Affiche Yohko - Chasseuse de Démons
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Yohko vit avec sa délurée de mère et sa grand-mère acariâtre et attend ses 16 ans ainsi qu’un petit ami avec impatience. Après un rêve étrange et avoir été agressée à la piscine par un monstre, elle apprend vite de sa grand-mère que son destin est d’être la 108ème chasseuse de démons et d’empêcher d’avoir lieu la cérémonie pour ressusciter la reine des démons.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yohko - Chasseuse de Démons

S01E01 Devil Hunter Yohko 01/12/1990 Yohko Mano is introduced. Yohko goes about her daily life; day dreaming about a cute guy named Hideki. Yohko learns that her family has a long history of being devil hunters. But this time the demons decide to take out the next devil hunter before she can fight back. After a failed attempt to take Yohko's virginity (so that she can't become a devil hunter), the demons decide to use Hideki as bait. Yohko must become the 108th devil hunter and rescue the man of her dreams.
S01E02 Devil Hunter Yohko II 22/12/1992 Yohko trains to become a good devil hunter. Nearby a local construction site destroys a forest in which sleeping spirits lie. The spirits are disturbed by this and start harassing the construction workers. Azusa Kanzaki, a Devil Hunter in training, is introduced. Azusa came to become an apprentice to Yohko. The two team up to fight against the spirits that are harassing the workers.
S01E03 Devil Hunter Yohko III 11/04/1993 Yohko has a dream about a man named Master Biryu. Yohko is transported to another dimension and learns that Biryu has been imprisoned. Yohko learns that she must save Master Biryu (although she develops a crush on him). Meanwhile, Azusa saw Yohko disappear and attempts to get Yohko back with Yohko's friend, Chi. They manage to get to where Yohko is, but fail and manage to get themselves back where the started. She must fight the demon holding Master Biryu captive in order to free him.
S01E04 Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever 21/12/1993 A tribute to Devil Hunter Yohko, with a collection of music videos. These videos feature songs from the series(including three new songs), put to scenes from the anime, colored manga picture, an original animated video featuring chibified versions of Yohko and Azusa, and two live videos.
S01E05 Devil Hunter Yohko 5: Hell on Earth 01/07/1994 Madoka, Yohko's gradmother, senses the return of Tokima: the demon who from the time of the first devil hunter has been the enemy of the Mano family, is approaching. Tokima appears and possesses Ryuichi Asakura, a man who Yohko has a crush on. Tokima tricks Yohko and gets near the clock where Tokima is sealed, but is repelled by special talismans. The next day, Madoka ends up with her past youthful body! Tokima possesses Azusa who takes the clock. Yohko fights Azusa trying to stop her from destroying the clock. Yohko is tricked and "killed". The clock is destroyed and the demon's power released. Yohko is taken to the time of the very first Devil Hunter, Haruka Mano. The two go back into the future and fight against Tokima.
S01E06 Devil Hunter Yohko VI 01/07/1995 Ayako Mano, who is nearly identical in appearance to Yohko, is introduced; she has spent her life training and honing her abilities so that one day she may defeat Yohko and become the devil hunter of the Mano family, and now she is ready for the final confrontation. Yohko continues to live her life and is unaware of Ayako until she starts stealing away every guy that Yohko has a crush on. Then one night while taking a bath, Yohko hears something outside and gives chase. She then meets up with an Azusa look-alike. She and Ayako attack the unsuspecting Yohko with crushing attacks, while Yohko parries the onslaught. The fight stops, but Ayako vows to finish the fight. Madoka reveals a certain part of her past that relates to the encounter. Yohko's teacher, whom she has a crush on, is used as bait to lure Yohko. Ayako and Yohko meet face-to-face for the showdown. The fight awakens a demon who sleeps deep within the earthand the two must learn to fight together to fend off this powerful creature.
S00E01 00/00/0000
S00E02 Devil Hunter Yohko (Special Edition) 00/00/0000 Alternative version of first episode.