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A mysterious stone known as Skull Stone (ドクロストーン, Dokurosutōn?) is scattered across the planet, and it holds the power to reveal the location of the largest deposit of gold in the world. The "Dorombō (ドロンボー, Dorombō?) Gang, the villain trio of the series, is on pursuit of fame, power and wealth as they search for the Skull Stone. However, their plans are constantly foiled by Yatterman, the heroic, mechariding duo of youngsters of the series. Unlike the previous series, Yatterman does not cover any specific time/space travel. Instead, the places the characters travel to and the individuals they meet are either an homage or parody. The fictional characters or places are usually represented by purposely misspelled names or familiar actions. For example, a revolution leader is named "Yashington" as a homage to George Washington; and a place resembling ancient Japan is named "Yametai", as a spoof of Yamatai.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yattaman

S01E00 01/01/1977
S01E01 Yatterman Starts 01/01/1977
S01E02 The Water-selling Girl of Pugypt 08/01/1977
S01E03 The Great King of Flodari Beach 15/01/1977
S01E04 The Seal of the Arctic Ocean 22/01/1977
S01E05 The Treasure of the Dolphin Kingdom 29/01/1977
S01E06 Protect Tonka's Temple ! 05/02/1977
S01E07 Leo's Carnival 05/02/1977
S01E08 The Abominable Snowman of the Imalayas 19/02/1977
S01E09 The Exploration of Afrisha 26/02/1977
S01E10 Nashie of Lake Nasu 05/03/1977
S01E11 The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle 12/03/1977
S01E12 The Secret of Toaster Island 19/03/1977
S01E13 The Surprising Amazomes 26/03/1977
S01E14 The Great Phantom Thief Donpan 02/04/1977
S01E15 The Girl of the Nalps 09/04/1977
S01E16 The Queen of I-want-to-stop-Land 16/04/1977
S01E17 The Beatlas Sing 23/04/1977
S01E18 A Baby Panda is Born 30/04/1977
S01E19 Ah ! Framboisenne 07/05/1977
S01E20 Comic Dance of the Underworld 14/05/1977
S01E21 Burn ! Red Three ! 21/05/1977
S01E22 Naibaba's Treasure 28/05/1977
S01E23 Cat of Fladers 04/06/1977
S01E24 Nightingale is an Angel 11/06/1977
S01E25 Why Alien of the Prairie ? 18/06/1977
S01E26 The Wolf Girl is ComingThe Wolf Girl is Coming 25/06/1977
S01E27 Journey to the Center of the Earth 02/07/1977
S01E28 Princess Kaguya of the Moon 09/07/1977
S01E29 Shootout at Soukei Farm 16/07/1977
S01E30 The Island of King Mong 23/07/1977
S01E31 Dobinson Crosul 30/07/1977
S01E32 The Skull at the South Pole 06/08/1977
S01E33 Morlock Olmes 13/08/1977
S01E34 The Mysterious King Hanks 20/08/1977
S01E35 Gurgling Mile at the Bottom of the Sea 27/08/1977
S01E36 Return to Harmon Casba 03/09/1977
S01E37 The Shopkeeper of Kechis 10/09/1977
S01E38 Ninja Sasuke's a Guy 17/09/1977
S01E39 Ex-ca-orcist 24/09/1977
S01E40 Cup of B-blues 01/10/1977
S01E41 Pinocchy is a Good Boy 08/10/1977
S01E42 International Train Pani 15/10/1977
S01E43 Swan Prince 22/10/1977
S01E44 The Three Doronbo Musketeers 29/10/1977
S01E45 The Secret of the Snow Lady 05/11/1977
S01E46 12/11/1977
S01E47 Adventure of the Kid at Home 19/11/1977
S01E48 Challenge the Race of Death 26/11/1977
S01E49 The Child from Onie Mountai 03/12/1977
S01E50 The Demon Slaying Perssimon Boy 10/12/1977
S01E51 The Frog Prince 17/12/1977
S01E52 Long John Jilver 24/12/1977
S01E53 The Strange, Twisted Person 31/12/1977
S01E54 Aiming for the Red Whale 07/01/1978
S01E55 The Big Duel at Kanryu Island 14/01/1978
S01E56 The Belt of the Pink Pair 21/01/1978
S01E57 The Duel of the Riverbed Kappa 28/01/1978
S01E58 The Parrot without a Tongue 04/02/1978
S01E59 Visiting Bokeman 11/02/1978
S01E60 The Sea Monster of Atlandis 18/02/1977
S01E61 Manju and Sushi King 25/02/1978
S01E62 Flying Grandchild in the Six Heavens 04/03/1978
S01E63 Terrible Jutarou 11/03/1978
S01E64 Planet of the Octopus 18/03/1978
S01E65 Demon of Rashou Gate 25/03/1978
S01E66 The Big Explosion at Halimanjaro 01/04/1978
S01E67 The Straight Path of Kendou 08/04/1978
S01E68 The Snow Queen 15/04/1978
S01E69 Overcoming Mt. Maborost 22/04/1978
S01E70 Young Hiyo of the Dark Mountain 29/04/1978
S01E71 Crybaby Pot-wearing Princess 06/05/1978
S01E72 Sleepy Beauty 12/05/1978
S01E73 Iron Kettle Goemon 19/05/1978
S01E74 The Friendship of Hashire Medos 26/05/1978
S01E75 Ninja Powers Jiraiya 03/06/1978
S01E76 The Duel of the Milky Way 10/06/1978
S01E77 The Copper Mask 17/06/1978
S01E78 The Lamp Girl 24/06/1978
S01E79 The Wizard of Goz 01/07/1978
S01E80 Satomi and the Three Dogs 08/07/1978
S01E81 Gorman the Average 15/07/1978
S01E82 Tsukahara's Silly Tale 22/07/1978
S01E83 Half-a-mile Choujou 29/07/1978
S01E84 The Brave Warrior Spartaus 05/08/1978
S01E85 The Mermaid Princess 19/08/1978
S01E86 Jane of Arc the Blessed Girl 26/08/1978
S01E87 Alalin's Magic Lamp 02/09/1978
S01E88 Red-Haired Ran 09/09/1978
S01E89 Non Quixote 16/09/1978
S01E90 Colombus and the Strange Continent 23/09/1978
S01E91 We're Benonta 30/09/1978
S01E92 Spring Night's Dream 07/10/1978
S01E93 Splendid Tomato Sunk 14/10/1978
S01E94 The Left Brothers 21/10/1978
S01E95 Dream-o-patora 28/10/1978
S01E96 Tazagi Returns the Favor 04/11/1978
S01E97 Energetic Okama 11/11/1978
S01E98 Lucky, the Stray Dog 18/11/1978
S01E99 King Arthur's Sword 25/11/1978
S01E100 Ensel and Gretol 02/12/1978
S01E101 Alessander the Great 09/12/1978
S01E102 Presiden Yashington 16/12/1978
S01E103 Tour of Failures 23/12/1978
S01E104 King Iya 30/12/1978
S01E105 Professor Collector 06/01/1979
S01E106 Ginjirou Ninomiya 13/01/1979
S01E107 Dodison's Great Discovery 20/01/1979
S01E108 Mr. Flustered's Fight 27/01/1979
S01E255 01/01/1977

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