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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Young Drunk Punk

S01E01 Pilot 21/01/2015 Calgary; 1980: Young rebels, Ian and Shinky set out to find a great destiny and a great job, but when that all proves too hard they decide to revolutionize society!
S01E02 Working For Cowboy 28/01/2015 Ian starts a job in construction and realizes his boss is his sister's ex-boyfriend.
S01E03 The Van 04/02/2015 Ian and Shinky turn an old van into a cool party wagon.
S01E04 European Style 11/02/2015 Lloyd tries a new hair salon and loves the service, leading Helen to suspect even worse.
S01E05 The Clash Is Coming 18/02/2015 The Clash comes to Calgary and Ian and Stinky make it their mission to get tickets.
S01E06 Lure A Flame 25/02/2015 A hockey player moves to Brae Vista and causes nothing but trouble for Ian, Shinky and Helen.
S01E07 Ian & Shinky Make A Movie 04/03/2015 Ian and Shinky decide to make their own movie using security cameras at Brae Vista.
S01E08 Yoga Show 11/03/2015 Lloyd and Ian find common ground while watching a mildly racy yoga show.
S01E09 First Date Funeral 25/03/2015 After failed dates with Diane, Ian's last chance is the same day as his grandmother's funeral.
S01E10 Sound Judgement 01/04/2015 Shinky puts Ian through a gauntlet of horrible bands to cure Ian's music snobbery.
S01E11 Space Invaders 08/04/2015 Brae Vista gets a Space Invaders game; Ian and Shinky graffiti.
S01E12 Rock of Seagulls 15/04/2015 When Shinky becomes a guitarist for a popular band, Ian finds talent as a critic for the newsletter.
S01E13 Vancouver 22/04/2015 Diane invites Ian over but a possible job offer in Vancouver puts the night in jeopardy.