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Quand deux personnalités toxiques tentent une ébauche de relation. Jimmy, un écrivain égoïste, tombe sous le charme de Gretchen, une jeune femme auto-destructrice. Contre toute-attente, le courant passe entre les deux spécimens.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de You're the Worst

S02E01 Les porteurs de pull 09/09/2015 Although they're now living together, Jimmy and Gretchen try to avoid domesticity by partying all the time -- a lifestyle that's harder than it looks. Meanwhile, Edgar is smitten with Lindsay, who attempts a desperate reconciliation with Paul.
S02E02 Cohabitation difficile 16/09/2015 Gretchen, realizing she doesn’t really have any adult belongings, takes the gang on a trip to the mall. Jimmy uses this opportunity to gain some writing inspiration. Meanwhile, a newly single Lindsay recruits a hesitant Edgar to help her pick up guys.
S02E03 La bande à Gretchen 23/09/2015 Gretchen makes an attempt to reconnect with her old group of friends by throwing herself a housewarming party. Jimmy does his best to affirm his belief that friends are for babies. Edgar continues his pursuit of Lindsay, and Lindsay meets her estranged husband’s new girlfriend.
S02E04 Stage d'écriture 30/09/2015 Jimmy spends the day with an eccentric author on a day-long job interview. Gretchen deals with a work crisis. Edgar discovers the magic of improv comedy. And Lindsay gets served with divorce papers.
S02E05 Les joies de l'écriture 07/10/2015 Jimmy questions his ability as a writer but finally zeroes in on his next project. Meanwhile, Gretchen and Lindsay discover all they do is talk about men and set out to change the status-quo. Edgar gets close to his improv teacher, Dorothy.
S02E06 Escapades nocturnes 14/10/2015 Jimmy discovers Gretchen's been sneaking out of the house at night and suspects she's having an affair. Lindsay's life spirals as she discovers she doesn't know how to live on her own. Edgar takes Dorothy out on a date.
S02E07 A fleur de peau 21/10/2015 The group tries to get rid of a mouse in Jimmy's house; Gretchen finally opens up to Jimmy.
S02E08 Halloween d'enfer 28/10/2015 Jimmy tries to stealthily help Gretchen with her depression by planning a Halloween-themed Sunday Funday.
S02E09 Les voisins 04/11/2015 Gretchen becomes fascinated by a slightly older, cool couple that appears to have it all. Jimmy employs a punishment-based system to ensure he meets his writing deadline.
S02E10 Les quatre jours les plus longs 11/11/2015 Jimmy’s trashy family comes to visit from England, much to Jimmy’s dismay. In the throes of her depression, Gretchen struggles to help Jimmy entertain them. Lindsay fills in for Gretchen at work. Edgar bonds with Jimmy’s little sister.
S02E11 L'indifférence la plus totale 18/11/2015 Jimmy gets closer to his bartender friend, Nina. Gretchen accompanies Sam to do a radio interview. Edgar attempts to make inroads with Dorothy's comedy friends.
S02E12 Les autres choses à faire 02/12/2015 Gretchen’s depression comes to a head, forcing Jimmy to make a tough choice. Lindsay finally lets Paul go. Edgar has his improv graduation show.
S02E13 Le grand déballage 09/12/2015 Jimmy attends Becca and Vernon’s baby gender reveal party. Gretchen takes care of some unfinished business. Edgar and Dorothy’s relationship reaches a turning point. Lindsay confronts Paul.
S03E01 Je t'aime, moi non plus 31/08/2016 Jimmy and Gretchen adjust to life after saying I love you. Edgar and Dorothy have sexual problems. Lindsay and Paul start a new hobby.
S03E02 C'est à toi de me réparer ! 07/09/2016 Gretchen starts therapy; Jimmy's confidence wavers; Lindsay neglects a bedridden Paul.
S03E03 Mauvaise nouvelle, ton père est mort 14/09/2016 Everyone comes together to break some big news to Jimmy.
S03E04 Les hommes deviennent forts 21/09/2016 Gretchen helps Jimmy process a tragedy. Lindsay decides she wants to be a good mom.
S03E05 Rêves de tangier 28/09/2016 Edgar spends the day trying to find some relief for his PTSD.
S03E06 Le dernier week-end de folie 05/10/2016 The gang embark on a very special Sunday Funday.
S03E07 Tourner la page 12/10/2016 Gretchen and Jimmy hold an unconventional funeral. Paul struggles to give Lindsay what she needs sexually. Edgar takes a stand against the VA.
S03E08 L'autorité maternelle 19/10/2016 Gretchen parents her friends with mixed results. Jimmy does Vernon’s podcast. Edgar embarks on an alternative therapy. Lindsay pushes Paul too far.
S03E09 Le septième parfum 26/10/2016 Vernon and Paul take a road trip.
S03E10 Pleine conscience 02/11/2016 Jimmy builds a tree house. Gretchen accompanies Lindsay during a potentially emotional event. Edgar’s professional life flourishes to Dorothy’s dismay.
S03E11 Un mariage, trois séparations 09/11/2016 At a wedding together for the first time since the day they met, Jimmy and Gretchen’s tensions come to a head. Edgar’s relationship is jeopardized by his newfound success. Lindsay is forced to come clean to Paul.
S03E12 Un nid de vipères 16/11/2016 The three couples engage in day-long fights.
S03E13 Pour un meurtre avec toi 16/11/2016 Jimmy and Gretchen investigate a murder site. Lindsay sees a new side of Paul. Edgar makes a sacrifice with unforeseen consequences.

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