01/2012 Expedition travelers journey well off the beaten path, searching for adventure in the far corners of the world. Our expedition WJ receives heavy-duty bumpers, winch, and hydraulic steering. Plus: we visit the Dixie Run, a festival
S14E10 Blog Buggy Part 4 18/02/2012 The Blog Buggy returns... or at least its engine! You chose a 'vintage' 5.3L small block, but Ian has some plans to improve this junkyard find. Camshaft and valve train upgrades grab us 100 more ponies... but the real power comes from a
S14E11 Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part III 03/03/2012 The Grand Cherokee gets the last of its upgrades and then our journey begins! We take our Jeep on a weekend wheeling trip, complete with overnight camping. From hauling gear to the campsite to handling rocky dirt roads and trails, our WJ
S14E12 Aluminum Samurai Part II 17/03/2012 With a total project weight of 2500 lbs. as our goal, the completely redesigned Suzuki receives an ultra lightweight aluminum body. Plus, we add a stock hood and mildly-modified windshield frame, to help retain that Samurai look.
S14E13 Blog Buggy Part 5 31/03/2012 Using our Blog Buggy as an example, we go step-by-step through the process of “skinning”, or making body panels for a tube buggy. We’ll cover the correct materials to use, and show you the advantages of several metal cutting methods.
S14E14 Blog Buggy Part 6 05/05/2012 The rock crawler our viewers designed is complete! Today, we turn the final wrench on the Blog Buggy, and take it on the tallest, toughest boulders we can find. Plus: we outfit our Expedition WJ with a cost-conscious rooftop tent.
S14E15 Half-Price Raptor Part 1 02/06/2012 The Ford Raptor earned its esteemed reputation with a powerful motor, top-notch suspension and sleek styling. But, it comes at a high price. Our plan: design a rig to compete, at half the price.
S14E16 Half-Price Raptor Part 2 16/06/2012 Our F-150 build continues, with a massive front end upgrade: extended control arms, a re-geared IFS, and hardcore bypass shocks. Plus... 37" AT's for ground clearance and control.
S14E17 Chase Truck Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 2 07/07/2012 The race car gets all the glory, but the chase truck does the heavy lifting! We focus on the rig that hauls the racer and provides the repair and recovery needed to cross the finish line.
S14E18 Spring Rates 101 / Gorilla Run Hill Climb 28/07/2012 Whether you're hammering through the desert, or crawling on the rocks, the correct spring rate helps your rig perform its best! We'll show you how to set up your ride.
S14E19 Chase Truck Part 2 25/08/2012 Our 2500 HD chase truck project continues, with power-adders for the engine: a cold air kit, methanol injection system, programmer, and more. Once it's fully loaded, we'll test the Chevy's abilities.
S14E20 Aluminum Samurai Part 3 / Jeep TJ Part 3 08/09/2012 "Do it yourself" is the phrase of the day for our aluminum-bodied Samurai: hand-built doors, a custom cooling system, and a two-tone paint job will make our 'Zuk' stand out in the crowd!
S14E21 Essential Trail Gear and Tips / Jeep TJ Part 3 22/09/2012 When you're stranded on the trail, the phrase most commonly heard is: "I wish I would've brought.." Today, we examine the gear that you need to carry along on all trail trips. Plus: our Jeep TJ receives a full list of interior enhancements!
S14E22 Aluminum Samurai Part 4: Zuwharrie Trail Ride 06/10/2012 Each year, hundreds of devoted Suzuki fans gather at the Zuwharrie Trail Ride in North Carolina. This time, we crash the party with our aluminum-tubbed, turbocharged Samurai
S14E23 Half-Price Raptor Part 3 / Jeep Speed Up Close 20/10/2012 To perform like a Raptor, our F-150 needs a stronger engine. Today, we'll bottle up some Lightning, with a budget-friendly junkyard find
S14E24 Half-Price Raptor Part 4 / Jeep TJ Part 5 10/11/2012 OK, we've upgraded our F-150 to handle and accelerate like the Raptor, but it still LOOKS like an old pickup truck. We've got a plan to take care of that! Plus: the finishing touch on our TJ project... suspension seats for long days on the rocks.
S14E25 2-Car Garage Crawler Part 1 / Inside the Rock Crawler 08/12/2012 You want to build your own tube buggy, but you don't have a garage full of fabrication gear. We've got a solution: a DIY chassis kit. With a welder and some basic tools, you can build a trail-ready tube chassis. Plus: insane hill-climb action!
S14E26 Jeep TJ: On the Road, In the Rocks 15/12/2012 Our five-stage TJ build is complete, and we're ready to get out of the shop for a while! We'll find out how well our driveline and suspension improvements handle the rocks and test our dual-purpose rig's body protection, too.
S15E01 Two-Car Garage Part II / Hudlow Axles 12/01/2013 Our "tube chassis in a box" needs some axles! Using only basic hand tools and a welder, we'll fabricate a wicked front axle from two bargain junkyard housings. Plus: we visit Hudlow Axle, to get some handmade shafts for our custom creation.
S15E02 Half-Price Raptor Part V / Koh Qualifier 19/01/2013 Our F-150 update rolls on, with a supercharged 5.4L bringing the boom! We'll update the electronics to handle our V-8 and reuse some key components to save money. Plus: high-stakes racing at the East Coast King of the Hammers Qualifier!
S15E03 Diesel Buggy Part IV / Driveway Rescue Project 1 26/01/2013 After the engine in our diesel rig pulled almost 1,000 HP on the dyno, we realized we had too much truck for the trail! So we're turning it into a hardcore mud buggy! And, we'll help a viewer upgrade his driveline in our first "Driveway Rescue"!
S15E04 Trekking Tacoma Part I 09/02/2013 We're rebuilding our Toyota Tacoma from the ground up, making it a 100% self-contained expedition vehicle. The foundation: a comprehensive suspension upgrade, including a solid front axle, heavy duty leaf springs, and all-terrain tires.
S15E05 Two-Car Garage Crawler Part III / Southeast Tough Truck Challenge 16/02/2013 Our budget-friendly, ready-made rock crawler project continues, with a 5.3L salvage yard engine and link suspension. Plus: start-to-finish coverage from the SETTC, one of the most demanding hill climb events around!
S15E06 Trekking Tacoma Part II / Easter Jeep Safari 23/02/2013 We outfit our Toyota for adventure, with solar battery panels, a rooftop tent, serious body protection -all the items that make an expedition vehicle, an expedition vehicle! Plus: a trip to Moab, for the Easter Jeep Safari.
S15E07 Two-Car Garage Crawler Part IV / Driveway Rescue Project 2 02/03/2013 It's down to the details on our "buggy in a box" build! 42" tires, air struts, and full hydraulic steering bring our crawler closer to the trail. Plus: what's the perfect wedding gift for a wheelin' husband? Find out, on this week's Driveway Rescue.
S15E08 Two-Car Garage Crawler Part V / Streetwerkz Powder Coating 09/03/2013 We ready our rig's drivetrain for hardcore wheeling, including an upgraded Turbo 400 transmission, and an NP205 transfer case with enhanced low-range capability for steep hills. Plus: a look at the latest in powdercoating technology!
S15E09 Trekking Tacoma Part III 29/06/2013 Our expedition-ready Tacoma receives an air compressor, heated shower, and more...but what can this rig handle on the trail? With the IFS replaced by a solid axle, and all the amenities you could want, our Tacoma is ready for the long haul!
S15E10 2-Car Garage Crawler Part VI / Driveway Rescue Project 3 06/07/2013 Final assembly of our buggy-in-a-box begins with gears and lockers, high-steer knuckles, and all the essential off-road accessories. Plus: we drop by a viewer's house to help out on his project, on this week's Driveway Rescue.
S15E11 Project: MF JK Part I 13/07/2013 With a plethora of aftermarket upgrades available, the Jeep JK has tons of hardcore off-road potential! We upgrade ours with capable body protection, a set of heavy duty axle assemblies, and flow-through Magnaflow exhaust!
S15E12 Project: MF JK Part II 20/07/2013 Now that our JK's got the parts to perform, we'll give it rugged good looks: a sleek, gunmetal finish, suspension seats, stainless steel roof rack, and a hard-hitting sound system. Then we'll see if our ride is ready for the coming zombie apocalypse!
S15E13 The Xtreme 4x4 Mail Bag 14/09/2013 You've got questions - we've got answers! Today we scour through our viewer emails and give you info to keep your project on track. Including: fuel cell security, selecting the right tire for your axle, wiring a fan, and more!
S15E14 2-Car Garage Crawler Part VII / Driveway Rescue 4 21/09/2013 If you plan to conquer steep hills, you need the right rig! Today on Xtreme 4x4, our Two-Car Garage Crawler gets twin-stick shifters, dual braking, and more! Plus: complete recovery gear for one viewer on this week's "Driveway Rescue".
S15E15 Rod Jeep Part I 28/09/2013 The paint is worn, and there's a thin layer of surface rust on the body. It was totaled in a wreck. But there's a HEMI inside our salvage yard 2007 Jeep Wrangler, and that's what we need to create an over-the-top trail rig!
S15E16 Short Course RC Cars / Dirt Riot Moab 05/10/2013 You want the excitement of short course racing, but don't have the money for a race team? There may be a short course RC car in your future! We've got the upgrades to get the most bang for your buck. Plus: Full-scale Dirt Riot action in Moab!
S15E17 Two-Car Garage Crawler Part VIII: Payoff 12/10/2013 Our pre-fab buggy is almost complete! Today on Xtreme 4x4, we'll wire up our rig, with an emphasis on easy operation and field repair. Then we'll take it to the tall rocks at Mayhem Off Road Park to see how it handles extreme obstacles
S15E18 Hot Rod Jeep Part II 19/10/2013 Ridiculously tall gear shifters...just a couple of gauges...and miles of power and style! Hot rods are cool, and we're building an off-road version, using a junkyard JK. This week we'll drop the body back onto the frame and tackle the interior and the roll cage.
S15E19 Driveway Rescue Part V 26/10/2013 This year on Xtreme 4x4, we've taken the show on the road, heading to your house to help on your projects in our Driveway Rescue van. Today we'll help a viewer install a power steering upgrade on his FJ40. Plus: updates on our earlier Driveway Rescues.
S15E20 Team-Built TJ Part 1 01/06/2013 When one of our viewers took us for a ride in his wobbly, lifted Jeep TJ, we told him we'd take a look at it. What he doesn't know is we're rebuilding it from the ground up, with trail-tested suspension, a powerful straight-six 4.0L and more!
S15E21 Team-Built TJ Part 2 08/06/2013 A nationwide team of auto techs drop by the Xtreme 4x4 shop to transform a viewer's beat-up TJ into a fully-loaded dual-purpose rig! The build continues with stainless exhaust, a custom rollcage, and high-tech axle assemblies.
S15E22 Team-Built TJ Part 3 15/06/2013 Ian and a coast-to-coast crew of auto techs transform one viewer's TJ into a tough dual-purpose rig! Today: fresh paint, air lockers, and steering.
S15E23 Team-Built TJ Part 4 22/06/2013 Ian and a crew of seasoned auto techs wrap up a major rebuild of one lucky viewer's Jeep TJ. We'll take him to the trail and sit him behind the wheel, for his first serious off-road adventure!

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