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Yes, Prime Minister is the sequel to the popular British series Yes Minister. It aired from 1986 to 1988 and is the story of the continuing battles between Jim Hacker, who is now Prime Minister, and Sir Humphrey, who has been promoted to Cabinet Secretary.


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S02E01 Man Overboard 03/12/1987 Sir Humphrey makes Jim suspicious of the Minister of Employment when he needs the PM's support in opposing a plan to shift military personnel from the south to the north of England.
S02E02 Official Secrets 10/12/1987 Jim considers approving the publication of his predecessor's memoirs, but it becomes a plumber's nightmare as a series of leaks spring up.
S02E03 A Diplomatic Incident 17/12/1987 Jim uses the occasion of his predecessor's state funeral to negotiate with the French over the conditions of the channel tunnel.
S02E04 A Conflict of Interest 24/12/1987 Hacker and Sir Humphrey clash over the appointment of the governor of the Bank of England and the cover up of a banking scandal in the City.
S02E05 Power To The People 31/12/1987 Sir Humphrey makes a very strange ally out of the formidable Agnes Moorhouse, a radical political reformer from a London council, in his efforts to stop Hacker's plans to make local government more democratic.
S02E06 The Patron of the Arts 01/01/1988 Sir Humphrey works against Hacker over the issues of funding the National Theater when the PM asks for help containing criticism from the Theater's director.
S02E07 The National Education Service 08/01/1988 Sir Humphrey faces a conflict of interest when Hacker devises a plan to improve educational standards by abolishing the Department of Education and Science.
S02E08 The Tangled Web 28/01/1988 Sir Humphrey has to decide if he will support the PM or inform Parliament when Hacker denies knowledge of a wiretap authorized by his office without his knowledge.
S00E01 Paul Eddington A Life Well Lived 00/00/0000
S00E02 Paul Eddington Interview 13/01/1986 Wogan Talk Show
S00E03 BBC Breakfast Time Cabinet Ministers Interview 09/01/1986
S00E04 Christmas Morning with Noel Show 25/12/1987
S00E05 Party Games 17/12/1984 Series opener as Jim Hacker rises to the position of Prime Minister.
S00E08 A short history of Yes Minister 26/12/1999 DVD Extra
S00E10 The Funny side of Christmas 00/00/0000

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