Affiche Yamato Nadeshiko
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  • 11 épisodes
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    45 minutes
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Jinno Sakurako (Matsushima Nanako) grew up in a very poor family and is thus determined to marry a rich man so that she will never have to go through poverty ever again, and is named the "gokon queen" in her quest to find her man. Nakahara Osuke (Tsutsumi Shinichi) is a brilliant academic (Fields prize winner - Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) who gave up his studies to take over his deceased father's fish-shop. They meet through a doctor's "gokon" (group date) and she falls in love with him under the mistaken assumption that he is a very rich man...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yamato Nadeshiko

S01E01 The Person I've Been Looking For 09/10/2000
S01E02 When You Lose Love 16/10/2000
S01E03 The Night Alone 23/10/2000
S01E04 The Love Hotel Incident 30/10/2000
S01E05 Clothes and Love 06/11/2000
S01E06 Love More than the Face 13/11/2000
S01E07 The devious Will.. 20/11/2000
S01E08 Lies Friendly 27/11/2000
S01E09 She Was Crying at Night 04/12/2000
S01E10 Bride Escaped 11/12/2000
S01E11 Someday Prince Like 18/12/2000
S00E12 Someday Prince Like Part 2 00/00/0000